Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week Eight Fantasy Awards: A Bizarre Year Continues!

By: Nick Grays, League Commissioner

Baller Pot Winner: Team Szmanda (Jason Szmanda, pictured above)
True story; I was looking for a cartoon picture of a mountain to photoshop Jason on the top. When I went into facebook to grab a picture of Jason, I found him already on top of a mountain! That's how ballin this guy is. With his astounding 114 points in week eight, Jason takes home the first baller pot and a cool $5. At 7-1, I have a feeling this guy will be winning more than one baller pot when it's all said and done. Bobby's Sad-Asses should watch out in week nine because Team Szmanda is peaking at the perfect time.

MVP of the Week: WR Calvin Johnson (9 REC, 101 YDS and 3 TD)
Those who have spoken to me in the past pretty much know how I'll openely admit how Andre Johnson is the best wide-out in the game. This week, I'm willing to dethrone one Johnson and give the crown to another in Calvin Johnson. This guy is simply amazing. Johnson now has seven touchdowns in his last four games. Additionally, he hasn't caught less than four receptions in any game this season and is averaging 14.4 fantasy points per game. Oh yeah, did you know he plays for the Detroit Lions? Despite being the target of most defenses, he still comes through each and every week as long as he's healthy. I wouldn't expect anything but double-digits from MEGATRON versus the New York Jets next week. MEGATRON >>>> Revis Island

Honorable Mention: RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis (24 points), RB Jamaal Charles (23 points) and WR Brandon Lloyd (22 points)

Worst Performance of the Week: WR Randy Moss (1 REC for 8 YDS = 0 points)
Moss was so bad on Sunday, the Vikings waived him, can you believe that? I'm not necessarily against the move, but I'm not sure why Minnesota brought the guy from New England in the first place. Yes, you may have been desperate, but where is the team now? I'm not sure where Moss will go, but I think he's capable of being productive somewhere as long as they can deal with a whiny personality when they lose. When it comes to fantasy, Moss' owners have to be frustrated because most of you spent a first round pick on this guy. I say don't give up hope because the next destination could be a good one. Can you imagine Moss opposite Dwayne Bowe in Kansas City or Moss wearing the gang-green in New York?

Wasting Away (Best Bench Player): QB David Garrard (17/21, 260 YDS and 5 TD = 30 points)
I'm not sure which is the bigger surprise, Garrard looking so great or the Dallas Cowboys' defense looking so dismal? Even though it was a breakout performance for Garrard, I still don't think he's a consistent fantasy starter at the QB position. That doesn't matter though, in a year that Favre, Schaub and Brees have been less than stellar, I say play the hot hand. Garrard is on a bye week next week, but a week ten match-up with the Houston Texans looks mighty juicy.

Best Free Agent Pick-Up: QB Matthew Stafford (26/45, 212 YDS, 4 TD and 1 INT = 24 points)
I know the numbers look good, but that Calvin Johnson guy who I previously mentioned made Stafford look a lot better than he actually was on Sunday. The rust from an absence dating back to week one was more than evident. Most of his incompletions were not even close and the Redskins secondary isn't as great as Deangelo Hall (5 INT in two games) makes it look. Next week, Stafford doesn't look good on paper versus an upset New York Jets team. I expect his teammate Johnson to get his production, but Stafford has a lot less upside next week.

Somebody Pick Me Up (Best Free Agent): QB Jason Campbell (15/27, 310 YDS and 2 TD = 20 points)
This must be the week of QBs because this is the third one I'm mentioning in the week eight awards. This is another guy who benefited from his team's efforts on Sunday, I mean you don't see only 15 completions go for a whopping 310 yards everyday (that's a little over 20 yards per reception). I'm not really sure what's going on with the Raiders, but Campbell's 37 fantasy points over the last two weeks looks mighty good. If you really need a signal-caller, take the risk against the Kansas City Chiefs because the Raiders could win the game by 30, who knows?

Hurts So Bad (Worst Injury): WR Donald Driver
Not a huge week for injuries, but Driver is obviously holding back the Packers' offense. Week eight marked the second consecutive week Driver was held without a catch. Previous to those two games, he had a streak of 133 games with a catch. He has a quadriceps injury which forced him to leave the game in the first half versus the Jets and the wide-out will miss the upcoming game with the Cowboys. The Packers hope the nifty veteran can make his way back to the line-up in week eleven following their bye week. If you have Driver on your fantasy team, try to pick up either Jordy Nelson or James Jones to hold you over until he returns.

Let me know what you think about this week's awards. Were there any snubs or how do you feel about anything going on in the fantasy league or the NFL?

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