Monday, November 19, 2012

Badgers Roundtable: Ohio State (


Noah Jarosh, Brew Crew Ball - The Badgers’ defense was unequivocally sensational. Holding Braxton Miller to 145 all-purpose yards is something that very few defenses could do. The Badgers have struggled against mobile quarterbacks, and Braxton is one of the best as he had rushed for the 14th most yards in the FBS. Wisconsin managed to keep him in check as he gained just 48 yards on 23 carries. In addition, the Badgers’ secondary blanketed the OSU receivers, aiding in keeping Miller in check and resulting in a few sacks.

Nick Grays, The Sports Bank - Can’t argue with any of the points that Noah just made as the defense did as much as they could in order to win. The fact that they held a team who averages 41.3 points per game to 21 without one of their best players in Chris Borland is sensational. They’re the primary reason the Badgers have seven wins thus far. Also have to credit the offensive line and the run game for tallying 206 rushing yards against one of the better run-stopping defenses.

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