Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get To Know Your Fantasy Opponents: Chad Breiby

Name: Chad Breiby (a.k.a. Chadillac)

Hometown: Madison, WI

Age: 22

Favorite NFL Team: Minnesota Vikings

Fantasy Experience: Junior (Joined the game in 2007 and has played all three years in this league)

Most Memorable Fantasy Moment: Back in the inaugural season of the Madison Fantasy Football League, Chad beat the League Commissioner Nick Grays two times during the regular season and decided to change his team name to "0-3 Grays," when they met up in the playoffs once again. When the #4 seeded Team Grays knocked off the #1 seeded Team Breiby, Chad was left with a bittersweet taste in his mouth.

Favorite Fantasy Player: Brett Favre (If you couldn't tell from the photo above)

Short Bio: Chad is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin studying Mechanical Engineering. In his free-time he likes to ski, play poker and strengthen his obsession with Brett Favre. He wanted everyone to know he's a proud owner of Favre's home and away Vikings jerseys. To try to get his mind away from Favre, he loves to solve puzzles and math problems. Chad's ambitious 2010 fantasy goals are to beat Rory Linton on a week he scores 157 points and win the pity pot (lowest amount of points in a week) just once in the first seven weeks.

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