Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wisconsin Seems Ready for Russell-Mania, But Is Russell Wilson Ready?

By: Nick Grays, Senior Writer at The Sports Bank

Madison, Wisconsin (a.k.a, the home of the Wisconsin Badgers) has exploded with a hysteria known only as Russell-Mania because of the addition of highly-touted NC State transfer and dual-threat quarterback Russell Wilson.

Head Coach Bret Bielema even went as far to mention how he’s approached at the gas pump and asked whether the kid Wilson can play. There hasn’t been this much excitement around one single player since Ron Dayne took home the Heisman Trophy in 1999.

During the Badgers Media Day, I had a chance to catch up with Wilson and ask him about his first impressions of Madison and his feelings regarding Wisconsin’s playbook and the offense.

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