Sunday, September 2, 2012

Badgers Roundtable Part II (

Rich Branch, co-founder - Danny O'Brien showed he was worth the hype. Completing 19 of 23 passes (with at least one drop by my count) for 2 TDs was a very solid contribution. The short passing game suited him well and concerns about his accuracy have been answered.  The defensive line looked improved as well. New faces made solid contributions. It was also good to see Borland making contributions on the pass rush.

Rex Sheild, Daily Cardinal - The starting trio of linebackers swarmed to the football all game long as they combined for 23 of the defense’s 50 tackles, led by Mike Taylor’s 13. Additionally, I agree with Richard that the defensive line looked like a new and improved group as they were able to apply a consistent pass rush. On the offensive side of the ball, Danny O’Brien, making his Wisconsin debut, didn’t disappoint. He looked extremely confident and poised in the pocket.

Nick Grays, The Sports Bank - I completely agree on the linebackers as they appear to be one of the Badgers' main strengths, Borland and Taylor really know how to swarm towards the ball. I was very impressed by James White who took full advantage of his nine carries to net 47 yards, including a nice 20 yard scamper which he took to the outside. O’Brien was exactly what I thought he would be in the first game, a game manager, exactly what Wisconsin needs.

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