Friday, April 30, 2010

3 Problems With The Brewers Right Now!

I hate to do this, but after a talk about the Brewers with a friend over lunch, I need to explain three problems I have with the big league team at this moment. The Milwaukee Brewers have lost six of their last seven, including three straight. They take on the San Diego Padres once again tonight in game two of their ten game road trip as Dave Bush takes the mound. Here are three reasons the Brewers fans shouldn't be optimistic about the rest of the season:

1.) Pitching, Pitching, and once again Pitching
I could realistically use these for all three of my reasons, but I'll keep it to one, the Brewers once again sport a pitching staff ranked in the bottom fourth of the majors. They've allowed 126 runs in 22 games, that's good for 5.72 runs a game, not very good to say the least. Not only are the Brewers' starters not putting up quality starts, the closer Trevor Hoffman already has 4 blown saves in 6 opportunities. Hoffman gave up two homeruns all of last year, while he has already given up four this year.

2.) Run Differential?
For those of you who do not know what this stat is, its fairly simple, Runs Scored minus Runs Allowed. At the end of the year, the teams with the best run differential usually make the playoffs, pretty intuitive. The best team in baseball right now is the Tampa Bay Rays who also have the best run differential of +69, where are the Brewers at? As I mentioned above, the Brewers have allowed 126 runs but also scored 126 runs, giving them a run differential of zero. Last year Milwaukee ended the season with a run differential of -33, meaning they gave up 33 more runs than they scored despite having one of the best offenses in all of the majors.

3.) What to do with Fielder?
With the recent extension given to Ryan Howard by the Philadelphia Phillies (5 year-$125 million), I think it's safe to say Fielder will not be a Brewer next year. Many teams will be looking to acquire the power hitting first baseman, so what will GM Doug Melvin be asking for in return? The obvious answer is pitching, but will it be an established ace or group of prospects. I hope it's the latter, I don't think we need to repeat the Sabathia experience (having an ace come in for half of a season and leave). It's been well publicized that the Brewers are losing money and have no more money to give another major contract, thus they must depend on the development of some acquired prospects to resurrect the pitching staff.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter or upset about the Brewers situation at the moment, but they must deal with these problems in order to have a successful season on the field. Their main priority going into the off season was to balance the offense and pitching and as of right now, I would say that was not fixed. They haven't hit rock-bottom yet, but a lot will be said about this team at the end of the current ten game road trip if they can't put forth a string of quality starts. I'll end on that note, GO BREWERS!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Up Late Doing Homework, Why Not Hit Up The Blog!

Hey ladies and gents, hope everyone is enjoying the Eastern Conference favorites dominate their opponents (albeit the Bulls pulled out Game 3) and the Western Conference create some awesome basketball match-ups! Here are some brief comments on tonight's games:

1.) Game 3 Boston Celtics @ Miami Heat (Celtics won 100-98 and Celtics lead series 3-0)
There goes any chance of the Heat taking out the pesky Boston Celtics. Paul Pierce looked amazing with 32 points and the game-winning buzzer beater. Despite Dwyane Wade putting up an inspiring 34, Jermaine O'Neal posted another 2 point game (1-7 from the field). Sorry Miami fans, Wade can't win the game by his-self.

2.) Game 3 Dallas Mavericks @ San Antonio Spurs (Spurs won 94-90 and Spurs lead series 2-1)
Getting 17 from George Hill was huge for the Spurs, if Nowitzki is going to score 35 and the Mavs lose, what can you do, but say great game San Antonio? With the Spurs now in the driver seat with homecourt advantage, I think I might have to change my initial prediction and lean towards the Spurs in this series. Spurs coach Greg Popovich continues to impress with what he has!

3.) Game 3 Denver Nuggets @ Utah Jazz (Jazz won 105-93 and Jazz lead series 2-1)
I know who my first round sixth man award goes to (if there was such an award), Paul Millsap, for his 19 rebounds and 22 points on 11-14 shooting! The Denver Nuggets just look sad right now, I don't know what else to say!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lebron is a King (Where You Been Nick?)

There's nothing better than the NBA playoffs, thus why I need to be covering the festivities as much as I can on the blog! Here's my brief thoughts on today's two games:

1.) Chicago Bulls @ Cleveland Cavs Game 2 (Cavs win 112-102 and lead the series 2-0)
What a game for the Bulls' young center Joakim Noah, 25 points and 13 rebounds, but just not enough against the Eastern Conference favorites in the Cavs. Lebron did his best Kobe Bryant impression by going 16-23 from the field for a 40 spot where he looked like a sweet-sweet jump shooter. Keep up the all-around game and I'm ready to place the crown on Prince James myself (those of you familiar with my sports beliefs know that was hurtful to say)! The Bulls are pretty much dead in this series even though they played some encouraging basketball tonight, just shot poorly from the field compared to the home team. If the Bulls were to rally in the 4th when they pulled within three, they would have realistically had a chance at pushing the series to six or seven games. However, they did not rally and now are facing a sweep in my opinion, Bulls fans should consider their selves lucky if they see their team play in Cleveland in Game 5.

2.) Utah Jazz @ Denver Nuggets Game 2 (Jazz win 114-111 to tie series 1-1)
Who doesn't love a basketball game that's on until almost one in the morning, especially one that goes down to the wire? I know I could watch the point guard battle between Deron Williams and Chauncey Billups all night long! Nevertheless, lets not talk about offensive charge calls (three late ones including one which eventually lead to Carmelo Anthony fouling out) and discuss the implications of tonight's result. I know the Jazz were short-handed but this win should be no surprise because we all knew the Denver Nuggets came into this series limping at best. I initially thought the Nuggets would win this series in seven games and I'm in no way changing that prediction, especially with the way the Jazz play at home, stay tuned to an intriguing series!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun Sports Day But Looking Forward To Tomorrow!

Today was an entertaining day in the wide world of sports, Opening Day in the MLB and the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship! How bout Albert Pujols, that guy is amazing, 4 for 5 with two home-runs and three RBIs, how do you pitch to him? The Brewers did a great job of putting the bat on the ball against the Rockies, but couldn't produce any runs, let's hope they pick it up tomorrow (they are on Streak For The Cash, duh duh duhhhhhhhh)! For those streakers who want to make an early pick tomorrow, check out the cricket info I've dug up:

1.) CRICKET 9:00 AM (Indian Premier League: Who will win this matchup?) Mumbai Indians @ Chennai Super Kings
Early streakers seem to be favoring the Super Kings of Chennai and I don't really know why. Mumbai is first in the IPL standings with a 7-1 record and +1.41 net run rate, for those of you who don't know the game of cricket, that's pretty good! By comparison, the Super Kings are 4-5 with a +0.04 net run rate. In addition to those stats, Mumbai beat Chennai fairly easily back on March 25th. The only reason I can fathom a logical explanation for streakers favoring Chennai is because the last four home-teams have won the cricket match-ups on Streak For The Cash, something the Streak Master is probably looking at. Moreover, most people have no knowledge at all regarding cricket and figure the Super Kings is a pretty cool team-name! Regardless of the cool team-name, I'll stick with the first-place Indians of Mumbai!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

MLB Opening Day Makes For An Interesting Time On SFTC!

The board is full of MLB games for Opening Day tomorrow, but I think I'll wait to see how pitchers fare after a couple of weeks (Sabathia and Beckett were horrible earlier tonight)!Don't want to brag, but my soccer research did pay off last night when Birmingham pulled off the draw against Liverpool this morning. I thought I would provide a little knowledge on tomorrow's soccer match-up as well.

1.) SOCCER 9:00 AM (English Championship: What will be the match result?) West Bromwich Albion (Win) @ Watford (Win or Draw)
This match-up is hard to swallow, West Bromwich Albion (WBA) is the second best team in the English Championship League and Watford dwells towards the bottom of those same standings. Moreover, WBA smacked Watford 5-0 at home earlier this season. I'm not really sure what the Streakmaster is thinking, is he trying to trick everyone with an easy match-up or is this really a trap-game. The game also matters to both teams, WBA can be promoted to the Premier League with a win and Watford simply needs the game to salvage the season. I think I'll lean towards WBA because they are not a horrible road team and they handled Watford earlier this season!

Happy Easter Folks!

I'm finally back in Wisconsin after the grueling sixteen hour drive from Texas and at the same time, I'm ready to change around my horrible losing streak of five on ESPN's Streak For The Cash. Sorry for giving you guys the wrong picks on my previews yesterday, luck was not on my side yesterday, hoping the Easter Bunny can bring me some today! In my defense, the match-ups were very close. Also, I would like to thank-you for yesterday's comments, it's always nice to hear some other opinions out there. Just because I'm tired, here's a quick preview for the early soccer prop tomorrow:

1.) SOCCER 9:00 AM (English Premier League: What will the match result be?) Liverpool (Win) @ Birmingham (Win or Draw)

Once again, the immensely popular Liverpool squad is making an appearance on streak for the cash, this time with Birmingham. Liverpool is favored on the road, however, Birmingham has not given up a win in over seven months at home. Not only that, but Liverpool hasn't performed very well on the road, thus I'm leaning towards the Blues of Birmingham, but you never know, right?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back Again!

Hey Y'all, now that I'm done with my vacation in Texas, I can get back to sports talk! With the new month of April and the exciting spring season here, we can focus on the sweet sweet game of ESPN's Streak For The Cash. NHL Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, MLB Baseball, NCAA Basketball Final Four/Championship, NCAA Frozen Four and the Masters should make it a very interesting month on the pick board. Also feel free to leave comments, a new feature allows anyone to do so now! Here are some intriguing match-ups for tomorrow:

1.) SOCCER 8:00 AM (Italian Serie A: What will be the match result?) AS Roma (Win) @ Bari (Win or Draw)
Unless you have a significant streak, why not take the earliest pick on the board? I'm not an expert on Italian soccer, but I do know AS Roma is a decent team and is favored to win this game, even on the road. However, Bari has proven to hold it's own, posting an impressive 9-2-3 record at home. The two teams did meet back on November 22nd at AS Roma which resulted in a AS Roma win by the score of 3-1. I expect the Streakmaster to try to trick streakers with this one, due to the decisive win back in November and AS Roma's reputation as a top Italian Series team. I would take my chances with Bari!

2.) NASCAR 2:30 PM (NASCAR Nationwide Nashville: Which driver will have the better finish?) Carl Edwards vs. Brad Keselowski
I don't care what anyone says, stock car racing is a sport and I'm quite happy to see the props on the board when they show up on the weekend! For those of you who do not know, these are the two of the top young racers in the game, in a race at Talledega last year, Edwards and Keselowski were involved in a crash which sent Edwards car airborne and injured seven fans (picture above is Edwards car)! The two were featured in a streak for cash prop last month where Keselowski had the better finish. I believe this is the key to this prop because the Streakmaster feels people will now pick Keselowski this time. However, Edwards has done very well in Nashville in the past, winning there four times (three in the nationwide series and one in the truck series) compared to Keselowski's one win in Nashville. If not interested in the prop, stay familiar with these names because they are two up and coming racers, Edwards is #1 in nationwide standings while Keselowski comes in at #2! I like Edwards to get the better of Keselowski this time!