Monday, November 15, 2010

Week Ten Monday Night Heroes!

By: Nick Grays, League Commissioner

What else can I do? I only spend half of my life researching fantasy; I guess I'm just that unlucky. For another week in a row, I'm stuck in the worst spot in fantasy football while allowing the most points to be scored on me. Don't worry guys, I will continue to cover fantasy football with the same kind of enthusiasm because that's what I love to do. Just think of me as the Carolina Panthers (pictured above) of the fantasy league, you think their beat writers quit writing when the playoffs are out of the picture?

For those of you pumped for some more football, don't miss out on the following game:

Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles 7:30 PM (ESPN-HD)

1.) Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (5-4) vs. The Rippin and the Tearin (Rory Linton) (5-4)

Score: 99-48 Team McCarthy (51 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: K David Akers (Team McCarthy), QB Michael Vick (The Rippin and the Tearin) and TE Chris Cooley (The Rippin and the Tearin)
Reaction/Prediction: Put this one in the books because there is no way Vick (proj. of 20) and Cooley (proj. of 4) go for 50 plus on Monday Night. Matt put this one out of reach when Tom Brady (32 points) and Mike Wallace (25 points) flashed their skills on Sunday Night. Akers (proj. of 6) could miss a few field goals and still call hisself a winner.

2.) Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (3-6) vs. Team Klitzman (Kari Klitzman) (3-6)

Score: 135-65 Team Klitzman (70 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: QB Donovan McNabb (Team Szombatfalvy)
Considering the circumstances, this has to be the fantasy performance of the year. Kari's Mike Thomas (21 points) caught a crazy hail-mary to win the game for the Jaguars while Dwayne Bowe (30 points) went nuts in a game the Chiefs were handled by the Broncos in a 49-29 loss. That just goes to show you no matter what the result of a game is, a fantasy player can break out. McNabb (proj. of 9) may get his projection, but he won't be able to make up for bad days from Jason Witten (0 points) and Chester Taylor (3 points). Hmmm, what will Kari do with her $5?

3.) Wizard Killer (Joe Selbo) (4-5) vs. Free Victory (Tim Harwood) (4-5)

Score: 93-35 Wizard Killer (58 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: WR Santana Moss (Free Victory)
There's the Tim we all know and love; a sealed and delivered "free victory" this week. After dropping a slew of games, Joe is right back on track behind big days from Ben Roethlisberger (26 points) and Steven Jackson (20 points). Tim is hoping Moss (proj. of 14) can reach double-digits because the Patriots D/ST (12 points) were the only to do so on his team. If your not hoping for that, I'm sorry to let you know the pity pot no longer yields any money.

4.) Team Szmanda (Jason Szmanda) (8-1) vs. Team Lee (Isaac Lee) (5-4)

Score: 75-67 Team Szmanda (8 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: Eagles D/ST (Team Lee)
Finally back to reality after talking about three games revolving around domination. Isaac has more than a fighting chance with the Eagles D/ST (7 points) against a Donovan McNabb led Redskins' offense. The league's best Team Szmanda can only sit back and hope Calvin Johnson (18 points) did just enough in his late touchdown to sneak by with another win this week. Meanwhile, Isaac needs this win to avoid slipping to a .500 record. Don't worry little man, I think the luck is on your side this week.

5.) Team Grays (Nick Grays) (3-6) vs. Bobby's Sad-Asses (Robert Trader/John Rymaszewski) (2-7)

Score: 112-80 Bobby's Sad-Asses (32 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: Redskins D/ST (Bobby's Sad-Asses)
Anyone remember that trade involving Dustin Keller (2 points) and Fred Jackson (26 points) a few weeks ago? Well, I do since I ended up on the wrong side of that deal. About to improve to 3-7, Robert and John have made the best of a bad situation by trading for three studs in Kyle Orton (27 points), Brandon Lloyd (21 points) and the previously mentioned Jackson. Do I even mention the Redskins D/ST (4 points). Oops, just did! Good game Bobby's Sad-Asses.

6.) Team Merrill (Seth Merrill) (4-5) vs. Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (6-3)

Score: 110-65 Team Merrill (45 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: WR DeSean Jackson (Team Merrill) and WR Jeremy Maclin (Team Lowenberg)
Wait, am I seeing this right? Matt Cassell (32 points) threw for 469 yards and four touchdowns. Add that to an unbelievable day from Maurice Jones-Drew (24 points) and you have a great day like Team Merrill had. Team Lowenberg didn't even know what hit him as he thought he had a leg up with Roddy White's (25 points) Thursday Night effort. Seth has an outside at the baller pot, but that's being fairly optimistic. I still expect Jackson (proj. of 15) to outperform his teammate/opponent Maclin (proj. of 12).

7.) Team Breiby (Chad Breiby) (6-3) vs. Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (5-4)

Score: 73-55 Team Grande (18 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: RB LeSean McCoy (Team Breiby)
Reaction/Prediction: In a crazy turn of events, Grande's number one defense, the Steelers D/ST (-7 points) may be the cause of a loss this week. Team Breiby's McCoy (proj. of 19) has the projection to get the job done, but I'm not so sure it will be that easy. Chad has been in this situation before, needing an Eagles running back to perform on Monday Night (Brian Westbrook in 2008). I expect McCoy to fall just short as Westbrook did because the Eagles have too many weapons in Michael Vick's legs, arm and DeSean Jackson. Grande should be very grateful for Andre Johnson (20 points) because he remains to be the most mature wide-out in his scary trio (Terrell Owens and Brandon Marshall had very uninspiring days).

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