Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2013 Fantasy Trade #3: We're trading defenses now?

Knowshon says "Don't worry Peyton, I'll score the fantasy points this week"
It's only been one week and we already have a couple of teams shuffling things around. This deal wasn't of the blockbuster magnitude that we saw with the past two trades, but still an exchange I can analyze. Here's how the deal went down between a couple of East Troy confidants:

Jason Szmanda Received:

49ers D/ST
WR Deandre Hopkins

Robert Trader Received:

Packers D/ST
RB Knowshon Moreno

Jason's Perspective: Not really sure why Jason felt like he had to make a deal because he has depth at pretty much every position except running back. He surely upgraded at defense as the 49ers have in my opinion the best unit in the league. This is only speculation, but I'm guessing that he doesn't have a lot of belief in Moreno staying as the Broncos' main back, thus selling him high for maximized value now.

Robert's Perspective: Besides Robert's obsession with Packers players in fantasy, he smartly grabbed Knowshon to compliment Montee Ball on his roster. Robert is more than fine at wide receiver and having a lock on the likely starting RB in Denver is not a bad thing to have. He did have to take a downgrade at defense, but it seems as if it was worth it.

Advantage: Robert because he made his team more complete. He also didn't deplete his team at any position. Meanwhile, Jason has a problem if one of his running backs get hurt and even more concerning, what will he do during his bye weeks?

What did you think of the trade involving a couple of young guys and defensive units? Let me know by commenting below.

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