Thursday, September 20, 2012

2012 Fantasy Trade #3: Aaron Rodgers Flying Around Like a Hot Potato

Two trades in two days, both involving the number one overall draft pick and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Another 0-2 team in Trader's Tradables (Robert Trader) decided to put together a package which enticed Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatalvy) to give up the very player he traded for on Wednesday. Here's the specifics on the deal:

Trader's Tradables Received:

QB Aaron Rodgers
TE Greg Olson

Team Szombatfalvy Received:

QB Tony Romo
TE Jason Witten
RB Kevin Smith

Robert's Perspective: Robert obviously had his eye set on Aaron Rodgers when he became aware that the signal caller was available. At 0-2 and as one of the current bottom-feeders of the league, he decided to take a shot on the dark and grab Rodgers who's been known to carry a fantasy team to the playoffs. In the process, he let go of high upside Romo and Witten and the currently utilized Lions' RB Smith.

Mike's Perspective: At 1-1, Mike is tired of missing out on the playoffs, so he's making deals to try to make sure he gets there this season. The newly acquired Romo and Witten will be very good assets in what's a very competitive NFC East, meaning they'll put up points. You already saw what they did against the Giants' defense. In the short-term, Smith is also a decent piece. It's no sure thing that Mikel Leshoure will have a significant effect on Smith who's been fairly efficient thus far.

Advantage: Once again, I thought this was a solid deal. I get the feeling that Robert is going all in with Rodgers while Mike just received three solid players. Because of how surprisingly good Smith has looked (26 points through two games), I'm going to say advantage Szombatfalvy. Moreover, Robert is loaded with the Packers key pieces in Rodgers, RB Cedric Benson and WR Greg Jennings on an offense that has yet to show they are at the level they played during last season.

What did you think of this deal, how is Aaron Rodgers moving around so much? Let me know by commenting below!

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