Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2012 Fantasy Trade #2: Rory and Szombat Flip Signal Callers

Now this is a fantasy trade, one of blockbuster proportions. Here are the two HUGE-name quarterbacks and two running backs who were swapped by Aaron It Out (Rory Linton) and Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) in the league's second trade of the season:

Aaron It Out Received:
QB Matthew Stafford
RB Darren McFadden

Team Szombatfalvy Received:
QB Aaron Rodgers
RB David Wilson

Rory's Perspective: Soon after the deal went down, Rory sent me a text reading "Me and Szombat just pulled a blockbuster. 0-2 gotta make something happen." Rory dropped his first game to me and lost a heartbreaking tie to Chad in week two. He didn't receive a lot of production from the number one overall pick, Aaron Rodgers (16 points a contest) and has an apparent man-crush on Stafford. His next move on the agenda is to somehow pry WR Calvin Johnson from Kari-Tron (Kari Klitzman) who is also 0-2 at the moment.

Mike's Perspective: Szombat has to be just ecstatic to get what many believe is the most dangerous weapon in all of fantasy. He's not a Packers fan, so don't think he's going "homer" on this trade. He had to give up high-upside Darren McFadden, but did upgrade at quarterback for sure. I'm a little scared he's hurting at RB, but he must have some idea in mind. While the Giants Ahmad Bradshaw is currently nursing an injury, I'm not sure Wilson is completely ready to take the job. For now it's Andre Brown, but don't count on Brown keeping the job. They really like Wilson, but he does need to mature a bit.

Advantage: Believe it or not, I thought this was a fairly even trade. Rodgers has underperformed so far and Stafford hasn't looked his-self either. McFadden is without a doubt better than Wilson, but Rodgers has the ability to carry a fantasy team like no other. In the long run, I think Rory got the better deal as long as McFadden stays healthy.

What did you think of this blockbuster deal? Let me know by commenting below!

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