Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 Quick Hitters (Week 10 NFL Picks) @


A truly depressing week 9 as I posted a season-low 6-7 record. I’m looking to hit on my “Lock of the Week” and shore up my toss-up picks in the Week 10 NFL Picks. The New England Patriots have done nothing, but prove me wrong (what a shocker from Bill Belichick …). I also think the pretenders are starting to separate themselves from the contenders. The hardest part about me picking these games so early is that I can’ t stay up to date on all of the injury statuses. That would have helped me tremendously on not picking the Cowboys, Texans or Ravens. No excuses though as we have the impressive Indianapolis Colts, tricky Minnesota Vikings, surging New England Patriots, stumbling San Diego Chargers, iffy Washington Redskins and offensively-challenged Houston Texans all on a bye.

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