Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back Again!

Hey Y'all, now that I'm done with my vacation in Texas, I can get back to sports talk! With the new month of April and the exciting spring season here, we can focus on the sweet sweet game of ESPN's Streak For The Cash. NHL Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, MLB Baseball, NCAA Basketball Final Four/Championship, NCAA Frozen Four and the Masters should make it a very interesting month on the pick board. Also feel free to leave comments, a new feature allows anyone to do so now! Here are some intriguing match-ups for tomorrow:

1.) SOCCER 8:00 AM (Italian Serie A: What will be the match result?) AS Roma (Win) @ Bari (Win or Draw)
Unless you have a significant streak, why not take the earliest pick on the board? I'm not an expert on Italian soccer, but I do know AS Roma is a decent team and is favored to win this game, even on the road. However, Bari has proven to hold it's own, posting an impressive 9-2-3 record at home. The two teams did meet back on November 22nd at AS Roma which resulted in a AS Roma win by the score of 3-1. I expect the Streakmaster to try to trick streakers with this one, due to the decisive win back in November and AS Roma's reputation as a top Italian Series team. I would take my chances with Bari!

2.) NASCAR 2:30 PM (NASCAR Nationwide Nashville: Which driver will have the better finish?) Carl Edwards vs. Brad Keselowski
I don't care what anyone says, stock car racing is a sport and I'm quite happy to see the props on the board when they show up on the weekend! For those of you who do not know, these are the two of the top young racers in the game, in a race at Talledega last year, Edwards and Keselowski were involved in a crash which sent Edwards car airborne and injured seven fans (picture above is Edwards car)! The two were featured in a streak for cash prop last month where Keselowski had the better finish. I believe this is the key to this prop because the Streakmaster feels people will now pick Keselowski this time. However, Edwards has done very well in Nashville in the past, winning there four times (three in the nationwide series and one in the truck series) compared to Keselowski's one win in Nashville. If not interested in the prop, stay familiar with these names because they are two up and coming racers, Edwards is #1 in nationwide standings while Keselowski comes in at #2! I like Edwards to get the better of Keselowski this time!


  1. NASCAR is not a sport!

  2. NASCAR is a sport. If golf and bowling (and dare I say poker) are sports, NASCAR is a sport. It takes a tremendous amount of skill to drive a stock car and win a race especially when you're going 190mph. That being said, NASCAR is a very BORING sport. I will give you that. Even with Jimmy Johnson's dominance, I still can't get into it.

  3. I partially agree with the second comment, but not the first one. NASCAR is indeed a sport, no doubt about that. Yes, the sport is boring if you have no rooting interest, however, if you like a certain driver or team, the sport becomes much more interesting. Moreover, Jimmie Johnson's dominance can be compared to Roger Federer in tennis or Tiger Woods in golf, in those cases, I root for people to take the leader down, usually creates some epic match-ups. Saying all that, I'm still not sold as a NASCAR fan, but I'm coming around a little bit!