Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Fantasy Rants For Friday!

The world of professional football is buzzing right now as Saturday marks the day that every team must get down to the required 53 man roster. We are now less than a week away from the season opener on Thursday and have an abundance of fantasy relevance to talk about:

1.) QB Matt Leinart to the Bengals? (click here for the tweet)
Bengals beat writer Joe Reedy suggested on his twitter account that Matt Leinart could be a possible back-up to Carson Palmer.

Fantasy Meaning: Keep your eye on Leinart because he obviously wants a job outside of Arizona. If that's a starting job or not is yet to be determined. Even if he does end up staying in Arizona, I still think he's worthy of a back-up QB in a deep fantasy league (12+ teams).

2.) Cleveland's H-Trio of Running Backs No More (click here for Cleveland Plain Dealer article by Tony Grossi)
The Browns were struck with a tough loss last night when rookie running back Montario Hardesty left the game with a torn ACL. Going into the season, the Browns had a nasty dilemna of deciding to split up carries between Hardesty, James Harrison and Peyton Hillis.

Fantasy Meaning: With Harrison and Hillis still in the equation, second-year James Davis enters the mix. Don't forget Davis' status as a possible fantasy sleeper last season. Davis rushed for 66 yards on 15 carries on Thursday night and looks to be the back-up behind Harrison and Hillis who look to share a similar load on the season.

3.) Darren McFadden Owners Rejoice (click here for Oakland Tribune article by NFL Writer Jerry McDonald)
During a preseason game with the San Francisco 49ers, the Raiders projected starting RB Michael Bush fractured his thumb and is expected to miss four to six weeks. Bush tweeted that it's a "Bennett fracture," meaning he may need screws to help the healing process.

Fantasy Meaning:
With Bush missing significant time, it really opens the door for third-year player Darren McFadden. This could be his chance to show the team he's serious about staying healthy and turning his somewhat disappointing career around. The Raiders will be desperately looking to provide depth at the position, so leaning on McFadden early on the season may be their only option at this point.

4.) Pittsburgh Has a Serious Quarterback Problem (check out Brown's tweet here)

Breaking news on two fronts this morning when it comes to the Steelers quarterback situation. Firstly, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Scott Brown tweeted that back-up Byron Leftwich has a torn MCL and is out indefinitely. Secondly, starting QB Ben Roethlisberger had his suspension reduced from six to four games, but will still miss those first four games; who does that leave at QB? Dennis Dixon or Charlie Batch, that's who. Don't be surprised if the Steelers make a move for a veteran QB as a back-up plan.

Fantasy Meaning:
I wouldn't exactly be comfortable starting Dixon or Batch at QB if you had to, but if they go out and get let's say a Sage Rosenfels or someone of that caliber, it could be an intriguing play. The Steelers have the threats with Rashard Mendenhall, Hines Ward and Mike Wallace to put up some formidable offensive numbers. Regardless, I would be happy to have Mendenhall because he should be a focal point early this season and I wouldn't be surprised if it stays that way all year long.

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