Thursday, December 9, 2010

Week Fourteen Fantasy Predictions from Nick and Chad

Nick's Record (48-43 overall) (3-23 in points predictions) = 54 points (6-1 in week thirteen)
Chad's Record (55-36 overall) (3-23 in points predictions) = 61 points
(5-2 in week thirteen)

Winner's Bracket (a.k.a. Playoffs)

What's At Stake: This is what it's all about in fantasy football, PLAYOFFS! After a grueling 13 weeks of fantasy match-ups, we have our nine teams. Just as a friendly reminder, here's what the nine teams are ultimately battling for:

1st Place - $145 + Fantasy Trophy ($15) + Fantasy Championship (priceless)
2nd Place - $80
3rd Place - $25

1.) #9 Team Merrill (Seth Merrill) (6-7) vs. #8 Wizard Killer (Joe Selbo) (7-6)

Nick's Outlook: Seth and Joe meet in the vaunted play-in game. One team earned their spot while the other kind of limped in to the playoffs. Regardless, neither of these teams are going to be an easy out for #1 Team Szmanda next weekend. Team Merrill's Maurice Jones-Drew (proj. of 18, pictured above) is playing some great football right now and most likely making his case to be a top-five pick next season. Seth may have trouble at QB as Matt Cassell (proj. of 10) had an appendectomy on Wednesday and Brian Westbrook (proj. of 6) just doesn't have what it takes to fill in for the injured Frank Gore. That's why I like Wizard Killer to live another day behind Greg Jennings (proj. of 22) and Steven Jackson (proj. of 15).
Nick's Prediction: Wizard Killer

Chad's Outlook:
Sunday night around 6pm, Team Merrill probably noticed that Team Grays only needed to score 20 points more with Ray Rice and Dustin Keller yet to play. Fortunately for him, they only posted 6 and the playoffs became a reality. Monday night came around and Wizard killer was getting ready to pop the cork as his Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes needed to outscore Grande’s Nick Folk by 5 points to get the must needed win and ensure a playoff spot. Easy, right? WRONG. Sanchez barely managed 2 points and Wizard Killer’s score kept dwindling as the INT’s racked up in the second half. Luckily Folk only had 2 points, otherwise he would have been out of the playoffs. Both teams sweated until the very end of week 13 and now both must play each other in week one of the playoffs as everyone else watches. Wizard killer has the edge at QB since Merrill’s Matt Cassel matches up against a strong San Diego defense. Wizard has maybe the league’s hottest RB, MJD, and Merrill has maybe the league’s hottest WR, Greg Jennings. I like Merrill's TE, A. Gates, against K.C. if he is healthy enough to play and also Wizard Killers Packers defense could put up points against the lions playing a 3rd string QB. This match shapes up to be pretty even and the winner could go much farther than the 2nd round. I think Wizard Killer squeaks out the win.
Chad's Prediction: Wizard Killer

Bye Weeks: #1 Team Szmanda, #5 Team Lowenberg, #4 Team Breiby, #3 Team McCarthy, #6 Team Lee, #7 Team Grande and #2 The Rippin and the Tearin

Consolation Ladder (a.k.a Loser's Bracket)

What's At Stake: For those five teams who didn't make the playoffs, don't give up because there's a valuable prize to be won in the loser's bracket. For the owner and team who can rise above the rest will be awarded with their choice of draft position in next season's fantasy league. That's right, pick #1 overall, last, or somewhere between, it's all up to you! Just remember that this is a ladder and not a bracket, meaning if you lose, there still exists the chance to fight back up the ladder in four total games.

1.) #11 Team Klitzman (Kari Klitzman) (5-8) vs. #10 Team Grays (Nick Grays) (6-7)

Nick's Outlook: For the second week in a row, it's the battle of the two lovers. Team Grays won round one, but still missed out on the playoffs. Here's a chance to redeem myself by trying to reach the top of the ladder and snag my draft position for next season. Kari will try to shrug off the unlucky season by deploying Joe Flacco (proj. of 17) and Mike Tolbert (proj. of 14). However, I have not once picked against my team and I won't start here. Malcom Floyd (proj. of 19) and Ray Rice (proj. of 18) are overrated, but Jamaal Charles (proj. of 15) will back me up by having a big game en route to my fourth straight fantasy win.
Nick's Prediction: Team Grays

Chad's Outlook:
Team Klitzman is probably very upset with last week’s loss against Team Grays because a win would have sent her to the playoffs. Now she’s fighting for next year’s “pick your draft position” prize. She has a chance to also get her revenge against her hubby. Unfortunately for her, Grays looks to have the edge in almost every category starting with 2010’s sleeper running back, J. Charles. He ranks 3rd among RBs in the league and Ray Rice’s matchup against the Texans looks promising. For Klitzman, Dwayne Bowe looked to be the only player holding up her team, until last week’s goose egg. I have to give this one to Grays for consecutive wins over his lady.
Chad's Prediction: Team Grays

2.) #13 Free Victory (Tim Harwood) (5-8) vs. #12 Bobby's Sad-Asses (Robert Trader/John Rymaszewski) (5-8)

Nick's Outlook: This one is really interesting because both teams have hit the proverbial wall when it comes to fantasy football. Free Victory has to deal with Brett Favre (proj .of 7) drama each week while Bobby's Sad-Asses watches Kyle Orton (proj. of 17) and Brandon Lloyd (proj. of 13) play for a Broncos team which seems to be self-destructing. When it comes to two fantasy teams like these, I like to say your fantasy team is only as good as the teams (plural) your fantasy players play on. Yeah, it's confusing, but think about it.
Nick's Prediction: Free Victory with the upset

Chad's Outlook:
Free victory at the sad-asses… Two teams very upset with their seasons as indicated by their team names. This is exactly what we would expect from the 12 and 13 seeds. Other than Reggie Wayne’s 24 projection, this is shaping up to be a low scoring 12 vs. 13 matchup. Free Victory’s Favre has 2 double digit performances this year and Shiancoe has only 2 TDs compared to his 11 last year. His team looked dangerous in August, but turned out as a pity-pot machine. As for the sad-asses, you know your team is bad when you are starting the RB behind a healthy Adrian Peterson. The colts defense has -5 points in the last 3 weeks and who is Tony Moeaki? This ugly match will be of no one’s concern this week. Heads says Free Victory wins, Tails for Sad-asses… Heads wins.
Chad's Prediction: Free Victory

Bye Weeks: #14 Team Szombatfalvy

Points Predictions

What's At Stake: Make sure your line-ups are ready to go by gametime because the $5 baller pot is available to any team for the remaining four weeks.

Nick's Prediction: Highest (The Rippin and the Tearin) and Lowest (Bobby's Sad-Asses)

Chad's Prediction: Highest (Wizard Killer) and Lowest (Bobby's Sad-Asses)

Let us know what you think about the predictions by commenting below!

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