Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 Fantasy Trade #2: Nick Covets Calvin in a Blockbuster Trade AGAIN

MJD says it's ok, I'm a stud too!
Two years in a row? How did the league commissioner grab the best wide receiver in a trade in consecutive seasons? Let's find out by looking at how the blockbuster trade went down between Isaac and myself:

Nick Grays Received:

WR Calvin Johnson
RB Isaiah Pead

Isaac Lee Received:

RB Maurice Jones-Drew
WR Michael Floyd

Nick's Perspective:

A sometimes wise man (Nick Lowenberg) once told me you can't have a championship fantasy team if you're starting Mike Williams and Michael Floyd as your top receivers. With those words in mind, I went out and not only received a quality receiver, I acquired the best receiver in the game. I was stacked at running back, so giving up one of the good ones was not a problem to make my team more balanced.

Isaac's Perspective:

Little man's fantasy team is ironically named "Who Needs Running Backs," because he's stacked with sleeper candidates. He doesn't necessarily have that stud running back though, so he went out and picked up MJD who's in a contract year. He also picked up Floyd who projects to be a break-out performer now that the Cardinals have a capable quarterback in the desert.

Advantage: I've said it many times before and won't stop now; When you can grab an elite player in a trade without sending an elite player, you win, period. At one time, MJD was elite and very well could prove to be in 2013. However, as of now, I came out ahead in a win-win trade for both teams.

What did you think of the trade involving Megatron and MJD? Let me know by commenting below.

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