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Week Four Fantasy Predictions from Nick and Chad

Nick's Record (7-14 overall) (0-6 in points predictions) = 7 points (2-5 in week three)
Chad's Record (13-8 overall) (1-5 in points predictions) = 15 points
(7-0 in week three)

1.) Team Lee (Isaac Lee) (3-0) vs. Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (1-2)

Line: Team Lee -28
Nick's Outlook: Team Lee has been great so far; definitely backing up my designation of "Best Draft," which I made prior to the season. I don't see any problems in week four as QB Drew Brees (proj. of 16 and pictured above) should shine in a win over Carolina as well as RB Rashard Mendenhall (proj. of 16) in a tough divisional match-up with the Ravens who Peyton Hillis managed to find some holes against last week. Team McCarthy will need some luck this week while starting RB Knowshon Moreno (proj. of 4) who very well might be out with a hamstring injury and WR Danny Woodhead (proj. of 1) who I thought was a running back. Isaac will continue his run undefeated at 4-0.
Nick's Prediction: Team Lee

Chad's Outlook: Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees this week. Unfortunately for Lee, just when Roy Williams heats up, he goes on bye. Nate Washington from the Titans should suffice as a decent replacement against the Denver Broncos. Turner and McFadden are solid running backs for this week’s start, but McCarthy has issues in the receiving department.
Chad's Prediction: Team Lee

2.) Team Breiby (Chad Breiby) (3-0) vs. Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (1-2)

Line: Team Breiby -21
Nick's Outlook: From one unbeaten to another, Chad is among the cream of the crop when it comes to predicting football (An unbelievable 113.3 points a game). Not only did he go 7-0 in fantasy predictions, he's 3-0 in both of his leagues and picked some key upsets in NFL match-ups last week. I'm fairly sure he will miss out on a 30 point fantasy stud this week, but will still have a solid week. The entire match-up comes down to the play of Team Szombatfalvy's QB Philip Rivers (proj. of 21) and RB Chris Johnson (proj. of 24). Those are some lofty projections, however, Rivers can hit that against a soft Cardinals secondary and Johnson will most certainly reach double digits versus Denver. Chad has an interesting running back situation. Rumor has it in Washington that Clinton Portis (proj. of 13) may be strictly a 3rd down back while LeSean McCoy (proj. of 14) and Arian Foster (proj. of 17) have been early surprises. I want to see a little more out of McCoy and Foster before I designate them good fantasy backs. I like Team Szombatfalvy in an upset here, even though his best player in WR Miles Austin is on a bye week.
Nick's Prediction: Team Szombatfalvy (Upset Special)

Chad's Outlook: I’m not going to talk up Team Breiby just because it’s my team, but the reality is that they have looked pretty solid and pretty consistent posting 100 plus points in each of the three weeks with a total of a league leading 340. The question is if the team can maintain full speed throughout the entire season and not die similar to the Team Breiby in the 2008 season. Team SZOM has two crucial players out on bye this week fortunately for Team Breiby, Witten and Miles Austin. P. Manning is on pace for a fifth MVP award and will lead Team Breiby to a 4-0 record.
Chad's Prediction: Team Breiby

3.) Harwood's Howitzers (Tim Harwood) (1-2) vs. Bobby's Bad-Asses (Robert Trader/John Rymaszewski) (0-3)

Line: Harwood's Howitzers -17
Nick's Outlook: If Bobby's Bad-Asses has another 100+ point week and loses, they may have to stop playing fantasy football. Ironically, they are playing the most unpredictable team in our league in Harwood's Howitzers. After having a huge week one win, the team has fell completely flat and won the pity pot in consecutive weeks. Once again, Tim has a pretty nice projection with QB Charlie Batch (proj. of 10) starting due to Brett Favre being on a bye week. The funny thing is how Batch may be a better option than Favre has been while scoring an average of 5.7 points a game. This is going to be a low-scoring affair because almost every fantasy player involved is on the road against some tough teams (Tim has four players involved in Steelers @ Ravens). Meanwhile, I like QB Kyle Orton (proj. of 6, what?) and TE Dustin Keller (proj. of 11) who have been shredding opposing defenses by the tune of 56 and 39 points respectively. The first winless team gets a win in another disappointing week for Tim.
Nick's Prediction: Bobby's Bad-Asses

Chad's Outlook: Team Linton had his revenge from the situation that he was so used to last year, last week. He beat his opponent who scored 111 points, who happened to be BOBBY! That’s a great performance out of the BAD ASSES, but also a huge disappointment. Harwood has another 100+ projection this week and hopefully it won’t turn into another pity pot! Maybe with Favre out and Batch in, we will see some improvement. I think Batch hooks up with Hines Ward for double points at least twice this week and boosts Harwood to .500.
Chad's Prediction: Harwood's Howitzers

4.) Team Merrill (Seth Merrill) (1-2) vs. Vader Time (Joe Selbo) (2-1)

Line: Team Merrill -42
Nick's Outlook: Here's a match-up between two good friends of mine. Seth lucked out this week while five of his bench players are on bye weeks. Unlike the rest of the league, he's also lucky to have no apparent injuries or suspensions to deal with at the moment. Joe squeaked out a two point win over Team Szmanda last week, but appears to be in a lot of trouble this week. Greg Jennings (proj. of 14) is his only player projected in double digits while Carson Palmer (proj. of 8) and Lee Evans (proj. of 9) will attempt to turn around slow starts to the season. Good news is that Steven Jackson will probably suit up this weekend. Seth has to be happy with his projections; Antonio Gates (proj. of 19), MJD (proj. of 17) and Jay Cutler (proj. of 16) who all will help lead Team Merrill to a victory on Sunday.
Nick's Prediction: Team Merrill

Chad's Outlook: Merrill has 5 players on bye, but still pulls out a projection of 107? As for Vader Time, other than Jennings, he has some terrible matchups yielding single digit projections across his lineup. Everybody knows that projections can be completely wrong and anything can happen.
Chad's Prediction: Team Merrill

5.) Team Klitzman (Kari Klitzman) (0-3) vs. Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (2-1)

Line: Team Lowenberg -11
Nick's Outlook: It's like Kari won the lottery on this one as Team Lowenberg's RB Adrian Peterson and QB Tony Romo are both on their bye weeks. She definitely needed it coming into the match-up at 0-3. However, she shouldn't be too distraught because RB Ryan Mathews (proj. of 7) is back. She will need all the help she can get as she's scored the lowest amount of points on the season (65.6 points a week). Frank Gore (proj. of 20) has been money this season and faces a soft Falcons defense. At the same time, Lowenberg has been rolling and has three scary wide-outs all projected in double digits. Roddy White (proj. of 14) has reached double-digit fantasy totals in each game this season. It hasn't been easy for Team Lowenberg as opponents have scored the third most points against him this season. I expect him to have another good week and squeak out a win over Team Klitzman who may hit the panic button this week.
Nick's Prediction: Team Lowenberg

Chad's Outlook: Last week I predicted that Peterson and Romo would combine for 50 points and that’s exactly what happened, 31 and 19 respectively. Good news for Klitzman, both are on bye this week. The defending champ has had a rough start to her season. Her usual strategy of maintaining a strong running back core hasn’t worked quite as well this year. Mathews is hurt and John Kuhn for the Packers is lucky to get 10 carries. Lowenberg’s team is just to strong even with critical players on bye.
Chad's Prediction: Team Lowenberg

6.) Team Grays (Nick Grays) (1-2) vs. Team Szmanda (Jason Szmanda) (2-1)

Line: Team Szmanda -23
Nick's Outlook: If you could call any team lucky, it would be Team Szmanda who's opponents have scored a measly 57.6 points a game. Fortunately for Jason, his team has produced 70 points a game to ensure a winning record so far. Team Grays picked up a big win last week and is attempting to make it two in a row with WR Mark Clayton (proj. of 15) and TE Jermichael Finley (proj. of 15). Unfortunately, Jason has his highest projections of the year beginning with Aaron Rodgers (proj. of 22). I haven't picked against myself yet and I won't here. Team Grays' Ray Rice (proj. of 4) looks to be good to go on Sunday against a Steelers team which will finally fall. At the same time, both of these teams will equal out with .500 records.
Nick's Prediction: Team Grays

Chad's Outlook: Rice’s knee and the Pit. Defense doesn’t create a very good matchup for Team Grays. I like Rodgers so much this week that I fear the Packers will gain so much of a lead and then rest him for the 4th quarter. Or maybe the Packers will look more this week to find a running game? Either way, Team Szmanda is looking good this week.
Chad's Prediction: Team Szmanda

7.) The Rippin And The Tearin (Rory Linton) (3-0) vs. Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (1-2)

Line: Even
Nick's Outlook: Rory's QB Michael Vick (proj. of 23) has quite the projection; if anyone could get that, it would be him. I like RB Jahvid Best (proj. of 2) who should play this weekend against the Packers. However, after that, I think Rory has a lot of over-valued players this week. Colston (proj. of 12) has yet to break 6 in one week and Hillis (proj. of 16) can't do it again can he? Team Grande has to be biting his nails this week as Andre Johnson (proj. of 11) and Pierre Thomas (proj. of 1) appear to be game-time decisions with annoying injuries. I have a feeling they both will play. I really like Brandon Marshall (proj. of 24) against a young and bad Patriots' secondary. This is going to be a good one, so I'll base my pick on the stats. Rory is averaging 104.6 points a game while Anthony is at 84. On the defensive side, Rory has seen opponents score 75.3 points a game while Anthony has witnessed 89 a game. I'll take Rory's team this week, but Anthony's team is better than his 1-3 record will suggest.
Nick's Prediction: The Rippin and the Tearin

Chad's Outlook: Most valuable waiver wire pickup of the year: Mr. Vick. He looks to show McNabb that he can run the Eagles offense better. If Thomas and A. Johnson play this Sunday, Grande is good for a win. If not, I’m thinking Rippin has a win. This is certainly the matchup of the week. Even though it’s an even line, I’m calling this my Upset special of the week based on records.
Chad's Prediction: Team Grande

Points Predictions

Nick's Prediction: Lowest (Vader Time) and Highest (The Rippin and the Tearin)

Chad's Prediction: Lowest (Vader Time) and Highest (Team Szmanda)

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