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2012 Week Three Monday Night Heroes

If you thought week two was crazy (as I did), then week three was out of this world as it was. The league has offensively exploded with teams commonly going over 30 and 40 points which is unfathomable to think about. It's almost like the NFL is transforming into the college game. The Washington Redskins did completely change their offense to work around rookie RG3 and the New York Jets are commonly running a wild-cat formation. I'll let you guys think about that for a little while, here's the Monday Night Game and my Monday Night Heroes Predictions:

Green Bay Packers (1-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (1-1) 7:30 PM CT (ESPN)

*scores are subject to change 

Gronk If Your Horney (Chad Breiby) (2-0) vs. Rymaszewski's Rebels (John Rymaszewski) (2-0)

Score: 93-64 Rymaszewki's Rebels (29 point win)
Possible MNH's: None
Reaction/Prediction: Chad has to be happy about RB Mikel Leshoure (19 points), but outside of him and Peyton Manning (20 points), he received absolutely no production. I think it's fairly obvious that John has the best fantasy team thus far with Eli Manning (15 points), Arian Foster (16 points) and A.J. Green (25 points). C.J. Spiller's (11 points) injury will give him a small dent in his RB depth.

Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (1-1) vs. Bone Merrill's (Seth Merrill) (1-1)

Score: 64-57 Bone Merrill's (7 point win)
Possible MNH's: None
Reaction/Prediction: This was one of the uglier fantasy match-ups of the week, but it was Seth who moves to 2-1 behind Drew Brees (19 points) who will be a solid play every week because of how bad the defense is. I know I said Matt had the "Best Draft," but his team is not looking very good at the moment.

Asians Love (Ray) Rice (Isaac Lee) (1-1) vs. Kari-Tron (Kari Klitzman) (0-2)

Score: 93-86 Kari-Tron (7 point win)
Possible MNH's: None
Reaction/Prediction: Give Kari the waiver-wire pick-up of the week with Andre Brown (24 points) who led her team away from starting the dreadful 0-3. Isaac made a late push with Ray Rice (20 points), but ran into injury problems with his other running backs.

Team Szomabafalvy (Mike Szomabtfalvy) (1-1) vs. My Savior Brady (Nick Grays) (1-1)

Score: 99-39 My Savior Brady (60 point lead)
Possible MNH's: K Mason Crosby (Team Szombatfalvy)
Reaction/Prediction: I couldn't be happier to see Jamaal Charles (34 points) return to his normal-self. While watching the game, I thought he could have produced even more yards, but became fatigued. Mike had a bad day in the office with two of his players posting zeros. Crosby (proj. of 12) will get some points, but has no shot at getting sixty for obvious reasons. I'll move into week four with a 2-1 record. Mike will most likely earn $5 for the pity pot though.

Traders's Tradables (Robert Trader) (0-2) vs. New Arrivals (Rory Linton) (0-2)

Score: 80-44 New Arrivals (36 point lead)
Possible MNH's: QB Aaron Rodgers (Trader's Tradables), RB Cedric Benson (Trader's Tradables), WR Greg Jennings (Trader's Tradables) or WR Donald Driver (Trader's Tradables) or RB James Starks (Trader's Tradables)
Reaction/Prediction: First off, I have to admit that Rory had the best picture ever. Matthew Stafford (18 points) chillin with the Run-DMC crew is just awesome. Robert went out of his way to get Aaron Rodgers (proj. of 21) in a trade and it's already time to see if it will payoff. Rory will be torn because he has to watch the Packers game and root for the Seahawks to hold their offense down. With Benson (proj. of 6) and Jennings (proj. of 4), Robert has the firepower to do it, but I think he will fall just short. It appears Jennings will play, so I won't make an argument for Driver (proj. of  0) or James Starks (proj. of 1).

Quit Sinnin (Joe Selbo) (1-1) vs. The Holdouts (Jason Szmanda) (1-1)

Score: 93-68 Quit Sinnin (25 point lead)
Possible MNH's: TE Jermichael Finley (Quit Sinnin), Packers D/ST (Quit Sinnin) and WR Jordy Nelson (The Holdouts)
Reaction/Prediction: The most underrated fantasy QB of all-time has to be Ben Roethlisberger (31 points) who always delivers and Joe knows that. He has to be happy with the double points he received with Mike Wallace (18 points). Jason received top notch production from RG3 (24 points) and MJD (24 points), but the guys without acronym nicknames didn't do much. Joe is more than safe in this match-up with Finley (proj. of 9) and the Packers D/ST (proj. of 4) compared to Jason's Nelson (proj. of 14). I could see Nelson making up the 25-point different, but not the production from the other Packers.

Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (1-1) vs. Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (2-0)

Score: 86-76 Team Grande (10 point lead)
Possible MNH's: RB Marshawn Lynch (Team Grande) and Seahawks D/ST (Team Grande)
Reaction/Prediction: Anthony is ready to join John Rymaszewski as the only two undefeated teams in the fantasy league. This has to be a refreshing feeling to Anthony who had a historically bad season last year. He can thank Matt Ryan (21 points) who along with RG3 have been the QB steals of the draft in 2012. Lowenberg has to be upset with Cam Newton (9 points) who absolutely layed a dud against the Giants at home. Lynch (proj. of 13) and the Seahawks D/ST (proj. of 0) will only add to Grande's winning week.

Prediction Recap: Nick G., Rory, Joe and Anthony all win. Mike will take home the pity-pot.

Highest Scoring MNH:  Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

 If you haven't had a chance to check out my Packers preview, find out here why I think Rodgers has a big day.

*2012 Prediction Record for MNHs: 11-1
*2012 Pity or Baller Pot Prediction Record: 1-0
*2012 MNH High Scoring Player Prediction Record: 1-1

Pretty good stuff huh? Let me know what you think by commenting below! 

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