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Week Seven Fantasy Predictions from Nick and Chad

Nick's Record (18-24 overall) (1-11 in points predictions) = 20 points (6-1 in week four)
Chad's Record (25-17 overall) (1-11 in points predictions) = 27 points
(5-2 in week four)

*Lines are subject to change

1.) Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (3-3) vs. Team Szmanda (Jason Szmanda) (5-1)

Line: Team Grande -9
Nick's Outlook: The luck continues to build for Team Szmanda as he's allowed only 59.6 fantasy points to opposing teams which is just crazy. However, his fantasy players have hit a patch of unluck because of the Indianapolis Colts' plethora of injuries. Team Szmanda's Austin Collie and Joseph Addai are out for a few weeks. Team Grande also feels the pain as TE Dallas Clark (pictured above) is out for the season. Putting the injuries to the side, I like Grande because his players are simply a tad better. This will be a low-scoring affair, that's for sure.
Nick's Prediction: Team Grande

Chad's Outlook:
Kolb gave the Eagles great reason last week to give him his starting position back with 23 fantasy points for Grande. He also hopes to see a hot T. Owens continue what he started the two games before bye (44 points). Can Szmanda’s A. Rodgers elude the man who sacked him 8 times in two games last season (J. Allen)?
Chad's Prediction: Team Grande

2.) Team Grays (Nick Grays) (2-4) vs. Wizard Killer (Joe Selbo) (3-3)

Line: Team Grays -37
Nick's Outlook: I'm so glad I guaranteed the playoffs because my team looks like it's on the rise. After scoring the most points last week, my projections look great this week because of Ray Rice (proj. of 24) and his amazing match-up with the lowly Buffalo Bills. Joe's sliding while losing two straight, but does have Steven Jackson (proj. of 20) who will be going for his sixth straight double-digit effort. Unfortunately for Joe, Jackson is the only star poised for a big day besides the risky Greg Jennings (proj. of 14). That's nothing compared to my seven double-digit projections. I should win big this week.
Nick's Prediction: Team Grays

Chad's Outlook:
The only blemish in Grays’ lineup this week is a Schaub on bye. This team looks primed and could be dangerous if they sneak into a playoff spot. R. Rice should continue to show why he was a top 5 draft pick against a horrific buffalo team. Wizard killer must be happy that Big Ben showed that his time off didn’t effect his play at all and S. Jackson is not on a losing team!
Chad's Prediction: Team Grays

3.) The Rippin and the Tearin (Rory Linton) (4-2) vs. Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (4-2)

Line: Team Lowenberg -19
Nick's Outlook: This would be my match-up of the week, but Rory's team doesn't look as good without Jahvid Best and Chris Cooley. Other than that, Peyton Hillis (proj. of 16) will be a workhorse against the Saints and Randy Moss (proj. of 14) always plays well against the Packers. Team Lowenberg's team is ready for the battle as Adrian Peterson (proj. of 18) and Tony Romo (proj. of 16) will put up killer numbers once again. It won't be those guys who win the match-up though, watch out for last week's fantasy MVP Jeremy Maclin (proj. of 13). Maclin should get a lot of looks with DeSean Jackson out because of a concussion. Lowenberg wins his third straight after starting 2-2 on the season.
Nick's Prediction: Team Lowenberg

Chad's Outlook:
I'm convinced that R. Moss is going to have the biggest game of his season this week against the packers. It only seems fitting that B. Favre comes to Green Bay and fires Tds to the player that he vouched for so much while he was in Green Bay. For team Lowenberg, that may leave lots of yards for Peterson. It’s relatively interesting that T. Romo has some huge numbers and his team is only 1-5. Then again, the same situation has presented itself in San Diego.
Chad's Prediction: Team Lowenberg

4.) Team Merrill (Seth Merrill) (2-4) vs. Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (2-4)

Line: Team Merrill -3
Nick's Outlook: You have to be kidding me, Team Merrill's Antonio Gates may not play and still gets a projection of 11. I know he's the top tight end by far, but he has a toe injury that I believe is being looked over with a little too much haste. On the other side of the argument, they do play the Patriots who suck against the pass. Maurice Jones-Drew (proj. of 15) will be looking for a bounce-back game against the Chiefs while teammate Mike Sims-Walker (proj. of 9) will look to change his entire season around. Team Szombatfalvy is hoping the Chargers/Patriots game will be a shootout because Philip Rivers (proj. of 18) and Deion Branch (proj. of 11) both represent the big man on Sundays. Even if those guys don't perform, I can't see Chris Johnson (proj. of 16) and Miles Austin (proj. of 13) laying duds this weekend. I like Team Szombatfalvy to win and really put Team Merrill's playoff chances on life support.
Nick's Prediction: Team Szombatfalvy (UPSET Special)

Chad's Outlook:
Cutler’s interceptions have been down this year, but his fumbles have been up. Either way, he has disappointed Merrill a whole lot. Crabtree is finally starting to look like the receiver he was back at Texas Tech. Szom sure must be happy that C.J. is a stat hog, gaining an extra 9 points at the end of last weeks game even when he should have been on the bench.
Chad's Prediction: Team Szombatfalvy

5.) Team Klitzman (Kari Klitzman) (2-4) vs. Bobby's Bad-Asses (Robert Trader/John Rymaszewski) (1-5)

Line: Team Klitzman -10
Nick's Outlook: This game will most likely be closer than advertised. I love the match-ups in front of Team Klitzman's Frank Gore (proj. of 19) and Dwayne Bowe (proj. of 14). Hakeem Nicks (proj. of 11) seems to be dealing with a hamstring injury, but most certainly wants to play on Monday Night and if he does play, he will come through in a big way against the Cowboys. On the other side, this is a must win for Bobby's Bad-Asses. A lot rests on Kyle Orton (proj. of 19) and Brandon Lloyd (proj. of 15). Robert and John are really hoping they can shred an Oakland Raiders defense who hasn't been very good to say the least. Regardless, with Gore against the Panthers and Bowe against the Jaguars, I can't pick against Kari this week.
Nick's Prediction: Team Klitzman

Chad's Outlook:
I like any Ravens offensive player this week against Buffalo and Klitzman has two (Flacco and Mason). F. Gore against Panthers looks really juicy too. Who would have thought B. Lloyd would have been the number 1 receiver? And that the 5’8” D. Woodhead would have an impact on the Pats offense. Both will contribute this week to the Bad-asses. They should also find a kicker.
Chad's Prediction: Team Klitzman

6.) Team Breiby (Chad Breiby) (5-1) vs. Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (2-4)

Line: Team McCarthy -14
Nick's Outlook: Team Breiby not favored is something we don't see very often. In a week where Team Breiby's two best players in Peyton Manning and Arian Foster are on byes, I would hope Matt can put up a fight. Team McCarthy has Tom Brady (proj. of 17) who takes on a Chargers defense who has been humiliated lately and Michael Turner (proj. of 15) in an interesting game against the Bengals. Breiby won't have a horrible week as LeSean McCoy (proj. of 20) will get a lot of work versus Seattle. With Manning on a bye, starting the rookie Max Hall (proj. of 10) is a huge risk for Chad, so I'm going to play it safe and pick Matt to get the win.
Nick's Prediction: Team McCarthy

Chad's Outlook:
Team Breiby owns the top two fantasy scorers through week six, but fortunately for Team McCarthy, they are both on bye this week (Manning and Foster). On the upside for Team Breiby, Team McCarthy is the lowest scoring team in the league. Hall will have to hold Team Breiby up this week and McCarthy will attempt to take #1 down.
Chad's Prediction: Team McCarthy

7.) Free Victory (Tim Harwood) (2-4) vs. Team Lee (Isaac Lee) (5-1)

Line: Team Lee -30
Nick's Outlook: Tim might just give Team Lee a "free victory" this week. With only two players in double-digit projections, Matt Forte (proj. of 16) and Hines Ward (proj. of 14), Tim will most definitely go for his fifth pity pot award. Meanwhile, Team Lee will keep rolling behind strong days from Drew Brees (proj. of 21) and Rashard Mendendall (proj. of 16). Isaac might as well book his ticket to the fantasy playoffs because his team should be more than safe with six wins.
Nick's Prediction: Team Lee

Chad's Outlook:
Just as is says. Free Victory.
Chad's Prediction: Team Lee

8.) Points Predictions

Nick's Prediction: Lowest (Wizard Killer) and Highest (Team Grays) (That's right, same game!)

Chad's Prediction: Lowest (Team Szmanda) and Highest (Team Lowenberg)

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