Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week Two Fantasy Predictions from Nick and Chad

Nick's Record: (3-4 overall) (0-2 in points predictions) = 3 points
Chad's Record: (1-6 overall) (0-2 in points predictions) = 1 point

Team Grays (Nick Grays) (0-1) vs. Team Breiby (Chad Breiby) (1-0)

Line: Team Breiby -6
Nick's Outlook:
Much like other teams who dropped their first game this season, I do not want to go 0-2. I think Team Grays' Matt Schaub (proj. of 17) will have a much better week than Breiby's Week One Fantasy MVP Arian Foster (proj. of 15) because the Texans will want to re-establish their offense as the passing offense that it truly is. Other than that, this match-up is fairly even, I think I own a slight edge in the running game while Chad has slightly better wide receivers. This one should come down to the wire. It's going to be hard to pick against myself and I certainly will not do it here. Grays wins by 10+ due to a multiple touchdown game from one of his wide receivers and the re-emergence of Ray Rice.
Nick's Prediction:
Team Grays

Chad's Outlook:
This is a fairly evenly matched game this week. I really like Jermichael Finley (pictured above) on Team Grays with Ryan Grant out. Aaron Rodgers will be going through the air more. Arian Foster won’t be posting up 41 points, but I like his guaranteed 30+ carries. I can’t pick myself to lose two weeks in a row.
Chad's Prediction:
Team Breiby

Team Klitzman (Kari Klitzman) (0-1) vs. Team Merrill (Seth Merrill) (0-1)

Line: Even
Nick's Outlook:
It's not often when you find the line to be exactly even. However, when you look at the projections, they seem about right for both teams. Kari has some injuries with TE Kellen Winslow and WR Hakeem Nicks to worry about while Seth hopes RB Shonn Greene can bounce back from his two fumbles on Monday Night. There's just a feeling about this game that it will come down to Monday Night. With Team Klitzman's Frank Gore taking on Team Merrill's Garrett Hartley/Michael Crabtree, I'll take Kari and Gore to pick up their first win of the season.
Nick's Prediction:
Team Klitzman

Chad's Outlook: Im not convinced Shonn Greene will be receiving anymore than the 5 carries he had last week. I think the Jets feel out L.T. a bit more this week. I think Crabtree has another disappointing performance against the stingy saints secondary despite being Sharperless (Darren Sharper). I think Flacco produces plenty more than 9 points against a Bengals defense that layed down for Brady last week.
Chad's Prediction: Team Klitzman

The Rippin and the Tearin (Rory Linton) (1-0) vs. Harwood's Howitzers (Tim Harwood) (1-0)

Line: Harwood's Howitzers -23

Nick's Outlook: Here's a match-up between unexpected winners in week one (even though I did pick Tim as my upset special last week). Harwood's Howitzers have a 23 point cushion which should be even higher in my opinion. How can Matt Forte be projected at only 8 after ripping off 30 fantasy points in week one. I know the Dallas Cowboys' defense is good, but not that good. I like Rory's deploy of Michael Vick, however, his running game may hurt on Sunday. Cedric Benson faces off against a Ravens' team which shut down the Jets' running game and Javhid Best managed a meager 20 yards on 14 carries last week. Tim's team has the talent to make an early run this season, expect him to win again, this time as the favorite!
Nick's Prediction: Harwood's Howitzers
Chad's Outlook:
I predict Vick will produce at least 30 points this week. Not because I'm a big Vick fan, but because he plays the Detroit Lions. I don’t like Forte’s matchup. Even though Brett Favre will probably rip it up, I expect Rory to make an upset.
Chad's Prediction: The Rippin and the Tearin (Upset Special)

Team Szmanda (Jason Szmanda) (1-0) vs. Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (0-1)

Line: Team Szmanda -15

Nick's Outlook: Here's a tricky match-up in my opinion. Team McCarthy owns a couple of guys who I have no idea why they were projected so low; Jermaine Gresham (proj. of 1) and Mike Wallace (proj. of 6). How is Gresham who received 10 targets in week one not going to get some looks against a Ravens defense who will be pressuring Carson Palmer all day? At the same time, I don't understand why Wallace doesn't get the love that other deep threats get in the NFL, he's at least good enough for a double-digit projection even though he may not get it. Aaron Rodgers looks so good from a fantasy perspective this week while Tom Brady not so much. I'm really torn by this match-up, but I think I'm still leaning towards an upset here.
Nick's Prediction:
Team McCarthy (Upset Special)

Chad's Outlook:
Obviously Rodgers’ stock has gone way up with the loss of Grant and I think 20 points is a little low. Percy Harvin will bounce back this week and show Favre he can step up. I don’t think the Saints defense can overcome the deficit on Monday night for McCarthy.
Chad's Prediction: Team Szmanda

Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (1-0) vs. Team Lee (Isaac Lee) (1-0)

Line: Team Grande -16

Nick's Outlook: Here's my match-up of the week. It doesn't get better than two undefeated teams meeting for a good ol' slobberknocker. Not only that, but the match-up contains a couple of interesting story lines to watch. Which New York Giants RB will dash the Colts' terrible run defense; Grande's Ahmad Brashaw or Lee's Brandon Jacobs? Moreover, how will the Saints score their points on Monday Night; through the air with Lee's Drew Brees or on the ground via Grande's Pierre Thomas? I'm not sure it's possible for me to pick against Team Grande this week because Bradshaw looks like the obvious and better pick versus the Colts and seven projected double-digit players is not too shabby.
Nick's Prediction:
Team Grande

Chad's Outlook:
Grande has some really nice matchups this week. Andre Johnson vs. Washington, Marshall vs. a terrible Viking secondary, Bradshaw vs. a colts defense that gave up 41 points last week against the run. Lee has Brees, but that wont be enough this week. Grande wins in the battle of unbeaten.
Chad's Prediction: Team Grande

Vader Time (Joe Selbo) (0-1) vs. Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (1-0)

Line: Team Szombatfalvy -3
Nick's Outlook: Here's another one of those basically even match-ups. Just look at these guys receivers to attest to that. At first glance, I like Szombatfalvy's team because of Chris Johnson (proj. of 22), but with more thought, he's facing a smart and dynamic Steelers' defense which should know how to scheme against the speedy Johnson. Joe needs to cross his fingers on Carson Palmer versus the Ravens, but I think the rest of the team should break out in a big way this week, especially Steven Jackson and Greg Jennings who have very favorable match-ups this week.
Nick's Prediction:
Vader Time

Chad's Outlook:
Team Selbo must be pretty upset about that pounding he endured last week against a ruthless Team Breiby. Do you think Joe will want Lee Evens to post up Tds vs his Green Bay Defense? If so this will make him rethink: Lee’s first TD will be worth 0 points to his team. Second TD will be worth 3 points. I think Johnson slows down a bit this week for Szom and Team Selbo pulls off a mini upset.
Chad's Prediction: Vader Time

Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (0-1) vs. Bobby's Bad-Asses (Robert Trader/John Rymaszewski) (0-1)

Line: Team Lowenberg -22
Nick's Outlook: I'll start out by saying Team Lowenberg is stacked this week, letting Brandon Jackson drop to him in the waiver wire was not a good idea. I don't think Jackson is valuable as his projection of 15 suggests, but Adrian Peterson and Roddy White are. White's 23 targets last week was nuts, can you say "Go-To Receiver." I like Bobby's Bad-Asses trade to acquire and start Kyle Orton, but I'm not very high on Brandon Lloyd or Jacoby Jones as starting wide-outs necessarily. Starting Tony Moeaki at tight-end is also a bit of a risk, but that's what you need to do in fantasy. However, I feel the risk will be too much as Robert and John's team falls by single-digit points. Don't worry, this team will be no walk-over at 0-2 in Week 3.
Nick's Prediction:
Team Lowenberg.

Chad's Outlook:
AP has a big week this week to show that he is still a top back in the league. I really like Roddy White’s matchup against the Cards. Team Lowenberg gives me good evidence this week as to why I picked him as best draft.
Chad's Prediction: Team Lowenberg

Point Predictions (Worth two points a piece)

Nick's Prediction: I'm going with the winner of my match-up of the week, Team Grande! I think his seven projected double-digit performances will come close to happening and not only that, Vince Young is a serious threat this season and should surpass his lowly projection of 7 against the Steelers. As for the lowest score, I think Team Szombatfalvy will struggle this week when Chris Johnson fails to be the horse this weekend.
Highest Score (Team Grande) and Lowest Score (Team Szombatfalvy)

Chad's Prediction:
Highest Score (Team Grande) and Lowest Score (Team McCarthy)

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  1. Very good as always. Just a minor correction, I have the Rams defense not the Ravens defense.

  2. My fault! Yes, Rory is an owner of the Rams D/ST and Jets D/ST! Good Luck everyone.