Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2014 Quick Hitters (Week 9 NFL Picks) @


Sorry for the dreadful 8-7 record last week as we transition into the Week 9 NFL Picks. I want to let everyone know that I never feel good when I place below the average in a particular week and it has me left asking whether my pick average is regressing to the mean. Luckily, I keep track of everything and my 1-5 record in “Even” lines pretty much tells you that regression is not necessarily the case yet. Hopefully I can do a bit better on those “Even” games this week to swing my record back in the high percentile of NFL pick’em pools. Week nine sees the embarrassing Atlanta Falcons, trendy Buffalo Bills, imploding Chicago Bears, lucky Detroit Lions, wounded Green Bay Packers and mysterious Tennessee Titans on a bye.

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