Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 Week Four Monday Night Heroes

A slight return to normalcy when it comes to competition, can't say the same thing in regards to fantasy though. It was an unbelievable week for defenses with the 49ers D/ST (33 points), Vikings D/ST (23 points) and Texans D/ST (23 points) all having tremendous impacts on match-ups. Shout-out to Rory Linton for starting WR Brian Hartline (31 points) who was only started in 10.8 percent of ESPN leagues. Here's the Monday Night Game and the possible Monday Night Heroes to go along with it:

Chicago Bears (2-1) at Dallas Cowboys (2-1) 7:30 PM CT (ESPN)

*scores are subject to change 

Asians Love (Ray) Rice (Isaac Lee) (1-2) vs. Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (1-2)

Score: 84-67 Team McCarthy (17 point lead)
Possible MNH's: WR Brandon Marshall (Asians), Cowboys D/ST (Asians) or Bears D/ST (Asians) and RB Michael Bush (McCarthy) or WR Kevin Ogletree (McCarthy)
Reaction/Prediction: Isaac hopes he can get one of those monster defensive performances from either the Cowboys D/ST (proj. of 5) or Bears D/ST (proj. of 5), but I'm not really feeling it. His only real chance comes with Marshall (proj. of 13), but the fact that Matt has Bush (proj. of 13) pretty much squashes any chance Isaac had. I like Matt to improve to 2-2.

Rymaszewski's Rebels (John Rymaszewski) (3-0) vs. Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (1-2)

Score: 111-59 Rymaszewski's Rebels (52 point lead)
Possible MNH's: QB Tony Romo (Szombatfalvy)
Reaction/Prediction: John is on a roll and has the best fantasy team in my opinion. For the fourth straight week, he's eclipsed 90 points and shows no sign of slowing down. Mike has Romo (proj. of 15), but no chance to knock off the league's final undefeated team.

Gronk If You're Horny (Chad Breiby) (2-1) vs. Trader's Tradables (Robert Trader) (0-3)

Score: 115-91 Trader's Tradables (24 point lead)
Possible MNH's: WR Dez Bryant (GIYH)
Reaction/Prediction: So much for Aaron Rodgers' (27 points) slow start continuing as he threw a season-high four touchdowns, more than he had all season up to this point. Bryant (11 points) has yet to score a touchdown this season, so I don't see him surpassing 24 points. Robert gets his first win of the season.

Bone Merrill's (Seth Merrill) (2-1) vs. Quit Sinnin (Joe Selbo) (2-1)

Score: 91-36 Bone Merrill's (55 point lead)
Possible MNH's: WR Miles Austin (Bone Merrill's) and RB Felix Jones (Quit Sinnin)
Reaction/Prediction: Joe had a tough week due to the Steelers being on a bye week, most evident from Mark Sanchez's (0 points) big doughnut. Not only will Seth win big, Austin (proj. of 13) will extend the lead by scoring more than teammate Jones (proj. of 2). Seth puts his self in good position at 3-1.

Kari-Tron (Kari Klitzman) (1-2) vs. Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (1-2)

Score: 106-41 Team Lowenberg (65 point lead)
Possible MNH's: RB DeMarco Murray (Kari-Tron) and K Robbie Gould (Team Lowenberg)
Reaction/Prediction: It may not look it, but actually a lot at stake in this match-up. The record winning margin of 76 is within reach if Nick's Gould (proj. of 8) can outscore Kari's Murray (proj. of 9) by 11 points. That doesn't seem at all possible, but you just never know. Kari also has an outside shot at the pity pot if Murray could somehow score six less points than teammate Felix Jones. Nick L. rolls while Kari misses out on the pity pot.

My Savior Brady (Nick Grays) (2-1) vs. The Holdouts (Jason Szmanda) (1-2)

Score: 133-100 The Holdouts (33 point win)
Possible MNH's: None
Reaction/Prediction: Way to blow me out on a good week Jason, but that's what happens when four of your fantasy options go over 20 points. Also a happy belated birthday to Mr. Szmanda while we both move to 2-2 and neck-to-neck in the push for the wild-card spots in the playoffs.

New Arrivals (Rory Linton) (1-2) vs. Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (3-0)

Score: 92-81 New Arrivals (11 point win)

Possible MNH's: None
Reaction/Prediction: Thank god Grande's Fred Jackson (5 points) wasn't the reason Anthony lost because I told him to start Michael Crabtree (1 point) instead. Nevertheless, Rory should get his letterhead out and write a thank-you to the Dolphins Brian Hartline (31 points) who might just be the fantasy pick-up of the year.

Prediction Recap: Matt, John, Robert, Seth and Nick L. win. Joe locks up the pity pot.

Highest Scoring MNH: QB Tony Romo

I had a really tough time determining who will have the best night in regards to fantasy tomorrow. In the end, I took the easy route and picked the guy with the highest projection. Romo can easily get 15 against a Bears team that you pretty much have to throw against to have success. I see the Cowboys winning this game, so thus the pick.

*2012 Prediction Record for MNHs: 15-1
*2012 Pity or Baller Pot Prediction Record: 2-0
*2012 MNH High Scoring Player Prediction Record: 1-2

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Badgers Roundtable: Nebraska (


Benjamin Worgull, Badger Nation - The first 30 minutes was perfect. Just like last season when these two teams played, Wisconsin smacked Nebraska in the most early with a balanced offense and opportunistic defense. Gaining 205 yards on 38 plays are solid numbers and the running game looked crisp with Montee Ball scoring two first-half touchdowns. The defense recovered an early fumble that turned into points and came up with some big stops, including one in its red zone after an 83-yard kickoff return. Taylor Martinez was skipping stones and the Badgers had all the momentum … what could possibly go wrong?

Nick Grays, The Sports Bank - I couldn’t agree more with Ben on the first half. I thought the offensive line looked great as they were creating a push and providing adequate protection when Joel Stave threw downfield. Not sure what changed, but the offensive line reverted back to the way they played in the first four games in the second half. This team will go as far as the offensive line takes them.

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Packers survive close call in 28-27 win over the New Orleans Saints

Despite some more questionable calls and a suspect pass defense, the Green Bay packers persevered at home to outlast the New Orleans Saints by the score of 28-27.

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t quite Drew Brees, but still effective while going 31-of-41 for 319 yards, four touchdowns and just the one interception.

The Packers (2-2) kept pace in a competitive NFC North division while the Saints (0-4) pretty much doomed their playoff chances.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Huskers score 20 unanswered to knock out the Wisconsin Badgers

At one point, the Wisconsin Badgers held a 27-10 lead, but Nebraska went twenty unanswered to snatch a 30-27 win in front of the fifth largest crowd at Memorial Stadium ever.

Taylor Martinez led the charge for the Huskers (4-1) with 116 yards on the ground and three total touchdowns.

The Badgers (3-2) lose their second road game of the season and open up an entirely new Pandora’s Box in regards to the 2012 season.

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New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers: Brutally Honest Preview

Now that the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints have combined for only one win in a total of six games, it almost makes you believe that the league has some kind of vendetta against them.

Because of Bounty-Gate, the Saints (0-3) are without key defenders and their head coach Sean Payton which has them reeling at the end of close games. Meanwhile the Packers (1-2) are on the wrong side of a .5oo record due to the replacement refs’ blunder on Monday Night Football.

For these reasons, the match-up on Sunday is pretty much a must-win if either team wants to make the playoffs.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wisconsin Badgers vs. #22 Nebraska Cornhuskers: Brutally Honest Preview

Excitement, mystery and revenge are just a few of the words that can be used to describe the start of the conference season for the Wisconsin Badgers and Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Both teams look to move forward from what was a disappointing non-conference slate from not only their-selves, but the entire Big Ten conference as a whole.

The Badgers are still searching for their offensive identity and the Huskers still have a bad taste in their mouth from the 48-17 drubbing Wisconsin handed them to open the conference season in Madison last year.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Green Bay Packers jobbed by the replacement refs in Seattle

Not one call, not two calls, not three calls, but four bad calls led to the Seattle Seahawks’ 14-12 upset win over the Green Bay Packers.

None bigger than Russell Wilson’s desperation heave that the Packers’ (1-2) M.D. Jennings seemingly intercepted but was ruled a simultaneous catch and touchdown by the Seahawks’ (2-1) wide receiver Golden Tate.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 Week Three Monday Night Heroes

If you thought week two was crazy (as I did), then week three was out of this world as it was. The league has offensively exploded with teams commonly going over 30 and 40 points which is unfathomable to think about. It's almost like the NFL is transforming into the college game. The Washington Redskins did completely change their offense to work around rookie RG3 and the New York Jets are commonly running a wild-cat formation. I'll let you guys think about that for a little while, here's the Monday Night Game and my Monday Night Heroes Predictions:

Green Bay Packers (1-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (1-1) 7:30 PM CT (ESPN)

*scores are subject to change 

Gronk If Your Horney (Chad Breiby) (2-0) vs. Rymaszewski's Rebels (John Rymaszewski) (2-0)

Score: 93-64 Rymaszewki's Rebels (29 point win)
Possible MNH's: None
Reaction/Prediction: Chad has to be happy about RB Mikel Leshoure (19 points), but outside of him and Peyton Manning (20 points), he received absolutely no production. I think it's fairly obvious that John has the best fantasy team thus far with Eli Manning (15 points), Arian Foster (16 points) and A.J. Green (25 points). C.J. Spiller's (11 points) injury will give him a small dent in his RB depth.

Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (1-1) vs. Bone Merrill's (Seth Merrill) (1-1)

Score: 64-57 Bone Merrill's (7 point win)
Possible MNH's: None
Reaction/Prediction: This was one of the uglier fantasy match-ups of the week, but it was Seth who moves to 2-1 behind Drew Brees (19 points) who will be a solid play every week because of how bad the defense is. I know I said Matt had the "Best Draft," but his team is not looking very good at the moment.

Asians Love (Ray) Rice (Isaac Lee) (1-1) vs. Kari-Tron (Kari Klitzman) (0-2)

Score: 93-86 Kari-Tron (7 point win)
Possible MNH's: None
Reaction/Prediction: Give Kari the waiver-wire pick-up of the week with Andre Brown (24 points) who led her team away from starting the dreadful 0-3. Isaac made a late push with Ray Rice (20 points), but ran into injury problems with his other running backs.

Team Szomabafalvy (Mike Szomabtfalvy) (1-1) vs. My Savior Brady (Nick Grays) (1-1)

Score: 99-39 My Savior Brady (60 point lead)
Possible MNH's: K Mason Crosby (Team Szombatfalvy)
Reaction/Prediction: I couldn't be happier to see Jamaal Charles (34 points) return to his normal-self. While watching the game, I thought he could have produced even more yards, but became fatigued. Mike had a bad day in the office with two of his players posting zeros. Crosby (proj. of 12) will get some points, but has no shot at getting sixty for obvious reasons. I'll move into week four with a 2-1 record. Mike will most likely earn $5 for the pity pot though.

Traders's Tradables (Robert Trader) (0-2) vs. New Arrivals (Rory Linton) (0-2)

Score: 80-44 New Arrivals (36 point lead)
Possible MNH's: QB Aaron Rodgers (Trader's Tradables), RB Cedric Benson (Trader's Tradables), WR Greg Jennings (Trader's Tradables) or WR Donald Driver (Trader's Tradables) or RB James Starks (Trader's Tradables)
Reaction/Prediction: First off, I have to admit that Rory had the best picture ever. Matthew Stafford (18 points) chillin with the Run-DMC crew is just awesome. Robert went out of his way to get Aaron Rodgers (proj. of 21) in a trade and it's already time to see if it will payoff. Rory will be torn because he has to watch the Packers game and root for the Seahawks to hold their offense down. With Benson (proj. of 6) and Jennings (proj. of 4), Robert has the firepower to do it, but I think he will fall just short. It appears Jennings will play, so I won't make an argument for Driver (proj. of  0) or James Starks (proj. of 1).

Quit Sinnin (Joe Selbo) (1-1) vs. The Holdouts (Jason Szmanda) (1-1)

Score: 93-68 Quit Sinnin (25 point lead)
Possible MNH's: TE Jermichael Finley (Quit Sinnin), Packers D/ST (Quit Sinnin) and WR Jordy Nelson (The Holdouts)
Reaction/Prediction: The most underrated fantasy QB of all-time has to be Ben Roethlisberger (31 points) who always delivers and Joe knows that. He has to be happy with the double points he received with Mike Wallace (18 points). Jason received top notch production from RG3 (24 points) and MJD (24 points), but the guys without acronym nicknames didn't do much. Joe is more than safe in this match-up with Finley (proj. of 9) and the Packers D/ST (proj. of 4) compared to Jason's Nelson (proj. of 14). I could see Nelson making up the 25-point different, but not the production from the other Packers.

Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (1-1) vs. Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (2-0)

Score: 86-76 Team Grande (10 point lead)
Possible MNH's: RB Marshawn Lynch (Team Grande) and Seahawks D/ST (Team Grande)
Reaction/Prediction: Anthony is ready to join John Rymaszewski as the only two undefeated teams in the fantasy league. This has to be a refreshing feeling to Anthony who had a historically bad season last year. He can thank Matt Ryan (21 points) who along with RG3 have been the QB steals of the draft in 2012. Lowenberg has to be upset with Cam Newton (9 points) who absolutely layed a dud against the Giants at home. Lynch (proj. of 13) and the Seahawks D/ST (proj. of 0) will only add to Grande's winning week.

Prediction Recap: Nick G., Rory, Joe and Anthony all win. Mike will take home the pity-pot.

Highest Scoring MNH:  Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

 If you haven't had a chance to check out my Packers preview, find out here why I think Rodgers has a big day.

*2012 Prediction Record for MNHs: 11-1
*2012 Pity or Baller Pot Prediction Record: 1-0
*2012 MNH High Scoring Player Prediction Record: 1-1

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Badgers Roundtable: UTEP (


Nick Grays, The Sports Bank - It wasn’t always pretty, but lets give credit to offensive coordinator Matt Canada who put together the most fluid gameplan of the season thus far. Despite losing Montee Ball in the second quarter, it actually looked like “Wisconsin Badgers” football. I thought they did some great things with James White and Melvin Gordon and the passing game finally showed some life (thanks to the return of Jared Abbrederis).

Benjamin Worgull, Badger Nation - The offense finally moved the ball in a forward direction, which really shouldn’t be that big of a surprise considering the opponent. UTEP was 106th in the country in rush defense, so it was good to see the Badgers put up 213 yards on the ground (doing most of it without Montee Ball). The amount of pressure the defense is putting on opposing quarterbacks gets better each week, as Wisconsin registering nine tackles for loss, eight pass breakups and four sacks is an encouraging sign moving into conference play.

Rex Sheild, Daily Cardinal - The offense was finally able to establish a legitimate running attack with the dangerous trio of Ball, James White and Melvin Gordon but, as Benjamin pointed out, that should come as no surprise as UTEP gave up 5.5 yards per carry and 216 yards on the ground coming in. The return of Abbrederis obviously provided a much-needed deep threat that was lacking in his absence, registering six catches for 147 yards and a touchdown, and allowed QB Joel Stave to take some chances downfield. The defense continues to look strong by getting pressure on the quarterback, which will be vital going forward.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wisconsin Badgers make progress in triumph over UTEP

Jared Abbrederis caught six passes for 147 yards and a touchdown to lead the Wisconsin Badgers over the UTEP Miners by the score of 37-26.

It wasn’t always pretty, but the Badgers’ (3-1) offense looked a lot better than they did in their previous three games. They racked up a season-high 423 yards of total offense and produced 213 rushing yards despite losing running back Montee Ball in the second quarter.

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Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks: Brutally Honest Preview

For the 20th straight season, the Green Bay Packers will make an appearance on Monday Night Football, making the trip to CenturyLink Field to face off with the Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle is a city currently crazed by rookie sensation Russell Wilson, a guy Packers nation should know very well from his time with the state’s second most important football team, the Wisconsin Badgers.

This game won’t be about quarterbacks though, it’s about a couple of defenses coming off top notch performances in week two wins.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Do you Brewlieve? Milwaukee Brewers are on a truly historic run

With a 4-2 come-from-behind win against the Washington Nationals, the Milwaukee Brewers are a mere 1.5 games out the second wild-card spot in the National League.

Football may have kicked off in 2012, but this Brewers team isn't done from capturing the excitement and joy which goes along with potential baseball in October.

Here are some notes and nuggets on the Brewers truly historic run.

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Taking a look at the Wisconsin Badgers Quarterback Carousel

Following the Wisconsin Badgers’ Thursday practice, head coach Bret Bielema officially announced that the team will start freshman Joel Stave at quarterback in the upcoming game with UTEP.

It’s not the only thing Bielema said as he also mentioned playing all three of the Badgers’ quarterbacks in different situations.

For a team searching for it’s identity in the offense, the last thing they need to be doing is going back-and-forth between different signal callers.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

2012 Fantasy Trade #3: Aaron Rodgers Flying Around Like a Hot Potato

Two trades in two days, both involving the number one overall draft pick and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Another 0-2 team in Trader's Tradables (Robert Trader) decided to put together a package which enticed Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatalvy) to give up the very player he traded for on Wednesday. Here's the specifics on the deal:

Trader's Tradables Received:

QB Aaron Rodgers
TE Greg Olson

Team Szombatfalvy Received:

QB Tony Romo
TE Jason Witten
RB Kevin Smith

Robert's Perspective: Robert obviously had his eye set on Aaron Rodgers when he became aware that the signal caller was available. At 0-2 and as one of the current bottom-feeders of the league, he decided to take a shot on the dark and grab Rodgers who's been known to carry a fantasy team to the playoffs. In the process, he let go of high upside Romo and Witten and the currently utilized Lions' RB Smith.

Mike's Perspective: At 1-1, Mike is tired of missing out on the playoffs, so he's making deals to try to make sure he gets there this season. The newly acquired Romo and Witten will be very good assets in what's a very competitive NFC East, meaning they'll put up points. You already saw what they did against the Giants' defense. In the short-term, Smith is also a decent piece. It's no sure thing that Mikel Leshoure will have a significant effect on Smith who's been fairly efficient thus far.

Advantage: Once again, I thought this was a solid deal. I get the feeling that Robert is going all in with Rodgers while Mike just received three solid players. Because of how surprisingly good Smith has looked (26 points through two games), I'm going to say advantage Szombatfalvy. Moreover, Robert is loaded with the Packers key pieces in Rodgers, RB Cedric Benson and WR Greg Jennings on an offense that has yet to show they are at the level they played during last season.

What did you think of this deal, how is Aaron Rodgers moving around so much? Let me know by commenting below!

Wisconsin Badgers vs. UTEP: Brutally Honest Preview

At the center of a struggling Wisconsin Badgers’ offense lies a quarterback controversy. Will the Badgers (2-1) head  coach, Bret Bielema, go with redshirt freshman Joel Stave or stick with the experienced Danny O’Brien?

While Bielema has said he already knows who he’s sending out on Saturday morning, the University of Texas El-Paso probably doesn’t care as they are hoping a third time’s the charm. This is the Miners (1-2) third shot at an upset of a BCS-conference team after falling short to Oklahoma and Ole Miss in their first two games.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2012 Fantasy Trade #2: Rory and Szombat Flip Signal Callers

Now this is a fantasy trade, one of blockbuster proportions. Here are the two HUGE-name quarterbacks and two running backs who were swapped by Aaron It Out (Rory Linton) and Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) in the league's second trade of the season:

Aaron It Out Received:
QB Matthew Stafford
RB Darren McFadden

Team Szombatfalvy Received:
QB Aaron Rodgers
RB David Wilson

Rory's Perspective: Soon after the deal went down, Rory sent me a text reading "Me and Szombat just pulled a blockbuster. 0-2 gotta make something happen." Rory dropped his first game to me and lost a heartbreaking tie to Chad in week two. He didn't receive a lot of production from the number one overall pick, Aaron Rodgers (16 points a contest) and has an apparent man-crush on Stafford. His next move on the agenda is to somehow pry WR Calvin Johnson from Kari-Tron (Kari Klitzman) who is also 0-2 at the moment.

Mike's Perspective: Szombat has to be just ecstatic to get what many believe is the most dangerous weapon in all of fantasy. He's not a Packers fan, so don't think he's going "homer" on this trade. He had to give up high-upside Darren McFadden, but did upgrade at quarterback for sure. I'm a little scared he's hurting at RB, but he must have some idea in mind. While the Giants Ahmad Bradshaw is currently nursing an injury, I'm not sure Wilson is completely ready to take the job. For now it's Andre Brown, but don't count on Brown keeping the job. They really like Wilson, but he does need to mature a bit.

Advantage: Believe it or not, I thought this was a fairly even trade. Rodgers has underperformed so far and Stafford hasn't looked his-self either. McFadden is without a doubt better than Wilson, but Rodgers has the ability to carry a fantasy team like no other. In the long run, I think Rory got the better deal as long as McFadden stays healthy.

What did you think of this blockbuster deal? Let me know by commenting below!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 Week Two Monday Night Heroes

What a second week in the NFL season. We saw the surprising Arizona Cardinals defense clamp down on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the biggest upset of the year. Rookie quarterbacks bounced back in fashion as Ryan Tannehill, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson all won their contests. RG3 and Brandon Weeded didn't win, but they had their teams in it until the end. In regards to fantasy, it was all about the elusive running back with both Reggie Bush (31 points) and C.J. Spiller (28 points) grabbing two of the three top spots on the day. In our league, we have some super competitive games with a few of them coming down to this game tomorrow:

Denver Broncos (1-0) at Atlanta Falcons (1-0) 7:30 PM CT

*scores are subject to change 

My Savior Brady (Nick Grays) (1-0) vs. Rymaszewski's Rebels (John Rymaszewski) (1-0)

Score: 123-55 Rymaszewki's Rebels (68 point beatdown)
Possible MNH's: None
Reaction/Prediction: John has him a potent fantasy team, posting over 100 points for the second week in a row. Anytime you can eclipse the century mark in our deep league, you have a great team. John's QB Eli Manning (26 points) threw three interceptions, but threw for an amazing 510 yards. His true hero was RB C.J. Spiller (28 points) who has been the biggest surprise in all of fantasy thus far. I don't even want to talk about my fantasy team at the moment.

Kari-Tron (Kari Klitzman) (0-1) vs. Bone Merrill's (Seth Merrill) (0-1)

Score: 83-61 Bone Merrill's (22 point lead)
Possible MNH's: WR Eric Decker (Bone Merrill's)
Reaction/Prediction: Kari just couldn't recover from QB Jay Cutler (2 points) throwing four interceptions against the Pack. I told her to start QB Michael Vick (23 points) and she was even nice enough to say "you were right." Instead of exclaiming I told you so, I held all the joy I felt at the moment inside. Seth is riding high on the weekend after his Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (his employer) won the Midwest League Championship. I almost feel like I'm stealing a win when I have easy predictions like this. Seth will be just fine with WR Eric Decker (proj. of 6) doing a victory dance.

Aaron It Out (Rory Linton) (0-1) vs. Gronk If Your Horny (Chad Breiby) (1-0)

Score: 76-70 Aaron It Out (6 point lead)
Possible MNH's: WR Julio Jones (Aaron It Out) and QB Peyton Manning (GIYH)
Reaction/Prediction: This is my first true test of the season because this match-up could really go either way. Rory was bailed out by TE Vernon Davis (19 points) who went for two scores on Sunday night. Yet Chad was also bailed out by WR Dwayne Bowe (22 points) who had two late touchdowns of his own. I'm going with Chad in this match-up because I think Manning (proj. of 16) has a huge night surpassing his projection while Jones (proj. of 15) hovers somewhere right below his. If it came down to a tie, Chad has the bench edge at 31-28, but both could still drop inactive players so we will see.

The Holdouts (Jason Szmanda) (1-0) vs. Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (0-1)

Score: 90-85 Team McCarthy (5 point lead)
Possible MNH's: K Matt Bryant (The Holdouts), RB Michael Turner (Team McCarthy) or RB Jason Snelling (Team McCarthy) and TE Jacob Tamme (Team McCarthy)
Reaction/Prediction: Holy RG3! Even though Jason most likely will lose this match-up, he has to be jumping for joy with his QB Robert Griffin III (30 points). It will be interesting to see if he can do the same thing against a better defense in Cincinnati. Matt had a down week last Sunday, but his depth came through today. Five of his guys went into double digits and he has Turner (proj. of 13) and Tamme (proj. of 10) still to go. I think Peyton Manning has a big night, so I like Tamme to get a possible score. Jason would have a better chance if he had a position player instead of kicker Bryant (proj. of 9). It would be a miracle for Jason to win, thus I like Matt to win in a fairly convincing manner.

Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (1-0) vs. Asians Love (Ray) Rice (Isaac Lee) (1-0)

Score: 95-70 Asians Love (Ray) Rice (25 point lead)
Possible MNH's: QB Matt Ryan (Team Grande), TE Tony Gonzalez (Team Grande) and K Matt Prater (Asians)
Reaction/Prediction: I have a feeling my perfect prediction record will change after this week because there are multiple tough calls. Grande will be in search of double points with Ryan (proj. of 15) and Gonzalez (proj. of 5), something he received last week when they hooked up for a TD. Ryan was huge last week with 31 points, but I think the Broncos are talented enough to make this team run more. And that is why I'm sticking with Isaac to move to 2-0, mostly because he has the insurance of Prater (3 points).

Quit Sinnin (Joe Selbo) (0-1) vs. Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (1-0)

Score: 90-62 Quit Sinnin (28 point lead)
Possible MNH's: WR Demaryius Thomas (Team Szombat)
Reaction/Prediction: After a tough week one loss, Joe received amazing production from the Packers D/ST (19 points) and Big Ben (19 points). Mike was hampered down with bad running back play and an injured Aaron Hernandez. I wouldn't consider a 28 point game from Thomas (proj. of 15) impossible, but I find it highly unlikely since I think the Falcons will win this game in Atlanta. If it's a shoot-out, Szombat has a chance, but I'm still taking Joe for the win.

Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (0-1) vs. Trader's Tradables (Robert Trader) (0-1)

Score: 82-56 Team Lowenberg (26 point lead)
Possible MNH's: RB Willis McGahee (Team Lowenberg), WR Roddy White (Tradables), WR Brandon Stokley (Tradables) or RB Knowshon Moreno (Tradables)
Reaction/Prediction: This is a tricky match-up because the projections don't adequately tell the story here. Lowenberg jumped out to a nice lead with the young Cam Newton (27 points) and Trent Richardson (25 points) while Robert received his highest score from Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes (15 points). With the way Robert's luck is going, it would be easy to say White (proj. of 13) and Stokley (proj. of 3) have no chance of making up a 26 point deficit, but I actually like White to get more production than teammate Julio Jones. Nonetheless, I'm still taking Nick because I fell McGahee (proj. of 12) will still have an ok day. Also have to say Stokley is the right play of Moreno (proj. of 1).

Prediction Recap: Seth, Chad, Matt, Isaac, Joe and Nick L. all winning. I've locked up the pity pot, thus that will not be picked this week.

Highest Scoring MNH:  Broncos QB Peyton Manning - He's back and with the Falcons' best cover corner Brent Grimes out with an injury, Peyton should be able to test his replacement in Christopher Owens. The Falcons are still stout with Dunta Robinson and Asante Samuel, but Peyton will find any weakness he can en route to a multi-touchdown game.

*2012 Prediction Record for MNHs: 6-0
*2012 Pity or Baller Pot Prediction Record: 1-0
*2012 MNH High Scoring Player Prediction Record: 1-0

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Badgers Roundtable: Utah State (

Bruce Ciskie, Red Rock Radio (Duluth, Minn.)  - A win is a win is a win. Right? The defense - outside of a couple breakdowns and the late desperation pass where almost everything was done properly - played very well. It’s still a concern, because the breakdowns will eventually cost this team, but we’ll take it for now. Montee Ball ran his tail off. He had to in order to gain the kind of yards he did.

Rex Sheild, Daily Cardinal - The defense was pretty stout, especially in the second half. Despite the wheel route that Mike Taylor was burned on early in the first half, they held their ground and allowed QB Chuckie Keeton and company to convert a mere 6 of 19 third-down attempts, an area that they really struggled with a year ago. Montee Ball was the lone bright spot on offense as he accounted for 139 yards on the ground with a touchdown.  At this point in the season, the Badgers will take the win.

Nick Grays, The Sports Bank - I thought Mike Taylor was great in recording his ninth career game with double-digit tackles. In the press conference, Bret Bielema mentioned how on the wheel route, the team was asking Taylor to do too much and how they can’t put him in that position. The secondary played exceptionally well for once with Cromartie and Southward knocking down balls. Still waiting for that first turnover on the defense though.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Don’t panic yet, the Wisconsin Badgers hold off Utah State

It took a surprising punt return, switch at quarterback and a wide-right missed field goal for the Wisconsin Badgers to hold off the Utah State Aggies by the score of 16-14.

Punt returner Kenzel Doe was the hero of the night as his 82-yard punt return for a touchdown changed the momentum and ultimately led to the Badgers (2-1) victory over the Aggies (2-1) in front of 79,332 people under the lights at Camp Randall.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Packers bear down on Jay Cutler in win over Chicago (Rapid Reaction)

Defense was the name of the game on Thursday night as the Green Bay Packers wreaked havoc on Chicago Bears' quarterback Jay Cutler in a 23-10 win at Lambeau Field.

Cutler's night couldn't have been much worse while throwing four interceptions and being sacked seven times. Clay Matthews was the busiest man in the pass-rush, recording 3.5 sacks to give him an unreal six sacks through two games.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers: Brutally Honest Preview

If the 185th installment of the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears works out like it usually does, it should be a great game for NFL Network to kick off their 2012 Thursday Night Football extravaganza.

The Bears (1-0) own the all-time edge by six games in the NFL's oldest and most historic rivalry, but it's the Packers (0-1) who have won six of the last seven.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Badgers Round Table Part 3 (

Bruce Ciskie, Red Rock Radio (Duluth, Minn.) - Nobody died? They didn’t get shut out? There wasn’t much there.

Benjamin Worgull, Badger Nation - Drew Meyer averaged 39.9 yards on seven punts, including a long of 51 and putting three inside the 20. At least he helped force the Beavers to start with an average field position on the 26-yard line. Meyer better ice his leg, as the redshirt freshman has punted 11 times in two games. Wisconsin punted 48 times in 14 games last year.

Nick Grays, The Sports Bank - I love the punter talk from Ben, but I would have to say Montee Ball and James White were still impressive with the small amount of work they did receive. In Ball’s 15 carries, he did the best he could to gain 61 yards. The fact that I’m praising two ball-carriers who amassed a total of 72 yards just goes to show you what kind of day it was.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 Week One Monday Night Heroes

Glad to see that football is back, here are the games tomorrow and how each match-up projects:

Cincinnati Bengals (0-0) at Baltimore Ravens (0-0) 6:00 PM CT
San Diego Chargers (0-0) at Oakland Raiders (0-0) 9:15 PM CT

*scores are subject to change

Aaron It Out (Rory Linton) (0-0) vs. My Savior Brady (Nick Grays) (0-0)

Score: 77-70 My Savior Brady (7 point lead)
Possible MNHs: Bengals K Mike Nugent (My Savior Brady) 
Reaction/Prediction: Unless Nugent (proj. of 5) misses eight field goals, this match-up is over. QB Aaron Rodgers (22 points) made a late charge for Rory, but it's the Buffalo Bills D/ST (-8 points) who tied a fantasy record and really set his team back. I didn't have the best week, but QB Tom Brady (17 points) and WR Jeremy Maclin (15 points) helped me to what should be a sure 1-0 record.

Bone Merrill's (Seth Merrill) (0-0) vs. The Holdouts (Jason Szmanda) (0-0)

Score: 113-85 The Holdouts (28 points lead)
Possible MNHs: Chargers TE Antonio Gates (Bone Merrill's), Raiders K Sebastian Janikowski (Bone Merrill's), Chargers WR Robert Meachem (The Holdouts)
Reaction/Prediction: This is an interesting one because Antonio Gates (proj. of 13) is completely capable of having a break-out game and exceeding his projection. Seth having Janikowski (proj. of 11) also helps. However, Jason looks primed to win after a monster week. Meachem (proj. of 12) is vying for Rivers' trust in San Diego and should have no problem holding off Seth with the 28 point cushion. Give Jason props for his call on RGIII (24 points).

Kari-Tron (Kari Klitzman) (0-0) vs. Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (0-0)

Score: 106-81 Team Grande (25 point win)
Possible MNHs: None
Reaction/Prediction: This is the only match-up that's officially over. After a horrific 2011, Anthony has to be feeling good with the season-opening win. Grande's Matt Ryan (31 points) is the top performer of the week thus far. Kari, a past champion, will bounce back and expect bigger and better things from her role players.

Rymaszewski's Rebels (John Rymaszewski) (0-0) vs. Quit Sinnin (Joe Selbo) (0-0)

Score: 71-56 Quit Sinnin (15 point lead)
Possible MNHs: Bengals RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Rebels), Bengals WR A.J. Green (Rebels), Ravens WR Torrey Smith (Rebels), Ravens D/ST (Rebels) or Ravens WR Anquan Boldin (Rebels)
Reaction/Prediction: Unofficially, John has to have the most Monday Night players ever. Joe didn't receive much production outside of Big Ben (15 points) and basically needs a miracle tomorrow night. With that said, John has more than enough in BJGE (proj. of 12), Green (proj. of 16), Smith (proj. of 11) and the Ravens D/ST (proj. of 4). He even has Boldin (proj. of 4) on his bench, but no worries because he has the win wrapped up.

Gronk If You're Horny (Chad Breiby) (0-0) vs. Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (0-0)

Score: 89-52 GIYH (37 point lead)
Possible MNHs: Chargers K Nate Kaeding (GIYH), Raiders WR Denarius Moore (Lowenberg) or Chargers WR Malcolm Floyd (Lowenberg)
Reaction/Prediction: Not many close games this week, making my predictions super easy. Doesn't really matter if Lowenberg starts Moore (proj. of 6) or Floyd (proj. of 7) because Chad has this in the bag. Lowenberg does have a shot at the week one pity pot, so he may want to start the one he thinks will have a worse night. If he is to do that, I would go with Moore because he has less upside. Chad can do a victory dance with Kaeding (proj. of 8).

Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (0-0) vs. Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (0-0)

Score: 66-48 Team Szombatfalvy (18 point lead)
Possible MNHs: Chargers QB Philip Rivers (McCarthy), Raiders RB Darren McFadden (Szom) or Chargers RB Ronnie Brown (Szom)
Reaction/Prediction: Another match-up that looks clinched before the Monday Night games are played. Rivers (proj. of 18) could have a phenomenal night, but he would have to hope for McFadden (proj. of 16) to get hurt early. Brown (proj. of 9) will be a non-factor as Mike would be crazy to start him over Run DMC. Matt wishes he could have his line-up back and start Pierre Garcon (16 points) and Michael Bush (16 points) instead of stashing them away on the bench. Grande and Szombatfalvy win, things are-a-changing in the fantasy league.

Asians Love (Ray) Rice (Isaac Lee) (0-0) vs. Trader's Tradeables (Robert Trader) (0-0)

Score: 75-70 Trader's Tradeables (5 point lead)
Possible MNHs: Ravens RB Ray Rice (Asians), Bengals D/ST (Tradeables)
Reaction/Prediction: Saving the best for last as this turned out to be the closest match-up. Isaac has his best player, Rice (proj. of 19), going up against Robert's Bengals D/ST (proj. of 5). Unfortunately for Robert, I'll take Rice even though I think the Bengals have a solid defense, but not 20 points solid. Tony Romo (23 points) and Kevin Smith (20 points) got it done for Robert, but Jason Witten (1 point) and Cedric Benson (1 point) set him up for the loss.

Prediction Recap: Nick G., Jason, John, Chad, Mike and Isaac all win. Nick L. takes home the pity pot.

Highest Scoring MNH: Ravens RB Ray Rice

*2012 Prediction Record for MNHs: 0-0
*2012 MNH High Scoring Player Prediction Record: 0-0

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Green Bay Packers drop season-opener to the 49ers (Rapid Reaction)

Bad reffing aside, the Green Bay Packers’ defense had no answers for the San Francisco 49ers who went into Lambeau Field and pulled out a 30-22 win.

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t horrible, but he also wasn’t his MVP-self with a costly interception in the fourth quarter with the game on the line.

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Wisconsin Badgers loss stings but not a season-ender

A shot at the National Championship Game is off the table, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Wisconsin Badgers season is over.

Yes, they were outplayed in every facet of the game in a 10-7 loss to the Oregon State Beavers.

Bad play on the road is nothing new for the Badgers. Even Russell Wilson couldn’t save them from going 2-2 in true road games last season, including a game where they struggled to beat an Illinois team clearly not on the same level as them.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but there’s still a lot to like about this Badgers team.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

West Coast Nightmare: Wisconsin Badgers Upset by Oregon State (Rapid Reaction)

Oregon State pulled off the biggest upset of the young college football season on Saturday, stunning the #13 Wisconsin Badgers 10-7 on their home-field.

What a way for the Beavers (1-0) to kick off their 2012 campaign, by denying the Badgers of their 34th consecutive win against a non-conference opponent  and an absolute nightmare for Wisconsin who had high hopes the year.

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San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers: Brutally Honest Preview

The start of the NFL season can’t get any better for fans of the Green Bay Packers or San Francisco 49ers. It’s the league’s premier offense (Green Bay, 35.0 points per game in 2011) up against the league’s premier defense (San Francisco, 14.3 points per game given up in 2011).

At Lambeau Field, the Packers have won their last eight games against the 49ers, can they make it nine straight?

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

#13 Wisconsin Badgers vs. Oregon State: Brutally Honest Preview

After narrowly escaping an upset bid from FCS-level Northern Iowa, the #13 Wisconsin Badgers are west-coast bound where they will meet the Pac-12′s Oregon State Beavers. This will be the Badgers (1-0) first ever trip to Corvallis to take on a Beavers (0-0) squad making their season debut.

The Badgers took care of business against Oregon State last season, a 35-0 thumping at Camp Randall.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Badgers Roundtable Part II (

Rich Branch, co-founder - Danny O'Brien showed he was worth the hype. Completing 19 of 23 passes (with at least one drop by my count) for 2 TDs was a very solid contribution. The short passing game suited him well and concerns about his accuracy have been answered.  The defensive line looked improved as well. New faces made solid contributions. It was also good to see Borland making contributions on the pass rush.

Rex Sheild, Daily Cardinal - The starting trio of linebackers swarmed to the football all game long as they combined for 23 of the defense’s 50 tackles, led by Mike Taylor’s 13. Additionally, I agree with Richard that the defensive line looked like a new and improved group as they were able to apply a consistent pass rush. On the offensive side of the ball, Danny O’Brien, making his Wisconsin debut, didn’t disappoint. He looked extremely confident and poised in the pocket.

Nick Grays, The Sports Bank - I completely agree on the linebackers as they appear to be one of the Badgers' main strengths, Borland and Taylor really know how to swarm towards the ball. I was very impressed by James White who took full advantage of his nine carries to net 47 yards, including a nice 20 yard scamper which he took to the outside. O’Brien was exactly what I thought he would be in the first game, a game manager, exactly what Wisconsin needs.

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Wisconsin Badgers Danny O'Brien as good as advertised

Despite an underwhelming 26-21 win for the Wisconsin Badgers over the FCS's Northern Iowa, quarterback Danny O'Brien was certainly impressive when utilized.
The junior transfer made his first start at Camp Randall by completing 19-of-23 passes for 219 yards and two touchdowns.

Comparisons to Russell Wilson will inevitably be made, but don't be mistaken, he's a completely different player looking to lead Wisconsin down a similar path of success.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wisconsin Badgers underwhelm in win over Panthers (Rapid Reaction)

The Wisconsin Badgers season opener against the Northern Iowa Panthers didn’t go quite as planned, but they did pull out the 26-21 win. All things considered, the Panthers (0-1) had a legitimate shot to take the lead late in the fourth quarter until the Badgers (1-0) defense buckled down and saved the game.

Last season, former quarterback Russell Wilson and offensive coordinator Paul Chryst had the Badgers scoring in less than sixty seconds, but it appears new OC Matt Canada and the Badgers will return to a more traditional and conservative approach in 2012.

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