Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Please Send Butler to Milwaukee!

Rumors have been swirling that the Washington Wizards' SF Caron Butler could be traded this season and the most likely destination would be Milwaukee. Fresh off a 94-84 loss to the Charlotte Bobcats (12-17), the Milwaukee Bucks (12-17) have went 4-14 in their last 18 games. They are badly in need of a notable small forward, Carlos Delfino and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute just haven't been able to get the job done this season. Butler's 17.2 points per game would provide the Bucks with another scoring option outside of rookie PG Brandon Jennings and C Andrew Bogut. Who would the Bucks have to give up to get Butler? Why not Michael Redd, the Bucks seem to play better without him in the lineup, however, Redd has obviously not recovered fully from his knee surgery earlier in the year. Not only that, but Redd is due to become a free agent next year while Butler is signed through the 2010-11 NBA season. Not sure if the Wizards would want Redd, but a combo package with Redd and younger player of their choice couldn't be a bad deal. Butler, a Racine native has also expressed his desire to play in Milwaukee in the past to be closer to his family and friends. At the same time, I could also see the Wizards holding on to the two-time all star, not only can he score, he's a solid defender. As a Bucks fan, I would love to see the trade, the NBA is a league where any player can be traded during any given year and that is why I ask please send Butler to Milwaukee!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everything Will Be Alright!

To quote a close friend of mine, "your blog is dying!" What better way to show my blog's vitality than a Tiger Woods opinion post, right? Everyone has heard the news by now, so I won't go into the juicy details. Personally, I believe the story may be slightly overblown, but I don't blame the media for taking advantage of the opportunity. Beyond super-star athletes like Tiger Woods should know that privacy outside the home is almost non-existent and that is why I'm not entirely behind the golfer. His biggest mistake was not admitting to the correct story right away. Our nation is very forgiving (e.g. Favre with painkiller addiction and Kobe's rape trial), but Tiger may have lost some of this nation's trust with his faulty decisions in the beginning. However, Tiger's choice to take a break from golf was the right move, family should come first! I believe a six-month to one-year break should be considered before Woods decides to come back to the golf course. An early return will only create a media circus and resurface the crazy questions brought up in the last few weeks. After the break, Tiger can re-commit to the game of golf and work on breaking Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 majors! Woods has an opportunity to grow from this experience and show everyone what kind of person he is, I think he will take advantage of that opportunity and reclaim his status as one of the best athletes of all time!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brewers Sign Randy Wolf!!!!

The Brewers decided to make a splash in the free-agent market today by signing veteran starting pitcher Randy Wolf. The deal includes three years and $29.75 million, as well as a fourth-year option. This kind of deal may be a little steep for a 34-year old lefty, but the Brewers are determined to make a push at the playoffs next year. Going into the Winter Meetings, they made it clear that signing two starting pitchers is their primary goal for this off-season. Wolf had a solid year last year, going 11-7 with a 3.23 ERA on a NL West winning Los Angeles Dodgers team. In a year with John Lackey being the biggest starting pitcher on the market, Brewers fans should be optimistic about the move, not only did we have this kind of money to offer, I think Wolf will be a great compliment to Yovani Gallardo, having another lefty in the starting rotation never hurts!

Fantasy Football: Congrats to Rory Linton, Nick Lowenburg, Kari Klitzman and Mike Szombatfalvy for making the playoffs in the fantasy football league. For the rest of you, it was a great year and remember money can still be won every week! For instance, Matt and his Team Epic Fails were able to win $5 this week with an unbelievable performance! If you haven't turned in your fantasy football fees, please do so ASAP at the end of the season, so we can get people their winnings!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Really Do Mean Playoffs Now!

Alright guys, after a few headaches, I've realized that it's near impossible to write out every scenario because the middle bunch is so jumbled and no 6-5 teams play one another this week. Instead I will give everyone the most likely scenario to get into the playoffs, check this out:

No Chance:
Team Harwood (3-8), Team Snuggle (4-7), Philadelphia Fakeouts (5-7)
But guess what guys, take a lesson from Fakeouts and grab that baller pot, he's now $5 richer from his performance last week, even though he's not in the running for the big money!

Team Trader (5-6): Basically no chance, but to show you an example of the craziness!
Needs to Win
AND Team Klitzman/Team Shake Junt Losses
AND 52 more points than Team Dogfighters/97 more points than Team Klitzman/32 more points than Team Shake Junt
AND Team Campbell/Team Epic Fail Losses
OR 49 more points than Team Campbell/48 more points than Epic Fail

Team Campbell(5-6): Look above at Team Trader, not looking good!

Team Epic Fail(5-6): A little better than Jason and Robert but not much, a lot of people are counting on you beating Team Szombatfalvy!

Team Dogfighers (5-6): Has the best chance of the 5-6 teams!
Needs to Win by at least 33 against Team Klitzman
AND Team Shake Junt/Team Eggroll Losses
AND Stay Ahead of the rest of the 5-6 Teams if they were to win

Team Eggroll (6-5): The low score last week really hurt little man, probably not going to win a tiebreaker!
Needs to Win
AND Hope for Losses from Team Klitzman/Team Shake Junt

Team Shake Junt (6-5): Has a few options!
AND Team Klitzman loses
AND Team Szombatfaly loses
AND Score 21 more points than Team Szombatfalvy

Team Klitzman (6-5): Pretty safe to say she wins and she's in!
Lose by less than 33 against Team Dogfighters
AND Team Shake Junt/Team Eggroll Lose

Team Szombatfaly (7-4): Win and the big man is in!
Team Shake Junt/Team Eggroll/Team Klitzman all lose
Team Shake Junt score less than 21 more
Score 44 more than Team Klitzman

Nick L's Team (8-4): Pretty safe in his 2nd spot!

Team Linton (8-3): Win or score more than 36 in a loss and he's the number one seed! Fairly safe to say Rory will be are #1 seed in this year's fantasy playoffs!

Nick's Prediction:
People are going to have to play for pride this week, alot is on the line! I can't see the standings changing much, I think the four teams in playoff spots right now will stay where they are at! Team Szombatfalvy and Team Klitzman may change spaces, but that's most likely about it! Who knows though, it's fantasy football! Nevertheless, Chad and Team Dogfighers can really mix things up with an upset over Team Klitzman, but with her projections this week, I don't see that happening. Stay tuned for fantasy playoff predictions in the near future!

Let's Put An End to the Current MVP Debate!

Everyone is ready to crown Brett Favre as the 2009 MVP, but I'm not so sure, yes he has 24 TDs and ONLY 3 INTs, but lets look at all of the major passing categories!

Completion Percentage: Manning (70.4%) Favre (69.3%) Brees (68.1%)
Yards: Manning (3415) Favre (2874) Brees (3117)
Touch-Downs: Manning (24) Favre (24) Brees (27)
Interceptions: Manning (11) Favre (3) Brees (9)
Rating: Manning (102.5) Favre (112.1) Brees (112.6)
Yards Per Game: Manning (310) Favre (261) Brees (283)
Wins: Manning (11) Favre (10) Brees (11)

Let me add up the tallies for you: Manning (3.5) Favre (1) Brees (2.5)

I love the Favre story as much as anyone, but he cannot be named the MVP this year unless he can increase his production, Manning and Brees are not only out-producing the man, but their teams are also out-performing the Vikings. I personally think Manning is the MVP right now, his numbers don't lie (those are the major passing categories, no bias), his team is undefeated, and I think it's also safe to say that Peyton has put that Indianapolis team on his back in the last couple of weeks! I also don't want to indicate any kind of quarterback bias, so I'm going to throw another guy in the mix for the MVP this year, Chris Johnson! The Titans would be no-where without this guy and he may be the only reason (minus a Vince Young) Tennessee became the first team in NFL history to win five straight after starting the season 0-6. Just something to think about, let me know what you think, who is your MVP this year?