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Week Eight Fantasy Predictions From Nick and Chad (Special Halloween Edition)!

Nick's Record (22-27 overall) (2-12 in points predictions) = 26 points (4-3 in week seven)
Chad's Record (29-20 overall) (1-13 in points predictions) = 31 points
(4-3 in week seven)

Considering the holiday, I think it's only appropriate to tie my predictions in some way to Halloween. In the spirit of the day, I will relate each fantasy team with a specific candy or treat

1.) Team Merrill (Seth Merrill) (3-4) vs. The Rippin and the Tearin (Rory Linton) (4-3)

Line: The Rippin and the Tearin -17
Nick's Outlook: We start with The Rippin and the Tearin who leads the entire fantasy league with 635 points scored this season. Rory's team is like the "100 grand" candy bar of fantasy. Not many kids know about this type of candy bar, but those who have tasted know it's for real. Team Merrill is the most ordinary of fantasy teams as he ranks 12th in total scoring. Keeping him in the game is being 3rd in points allowed. This is why Team Merill represents the traditional "tootsie roll." Kids get a ton of them, but they avoid them until everything else is gone. This week, 100 grand definitely trumps the tootsie roll as I love Randy Moss (proj. of 14) in a revenge game versus the Patriots while Seth puts a lot on the line with Antonio Gates (proj. of 20).
Nick's Prediction: The Rippin and the Tearin ("100 Grand" Candy Bar)

Chad's Prediction: The Rippin and the Tearin

2.) Team Breiby (Chad Breiby) (5-2) vs. Team Klitzman (Kari Klitzman) (3-4)

Line: Team Klitzman -8
Nick's Outlook: Kari is rolling with two straight wins. Team Klitzman reminds me of the popular and awesome "Jolly Ranchers". Frank Gore (proj. of 22) is wild cherry, Felix Jones (proj. of 16) blue raspberry and Mike Thomas (proj. of 2) green apple. Chad may have Peyton Manning (proj. of 27) and Arian Foster (proj. of 18) back, but that's about it this week. Unfortunately for Chad, he can not get any more pity pots when he loses, something he did twice before to earn the designation of the "Pay Day" candy bar for this fantasy league. I'm thinking trick-or-treaters will prefer fruity goodness over the nutty candy bar this time around.
Nick's Prediction: Team Klitzman (Jolly Ranchers)

Chad's Prediction: Team Breiby

3.) Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (3-4) vs. Free Victory (Tim Harwood) (3-4)

Line: Team McCarthy -20
Nick's Outlook: Matt's team finally found their way last week as Team McCarthy could have went for 130+ points if they had started Darren McFadden (proj. of 16). That's why Team McCarthy is "candy corn" because the end of October has been good times. No one wants the candy corn before Halloween and they most certainly don't want it after. Enjoy the wins while you can. Meanwhile, Tim's roller-coaster of a fantasy team reminds me of "pop rocks." Just when you think you forgot about the phenomenon, they pop up out of nowhere and stay in style for about a week followed by another disappearance into the abyss. This is what Free Victory does in the fantasy schedule. For example, Tim won last week, meaning the pop rocks go out of style while candy corn is in style for now.
Nick's Prediction: Team McCarthy (Candy Corn)

Chad's Prediction: Team McCarthy

4.) Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (2-5) vs. Team Lee (Isaac Lee) (5-2)

Line: Team Szombatfalvy -30
Nick's Outlook: Team Lee appears to be screwed this week with some tough match-ups for Drew Brees (proj. of 16) and Michael Bush (proj. of 3). Despite last week's upset loss and bad projections, Team Lee has been solid. As the winner of the "Best Draft," how can his team not be the legendary "Snickers" bar. Every week, Team Lee is bound to have a couple go for double digits, similar to how there's always a couple of Snickers in the trick-or-treat bag. Team Szombatfaly always has big projections, but finds a way to under perform. His team is like the "Almond Joy," of fantasy. The wrapper looks cool and the name suggests hype, but how many kids like coconut? Kids will like Team Szombatfalvy this weekend because Chris Johnson (proj. of 20) and Philip Rivers (proj. of 17) headline seven players projected in doubled digits. Maybe it's time to try the Almond Joy and save the Snickers for later!
Nick's Prediction: Team Szombatfalvy (Almond Joy)

Chad's Prediction: Team Szombatfalvy

5.) Wizard Killer (Joe Selbo) (3-4) vs. Bobby's Sad-Asses (Robert Trader/John Rymaszewski) (1-6)

Line: Bobby's Sad-Asses -10
Nick's Outlook: The theme of this match-up is salty. After losing last week to a Monday Night Hero in dramatic fashion (WR Steve Smith scored exactly 16 points to beat Joe 110-109), Joe is feeling really salty like a bag of pretzels. No one wants a bag of pretzels on Halloween, like no one wants a team which has lost three straight games. Bobby's Sad-Asses have some salty feelings of their own while managing only one win and allowing a league-high 655 points on the season. That's why they are the no-name brand of potato chips. It's a no-name bag of chips because Kyle Orton (proj. of 17) and Brandon Lloyd (proj. of 22) were no-names when it came to fantasy at the beginning of the season. This is one heck of a match-up, I'll have to take the potato chips because they will provide a little more crunch with LaDainian Tomlinson (proj. of 17) than will Wizard Killer with Jonathan Stewart (proj. of 5).
Nick's Prediction: Bobby's Sad-Asses (No-Name Potato Chips)

Chad's Prediction: Bobby's Sad-Asses

6.) Team Szmanda (Jason Szmanda) (6-1) vs. Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (5-2)

Line: Team Szmanda -2
Nick's Outlook: This one is no doubt the match-up of the week, don't be surprised if these two play again during the playoffs. Team Szmanda's amazing fantasy defense continues and that's why he's the "Sour Patch Kids" of the fantasy league. They are all good until they numb your mouth and you can't taste them anymore. Just wait, Team Szmanda will eventually tire on the defensive side. Until then, enjoy the sour and yummy play of Aaron Rodgers (proj. of 17), Calvin Johnson (proj. of 22) and Vernon Davis (proj. of 13). Team Szmanda is the first place team in the East as Team Lowenberg is tied for first in the West. Team Lowenberg is another one of those solid teams week in and week out. Adrian Peterson (proj. of 18), Marshawn Lynch (proj. of 14) and Ronnie Brown (proj. of 13) will show why Team Lowenberg is the "Butterfinger" candy bar of this fantasy league. If I had to choose, I'll chill with Bart Simpson and have a Butterfinger opposed to numbing the tongue with the Sour Patch Kids.
Nick's Prediction: Team Lowenberg (Butterfinger)

Chad's Prediction: Team Lowenberg

7.) Team Grays (Nick Grays) (3-4) vs. Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (3-4)

Line: Team Grays -16
Nick's Outlook: Team Grande has been decimated by injuries this season. Dallas Clark to IR, Vince Young randomly leaving games with minor injuries and who knows what's wrong with Pierre Thomas. Team Grande is the "Apple" in kid's trick-or-treat bags. We all know an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Unfortunately for Team Grande, the Apple works for only one day and it could be poisonous. Would you let your kid eat an apple from some random stranger? I know I wouldn't; I feel confident in Jamaal Charles (proj. of 18), Ryan Torain (proj. of 16) and Pierre Garcon (proj. of 15) to guide me to my third straight victory, even if Team Grande has the best trio of wide receivers in all of fantasy football. Andre Johnson (proj. of 16), Brandon Marshall (proj. of 14) and Terrell Owens (proj. of 14), oh my! Luckily for Team Grays, they are the "Reese's Fastbreak" of the fantasy league. This comes about because I'm always reading and analyzing everything. My research won't let me down this week. Who wouldn't choose the Reese's Fastbreak over an apple on Halloween?
Nick's Prediction: Team Grays (Reese's Fastbreak)

Chad's Prediction: Team Grande

8.) Points Predictions

Nick's Prediction: Lowest (Pop Rocks) and Highest (Almond Joy)

Chad's Prediction: Lowest (Free Victory) and Highest (Team Lowenberg)

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