Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Predictions? Maybe Guesses (It Aint Easy Pickin Fantasy)

By: Chad Breiby, Owner of Team Breiby

If there is only one valid conclusion that came from opening weekend, it’s that predicting fantasy football is a very difficult task (Especially on opening weekend). To put this in perspective, Nick and I combined for 4 correct picks out of 14 (3 being credited to Nick). I was 1-6, while Nick was 3-4.

-My season favorite, Team Lowenberg, gets a beating by the team who I thought had the worst draft (Team Harwood).
-Nick’s pick for pity pot prediction was actually the high score of the week (Team Breiby).
-Nick’s pick for Stud of the week was actually the lowest score( Team Merrill).
-Nick even predicted that his Ray Rice and Malcolm Floyd (combined projection of 36) could overcome The Jets defense (projection of 2) and a 9 point lead from Rory. Forget the 9 point lead, The Jets Defense beat out his two players straight up, 12-6.
-Arian Foster who (projected 14) pulls out 41. Ray Rice (23 projection) has 5. Michael Vick (projection 0) has 24. Adrian Peterson (projection 25) has 9. Andre Johnson (Projected 23) has 3.

I’m confident someone who doesn’t know a thing about football could have picked better than my 1-6. ESPN analysts seem to make some bad projections. Fantasy Football is very difficult to predict.

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