Saturday, March 2, 2013

Packers Aaron Rodgers is set to become a rich man due to Baltimore’s ‘Wacco for Flacco’

Aaron Rodgers and Ted  Thompson copy

The Baltimore Ravens initiated an earthquake on Friday night when they made their 28 year old quarterback Joe Flacco the highest paid player in the NFL. Flacco, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, is set to make a staggering $120.6 million over six years.

Intuition would say that Flacco is the happiest man in the league, but in reality, that’s just not true.
Green Bay Packers front-man Aaron Rodgers is considered by most the best player in the league and just happens to be up for a contract extension this upcoming season. Rodgers currently is the 13th highest paid player at his position at 12.7 million per year.

Can’t you just picture Rodgers walking by Packers General Manager Ted Thompson with that sparkle in his eye?

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