Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week Two Monday Night Heroes!

By: Nick Grays, League Commissioner

From a fantasy perspective, I'm not sure I can be happy. However, from a football perspective, it was a good day. Aaron Rodgers looked great in a 34-7 thrashing of the Bills while the guy he replaced in Green Bay threw three interceptions en route to the Vikings' 0-2 start. Additionally, my upset of the week became reality when the Chicago Bears went into Dallas and upset the Cowboys by the score of 27-20. I'm also willing to admit that I was wrong about Jahvid Best (pictured above) because his 40 fantasy points was no fluke in a crazy game in Detroit. Enough ranting, here are my reactions to each and every match-up as well as possible Monday Night Heroes for the following Monday Night Game:

New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers 7:30 PM (ESPN-HD)

Team Grays (Nick Grays) (0-1) vs. Team Breiby (Chad Breiby) (1-0)

Score: 115-71 Team Breiby (FINAL)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: None
Reaction/Prediction: I'm not really sure what to say here, but I need to say something. The Eagles-Lions game really messed up the fantasy world this weekend. LeSean McCoy's well-deserved 30 fantasy points basically burried me. If Team Breiby has someone eclipse 30 points every week, he'll go undefeated. Matt Schaub's 29 points and 497 yards is encouraging for Team Grays. Team Breiby's strength, the running game, remains a problem for Team Grays as the team was outscored 57-21. I obviously picked the wrong wide receivers as Mark Clayton (15 points) and Malcolm Floyd (14 points) both reached the end-zone. Chad looks good going into week three with a 2-0 record while I'll be on the search for a running back to improve my 0-2 record.

Team Klitzman (Kari Klitzman) (0-1) vs. Team Merrill (Seth Merrill) (0-1)

Score: 79-35 Team Merrill (44 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: RB Frank Gore (Team Klitzman), WR Michael Crabtree (Team Merrill) and K Garrett Hartley (Team Merill)
Reaction/Prediction: Ouch, this was a tough match-up to watch. Team Klitzman's output as well as Team Grays' disappointing play contributed to a bad day in the Grays' home. Look on the bright side, Kari is definitely a candidate for the $5 award known as "The Pity Pot." Team Merrill has to be happy because QB Jay Cutler (23 points) and offensive coordinator Mike Martz look like a match in Chicago. Kari has to have quite the opposite feelings about her QB Joe Flacco (2 points) who threw four interceptions versus the Bengals. If Flacco and the Ravens cannot turn around the offense next week against the Browns, there may be a problem. Even though there are possible Monday Night Heroes in this one, I can't see the lead changing hands. Kari will be looking for a big night from Gore, but at the same time would like to have the lowest score if she's going to lose anyways. Crabtree and Hartley should secure a great bounce-back win for Seth and his Team Merrill.

The Rippin and the Tearin (Rory Linton) (1-0) vs. Harwood's Howitzers (Tim Harwood) (1-0)

Score: 116-42 The Rippin and the Tearin (74 point lead, WOW)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: WR Marques Colston (The Rippin and the Tearin) and RB Reggie Bush (Harwood's Howitzers)
Reaction/Prediction: Give it up for Rory who had an unbelievable Sunday. Not only did Jahvid Best (40 points) break-out like he's playing Dance-Dance Revolution, but Michael Vick (22 points) pleased and Matt Ryan (19 points) looked mighty good against the Cardinals while sitting on Rory's bench. Rory made all the right moves this week while Harwood's Howitzers cannot do much except feel like his opponent last week. Favre's three interceptions have to hurt as well as Hines Ward's zero-spot for a Harwood's Howitzers team that put up a 108 points last week. Once again, the Monday Night Heroes do not really matter except for the fact that Tim is in the hunt for the Pity Pot. Rory looks dangerous with a 2-0 start.

Team Szmanda (Jason Szmanda) (1-0) vs. Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (0-1)

Score: 83-56 Team Szmanda (27 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: TE Vernon Davis (Team Szmanda) and Saints D/ST (Team McCarthy)
Reaction/Prediction: Aaron Rodgers (26 points) finally backed up Jason's first overall pick of the quarterback. Particularly in the third quarter when Rodgers scampered for a nine-yard score. Meanwhile, Team McCarthy struggled despite good days from his running backs Darren McFadden (14 points) and Knowshon Moreno (17 points). McFadden looks like that sleeper pick I thought he was last season; it will be interesting to see what happens when Michael Bush returns from his broken thumb. To make matters worse, this is the second week in a row that Team McCarthy had to watch a benched running back go over 20 points. This time it was Jason Snelling (35 points) who entered the game for Michael Turner who left with a groin injury. Turner's injury doesn't seem to be serious seeing he could have re-entered the game, however, the fact he did not return is serious (Snelling or Turner)? Vernon Davis should be able to secure a nice 2-0 start for Team Szmanda while Team McCarthy starts to think about who to start next week.

Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (1-0) vs. Team Lee (Isaac Lee) (1-0)

Score: 66-66 (TIE)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: RB Pierre Thomas (Team Grande) and QB Drew Brees (Team Lee)
Reaction/Prediction: My match-up of the week didn't turn out quite like I thought it would. Vince Young (-3 points) was downright horrific and was benched in favor of the 37 year-old Kerry Collins. Not only that, Anthony had to watch his QB get killed by a Steelers D/ST (24 points) who sat on his bench. On the other side, Isaac reaped the benefits of four interceptions and two fumble recoveries from the Chargers D/ST, yielding 18 points. Other than that, there was nothing spectaculer to take home for Team Lee. With Thomas and Brees set to deploy Monday Night, this makes for a real interesting storyline tomorrow. Check this out; Team Grande's Pierre Thomas and Team Lee's Drew Brees both have projections of 17. This is almost too close to call, so I'll stick with my initial pick and take Anthony and Team Grande to win behind the Monday Night Hero Pierre Thomas.

Vader Time (Joe Selbo) (0-1) vs. Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (1-0)

Score: 75-66 Vader Time (9 point lead)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: TE Jeremy Shockey (Vader Time) and WR Josh Morgan (Team Szombatfalvy)
Reaction/Prediction: Joe didn't have any huge performances on Sunday, but received just enough from his role players to bounce back in style. Eddie Royal (12 points) and Tim Hightower (17 points) are particularly interesting because fantasy analysts didn't know what to expect from these guys going into the season. Szombatfalvy hasn't lost yet, but basically needs a miracle from WR Josh Morgan (proj. of 6) who managed only three catches for 36 yards last week in Seattle. Miles Austin (14 points) continues to impress, but James Harrison (4 points) and Chris Johnson (3 points) were lost this week while playing for Team Szombatfalvy. Vader Time's Jeremy Shockey should be doing the victory dance on Monday Night!

Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (0-1) vs. Bobby's Bad-Asses (Robert Trader/John Rymaszewski) (0-1)

Score: 95-68 Team Lowenberg (FINAL)
Possible Monday Night Heroes: None
Reaction/Prediction: Lowenberg's Adrian Peterson (24 points) was a beast on the ground, but couldn't score when it counted for the Vikings as they lost to the Dolphins. Luckily for Lowenberg, that didn't matter for his fantasy team. Roddy White (13 points) had another good day and the Bengals D/ST (13 points) went from the worst defense in football to one of the better ones this week. Bobby's Bad-Asses didn't have the week they hoped for, but received a great game from newly acquired Kyle Orton (20 points). I guess Rory was right when he said the trade worked out for everyone, at least for this week. Robert and John have to be kicking theirselves after viewing Jacoby Jones (11 points), Dustin Keller (17 points) and Donald Brown (13 points) all reach double-digits on the bench. Lowenberg gets back to .500 at 1-1 while Robert and John will look to the waiver wire once again at 0-2.

Let me know how you thought the match-ups went this Sunday by commenting below!

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