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And the Winner of 2014's BEST DRAFT is ...

Each and every season I take a look at our fantasy draft and attempt to name who I think had the best draft. Additionally, I like to take a poke at every team because I feel that I’m a fantasy expert (which is entirely debatable since I’ve never won the Championship in this league). I would only counter with that I actually do get paid (from Rotowire) to provide fantasy advice, so hahaha!

As for Best and Worst pick, these are based on value and how safe/risky a certain pick was. I’m not determining who the best and worst player on your team is.

After you check out the article, please make an effort to change your team name as I also reward someone for that honor each season.

Here’s a full transcript of the 2014 NFL Fantasy Draft.

Football On Your Phone (Nick Grays & Tara Sawyer)

Best Pick: RB Adrian Peterson (Round 1, 4th overall)

Worst Pick: TE Rob Gronkowski (Round 3, 32nd overall)

2014 Outlook: So yeah, I did pick myself for Best Draft in 2013 and it completely backfired. I won’t do the same this year. I will add that Tara helped me avoid some fantasy bias this year by drafting players like QB Colin Kaepernick and QB Tom Brady who I despise.  Let’s hope our discussion at the draft will turn my team around this year. We really like our team and think the sky’s the limit this year! Watch out record books.

Bone Merrill’s (Seth Merrill)

Best Pick: RB Shonn Greene (Round 9, 125th overall)

Worst Pick: WR Reggie Wayne (Round 6, 72nd overall)

2014 Outlook: Seth has drafted one of those teams that’s not flashy and could be surprisingly good. He’s banking on the veteran model as most of his team is made up of old guys that people have started to fade in fantasy drafts. If (a big if) Frank Gore, Larry Fitzgerald, Shonn Greene, Reggie Wayne and Anquan Boldin can all prove the doubters wrong, he will have a shot this year. I personally think he’s invested a little too much in this strategy. Who knows though, he could have Aaron Rodgers and Doug Martin carry him all year too.

Rymaszewski’s Rebels (Johnny Rymaszewski)

Best Pick: WR Mike Williams (Round 16, 218th overall)

Worst Pick: RB Ben Tate (Round 3, 35th overall)

2014 Outlook: The young Johnny did a great job of building depth at skill positions and late in the draft, but I feel he made a couple of mistakes. There were better running backs available when Tate went and he’s asking a lot of Big Ben as his only quarterback. He does have the depth and I feel somewhat bad that he had some connection issues. I’m sure he will be active on the waiver wire as he surely doesn’t need two kickers.

Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy)

Best Pick: QB Drew Brees (Round 2, 17th overall)

Worst Pick: WR Julian Edelman (Round 5, 68th overall)

2014 Outlook: Matt did a wonderful job at the front-end of the draft, grabbing two elite players in Demaryius Thomas and Brees, not too often can you do that from the 12th spot in the draft.. However, letting autodraft take over at the end ruined his depth. He has three kickers and that’s going to really hurt in a 14 team league unless he can get lucky. He’ll have some trouble at the running back position this season for sure.

Manning Up (Paul Schmidt)

Best Pick: RB Bernard Pierce (7th round, 98th overall)

Worst Pick: WR Riley Cooper (8th round, 99th overall)

2014 Outlook: Paul, our newest member, did some odd things in this draft and I can completely respect it because he picked up some extreme value in nervous situations. He picked up the best receiver class in the league with his first three picks, meaning he would probably be hurt at other key positions. However, he should be safe at quarterback (Cam Newton and Nick Foles) and did the best he could at running back. I like Jennings and Pierce because they are all their teams have in the first couple of weeks. Like Paul said, “this year is either going to work out very well or very bad.”

Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy)

Best Pick: WR DeSean Jackson (4th Round, 48th overall)

Worst Pick: Dropping RB Toby Gerhart (5th round, 65th overall)

2014 Outlook: I can live with the picks of Eddie Lacy and Andrew Luck in the first and second round respectively, but I can’t live with dropping Gerhart before the season starts. I realize he went with the autodraft for most of his team, but Gerhart is the main guy in Jacksonville right now. I think Mike will be ok at running back, yet he could have gotten some much needed value via a trade. Heck I would have given up something decent in a deal.

Everyday I’m Russell’in (Megan Loger)

Best Pick: RB LeSean McCoy (1st Round, 3rd overall)

Worst Pick: 49ers D/ST (5th Round, 59th overall)

2014 Outlook: Megan did some work in the draft in only her second year of playing fantasy football. She probably doesn’t know it, but she should be elated that McCoy fell to her lap in the third spot. I also like what she did with her next picks, grabbing Alshon Jeffery, Matthew Stafford and Jordan Cameron. One of the best foundations in the league. After grabbing Greg Jennings in the eighth round,  I wasn’t sure if she was ever going to get a Packer or if this was going to be an anti-Packers team with five guys from the NFC North who don’t play in Green Bay. She shouldn’t have reached early for a defense and she does have some depth issues. Still a solid team though.

Insta Graham (Chad Breiby)

Best Pick: RB Andre Ellington (4th round, 49th overall)

Worst Pick: WR James Jones (9th round, 120th overall)

2014 Outlook: Chad was perhaps the unluckiest fantasy player last year. He’s usually one of the best teams and this year is no different. I love what he did at the running back and wide receiver positions after nabbing the best tight end on the planet in Jimmy Graham. He also did ok at quarterback because Philip Rivers and Carson Palmer will bring the production he needs. Also gets a kudos for grabbing sleeper pick Justin Hunter. This team was in the running for “Best Draft,” but was beat out narrowly by another team. He is the front-runner for best name though, so step up your games guys.

Injury Prone (Isaac Lee)

Best Pick: QB Tony Romo (8th round, 103rd overall)

Worst Pick: WR Wes Welker (4th round, 47th overall)

2014 Outlook: Isaac’s team perfectly captures a dilemma I don’t understand in the game of fantasy football. Why do people consider Romo a old washed up veteran, but consider Welker to still be a top round talent? Romo consistently produces each and every year, yet people just don’t like him and he slides in drafts. I like what Isaac did in the beginning of the draft because I do believe RBs DeMarco Murray and C.J. Spiller will have improved years. However, Isaac is hurting in the depth department and will need to be savvy on the waiver wire.

Collar - Pwnd (Robert Trader)

Best Pick: TE Julius Thomas (3rd Round, 33rd overall)

Worst Pick: QB Johnny Manizel (9th Round, 117th overall)

2014 Outlook: I’ll start off by saying I’ve seen better from Robert. I think he could have gotten better value than both Marshawn Lynch and Le’Veon Bell. For instance, why Bell over Montee Ball? Nonetheless, I also don’t like the pick-up of a back-up rookie quarterback with a 9th round pick. Even if Manziel does steal the job early in the season, the Browns’ offense is a mess and is Manziel mature enough to become a big-time quarterback? Robert’s putting a lot of pressure on mediocre signal callers like Andy Dalton and Joe Flacco. If anyone can turn around his season with smart waiver wire pick-ups, it’s Robert. Good luck this season buddy.

Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg)

Best Pick: RB Carlos Hyde (11th Round, 151st overall)

Worst Pick: TE Vernon Davis (3rd Round, 39th overall)

2014 Outlook: I honestly believe this could be a sneaky good team. I’m not sure why everyone has written off Arian Foster who is one of the most talented backs in the NFL. Even the best guys have to deal with a serious injury once in a while. I don’t think picking Davis was a horrible pick, but Lowenberg could have gotten better value at a different position like running back. He did make up for it later in the draft by grabbing Hyde who will surely garner some carries this season. Best case scenario, Frank Gore gets hurt and Nick ends up with a nasty combo in Foster and Hyde. Jay Cutler will also end up being a steal for Lowenberg because that Bears offense will be mighty good. This team doesn’t have much room for error and will make the playoffs barring no serious injuries to it’s best players.

Team Grande (Anthony Grande)

Best Pick: WR Rueben Randle (10th Round, 139th overall)

Worst Pick: QB Peyton Manning (1st Round, 2nd overall)

2014 Outlook: Grande dropped a bombshell by taking Manning with the second overall pick. I was a little surprised by the Math major who went with a guy who had a historic year and will most likely regress a bit. Nonetheless, he learned his lesson from last year and made sure to take only one Broncos player this year. I love his drafting of Jordan Reed and Randle, but other than that, he could struggle on the backend. No matter what, Manning will take Anthony where he needs to go in 2014 and it very well could work if that offense is 80% as good as it was last year.

Team Szmanda (Jason Szmanda)

Best Pick: WR Dwayne Bowe (8th Round, 107th overall)

Worst Pick: WR Pierre Garcon (3rd Round, 34th overall)

2014 Outlook: Last year’s champ did a couple of good things and couple of really bad things. I really like his first two picks in Matt Forte and Randall Cobb as the NFC North rivals should be focal points of their respective offenses. However, Garcon and Woodhead in the successive rounds were both reaches. Moreover, I think Russell Wilson was a reach too considering his conservative production. Good value plays with Bowe, Kyle Rudolph and Jarrett Boykin may save him though. He also did a good job of nabbing Toby Gerhart on the open market. If I had to put money on it though, he’s not repeating as champion.



Charles In Charge (Dustin Anderson)

Best Pick: RB Montee Ball (2nd round, 28th overall)

Worst Pick: RB Khiry Robinson (9th round, 113rd overall)

2014 Outlook: I still feel kind of dumb for not knowing what “Charles In Charge” was, but oh well. Dustin made one of the steals of the draft considering he had the number one overall pick and nabbed Charles. The fact that Ball dropped all the way to 28th overall, Dustin couldn’t pass him up. Also new to this league and a football freak, Dustin did a tremendous job at building depth. I’ll finish it off by saying the reason he’s grabbing best draft this year is because he ignored his bias and didn’t draft any San Francisco 49ers.

Please let me know what you think and good luck this season!

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