Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week Four Awards: Pumpernickle Owns the Pity Pot

Pumpernickle (pictured above) runs the fields with his $15 while looking for new fantasy players!

By: Nick Grays, League Commissioner

Pity Pot Winner: Harwood's Howitzers (Tim Harwood, pictured above)
No surprise here as Tim is making a move to win his $25 buy-in back via the pity pot. Harwood's Howitzers' QB Charlie Batch (3 points) looked very Favre-esque in Week four as the Ravens' defense smothered Batch on their way to a 17-14 win. The purpose of the pity pot is not really working as it was installed to spread around the money in the league, but who knows, maybe someone else will win the award next week. Tim has changed his team-name to "Pity Pot Partyboy" and finally has some low projections for week five. With five players on bye and only one player projected in double-digits (Reggie Wayne), Tim may legitimally win the $5 next week.

MVP of the Week: RB Arian Foster (187 total YDS and 2 TDs = 30 points)
A one-hit wonder no more, Foster has proven his self as a solid running back in the NFL. Albeit the two monster games coming against the Oakland Raiders (30 points) and Indianapolis Colts (41 points) bad run-defenses, Foster ranks behind only Peyton Manning (96 points) for the most fantasy points with 93 on the 2010 season. Next up is the New York Giants. At first glance, it looks like a troubling match-up because the G-Men's defensive line were monsters against the Chicago Bears. However, if Texans' wideouts Jacoby Jones and Andre Johnson miss the game due to injury, QB Matt Schaub may have to heavily rely on Foster this Sunday. Expect at least another double-digit performance.

Honorable Mention: Patriots D/ST (33 points), WR Terrell Owens (28 points), RB LaDainian Tomlinson (27 points), TE Antonio Gates (26 points) and Chargers D/ST (25 points)

Worst Performance of the Week: QB Jay Cutler (1 INT and 3 fumbles = -3 points)
You have to feel bad for the fantasy owners of Jay Cutler. Not only was he thrown around like a rag-doll by the Giants' defense, he was knocked out of the game with that word no one wants to hear, "concussion." On a positive note, the concussion doesn't appear to be very serious because Cutler did take part in the Bears' Monday morning activities; something Eagles' QB Kevin Kolb did not do after his concussion. Fantasy owners can only hope so as Cutler faces off with a bad Panthers' team this week.

Wasting Away (Best Bench Player): Patriots D/ST (4 INTs, 2 blocks, 2 sacks, 2 TDs = 33 points)
It's not too often that you see a defense have the highest fantasy total of an entire weekend. The Patriots defense and special teams did it all on Monday night; they returned a kick-off, blocked a field goal, blocked a punt and recorded some nice turnovers while holding the Dolphins to only 14 points in Miami. Unfortunately for his owner, Harwood's Howitzers, the squad was benched in favor of the Ravens D/ST (5 points). Maybe that's Tim's secret to success, starting a defense which faces off against your starting quarterback (Charlie Batch). Expect the Patriots D/ST to graze Tim's starting line-up in the future, right after they rest up on the week five bye.

Best Free Agent Pick-Up: Titans D/ST (1 INT, 6 sacks, 1 TD = 13 points)
Kudos to Chad and Team Breiby for this pick-up. Not only has Chad drafted solid players, he's showing some great GM skills by acquiring the Titans D/ST who posted 13 points despite losing to Denver on Sunday. The Titans' defense terrorized QB Kyle Orton all afternoon with six sacks and scored on a kick-off return. With double-digit performances in three of the four weeks, the Titans D/ST may be a blessing in disguise. With a trip to Dallas on the agenda, a dip in production may be the case this week.

Somebody Pick Me Up (Best Free Agent): QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (20 points)
The Buffalo Bills may be awful, however, they have found an option at quarterback by the name of Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Harvard grad. put together quite the game against a formidable New York Jets' defense. Fitzpatrick threw two touchdowns while also accumulating 74 yards rushing. He's not a number one fantasy option per say, but definitely someone who could be a spot start here and there with a decent match-up. Next week is one of those weeks as Fitzpatrick and the Bills take on a Jacksonville team who's not very good on the road.

Hurts So Bad (Biggest Injury): RB LeSean McCoy and QB Michael Vick
The injury bug struck the Eagles twice this weekend. The Redskins layed some big hits to demolish the ribs of LeSean McCoy and Michael Vick. These two injuries are very significant for fantasy owners because neither is expected to play in week five. McCoy seems to have the more serious injury with a broken rib while Vick's injury seems like a one-to-two week issue. I wouldn't be surprised if the 49ers can grab their first win on Sunday night, seeing they will be facing an Eagles team without their starting running back or quarterback. Kevin Kolb and company face a tough test in San Franciso.

Let me know what you think about this week's awards. Were there any snubs or how do you feel about anything going on in the fantasy league or the NFL?

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