Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 Week One Monday Night Heroes

Glad to see that football is back, here are the games tomorrow and how each match-up projects:

Cincinnati Bengals (0-0) at Baltimore Ravens (0-0) 6:00 PM CT
San Diego Chargers (0-0) at Oakland Raiders (0-0) 9:15 PM CT

*scores are subject to change

Aaron It Out (Rory Linton) (0-0) vs. My Savior Brady (Nick Grays) (0-0)

Score: 77-70 My Savior Brady (7 point lead)
Possible MNHs: Bengals K Mike Nugent (My Savior Brady) 
Reaction/Prediction: Unless Nugent (proj. of 5) misses eight field goals, this match-up is over. QB Aaron Rodgers (22 points) made a late charge for Rory, but it's the Buffalo Bills D/ST (-8 points) who tied a fantasy record and really set his team back. I didn't have the best week, but QB Tom Brady (17 points) and WR Jeremy Maclin (15 points) helped me to what should be a sure 1-0 record.

Bone Merrill's (Seth Merrill) (0-0) vs. The Holdouts (Jason Szmanda) (0-0)

Score: 113-85 The Holdouts (28 points lead)
Possible MNHs: Chargers TE Antonio Gates (Bone Merrill's), Raiders K Sebastian Janikowski (Bone Merrill's), Chargers WR Robert Meachem (The Holdouts)
Reaction/Prediction: This is an interesting one because Antonio Gates (proj. of 13) is completely capable of having a break-out game and exceeding his projection. Seth having Janikowski (proj. of 11) also helps. However, Jason looks primed to win after a monster week. Meachem (proj. of 12) is vying for Rivers' trust in San Diego and should have no problem holding off Seth with the 28 point cushion. Give Jason props for his call on RGIII (24 points).

Kari-Tron (Kari Klitzman) (0-0) vs. Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (0-0)

Score: 106-81 Team Grande (25 point win)
Possible MNHs: None
Reaction/Prediction: This is the only match-up that's officially over. After a horrific 2011, Anthony has to be feeling good with the season-opening win. Grande's Matt Ryan (31 points) is the top performer of the week thus far. Kari, a past champion, will bounce back and expect bigger and better things from her role players.

Rymaszewski's Rebels (John Rymaszewski) (0-0) vs. Quit Sinnin (Joe Selbo) (0-0)

Score: 71-56 Quit Sinnin (15 point lead)
Possible MNHs: Bengals RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Rebels), Bengals WR A.J. Green (Rebels), Ravens WR Torrey Smith (Rebels), Ravens D/ST (Rebels) or Ravens WR Anquan Boldin (Rebels)
Reaction/Prediction: Unofficially, John has to have the most Monday Night players ever. Joe didn't receive much production outside of Big Ben (15 points) and basically needs a miracle tomorrow night. With that said, John has more than enough in BJGE (proj. of 12), Green (proj. of 16), Smith (proj. of 11) and the Ravens D/ST (proj. of 4). He even has Boldin (proj. of 4) on his bench, but no worries because he has the win wrapped up.

Gronk If You're Horny (Chad Breiby) (0-0) vs. Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (0-0)

Score: 89-52 GIYH (37 point lead)
Possible MNHs: Chargers K Nate Kaeding (GIYH), Raiders WR Denarius Moore (Lowenberg) or Chargers WR Malcolm Floyd (Lowenberg)
Reaction/Prediction: Not many close games this week, making my predictions super easy. Doesn't really matter if Lowenberg starts Moore (proj. of 6) or Floyd (proj. of 7) because Chad has this in the bag. Lowenberg does have a shot at the week one pity pot, so he may want to start the one he thinks will have a worse night. If he is to do that, I would go with Moore because he has less upside. Chad can do a victory dance with Kaeding (proj. of 8).

Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (0-0) vs. Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (0-0)

Score: 66-48 Team Szombatfalvy (18 point lead)
Possible MNHs: Chargers QB Philip Rivers (McCarthy), Raiders RB Darren McFadden (Szom) or Chargers RB Ronnie Brown (Szom)
Reaction/Prediction: Another match-up that looks clinched before the Monday Night games are played. Rivers (proj. of 18) could have a phenomenal night, but he would have to hope for McFadden (proj. of 16) to get hurt early. Brown (proj. of 9) will be a non-factor as Mike would be crazy to start him over Run DMC. Matt wishes he could have his line-up back and start Pierre Garcon (16 points) and Michael Bush (16 points) instead of stashing them away on the bench. Grande and Szombatfalvy win, things are-a-changing in the fantasy league.

Asians Love (Ray) Rice (Isaac Lee) (0-0) vs. Trader's Tradeables (Robert Trader) (0-0)

Score: 75-70 Trader's Tradeables (5 point lead)
Possible MNHs: Ravens RB Ray Rice (Asians), Bengals D/ST (Tradeables)
Reaction/Prediction: Saving the best for last as this turned out to be the closest match-up. Isaac has his best player, Rice (proj. of 19), going up against Robert's Bengals D/ST (proj. of 5). Unfortunately for Robert, I'll take Rice even though I think the Bengals have a solid defense, but not 20 points solid. Tony Romo (23 points) and Kevin Smith (20 points) got it done for Robert, but Jason Witten (1 point) and Cedric Benson (1 point) set him up for the loss.

Prediction Recap: Nick G., Jason, John, Chad, Mike and Isaac all win. Nick L. takes home the pity pot.

Highest Scoring MNH: Ravens RB Ray Rice

*2012 Prediction Record for MNHs: 0-0
*2012 MNH High Scoring Player Prediction Record: 0-0

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