Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 Week Four Monday Night Heroes

A slight return to normalcy when it comes to competition, can't say the same thing in regards to fantasy though. It was an unbelievable week for defenses with the 49ers D/ST (33 points), Vikings D/ST (23 points) and Texans D/ST (23 points) all having tremendous impacts on match-ups. Shout-out to Rory Linton for starting WR Brian Hartline (31 points) who was only started in 10.8 percent of ESPN leagues. Here's the Monday Night Game and the possible Monday Night Heroes to go along with it:

Chicago Bears (2-1) at Dallas Cowboys (2-1) 7:30 PM CT (ESPN)

*scores are subject to change 

Asians Love (Ray) Rice (Isaac Lee) (1-2) vs. Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (1-2)

Score: 84-67 Team McCarthy (17 point lead)
Possible MNH's: WR Brandon Marshall (Asians), Cowboys D/ST (Asians) or Bears D/ST (Asians) and RB Michael Bush (McCarthy) or WR Kevin Ogletree (McCarthy)
Reaction/Prediction: Isaac hopes he can get one of those monster defensive performances from either the Cowboys D/ST (proj. of 5) or Bears D/ST (proj. of 5), but I'm not really feeling it. His only real chance comes with Marshall (proj. of 13), but the fact that Matt has Bush (proj. of 13) pretty much squashes any chance Isaac had. I like Matt to improve to 2-2.

Rymaszewski's Rebels (John Rymaszewski) (3-0) vs. Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (1-2)

Score: 111-59 Rymaszewski's Rebels (52 point lead)
Possible MNH's: QB Tony Romo (Szombatfalvy)
Reaction/Prediction: John is on a roll and has the best fantasy team in my opinion. For the fourth straight week, he's eclipsed 90 points and shows no sign of slowing down. Mike has Romo (proj. of 15), but no chance to knock off the league's final undefeated team.

Gronk If You're Horny (Chad Breiby) (2-1) vs. Trader's Tradables (Robert Trader) (0-3)

Score: 115-91 Trader's Tradables (24 point lead)
Possible MNH's: WR Dez Bryant (GIYH)
Reaction/Prediction: So much for Aaron Rodgers' (27 points) slow start continuing as he threw a season-high four touchdowns, more than he had all season up to this point. Bryant (11 points) has yet to score a touchdown this season, so I don't see him surpassing 24 points. Robert gets his first win of the season.

Bone Merrill's (Seth Merrill) (2-1) vs. Quit Sinnin (Joe Selbo) (2-1)

Score: 91-36 Bone Merrill's (55 point lead)
Possible MNH's: WR Miles Austin (Bone Merrill's) and RB Felix Jones (Quit Sinnin)
Reaction/Prediction: Joe had a tough week due to the Steelers being on a bye week, most evident from Mark Sanchez's (0 points) big doughnut. Not only will Seth win big, Austin (proj. of 13) will extend the lead by scoring more than teammate Jones (proj. of 2). Seth puts his self in good position at 3-1.

Kari-Tron (Kari Klitzman) (1-2) vs. Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (1-2)

Score: 106-41 Team Lowenberg (65 point lead)
Possible MNH's: RB DeMarco Murray (Kari-Tron) and K Robbie Gould (Team Lowenberg)
Reaction/Prediction: It may not look it, but actually a lot at stake in this match-up. The record winning margin of 76 is within reach if Nick's Gould (proj. of 8) can outscore Kari's Murray (proj. of 9) by 11 points. That doesn't seem at all possible, but you just never know. Kari also has an outside shot at the pity pot if Murray could somehow score six less points than teammate Felix Jones. Nick L. rolls while Kari misses out on the pity pot.

My Savior Brady (Nick Grays) (2-1) vs. The Holdouts (Jason Szmanda) (1-2)

Score: 133-100 The Holdouts (33 point win)
Possible MNH's: None
Reaction/Prediction: Way to blow me out on a good week Jason, but that's what happens when four of your fantasy options go over 20 points. Also a happy belated birthday to Mr. Szmanda while we both move to 2-2 and neck-to-neck in the push for the wild-card spots in the playoffs.

New Arrivals (Rory Linton) (1-2) vs. Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (3-0)

Score: 92-81 New Arrivals (11 point win)

Possible MNH's: None
Reaction/Prediction: Thank god Grande's Fred Jackson (5 points) wasn't the reason Anthony lost because I told him to start Michael Crabtree (1 point) instead. Nevertheless, Rory should get his letterhead out and write a thank-you to the Dolphins Brian Hartline (31 points) who might just be the fantasy pick-up of the year.

Prediction Recap: Matt, John, Robert, Seth and Nick L. win. Joe locks up the pity pot.

Highest Scoring MNH: QB Tony Romo

I had a really tough time determining who will have the best night in regards to fantasy tomorrow. In the end, I took the easy route and picked the guy with the highest projection. Romo can easily get 15 against a Bears team that you pretty much have to throw against to have success. I see the Cowboys winning this game, so thus the pick.

*2012 Prediction Record for MNHs: 15-1
*2012 Pity or Baller Pot Prediction Record: 2-0
*2012 MNH High Scoring Player Prediction Record: 1-2

Pretty good stuff huh? Let me know what you think by commenting below!  

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  1. Thanks buddy! Good matchup this week. Tough to lose scoring 100 points.. That'll usually be a win for you.