Sunday, June 7, 2015

Interview From the 2014 Champ and Ramp Up for New Year!!!!

When it comes to football, I feel like I have the patience of my four year old son ... Is it here yet?

Besides watching countless hours of youtube highlights of college stars (partially out of a work obligation with RotoWire and being starved of real football), I've been contacting with our 2014-15 champ who now lives in Alaska.

Congratulations to Anthony Grande who became our first two-time champ in this league! Couldn't be happier for a guy who pretty much learned how to play fantasy football through this league. There was one time when he was the worst team in the league by a comfortable margin (he still holds the longest losing streak of nine games in 2011).

Without further adieu, here's the interview from the champ:

1.) Any opening comments about your fantasy championship (your second one)?

I really never anticipated winning the championship this year until the final two weeks. It's amazing to me how dominant Robert was throughout the entire season. He had a historically good year, and yet when it came to the championship game, things didn't quite go his way. I thought for sure, fate would continue the trend of having a new champion every year, but somehow I was able to come up with my second title. Maybe it's just good luck, but my team really came through when it counted most.

The funny thing about this year for me was that I made no significant waiver wire pickups or trades during the season. The guys that won the championship for me were all people I drafted back in August.

2.) Was their a so-called defining moment to your 2014 Championship season? Something you will always remember from this special year?
My number 1 draft pick this year was Peyton Manning, which worked out well for the first part of the year. But what I remember most about this year was when The Broncos started becoming a running team toward the end of the year. That storyline made me cringe because it spelled doom for my fantasy hopes this season. It turned out that Manning contributed very little for me in the fantasy playoffs, but somehow that was ok.
3.) Who's your fantasy MVP this season?
It has to be Antonio Brown. I'm loving the WR position in the past few years. As long as I've played fantasy football, I never remember having a solid RB group. The WRs have always been the difference for me. I never predicted when I drafted him, but Antonio Brown turned out to be the #1 WR in fantasy this year and really the only "sure thing" for my team week in and week out.

4.) What's your thoughts on the uprise of rookies, particularly rookie receivers in the fantasy game (you had Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans)?
 It certainly benefited me! Well, like I said before, the WR position has always been the one I value most in fantasy. Even Antonio Brown broke expectations and became a star player this year. I basically had Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans in the starting lineup every week, so I really trusted those guys. There's so much parity in the NFL, not just among teams, but also among players. People can come out of nowhere and perform at a really high level, even rookies, and my fantasy team is really an example of that. 
5.) Do you have any rule change that you would like to propose to the group?
Some good stuff from the two-time champ!

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