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Badgers Roundtable: Season Preview (

Due to popular demand - or, at least, some positive feedback via email, blog comments and Twitter - the Badgers Roundtable is back for another year.

As in years past, we bring in an entirely new set of people to give their thoughts. Please join me in welcoming and thanking them.

To start things, off, a quick look at the 2012 season:

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Northern Iowa vs. #12 Wisconsin Badgers: Brutally Honest Preview

For the seventh consecutive season, the Wisconsin Badgers will play a team from the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) or otherwise known as your “cupcakes” of the college football world.

Even if the Northern Iowa Panthers are coming off a 10-3 season, it shouldn’t matter much to the Badgers who have obliterated FCS foes by an average of roughly 31 points per game.

What is unique about this game is the fact that the Panthers are visiting Camp Randall for the Badgers season opener and not the third or fourth game like teams from the FCS have commonly done in years before.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Examining how the Wisconsin Badgers could go 12-0 or 0-12

Pundits and fans alike have tagged the 2012 Wisconsin Badgers as the favorites to come out of the Big Ten Leaders Division and possibly a darkhorse candidate for the National Championship Game.

Here’s a look at each of the Badgers twelve opponents and what they have to do to win each game as well as how they could lose every game.

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And the Winner of the Best Draft 2012 is ...

Sure, you could skip down to the bottom of the page and forget about the rest of the article, but what fun is that? In order to perk the interest of the fantasy league, I took some time out of my busy schedule (like three hours) to analyze each and every team while picking out their best pick and their worst pick. All picks and analysis is based on my personal opinion, so please disagree and argue with me. Just remember that my "Best Draft" choice has went on the win the championship two out of the four years (Kari in 2009 and Rory in 2011)!

Here's a full transcript of the entire 2012 Fantasy Draft.

*There's no meaning to the order that I talk about each team, I've only determined the best draft, no complete rankings.

My Savior Brady (Nick Grays)

Best Pick: QB Tom Brady (1st round/5th overall)

Worst Pick: WR Nate Washington (8th round/108th overall)

Analysis: Not going to say a lot here because it's fairly obvious, I love my team. A very odd year as this is the first year I didn't draft a Packers player and I went with Brady who many of you know I despise. With Aaron Rodgers going number one overall, I knew I wanted Brady because they are the two safest bets in the game of fantasy. I think my team has a tremendous amount of balance with massive amounts of upside. The reason I think the Washington pick is my worst is because the Tennessee quarterback battle is getting kind of ugly and Kenny Britt appears to be poised for a comeback.

Not So Serious Projection: Championship Contender (What do you want me to say?)

Team Merrill (Seth Merrill)

Best Pick: WR Eric Decker (6th round/77th overall)

Worst Pick: RB Adrian Peterson (2nd round/21st overall)

Analysis: I don't want to be too hard on Seth because he was the unlucky soul who had to endure the heartbreaking Jamaal Charles injury so early in the season in 2011. And that is why I think he couldn't have been more safe with QB Drew Brees in the first round. However, I'm not on board with his second and third round picks. Picking the usual dominant AP in the second round may look like a deal, but I'm not ready to trust a guy coming off a knee that couldn't have been more torn up late in the season. Additionally, Frank Gore is getting older and part of a crowded/talented backfield in San Fran. I love the Decker pick in the 6th round because he has a legitimate chance at being Peyton Manning's number one guy in Denver. Seth will need Decker to be a number one receiver because he has some serious questions at the bread-and-butter positions (RB/WR).

Not So Serious Projection: Need Some Luck to Make the Playoffs and I'm not talking Andrew Luck

Rymaszewski's Rebels (Johnny Rymaszewski)

Best Pick: RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis (4th round/54th overall)

Worst Pick: QB Eli Manning (3rd round/31st overall)

Analysis: This is technically Johnny's expansion season in the fantasy league and the guy received a gift with the third overall pick in the draft. I'm sure he couldn't have been happier receiving Foster (many people's de facto No.1 guy) at the third spot. I love Johnny's balance as he owns the Bengals two best fantasy options in A.J. Green and The Law Firm, but it was one move which took him out of the running for the best draft. Taking Manning in the third round was a huge mistake in my opinion because he could have had another RB/WR or TE which would have solidified a great starting line-up. Instead he has an alright signal caller (overachieved last season) with a bad back-up (not buying Andy Dalton).

Not So Serious Projection: Borderline Playoff Team

The Hellmuthinators (Rory Linton)

Best Pick: RB Donald Brown (6th round/84th overall)

Worst Pick: RB Beanie Wells (5th round/57th overall)

Analysis: The reigning champion and winner of "Best Draft," in 2011 had another successful August, but it wasn't the best. It all started with what I've tagged the Foster Fakeout when he bypassed the Texans Foster to pick Aaron Rodgers. I love Rodgers, but you would have to think it's going to be tough to duplicate what he did last season. Then his fifth round pick of Wells really did it in for me as one of my friends put it once, "this guy has scissors for hands." Plus, teammate Ryan Williams looks really good this preseason and is sure to take at least half of the carries away from Wells. With that said, Rory hit a home-run with his sixth round pick. Whenever you can get a for sure starting running back (no other backs even close in Indy) at 84th overall, you're doing alright. I think Rory has a solid set of wide-outs, but could realistically struggle at the running back position this year. I'm sure he'll get better though because Rory is the best waiver-wire player in our league in my opinion.

Not So Serious Projection: Playoffs as usual

Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy)

Best Pick: RB Darren McFadden (2nd round/22nd overall)

Worst Pick: 49ers D/ST (7th round/91st overall)

Analysis: At first glance, I thought Mike had one of the best team's in the league until I saw his bench. His starting line-up can stand up against anyone, but when bye weeks/injuries hit, Szombat is going to have a problem. He reached a little bit for quarterback with Matthew Stafford in the first round, but not a big deal because Calvin Johnson makes him elite and I really like the Titus Young pick for double points. When Austin Collie is by far the best player on your bench, it means you're going to have to hit the waiver wire hard. Instead of picking the 49ers Defense in the seventh round, this team could have been so much better with added depth.

Not So Serious Projection: No Playoffs this Year, but this won't be the worst team.

Quit Sinnin (Joe Selbo)

Best Pick: RB Chris Johnson (1st round/10th overall)

Worst Pick: RB Felix Jones (7th round/94th overall)

Analysis: Joe went heavy for the Steelers with high-picks of Big Ben and Mike Wallace, something I probably wouldn't do, but not the end of the world. I think they both will have solid seasons, but probably not for what he spent for them. Chris Johnson or C-Check as I call him (it's what his autograph looks like) was a steal at the tenth spot. Everyone acts like the guy was dead last year, but he still surpassed 1,000 yards after holding out during a lock-out season. C-Check will be back, but Joe is plagued with what Mike (see above) has, no bench. As of now, Felix Jones is starting in his line-up and that won't be good considering the guy loves to get hurt and underwhelms most of the time.

Not So Serious Projection: He'll score big some weeks, but score low more often. (No Playoffs)

Kari-Tron (Kari Klitzman)

Best Pick: QB Michael Vick (3rd round/34th overall)

Worst Pick: RB Roy Helu (4th round/51st overall)

Analysis: The season hasn't even started and I'm ready to give Kari an award and that's for "Best Fantasy Name." It's fitting that this team be Kari-Tron because Calvin Johnson (aka Megatron) is an absolute beast, I would never bet against that guy. Kari backed up that with an unbelievable value/high upside pick of Vick (Matthew Berry wanted this guy to go No. 1 in 2011). I would be the first person to tell you all about the injury risk, but Kari swooped up Jay Cutler in the the seventh round to be relatively safe at the position. Murray projects to be a solid No. 1 RB, so drafting Helu isn't the end of the world, but she has to be crossing her fingers when it comes to a Redskins rushing game (good that she drafted Evan Royster). I think this could be one of the most consistent teams on the year.

Not So Serious Projection: Borderline Playoff Team, won't dominate or be dominated.

Gronk If You're Horny (Chad Breiby)

Best Pick: QB Peyton Manning (4th round/43rd overall)

Worst Pick: RB Jahvid Best (7th round/98th overall)

Analysis: I'll start off by saying I love this name as well. Chad maneuvered his way back into the league (via Tim's spot) and now has chip on his shoulder to succeed in a super deep league. Overall, I think Chad did the best he could with the final pick in the draft, he has some good depth, but some holes as well. Love the pick of Manning in the fourth round because all signs look great so far in the preseason, he's more than smart enough to catch on to a new offense and has some weapons around him. A pick that really hurt Chad was Jahvid Best who's been cursed with concussions for the past two seasons and is most likely opening the season on the PUP list, meaning he won't be eligible to play until at least week 7. He has Matt Forte, but after that is stretched thin, his only hope may be to pray for Maurice Jones-Drew to hold out, so he can get maximized value out of Rashad Jennings.

Not So Serious Projection: Could Go Either Way, really needs some backs.

Team Lee (Isaac Lee)

Best Pick: WR Brandon Marshall (3rd round/30th overall)

Worst Pick: Bears D/ST (11th round/142nd overall)

Analysis: Similar to Kari's team, I think Isaac has built a consistent line-up that could surprise a lot of people this season. Outside of stud running back Ray Rice, no one on the team jumps out at you, but it's made of players who project to be solid contributors. I love Marshall in the third round because he's always been good and he's re-united with his best friend in Jay Cutler in an offense he knows. I'm not sure if this was auto-draft, but picking the Bears D/ST a round after selecting the Eagles D/ST was a killer because the QB position could be a question mark for Isaac. His starter Matt Schaub is returning from a serious injury and his back-up Jake Locker might not even start. As we've seen in past seasons, pretty much every championship contender in fantasy needs a solid QB. I believe he's stacked at the bread-and-butter positions (RB/WR), so a trade could be a serious possibility at some point in the season.

Not So Serious Projection: Borderline Playoff Team, banking on Schaub/Locker to come through is scary.

Arthur's Arsenal (Robert Trader)

Best Pick: RB Kevin Smith (10th round/128th overall)

Worst Pick: RB Cedric Benson (5th round/69th overall)

Analysis: I can tell Robert did some research because he did a heck-of-a-job at picking up value after going wide-out/wide-out (Roddy White and Greg Jennings) to open the draft. Love the pick of Kevin Smith in the tenth round which results from ESPN not updating it's rankings enough (should have been much higher), but absolutely hate the Benson pick because it was way too early. Yes, we're in Wisconsin, but you could still have had him in the seventh or eighth round. Not only is it a huge question mark whether Benson can catch on to the offense, he's a horrible pass-blocker, something Green Bay is in dire need of right now with a bad offensive line. Other than that, he's solid at QB with Romo and has an elite-esque TE in Witten. For me, this is a team that could be good or bad, we'll have to see.

Not So Serious Projection: I'll side with mediocrity, misses the Playoffs.

Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg)

Best Pick: RB Trent Richardson (3rd round/39th overall)

Worst Pick: QB Alex Smith (9th round/123rd overall)

Analysis: In all seriousness, I'm not going to talk much about the Panthers running game in it's entirety (hint hint), but I only hope Lowenberg has a creative name in the mix. Even with the three Panther running backs, Nick has a solid mix of starting running backs in Willis McGahee and a pick I love in Trent Richardson. Richardson is a steal in the third round considering the Browns will be doing a lot of running and he's their main guy. Newton will be great, but it's the WR position that has me a little worried in Lowenberg's camp. Outside of a stout Fitzgerald and Floyd who will be okay, Nick needs some help. With a mess of a draft that resulted in some auto-drafting, it's really not that bad.

Not So Serious Projection: Playoff team if he can find some consistent wide-outs.

Team Grande (Anthony Grande)

Best Pick: WR Stevie Johnson (5th round/68th overall)

Worst Pick: RB Marshawn Lynch (2nd round/17th overall)

Analysis: If only Anthony could have returned home a little sooner to stop the computer from drafting Mr. Skittles (aka Marshawn Lynch) who's possibly looking at a suspension at some point this season. Following the auto-picks, Grande did a great job of finding guys who have great upside and all-around skills. If this was a ppr league, I think Grande would have won best draft. I love the pick of Stevie Johnson in the fifth round who has the ability to be a top-ten wideout and Matt Ryan who's a better fantasy option than given credit for. I like his versatile running backs in Fred Jackson and Darren Sproles. His bench is one of the better staffs in the league. I'm not sure he'll take the league by storm, but he won't have a down year like he did last year.

Not So Serious Projection: Will contend deep into the season, but ultimately miss out on the Playoffs.

The Holdouts (Jason Szmanda)

Best Pick: TE Jimmy Graham (2nd round/20th overall)

Worst Pick: QB Robert Griffin III (6th round/76th overall)

Analysis: Jason has to be pretty nervous considering his season pretty much hinges on Maurice Jones-Drew getting on the field (thus the team name). Ultimately, I think MJD gets on the field and actually plays well because that's what the little man does. Jason will most likely need one more running back just in case (would have really liked to see Rashad Jennings handcuffed), but Ryan Williams and Steven Ridley should be alright options. Taking RGIII in the sixth round is a bit of a reach and a lot of risk in my opinion. First of all, this guy is not Cam Newton (half his size) and he's a rookie QB (so much mystery, remember that Newton was last fantasy player drafted last year). While Griffin ran a lot at Baylor, he won't be doing much of it in Washington. With that said, I think he will be a solid player, but not good enough to lead a fantasy team to the championship. Picking Josh Freeman as a Plan B option was necessary and could help save Jason's season.

Not So Serious Projection: No Holdout will make Playoffs a realistic possibility.


Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy)

Best Pick: WR Reggie Wayne (8th Round/109th overall)

Worst Pick: RB Michael Turner (3rd Round/33rd overall)

Analysis: Outside of the solid choice of LeSean McCoy in the first round, this team is full of value. Getting former teammates Pierre Garcon (now in Washington) and Reggie Wayne in the seventh and eighth round were things of beauty. I expect both guys to have a large return on the investment. More importantly, Matt got a solid quarterback in Philip Rivers to head his team and added Wes Welker and Vincent Jackson to form an unsexy but scary receiving corps. McCarthy must love the thunder thighs because he chases Turner each and every season. In the past,  I wouldn't have said much, but I have a feeling this is the year things change in Atlanta. However, I also don't think he'll be a bust, thus why I think Matt has the most likely team to take it all.

Not So Serious Projection: Championship Winner (I hope not because it would be his second)

There you have it, here's my "Not So Serious," projections of the fantasy playoffs:

Six Playoff Teams
Nick Grays (Bye Week)
Matt McCarthy (Bye Week)
Rory Linton
Johnny Rymaszewski
Nick Lowenberg
Kari Klitzman

Championship Game
Matt McCarthy defeats Nick Grays 101-97

What did you think of the in-depth analysis of our draft? Please let me know by commenting below!

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Packers continue poor trend against the Browns; Preseason Notes and Links

For the third straight season, the Green Bay Packers have faltered to the Cleveland Browns in the preseason. The most impressive player on the field was Browns kicker Phil Dawson who hit three field goals, including two from over 50 yards in the 35-10 romp of the Packers at Lambeau Field.

On the Green Bay side, the biggest storyline was the horrific play by back-up quarterback Graham Harrell. Harrell completed only half of his throws (12-for-24) and threw two interceptions.

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2012 Fantasy Transcript

Round: 1
(1) The Hellmuthinators - Aaron Rodgers QB
(2) Team Lee - Ray Rice RB
(4) Team McCarthy - LeSean McCoy RB
(5) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Tom Brady QB
(6) Banana Fosters - Calvin Johnson WR
(7) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Matthew Stafford QB
(8) Team Merrill - Drew Brees QB
(9) Team  Szmanda - Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(10) Wizard Killer - Chris Johnson RB
(11) Team Lowenberg - Larry Fitzgerald WR
(12) Team Grande - Andre Johnson WR
(13) Arthur's Arsenal - Roddy White WR
(14) Dog Fighters - Rob Gronkowski TE

Round: 2
(15) Dog Fighters - Matt Forte RB
(16) Arthur's Arsenal - Greg Jennings WR
(17) Team Grande - Marshawn Lynch RB
(18) Team Lowenberg - Cam Newton QB
(19) Wizard Killer - Mike Wallace WR
(20) Team  Szmanda - Jimmy Graham TE
(21) Team Merrill - Adrian Peterson RB
(22) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Darren McFadden RB
(23) Banana Fosters - DeMarco Murray RB
(24) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Jamaal Charles RB
(25) Team McCarthy - Wes Welker WR
(27) Team Lee - Steven Jackson RB
(28) The Hellmuthinators - Victor Cruz WR

Round: 3
(29) The Hellmuthinators - Julio Jones WR
(30) Team Lee - Brandon Marshall WR
(32) Team McCarthy - Michael Turner RB
(33) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Ryan Mathews RB
(34) Banana Fosters - Michael Vick QB
(35) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Hakeem Nicks WR
(36) Team Merrill - Frank Gore RB
(37) Team  Szmanda - Jordy Nelson WR
(38) Wizard Killer - Steve Smith WR
(39) Team Lowenberg - Trent Richardson RB
(40) Team Grande - Fred Jackson RB
(41) Arthur's Arsenal - Tony Romo QB
(42) Dog Fighters - Dez Bryant WR

Round: 4
(43) Dog Fighters - Peyton Manning QB
(44) Arthur's Arsenal - Ahmad Bradshaw RB
(45) Team Grande - Darren Sproles RB
(46) Team Lowenberg - Willis McGahee RB
(47) Wizard Killer - Ben Roethlisberger QB
(48) Team  Szmanda - Marques Colston WR
(49) Team Merrill - Antonio Gates TE
(50) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Shonn Greene RB
(51) Banana Fosters - Roy Helu RB
(52) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Brandon Lloyd WR
(53) Team McCarthy - Vincent Jackson WR
(54) RYMASZEWSKI'S  REBELS - BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
(55) Team Lee - Reggie Bush RB
(56) The Hellmuthinators - Vernon Davis TE

Round: 5
(57) The Hellmuthinators - Beanie Wells RB
(58) Team Lee - Percy Harvin WR
(59) RYMASZEWSKI'S  REBELS - Torrey Smith WR
(60) Team McCarthy - Philip Rivers QB
(61) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Jeremy Maclin WR
(62) Banana Fosters - Antonio Brown WR
(63) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Demaryius Thomas WR
(64) Team Merrill - Miles Austin WR
(65) Team  Szmanda - Stevan Ridley RB
(66) Wizard Killer - Santonio Holmes WR
(67) Team Lowenberg - Jonathan Stewart RB
(68) Team Grande - Steve Johnson WR
(69) Arthur's Arsenal - Cedric Benson RB
(70) Dog Fighters - Dwayne Bowe WR

Round: 6
(71) Dog Fighters - DeSean Jackson WR
(72) Arthur's Arsenal - Jason Witten TE
(73) Team Grande - Matt Ryan QB
(74) Team Lowenberg - DeAngelo Williams RB
(75) Wizard Killer - Jermichael Finley TE
(76) Team  Szmanda - Robert Griffin III QB
(77) Team Merrill - Eric Decker WR
(78) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Aaron Hernandez TE
(79) Banana Fosters - Ben Tate RB
(80) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Peyton Hillis RB
(81) Team McCarthy - Michael Bush RB
(83) Team Lee - Isaac Redman RB
(84) The Hellmuthinators - Donald Brown RB

Round: 7
(85) The Hellmuthinators - Mark Ingram RB
(86) Team Lee - Matt Schaub QB
(87) RYMASZEWSKI'S  REBELS - Anquan Boldin WR
(88) Team McCarthy - Pierre Garcon WR
(89) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Doug Martin RB
(90) Banana Fosters - Jay Cutler QB
(91) Team SZOMBATFALVY - 49ers D/ST D/ST
(92) Team Merrill - Kenny Britt WR
(93) Team  Szmanda - Robert Meachem WR
(94) Wizard Killer - Felix Jones RB
(95) Team Lowenberg - Malcom Floyd WR
(96) Team Grande - Tony Gonzalez TE
(97) Arthur's Arsenal - Lance Moore WR
(98) Dog Fighters - Jahvid Best RB

Round: 8
(99) Dog Fighters - Randy Moss WR
(100) Arthur's Arsenal - James Starks RB
(101) Team Grande - Michael Crabtree WR
(102) Team Lowenberg - Denarius Moore WR
(103) Wizard Killer - Packers D/ST D/ST
(104) Team  Szmanda - Josh Freeman QB
(105) Team Merrill - Sidney Rice WR
(106) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Mason Crosby K
(107) Banana Fosters - Brandon Pettigrew TE
(108) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Nate Washington WR
(109) Team McCarthy - Reggie Wayne WR
(110) RYMASZEWSKI'S  REBELS - Toby Gerhart RB
(111) Team Lee - Darrius Heyward-Bey WR
(112) The Hellmuthinators - Justin Blackmon WR

Round: 9
(113) The Hellmuthinators - David Wilson RB
(114) Team Lee - Fred Davis TE
(115) RYMASZEWSKI'S  REBELS - Andy Dalton QB
(116) Team McCarthy - Pierre Thomas RB
(117) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Jared Cook TE
(118) Banana Fosters - Randall Cobb WR
(119) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Titus Young WR
(120) Team Merrill - Daniel Thomas RB
(121) Team  Szmanda - Texans D/ST D/ST
(122) Wizard Killer - Shane Vereen RB
(123) Team Lowenberg - Alex Smith QB
(124) Team Grande - Seahawks D/ST D/ST
(125) Arthur's Arsenal - LeGarrette Blount RB
(126) Dog Fighters - Joe Flacco QB

Round: 10
(127) Dog Fighters - Mario Manningham WR
(128) Arthur's Arsenal - Kevin Smith RB
(129) Team Grande - Stephen Gostkowski K
(130) Team Lowenberg - Bernard Scott RB
(131) Wizard Killer - Rueben Randle WR
(132) Team  Szmanda - Mike Williams WR
(133) Team Merrill - Mike Goodson RB
(134) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Andrew Luck QB
(135) Banana Fosters - Jon Baldwin WR
(136) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Laurent Robinson WR
(137) Team McCarthy - Jacob Tamme TE
(139) Team Lee - Eagles D/ST D/ST
(140) The Hellmuthinators - Jonathan Dwyer RB

Round: 11
(141) The Hellmuthinators - Brian Quick WR
(142) Team Lee - Bears D/ST D/ST
(143) RYMASZEWSKI'S  REBELS - Owen Daniels TE
(144) Team McCarthy - Steelers D/ST D/ST
(145) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Carson Palmer QB
(146) Banana Fosters - James Jones WR
(147) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Ronnie Brown RB
(148) Team Merrill - Matt Flynn QB
(149) Team  Szmanda - Ryan Williams RB
(150) Wizard Killer - Mark Sanchez QB
(151) Team Lowenberg - Mike Tolbert RB
(152) Team Grande - Ryan Fitzpatrick QB
(153) Arthur's Arsenal - Rashard Mendenhall RB
(154) Dog Fighters - Rashad Jennings RB

Round: 12
(155) Dog Fighters - Brent Celek TE
(156) Arthur's Arsenal - Terrell Owens WR
(157) Team Grande - Nate Burleson WR
(158) Team Lowenberg - Sam Bradford QB
(159) Wizard Killer - Ryan Grant RB
(160) Team  Szmanda - Michael Floyd WR
(161) Team Merrill - Kellen Winslow TE
(162) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Austin Collie WR
(163) Banana Fosters - Evan Royster RB
(164) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Jacquizz Rodgers RB
(165) Team McCarthy - Garrett Hartley K
(166) RYMASZEWSKI'S  REBELS - David Akers K
(167) Team Lee - Chad Johnson WR
(168) The Hellmuthinators - Brandon Jacobs RB

Round: 13
(169) The Hellmuthinators - Greg Little WR
(170) Team Lee - Kendall Wright WR
(171) RYMASZEWSKI'S  REBELS - Leonard Hankerson WR
(172) Team McCarthy - Tim Hightower RB
(173) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Alshon Jeffery WR
(174) Banana Fosters - Taiwan Jones RB
(175) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Greg Olsen TE
(176) Team Merrill - Sebastian Janikowski K
(177) Team  Szmanda - Brandon LaFell WR
(178) Wizard Killer - Bernard Pierce RB
(179) Team Lowenberg - Dustin Keller TE
(180) Team Grande - Jermaine Gresham TE
(181) Arthur's Arsenal - Joe McKnight RB
(182) Dog Fighters - Vincent Brown WR

Round: 14
(183) Dog Fighters - Doug Baldwin WR
(184) Arthur's Arsenal - Danny Woodhead RB
(185) Team Grande - Delone Carter RB
(186) Team Lowenberg - Plaxico Burress WR
(187) Wizard Killer - Jason Hanson K
(188) Team  Szmanda - Jets D/ST D/ST
(189) Team Merrill - Lions D/ST D/ST
(190) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Robert Turbin RB
(191) Banana Fosters - Coby Fleener TE
(192) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Montario Hardesty RB
(193) Team McCarthy - Falcons D/ST D/ST
(194) RYMASZEWSKI'S  REBELS - Dan Bailey K
(195) Team Lee - Matt Prater K
(196) The Hellmuthinators - Isaiah Pead RB

Round: 15
(197) The Hellmuthinators - Bills D/ST D/ST
(198) Team Lee - Heath Miller TE
(199) RYMASZEWSKI'S  REBELS - Alex Henery K
(200) Team McCarthy - Rob Bironas K
(201) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Chiefs D/ST D/ST
(202) Banana Fosters - Cowboys D/ST D/ST
(203) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Raiders D/ST D/ST
(204) Team Merrill - Danny Amendola WR
(205) Team  Szmanda - Matt Bryant K
(206) Wizard Killer - Giants D/ST D/ST
(207) Team Lowenberg - Robbie Gould K
(208) Team Grande - Andre Caldwell WR
(209) Arthur's Arsenal - Neil Rackers K
(210) Dog Fighters - Cardinals D/ST D/ST

Round: 16
(211) Dog Fighters - Nate Kaeding K
(212) Arthur's Arsenal - Bengals D/ST D/ST
(213) Team Grande - Jacoby Ford WR
(214) Team Lowenberg - Rams D/ST D/ST
(215) Wizard Killer - Eddie Royal WR
(216) Team  Szmanda - Kevin Walter WR
(217) Team Merrill - Kendall Hunter RB
(218) Team SZOMBATFALVY - Randy Bullock K
(219) Banana Fosters - Billy Cundiff K
(220) Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood - Mike Nugent K
(221) Team McCarthy - Matt Cassel QB
(223) Team Lee - Jake Locker QB
(224) The Hellmuthinators - Dan Carpenter K

Wisconsin Badgers Ricky Wagner has his eyes set on the Outland Trophy

In today’s age of college football, a big beastly offensive line is pretty much synonymous with the Wisconsin Badgers. With each year here and gone, the Badgers maintain one of the best units in the country, never showing any sign of slowing down.

This season’s big man on campus and leader of the offensive line is senior left guard Ricky Wagner (literally the big man on campus at 6-6 and 317 pounds) who has some legendary shoes to fill at the position.

I had a chance to catch up with Wagner at Badgers Media Day to talk about where he thinks his career is heading and what the offensive line has in store for an exciting 2012 season.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Fantasy Trade #1: Nick G. and Kari swap possible sleeper running backs

In the midst of the fifth annual draft, our first trade occurred in pretty simple fashion between My Savior Brady (Nick Grays) and Kari-Tron (Kari Klitzman). Last season actually saw an earlier trade with draft picks being swapped, but most people were hesitant to move up in the draft this year. Here's how the very first trade went down:

My Savior Brady Received:
RB Taiwan Jones

Kari-Tron Received:
RB Jacquizz Rodgers

Nick's Perspective:
I made a big mistake in the 12th round when I picked Rodgers because three of my running backs (Ryan Mathews, Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hills) all share the same week seven bye week as Rodgers. Kari and I both had Rodgers on our sleeper lists, so I told her to grab another guy on my list and I would make the trade with her.

Kari's Perspective:
Because Rodgers made Kari's sleeper list, she without a doubt wanted to make the deal. Here, Kari is getting a guy who will probably see the field on a minimal basis with Michael Turner healthy.

Advantage: Kari (She received a running back a lot more likely to see the field)

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Chargers topple the Packers in a sloppy match-up; Preseason Notes and Links


Football has finally arrived, at least sort-of. In one of the first preseason match-ups of the year, turnovers were the name of the game as the San Diego Chargers and Green Bay Packers combined for seven of them. Don’t be fooled into thinking the scrubs were at fault either because star quarterbacks Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers had three of them.

Despite making a comeback in the third quarter, the Packers fell just short to the Chargers by the score of 21-13.

Follow the jump to find some notes and links regarding the winners and losers on the Packers roster.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tennessee Titans 2012 Fantasy Preview

The Tennessee Titans may have been the most average team in the NFL last season while finishing 9-7 in a rather lackluster AFC South Division. Head Coach Mike Munchak leads a young and dynamic offense which has fans and critics wondering if they have enough experience to make a run at the division.

Here are the guys in Tennessee that you should have on your list come time to do the fantasy draft.

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