Saturday, November 3, 2012

2012 Fantasy Trade #5: Robert Finds Some Running Back Help With Alex Green

A lot of fantasy players don't know this, but there is a fantasy trade deadline. The important date comes on Wednesday, November 21st at 1:00 PM CT. With only a couple of weeks left, Trader's Tradeables decided to get the running back help he needed from Brady-TRON. Here's how the deal went down:

Trader's Tradeables (Robert Trader) Received:

RB Alex Green

Brady-TRON (Nick Grays) Received:

TE Greg Olson

Robert's Perspective: Coming into the week, Robert's only starting running back was Ahmad Bradshaw. You can understand why he really wanted to pursue a trade for a running back. At 5-3 and currently in the 5th playoff spot, he probably feels like he needs to win each and every week.

Nick's Perspective: I'm also at 5-3 and in the sixth playoff spot, so each week is fairly critical for me. There's three reasons I made this deal. First, my tight end Jared Cook had been a slight disappointment because of how badly the Titans use him. Secondly, Cook has a bye week coming up and I needed another tight end anyways. Thirdly, I love Olson's match-up this week against a Redskins team who gives up a lot of production to opposing tight ends.

Advantage: To be fair, I think Robert got the better deal because he received a player who will get way more touches. As many of you know, I cover the Packers for The Sports Bank and I have been let down by Green who failed to have a good game against a bad Jaguars team. There's still hope, but Olson helps my team become more complete. Trading a player I probably wasn't going to start for the rest of the year was the true motive here.

What did you think of the deal? Let me know by commenting below.

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