Sunday, January 16, 2011

Interview with the Champ!

By: Nick Grays, League Commissioner

After the fantasy championship, I had the pleasure to catch up with the 2010 fantasy champion Matt McCarthy (pictured above with his trophy). Keep reading to see the fantasy owner's reaction to a sweet sweet year in fantasy football.

Hey Matt, what a year, huh? Do you have some opening comments, maybe regarding the fantasy championship, the trophy, or your bad start?

It was a rough start. I was thinking in the beginning that I had an excellent team, then the bye weeks and injuries started to happen. After that last loss and dropping to 2-4 my team picked up dramatically.

Is there any one moment in the fantasy season which sticks out in your memory? Something you might remember for years to come.

The two games against Rory. The first time I had a decent lead and then he had some guy named Michael Vick that started on a Monday night. I thought I was in good shape and then Vick started a scoring spree. I still ended up winning, but it was definitely an oh my god moment.

I wouldn’t be able to conduct this interview without asking who was your fantasy MVP this season?

I would have to say my running back squad. They really scored a lot of points for me this season, especially the pick up of Darren McFadden. After a rocky start, Tom Brady picked it up and was consistent through the rest of the season as well.

Next season, I’m going to start a fantasy league records page. Will your ten-game winning streak ever be touched again?

I don't think that it will be touched for a long time. I still cant even believe it. It was a great run with some bumps on the way, but my team really came together in the end.

If my mind works right, I think you drafted from the 5th spot, any specific strategy or thoughts from that spot in a 14-team league?

I like to have a good quarterback. The last two years I took a QB in the first round. This year I took a running back first. I think that having one of each is almost essential in most leagues. You can do great with a different setup, but look at the top teams this year in our league, Vick, Manning, Rodgers, and Brady all in teams ranked 1-4.

We’re going to wrap it up here with one final question. As your league commissioner, is there anything I need to change about the league to make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone?

I think that everything is great. You keep everyone updated as to what is going on and take time out each week to show all of our upcoming matches and Monday night heroes. The fantasy league records page will add even more where all of us can check out stats from the last couple of years, maybe even adding our top picks from the last year would be cool to show the different picks everyone had from previous years.

Thanks Matt and good luck for your prep in the 2011 fantasy season!

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