Monday, September 27, 2010

Week Three Awards: As If Vick Needed Any More Media Coverage

By: Nick Grays, League Commissioner

Pity Pot Winner: Harwood's Howitzers (pictured above twice)
Tim did it again! For the second week in a row, Harwood's Howitzers grabs a cool five dollars for scoring the lowest fantasy total. This time he managed a poor 52 points with horrible performances from just about everyone except Santana Moss (16 points). This comes after Tim received one of the highest projections of the week which means you can't blame the owner. Good luck next week.

MVP of the Week: Michael Vick (17/31 for 291 YDS and 3 TDs, 30 YDS rushing and 1 TD = 32 points)
This guy looks better than he did before the dogfighting incident. I never remember Michael Vick having the ability to make the pass like he has in the last couple of weeks. With his 30 yards on Sunday, Vick inched closer to second on the all-time rushing list among quarterbacks with 4,124 yards. Only Steve Young (4,239) and Randall Cunningham (4,928) have more yards. The true test is this upcoming weekend when the Eagles welcome in Donovan McNabb and the Redskins. If Vick goes out and has a bad game, it will be interesting to see how Andy Reid reacts to that. I think you have to stick with Vick until the end of the season barring an injury or any kind of lenghty struggle. From a fantasy perspective, Vick may be one of the MVPs of the season when taking into account he was picked up as a free agent in week two. An additional note, Vick has won three awards in this league (Week One Best Free Agent, Week Two Best Free Agent Pick-Up and Week Three MVP).

Honorable Mention:
Anquan Boldin (32 points), Adrian Peterson (31 points) and Peyton Manning (25 points)

Worst Performance of the Week: Buccaneers D/ST (38 PA and 2 INTs = -3 points)
A fantasy projection of 15 is making the ESPN experts look really bad right now. I'll help them out a little bit by saying no one knew Steelers QB Charlie Batch (17 points, pictured to the right) would look good as he did. At the same time, it's the Buccaneers and the Steelers, 15 points really? The Buccaneers had no answer for the Steelers at any point in the game, neither on the defensive or offensive side of the ball. Next week, the Bucs enjoy a much-needed bye week followed by a game in Cincinnati. Expect to spot this squad in the free agent pool.

Wasting Away (Best Bench Player):
Austin Collie (12 REC for 171 YDS and 2 TDs = 29 points)
It was only a matter of time before the second-coming of Wes Welker would emerge in the NFL. Austin Collie appears to be that man with the best quarterback in football throwing him the ball. I can't see anyway Collie is not a fantasy-worthy starter each and every week for the rest of the season. Moreover, if you play in a PPR (points per reception) league, Collie may be the goldmine to propel your fantasy team to great things. Collie has scored a TD in each of the first three games as well as recorded at least 10 receptions and 150 yards in two of the three games. How many of you knew that?

Best Free Agent Pick-Up: Peyton Hillis (180 total yards and 1 TD)
Hillis wasn't added this week, but two weeks ago in this league. Rory's investment is starting to pay off heavily as Hillis looked like a man-possessed against a scary Ravens defense. Ray Lewis and company are usually great at eliminating any kind of run game. However, Hillis served as a tank for the Browns and went for 144 yards on 22 carries. Back-up, James Davis only received 4 carries while James Harrison was ruled inactive for week three. That bodes well for Hillis who takes on the Cincinnati defense next week. Don't expect a huge week, but another double-digit performance is certainly possible.

Somebody Pick Me up (Best Free Agent): Lance Moore (6 REC for 149 YDS and 3 total TDs = 26 points)
Shock is the only way to decribe how no one had this guy on their roster (owned in only 2.3 % of ESPN fantasy leagues). Taking into account a broken Reggie Bush and slouching Robert Meachem, Moore shouldn't have been missed in week three. Nonetheless, Moore was fantastic on Sunday while grabbing six balls on seven targets. He also returned a punt for 72 yards and a score. With an upcoming match-up with the Carolina Panthers, Moore is surely going to be one of the most added players this upcoming Waiver-Wire Wednesday.

Hurts So Bad (Biggest Injury):
Steven Jackson (Groin Injury)
This is an injury to closely monitor as the loss of Jackson could be a huge loss for the Rams and any of his fantasy owners. Especially considering how Jackson was an undisputed first-round choice in most leagues. It doesn't help that groin injuries can be tricky and painful to come back from. Keep an eye on back-up Kenneth Darby who tallied 49 yards and a touchdown in Jackson's absence. This was sad to see after Jackson ripped off a large touchdown run earlier in the game. The Rams did win the game, but lost arguably their best player.

Let me know what you think about this week's awards. Were there any snubs or how do you feel about anything going on in the fantasy league or the NFL?

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