Sunday, January 19, 2014

All Hail the 2013 Champion: Jason Szmanda (Interview)

1.) Any opening comments about your fantasy championship?

"It was a really fun season for me, and there was a ton of great competition every week, so thanks to everyone for putting so much in! A ton of games could've gone either way, but things worked out for me this year. I don't even know if I've made the playoffs since taking 2nd in my first or second year with the league.. It's been a while. So that feels good. I think what stands out most for me in terms of my roster is the rotating door at QB. I lost Bradford and Locker to IR, and I gave up on Roethlisberger early. I eventually traded Martellus Bennett for Kaepernick, who got luke-warm at the right time. Bennett would be missed after Gronkowski's IR exit a few short weeks later, and Cecil Shorts rounded out my IR list. I guess it's true that the QB position just isn't as important anymore.. I made up for my injury struggles with a ton of action on the waiver wire, including hot pickups like eventual starters Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead."

2.) Was their a so-called defining moment to your 2013 Championship season? Something you will always remember from this special year?

"If I had to pick one defining moment for the season, I would have to pick the week 2 matchup with Matt McCarthy in which we tied at 135.3 points, and I squeaked out a victory on the bench point tie-breaker, 73.1- 72.9. Big Ben was my Monday night hero, getting me just enough points in junk time after throwing a late INT. Also factoring in to the win was Emanuel Sanders, scoring 10.3 on the bench from the arm of Roethlisberger and ultimately propelling me to the narrow victory. Tony Grande estimated the probability of this narrow a victory at 1 in 200,000."

3.) Who's your fantasy MVP this season?

"Fantasy MVP has to go to Lesean McCoy, finishing 2nd at his position with 304.6 points. Thank. You. Shady."

4.) What's your thoughts on the diminishing value of the running back in fantasy?

"I think the role of the fantasy RB has taken a hit with the current trend in the NFL, but our league is structured in a way that helps to neutralize that. I think it's just important to look for different qualities in the backs that you do start, and maybe start WRs more often at the flex."

5.) Do you have any rule change that you would like to propose to the group? 

"As far as the rule change, I think I want to see the bench involved a little more with scoring.. Either a bench victory adding a few points to a score or one more flex spot.. the ability to start a TE at flex.. What do you think Nick? Should we open this to the group? I just feel like bench depth is too under-valued. What do you think?" 

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