Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week Four Monday Night Heroes!

By: Nick Grays, League Commissioner

I can't reflect on another Sunday of football without talking about the Packers' performance. A 28-26 win is definitely not a result to hang your hat on. However, the win is a win and the Packers are tied with the Chicago Bears at 3-1 atop the NFC North. At first glance, the Packers have some glaring problems in the secondary and special teams (just like the Badgers, sigh). Next week will be a big test for the Packers as they travel to the Washington D.C. to take on the Redskins who knocked out Michael Vick and the Eagles. I would also like to say big-ups to Jaguars' kicker Josh Scobee (pictured above) for his 59 yard winning field goal to beat the Indianapolis Colts. Most fantasy match-ups have been decided, but for those that haven't, make sure to check out the following Monday Night Football Game:

New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins 7:30 PM (ESPN-HD)

1.) Team Lee (Isaac Lee) (3-0) vs. Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (1-2)

Score: 86-35 Team Lee (51 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: WR Wes Welker (Team Lee), QB Tom Brady (Team McCarthy), WR Danny Woodhead (Team McCarthy) and TE Aaron Hernandez (Team McCarthy)
Reaction/Prediction: Team Lee should stay undefeated barring a Patriots miracle from Team McCarthy. I can see Tom Brady (proj. of 15) having a decent day, but it's unlikely Danny Woodhead (proj. of 1) or Aaron Hernandez (proj. of 6) do much. Team McCarthy's Darren McFadden (12 points) leaving with a hamstring injury could be huge going forward considering his lack of depth at the position already. Isaac has to be pumped with Rashard Mendenhall's (19 points) fourth solid start while the Chargers D/ST (25 points) also proved to be a plus for Isaac.

2.) Team Breiby (Chad Breiby) (3-0) vs. Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (1-2)

Score: 108-55 Team Breiby (FINAL)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: None
Reaction/Prediction: Team Breiby eclipsed the 100 point mark once again. This team is stacked and guess what? Arian Foster (30 points) extended Chad's streak to four weeks with a fantasy player who scores 30+. Foster didn't even play in the first quarter, but did come back in the second to scamper for a 74 yard touchdown. Peyton Manning (20 points) continued to do what he does despite a loss in Jacksonville. On the other side, Mike has to be upset with the absence of Chris Johnson (4 points) this week as well as a couple of goose-eggs from RB Mike Goodson and WR Roscoe Parrish. I would avoid all position players in Buffalo when it comes to fantasy. Chad looks like the best fantasy team until someone challenges.

3.) Harwood's Howitzers (Tim Harwood) (1-2) vs. Bobby's Bad-Asses (Robert Trader/John Rymaszewski) (0-3)

Score: 105-42 Bobby's Bad-Asses (63 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: Dolphins D/ST (Bobby's Bad-Asses)
Reaction/Prediction: The trends continue as Harwood's Howitzers has pretty much locked up his third consecutive pity pot. Unbelievable considering how he's been one of the highest projected teams in the last few weeks. That just goes to show you how wrong the projections can really be. Reggie Wayne (17 points) was the only good performance Tim received. Charlie Batch (3 points) looked a lot like Tim's other QB, Brett Favre, while struggling against the Baltimore Ravens. Bobby's Bad-Asses continue their hot streak by posting a nice 105 points. LaDainian Tomlinson (27 points) is making me look really bad after trading him and Kyle Orton (20 points) may be the best fantasy QB in the game. Don't forget DeAngelo Williams (15 points) who finally looked like his self and Dustin Keller (14 points) who has scored five touchdowns in his last three games. Robert and John could win owners of the year with the pace their on in the front office!

4.) Team Merrill (Seth Merrill) (1-2) vs. Vader Time (Joe Selbo) (2-1)

Score: 78-70 Vader Time (FINAL)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: None
Reaction/Prediction: Joe knows how to win the close one as he will win by single digits for the second consecutive week. After a two point win last week, Vader Time benefited from a Jay Cutler (-3 points) concussion to jump to an eight point lead. The loss hurts for Team Merill who made a comeback bid behind good days from Maurice Jones-Drew (23 points) and Antonio Gates (26 points). Cutler wasn't the only fantasy player to disappoint Seth as Mike Sims-Walker (0 points) and Legadu Naanee (0 points) were not needed this week. Carson Palmer (20 points) and Eddie Royal (17 points) stepped up big for Vader Time who appeared to be on a down week. Vader Time is one of the sneakiest 3-1 teams as Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes are set to play very very soon.

5.) Team Klitzman (Kari Klitzman) (0-3) vs. Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (2-1)

Score: 78-60 Team Klitzman (18 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: RB Ronnie Brown (Team Lowenberg)
Reaction/Prediction: We may no longer have any winless teams after week four. I don't want to jinx anything, but we might have many 1-3 teams. Team Lowenberg's Ronnie Brown (proj. of 15) will need to score 19 points on Monday Night because Team Klitzman has the tie-breaker with more bench points. I think Kari will hold on for her first win of the year; she received solid production from her top three in Joe Flacco (12 points), Frank Gore (13 points) and Ryan Mathews (12 points). Plugging in Eli Manning (5 points) for Tony Romo who was on a bye didn't work out for Team Lowenberg who will cross his fingers on Ronnie Brown. Unfortunately, it's the Patriots' secondary who's soft, not the run defense.

6.) Team Grays (Nick Grays) (1-2) vs. Team Szmanda (Jason Szmanda) (2-1)

Score: 72-66 Team Szmanda (6 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Team Szmanda)
Reaction/Prediction: This is a hard pill to swallow as I was right there all day long. I'm kind of upset with those who said Ray Rice (2 points) would have a busy day because he barely touched the ball. Matt Schaub (15 points) had a good day, but outside of that, my team defines what average means. Team Szmanda didn't get that breakout week he was hoping for, but did receive optimal output from Calvin Johnson (20 points) and Aaron Rodgers (17 points). Luckily, that's all he needed while BenJarvus Green-Ellis (proj. of 14) will probably add a few more on top of his already sure win.

7.) The Rippin And The Tearin (Rory Linton) (3-0) vs. Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (1-2)

Score: 66-61 Team Grande (5 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: WR Randy Moss (The Rippin and The Tearin) and WR Brandon Marshall (Team Grande)
Reaction/Prediction: What a story-line behind this match-up. Firstly, it started out as an even line followed by Anthony taking a chance with Andre Johnson (inactive) in his line-up. By the time Team Grande learned of the disheartening news, there was nothing he could do. Down one player, Anthony received a lot of help when the Redskins inflicted a rib injury upon Michael Vick (2 points) who would not return. Down a small chunk of points, Ahmad Bradshaw (17 points) demonstrated how he had his owner's back by running over a Chicago Bears defense. Now with a five point lead, Anthony must cheer for Brandon Marshall (proj. of 24) to score five more points than Rory's Randy Moss (proj. of 14). I like Team Grande's chances because as I've mentioned before, the Patriots' secondary is terrible. Team Grande really dodged a bullet here as he would have been asking his self all week why he didn't start Terrell Owens (28 points) over the injured Johnson. Either way, Grande should be happy on Monday Night after knocking off one of the three undefeated teams.

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