Saturday, April 24, 2010

Up Late Doing Homework, Why Not Hit Up The Blog!

Hey ladies and gents, hope everyone is enjoying the Eastern Conference favorites dominate their opponents (albeit the Bulls pulled out Game 3) and the Western Conference create some awesome basketball match-ups! Here are some brief comments on tonight's games:

1.) Game 3 Boston Celtics @ Miami Heat (Celtics won 100-98 and Celtics lead series 3-0)
There goes any chance of the Heat taking out the pesky Boston Celtics. Paul Pierce looked amazing with 32 points and the game-winning buzzer beater. Despite Dwyane Wade putting up an inspiring 34, Jermaine O'Neal posted another 2 point game (1-7 from the field). Sorry Miami fans, Wade can't win the game by his-self.

2.) Game 3 Dallas Mavericks @ San Antonio Spurs (Spurs won 94-90 and Spurs lead series 2-1)
Getting 17 from George Hill was huge for the Spurs, if Nowitzki is going to score 35 and the Mavs lose, what can you do, but say great game San Antonio? With the Spurs now in the driver seat with homecourt advantage, I think I might have to change my initial prediction and lean towards the Spurs in this series. Spurs coach Greg Popovich continues to impress with what he has!

3.) Game 3 Denver Nuggets @ Utah Jazz (Jazz won 105-93 and Jazz lead series 2-1)
I know who my first round sixth man award goes to (if there was such an award), Paul Millsap, for his 19 rebounds and 22 points on 11-14 shooting! The Denver Nuggets just look sad right now, I don't know what else to say!

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