Friday, July 16, 2010

Fantasy League Active!!!!

Hey guys, it's almost that time of the year! Fantasy football is right around the corner and I'm ready to dedicate a lot of my time in providing a great league once again. Before I start inviting people to the league, I wanted to lay down some important changes and rules for the new and fun upcoming year.

1.) As of now, we're going with a twelve team league at $25 a spot
2.) Payment will be due prior to the draft which I now have set for Thursday, August 26th at 9 in the morning (payment would be appreciated ASAP)
3.) DO NOT join my fantasy league unless you're willing to keep up with your team on a constant week-to-week basis
4.) This season, I would like to interview participants and do a lot of fun things on my blog regarding our league (so expect phone-calls from time to time)
5.) This is how the money is going to breakdown, a small chunk will go towards the purchase of a trophy (a fantasy first for this league) as we will also continue to give $5 a week to the team with the lowest amount of points in the first seven weeks and $5 to the team with the highest amount the rest of the way. That leaves a little over $200, money back to 3rd place with $50 to 2nd and $125 to the champion as well as the $15 dollar trophy.
6.) I would also like to open up the blog for anyone else who wants to contribute some articles or anything like that, let's make this fairly interactive. PLEASE comment and get some arguments going, everyone likes trash talk.

With those points, let's most importantly have FUN! Here's the link to the standard ESPN league known as the 3rd Annual Madison Fantasy League hosted by your very-own Nick Grays! Click on the link, read over the rules here and on the website and let me know if you want the invite. If you've decided you want in, confirm the draft date and get your payment in. Thanks guys, after the Mallards season is when the fantasy posts will start to flow!

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