Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Badgers in the NFL: Texans can't win, but J.J. Watt can

J.J. Watt vs. Jaguars

With the recent rise of the Wisconsin college football program the Badgers in the NFL have had a similar uptick.

More and more guys are beginning to have a splash in the league and the guys over at Pro Football Focus (PFF) have an eagle eye on each one of them.  If you're not familiar with PFF, you're living in the stone age of modern football analysis. Here at The Sports Bank, we're big supporters of what they do, so we've oriented our weekly check-up around what they're saying about Badgers in the NFL.

It's possible that the weekly Badgers in the NFL should be changed to J.J. Watt's weekly showcase. That's how dominant the Houston Texans' defensive lineman has been despite his team's NFL-worst 2-11 record.

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