Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week Three Fantasy Predictions from Nick and Chad

Nick's Record: (5-9 overall, 2-5 in week two) (0-4 in points predictions) = 5 points
Chad's Record: (6-8 overall, 5-2 in week two) (0-4 in points predictions) = 6 points

1.) Team Szombatfalvy (Mike Szombatfalvy) (1-1) vs. Team Grays (Nick Grays) (0-2)

Line: Team Szombatfalvy -2
Nick's Outlook: Alright, enough messing around, not only do I need to avoid going 0-3, I must do better than 2-5 on my fantasy picks. Chad did a great job of bouncing back from his horrific week one predictions. I'm sure I'll pick against myself sometime this season, I just don't see it happening here. I think Ray Rice (proj. of 11) will finally reach the end-zone versus Cleveland and call me optimistic, but I think newly acquired Jamaal Charles (proj. of 11) will emerge as a solid threat this weekend versus the 49ers. Mike and his Team Szombatfalvy will keep it close as Chris Johnson (proj. of 26) and Miles Austin (proj. of 23) have very favorable match-ups. The ceilings are high, however, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them goes for 30+. Other than those two studs, Mike is searching for some production by starting Jerome Harrison (proj. of 1) and Deion Branch (proj. of 9).
Nick's Prediction: Team Grays

Chad's Outlook: I’m always so skeptical when ESPN throws out a lofty prediction for any player. This week’s C.J. (pictured above) may actually hold up to his 26 projection against a terrible Giants run defense. The Colts are well known for having only a passing game and they posted 160+ rushing against them. Miles Austin is the number one receiver in the NFL and I don’t expect him to slow down this week against a terrible Texans pass defense. 15 point projection for the Bucs D? I don’t care if the Steelers start Hines Ward at QB, 15 is not going to happen for the Bucs defense. Week 1 Foster carried the Texans. Week 2 Schaub was the man. Week 3? Ray Rice seemed to have a slow start but accordingly he should have against the Jets and Cincy. Prepare for a boost this week though against Cleveland. I expect his 11 projection to be doubled. I think this match could easily go either way. I’ll give Grays his first win of the season for my second upset.
Chad's Prediction: Team Grays

2.) Harwood's Howitzers (Tim Harwood) (1-1) vs. Team Breiby (Chad Breiby) (2-0)

Line: Harwood's Howitzers -14
Nick's Outlook: Chad's destruction may end this week as Tim and his Harwood's Howitzers are favored despite the injured Reggie Bush being in the line-up. I'm not high on Tim starting Rashad Jennings (proj. of 4) in his place, but what else can he really do. What I do like about his team is Reggie Wayne (proj. of 21) against a soft Broncos' secondary containing a banged-up Champ Bailey as well as Favre and Shiancoe versus the fantasy friendly Lions. Chad faces a tough match-up as his best player, Peyton Manning (proj. of 21) must stay away from Wayne for his team to succeed. Unfortunately for Chad, Manning loves him some Wayne.
Nick's Prediction: Harwood's Howitzers

Chad's Outlook: It is really difficult to argue against Team Breiby that will start 5 players in the top 3 of their respective positions. It’s ironic that going into the season, Team Breiby seemed to have an edge in the receiver position (Boldin and Fitzgerald: 32 points this season), but has been let down and then compensated a great deal with what seemed to be a weak running game (McCoy and Foster, 96 points this season). On the other side of the ball, it’s really hard to argue against Harwood’s Favre connecting with his favorite target Shiancoe against a terrible Lions team at home for double points. With the Steelers QB problems, I see a 14 projection for Hines Ward a bit high. Even 18 for Forte seems a bit high against a decent Packers defense. Peterson steals the light from Favre and Team Breiby stays undefeated in my first upset of the week.
Chad's Prediction: Team Breiby

3.) Team McCarthy (Matt McCarthy) (0-2) vs. Team Merrill (Seth Merill) (1-1)

Line: Team McCarthy -12
Nick's Outlook: Team McCarthy took a huge blow when RB Knowshon Moreno was ruled out for Sunday's game with the Colts. If Moreno was able to start that game, McCarthy would have surely broken his streak of low-scoring games with Turner, McFadden and Moreno. Luckily he still has McFadden (proj. of 20) and Turner (14), however, each faces their own challenges as well. Turner left last week's game with an injury while McFadden must welcome back his competition Michael Bush this week. Regardless, I think Matt avoids the 0-3 record because Team Merrill's MJD (proj. of 15) and Sims-Walker (proj. of 13) won't go for double-digits on the same team. DeSean Jackson (proj. of 16) also plays in that game (talk about make-or-break fantasy game)!
Nick's Prediction: Team McCarthy

Chad's Outlook: The number 1 QB in the league, Jay Cutler (Rating: 121.2), will be tested on Monday night against Green Bay’s 3rd ranked pass defense and the league leader in sacks, Clay Matthews (6 sacks). Other than Cutler, Team Merrill has had a lot of let downs this season including MJD, Sims-Walker, Crabtree, and Greene. They have all combined for a whopping 34 points. Someone has to step up on that team because Cutler and Gates can’t win Merrill games all season. I like DeSean Jackson and almost any other Philly player ever since Vick became starter as defenses direct more attention toward him. For team McCarthy, Brady and McFadden will have big days looking at their opponents. Harvin should have his first big game of the year if he is migraine-less on Sunday. Team McCarthy has scored a league low 116 points through 2 losses, but rebounds this week and puts his first win in the books.
Chad's Prediction: Team McCarthy

4.) Team Lee (Isaac Lee) (2-0) vs. Team Klitzman (Kari Klitzman) (0-2)

Line: Team Klitzman -3
Nick's Outlook: Kari, Kari, Kari, what will I do with you? Last week, she posted on one of those so-called social networks, "Looking for an entire new fantasy team." While very funny, I think she needs to get more serious and figure out where the problem is. The problem has been Joe Flacco (proj. of 6) against defenses such as the Jets and Bengals on the road. Don't fret, he can't get any worse and will turn it around versus Cleveland on Sunday. In regards to Team Lee, he's dealing with a running back problem; the Steelers offensive line has been terrible in paving the way for Reshard Mendenhall (proj. of 15) while Brandon Jacobs (proj. of 2) is going to have trouble finding carries. I think this match-up could go either way, but I'm leaning towards Team Klitzman, hope the pick doesn't burn me again.
Nick's Prediction: Team Klitzman

Chad's Outlook: Flacco’s 7 points this season has me thinking that Kari will start Alex Smith this week. It’s also great that she managed to pick up Tolbert (21 points last week), Mathews backup, in waivers because it looks like he will getting the start this week. Why does Lee’s Brees only have 31 points this season? I think a high scoring Falcons match for Brees at home this week will at least double his points on the season. Lee has some major running back issues. Brandon Jacobs has been a huge let down this season and I was about to suggest that he start someone else until I saw his replacements were Washington and Bush, who have combined for 2 points this season. I think Lee’s receiving corps and Brees will save him again this week as the undefeated stays undefeated and the defeated gets beat again.
Chad's Prediction: Team Lee

5.) Bobby's Bad-Asses (Robert Trader/John Rymaszewski) (0-2) vs. The Rippin and the Tearin (Rory Linton) (2-0)

Line: The Rippin and the Tearin -25
Nick's Outlook: Last week's breakout team in The Rippin and the Tearin is full of huge projections. None bigger than Randy Moss (proj. of 19) and Jahvid Best (proj. of 18). However, I believe both of them are too high and the spread for this match-up is too large. I really like the Broncos' pass-happy offense against the Colts and Chad Ocho-Cinco should have at least one touchdown against the Panthers. Call me crazy, but I'm taking Bobby's Bad-Asses in the biggest upset of the season thus far.
Nick's Prediction: Bobby's Bad-Asses (Upset Special)

Chad's Outlook: Three weeks ago I would have said Rory’s starting lineup is worthless. Looking at it now, it looks scary. I really wanted Vick on those waivers. I’m a huge Vick fan (Might even consider trading P. Manning to Rory for him if he throws in a little bonus player). Anyways, J. Best had a Foster breakout day last week, but I don’t see him posting 18 against a stout Williams Wall and Randy Moss is GOOD. The “Bad-Asses” will try out their newly acquired L.T. who is averaging 6.2 yards per carry this season. The BA’s should consider trying out B. Lloyd this week in exchange for a Berrian bust.
Chad's Prediction: The Rippin and the Tearin

6.) Vader Time (Joe Selbo) (1-1) vs. Team Szmanda (Jason Szmanda) (2-0)

Line: Team Szmanda -16
Nick's Outlook: Team Szmanda quietly reached 2-0 mark and is ready to show what his fantasy team has to offer. Rodgers' projection of 18 should be no problem while Calvin Johnson (proj. of 12) will finally live up to his hype versus Minnesota. At the very least, he should get near double-digit targets while facing the Minnesota Vikings' stout rush defense. Meanwhile, Joe will need some some touchdowns out of Lee Evans (proj. of 4) and Steven Jackson (proj. of 12) to have a chance. Neither of them have reached the end-zone this season. Szmanda doesn't score a lot this week, but gets enough to win.
Nick's Prediction: Team Szmanda

Chad's Outlook: Team Szmanda shouldn’t get too cocky with his (2-0) record because he has had a league low 111 points scored against him this year. His number 1 overall pick in the draft, Rodgers, held up last week scoring 26 points, and this week shouldn’t be much different against Chicago’s 26th ranked pass defense. If Calvin Johnson would “hold onto the ball” this week, we could expect a decent game against a sub-par Vikings secondary. I really feel like Vader Time’s Carson Palmer is going to return to his Pro Bowl caliber play this season. He has two hall of fame receivers and a top back, Benson, running the ball. Carson shouldn’t have any excuses Sunday against Carolina. I’ve always liked Steven Jackson, but his situation reminds me of Barry Sanders’ problem. He has great talent hidden for so many years behind his appalling team. Maybe the 2010’ number one pick, Bradford, will give him a spark this season. I really wanted to get my hands on Jennings in the draft this year, but Joe got to him just before me. Jennings is outlandishly underrated in the NFL. I expect big numbers this week against Chicago. Team Szmanda is blindsided in my third upset of the week.
Chad's Prediction: Vader Time

7.) Team Lowenberg (Nick Lowenberg) (1-1) vs. Team Grande (Anthony Grande) (1-1)

Line: Team Grande -16
Nick's Outlook: This is my match-up of the week; a couple of 1-1 teams with a lot of firepower in their line-ups. Anthony has some "Grande," projections this week. Get it, grande means large in spanish? Alright, nevermind, maybe it was kind of corny. Nonetheless, Anthony should expect big things from Andre Johnson (proj. of 22) and Brandon Marshall (proj. of 14), the two best receivers in the game in my book. On the other side, Team Lowenberg should expect big things from Adrian Peterson (proj. of 22) and Roddy White (proj. of 14) who already has more targets than some of my receivers will get all year long. In the end, I feel Anthony's eight players projected in double-digits will be way too much for Team Lowenberg to handle. Anthony does have a risk at QB, but just wait, Sam Bradford (proj. of 14) will surprise a lot of people this weekend.
Nick's Prediction: Team Grande

Chad's Outlook: Terrell Owens, Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Dallas Clark, P. Thomas, and Steelers D. has Team Grande stacked. They all look good on paper, but haven’t produced much this season. With Favre having the slow start, the Vikings seem to be going back to A.D. on the ground like last week’s production. This week shouldn’t be any different against the Lions. Matt Ryan has tossed the ball R. White’s way 35 times in 2 games which leads me to believe he’s a great start against any defense. With Romo and Peterson accounting for at least 50 points this week, Team Lowenberg is my fourth upset of the week.
Chad's Prediction: Team Lowenberg

Point Predictions (Worth two points a piece)

Nick's Predictions: Lowest (Vader Time) and Highest (Team Grande)

Chad's Predictions: Lowest (Team Merill) and Highest (Team Lowenberg)

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