Monday, January 7, 2013

Interview With the 2012 Champ: Anthony Grande

1.) Any opening comments about your fantasy championship?

What a ride! I struggled a bit early in the year, winning a couple pity pots. My team really came together at the right time, winning baller pots in each of the first two rounds of the playoffs. My team really stayed healthy for the most part all year, which makes a huge difference. I had a great draft so I didn't need to mess around with the waiver wire much all season. Vick Ballard and Cecil Shorts are two big exceptions, as players I picked up midseason who performed well down the stretch. What really made my team tough is its depth. I never relied on one player too heavily, with every player scoring high each week. This is important when any one player can have ups and downs throughout the year.

2.) How about the amazing turnaround from last season (going 2-11)? What was different about this year?
Last year was tough. My team had a lot of injuries, which are hard to deal with in such a big league. It's nearly impossible to find replacements for injured players with a sparse waiver wire situation each week. This year, I had very few injuries to deal with. Also last year, my top draft picks had disappointing seasons. Particularly, Chris Johnson was a total dud as a number one pick in 2011. This year, Marshawn Lynch and Andre Johnson had great seasons as my top two draft picks. I even had some good lower round picks, such as Tony Gonzalez and the Seahawks D/ST. In fact, much of my success this season can be attributed to a good draft. Four of my draft picks -- Matt Ryan, Marshawn Lynch, Andre Johnson, and Tony Gonazlez -- made the pro bowl this year. In such a large league, where waiver wire pickups are tough, a good draft makes all the difference.

3.) Was their a so-called defining moment to your 2012 Championship season? Something you will always remember from this special year?
The second round of the playoffs, I had a tough matchup against Brady-Tron. Honestly, I was not optimistic going into the game. By the end of it, I had a double digit performance from every position on the team, scoring 147 in one of the biggest blowouts in the history of the league. The well-rounded performance of my team in that game, left me feeling confident heading into the championship.

4.) Who's your fantasy MVP this season?
Marshawn Lynch. But I need to give Tony Gonzalez a lot of credit for having another great season in his fantastic career.

5.) Everyone likes to argue about what type of player should be targeted first in a fantasy draft? What's your stance on the subject?
I honestly don't have a position on the subject. Every draft pick should be analyzed as a unique situation. These days drafting a QB seems like the best early pick, but RBs tend to be more consistent. The pros and cons of each player need to be considered with any pick.

6.) As the winner of the fantasy championship, you have the opportunity to make a change (if passed by a majority vote) if you would like. What would you change? (*Remember that we're already changing to fractional points)
.5 points per reception.

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