Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Playoffs, What Do You Mean Playoffs?

Yes, it's about that time, the culmination of a hard-fought fantasy football season, where all the money is made, the sweet-sweet fantasy playoffs! Only Week 12 and 13 stand between the fantasy regular season and fantasy playoffs. I've looked at the standings and the remaining games and surprisingly a lot of teams are still alive, maybe barely alive, but still breathing! Before I briefly explain how the scenarios line up for groups of teams, let me remind everyone the awards given out to three of the four playoff teams:

1st Place - $125
2nd Place - $50
3rd Place - $20

Those are some nice awards to go along with any pity or baller pots you may have won! Speaking of the baller pot, congrats to Mike and his Team Szombatfalvy for winning the Week 11 Baller Pot with 114 points!

On to the terribly confusing playoff scenarios, at first look, I thought this probably is not bad, most teams are mathematically eliminated right? Wrong, almost every team still has a chance! Of course, some are better than others, but here are some huge games in the next week that everyone should keep their eyes on:

Team Linton (7-3) @ Team Dogfighters (5-5)
Team Shake Junt (5-5) @ Team Epic Fail (5-5)
Team Egg Roll (6-4) @ Team Szombatfalvy (6-4)

After next week, I can give specific team by team scenarios for the playoffs, but now I'm going to keep it to groups because those match-ups highlighted above have too many implications for slotting!

Better Luck Next Year
Philadelphia Fakeouts (3-7) and Team Harwood (3-7)

These are the only teams that are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs! Don't worry guys, being a spoiler is always fun, and there's always next year!

Living On Life Support
Team Campbell (4-6) and Team Snuggle (4-6) and Team Trader (4-6)

These remaining teams have to win their last two games + score many points
Hope for Team Dogfighters/Team Epic Fail/Team Shake Junt to lose at least one of their remaining games.
Hope for Team Klitzman to lose her remaining game
Hope for the loser and winner of Week 12 Team Egg Roll @ Team Szombatfalvy to lose on Week 13

Need A Little Help
Team Dogfighters (5-5) and Epic Fail (5-5) and Team Shake Junt (5-5)

Win both remaining games + score many points
Win one game + score many points
Hope for loss from Team Klitzman/Team Eggroll/Team Szombatfalvy and other teams in your own category
Beat Life Support Teams in a tie-breaker if one was to win both remaining games

Control Their Own Destiny
Team Linton (7-3), Team Szombatfalvy (6-4), Team Eggroll (6-5), Team Klitzman (6-5)

Rory and Team Linton only need to win one of two remaining games to claim a playoff spot
Kari has a bye during Week 12 and will most likely be in with a win in Week 13 because she has a very nice point total!
The other two can clinch with two wins
One win
A loss from teams in the category or two losses from Rory
An advantage in the tiebreaker over teams in previous categories

Last year's champion Nick Lowenburg (8-3) is officially the first team in the playoffs, where he will be seeded is TBD!

If you can't exactly understand the scenarios, don't worry, the picture will become much much clear next week! Take care everyone!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Night Heroes!

Today is not a great day, I have a terrible cough and my fantasy chances are slim to none. However, a Packers win and the 5-2 Milwaukee Bucks (take on the Dallas Mavericks tonight on NBA TV at 7 CT) are keeping my attitude in check! Yesterday may have been one of the weirdest fantasy days I've ever encountered, some questionable calls late in games and some unusual players breaking out made it a very entertaining Sunday! A Ravens vs. Browns game is not the ideal way to culminate Week 10 of the NFL Regular Season, but who knows, maybe it will be a good one! Here's how the fantasy match-ups stacked up this week:

1.) Team Snuggle (74 points) @ Team Dogfighters (99 points)
I really could have used that touchdown from MJD (20 points) late in the game against the Jets yesterday, but I think the kneel-down was a smart play! How often are extra-point kicks missed, almost never, thus the Jaguars made a good call to win the game as time expired with the very short field goal! Chad received a little luck with two pick-sixes from the Titans D/ST (19 points) in the last three minutes of their game with the Buffalo Bills, but I'm not trying to take anything away from Team Dogfighter's respectable week! Reggie Wayne (24 points) looked great in Indianapolis! The match-up is not over, but things do not look good, I have the Ravens D/ST (proj. of 10) still left to play. Barring a miracle, I think Chad will stay in the playoff hunt and I will be forced to run the table the rest of the way to have a shot!

2.) Team Trader (100 points) @ Nick L's Team (60 points)
Chris Johnson (35 points) is absolutely nuts and the Buffalo Bills' rushing defense is the worst in the league! Robert and his Team Trader may have won the most pity pots, but this week he is a contender for the baller pot as the first team to eclipse the 100 mark this week! Lowenburg's team played very poorly this week, Randy Moss (29 points) was the only player to show up. This match is officially over, Robert looks for money tonight and Nick L. looks to next week!

3.) Team Eggroll (41 points) @ Team Harwood (59 points)
Isaac cannot be very happy about this week, a high ankle injury to Michael Turner (11 points) and zero catches for Nate Burleson (0 points). Fortunately for Little Man, Tim received minimal help from his Team Harwood, Barber (3 points) and Mendenhall (3 points) were close to non-existent this weekend! Isaac has high-flying Ravens Joe Flacco (proj. of 14) and Ray Rice (proj. of 28) to play tonight! Team Eggroll should prove to be victorious with a couple of MNH's, but the team can't have a lot of confidence after a disappointing week! Tim pretty much drops out of the playoff race with the loss this week.

4.) Team Linton (76 points) @ Team Szombatfalvy (84 points)
Team Szombatfaly has to be the hottest team in our fantasy league! With his fifth straight fantasy win over the top fantasy team, he's making a statement by showing that he wants one of those last fantasy playoff spots! Who cares if he has Le'Ron McClain (proj. of 2) playing tonight because he has no need for the man, maybe the fantasy win will offset his feelings for his favorite team, the mess also known as the Cleveland Browns! Rory shouldn't be very worried, he still has AP and Benson's injury doesn't appear to be serious. I can't see the future, but with the way things are looking, these two guys could be matching up again later!

5.) Team Shake Junt (89 points) @ Team Klitzman (90 points)
Coming off a two-game losing streak, Kari and her Team Klitzman look primed to take the baller pot from Team Trader's hands! She has Derrick Mason (proj. of 6) and Todd Heap (proj. of 10) to play tonight against a very bad Brown's defense. Joe takes another loss after winning last week and is probably feeling like the playoffs are very distant. Similar to my situation, Team Shake Junt may have to run the table to have even a chance at the playoffs. Kari's team put forth a balanced effort to keep her in a playoff spot!

6.) Philadelphia Fakeouts (44 points) @ Epic Fail (90 points)
Behind Joseph Addai's (18 points) solid rushing performance against the Patriots, Matt keeps his playoff chances alive, even though he also must run the table to have a chance. The Fakeouts are definitely out of the playoff hunt and had to watch another Westbrook concussion. Marques Colston (-1 points) had a projection of 20, very sad to see numbers like that. No possible MNH's in this one and always remember, the baller pot is on the table for the rest of the season!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 10 Predictions!

Cutting it close today, but I'm ready to watch the Steelers/Bengals and Vikings/Lions in less than an hour! I'm also hoping Aaron Rodgers can stay away from DeMarcus Ware in an evening game, that guy is a beast! This will be the shortest prediction section I'll ever do, so try to stay entertained by the one or two sentances that I provide:

Trader(3-5) at MY SICK EPICS! Nick Lowenberg(7-2)
Line: Nick L. by 37
Jay Cutler is a pretty solid QB on a less than par team. He posted a lot of yards on Thursday but was canceled out by 5 ints that cant all be considered his fault. A final total of 2 points is terrible, but the 49ers defense made up for it with 17. 26 points is an ok total for 3 players used but lets face it, Nicks team is SICK. Trader has close to zero chance to winning this.
Chad’s Prediction: Nick

Hmm, zero percent chance of winning? Despite the overstatement, I'll agree, Nick's team is no doubt sick, but he has been known to have some off weeks, so anything can happen. Chris Johnson's projection of 37 is sick, I'm always weary of a high prediction like that because the players usually never get near a prediction like that, but once again, you never know! I'm basically going to give the edge to Nick because he has the best group of fantasy receivers, Moss and Jackson are both elite wide-outs.
Nick's Prediction: Nick Lowenburg rolls to keep pace with Team Linton

Eggroll (4-4) at Harwood (3-5)
Line: Egg by 35
Joe Flacco posted 17 the first time around, Browns suck. Turner has 50 points in the last two games? I’m pretty sure Jarad Allen will have more points than a few players on Harwoods roster so it’s a good thing he is starting Vikings D. On the opposite end of the spectrum, why is he starting Lions kicker?
Chad’s Prediction: Lee

Why not start the Lion's kicker, the Lions will not be shut out? I would argue it's a good move because the Vikings will most likely keep the Lions out of the end-zone but field goals are still a great possibility. Unfortunately for Tim, I would go as far to say Isaac's Team Eggroll may be the hottest fantasy team right now, definitly on the uprise, Ray Rice should have a huge week! Only chance Tim has is if Mendenhall and Barber can have big days in their respective games.
Nick's Prediction: Team Eggroll is super hot, he's thinking playoffs!

Line: Rory by 8
Im’ going to go ahead and say that I really hope Szom loses this game on account of, he is my main competition right now. Kurt Warner goes 5 ints one week then 5 Tds the next. Hmmm. Well I hope seattle can contain him. Adrian Peterson has probably the best matchup in the NFL, and Rodgers can post numbers but not wins. I imagine Rory should handle fine.
Chad’s Prediction: Rory

Benson and Peterson, that's all I have to say!
Nick's Prediction: Rory wins big!

Shake Junt(4-4) at Klitzman (5-4)
Line: Junt by 17
Frank Gore has been mr reliable ever since coming back from his injury. 19,21, and 18 in last three weeks. Big Ben and Rivers both have some stiff competition today vs. Cincy and the Eagles. It looks like Joe will be sitting Marshall even though he posted 110 yards against a Pit defense last week. Pretty solid. I wonder what he would do to a redskin secondary this week? In Joe’s defense, he has a lot of depth in his receiving core. Joe has a good chance this week especially with Kari’s Andre Johnson on bye.
Chad’s Prediction: Joe

Shouldn't be a surprise, this match-up comes down to running backs! I think Kari has the edge in that department, seeing that she is starting three of them to Joe's two. Frank Gore did not dissapoint and Jamaal Charles should have a big day against a lackluster Oakland run defense. I really hope Miles Austin doesn't have a big day against my team, but I'll admit it's a good possibility. Derrick Mason and surprising Mike Wallace should both have solid weeks, so I think you know where I'm going with this pick, Chad and I can't be the same on every pick, that would be no fun!
Nick's Prediction: Kari keeps her playoff spot!

Fakeouts(2-6) at Epic Fail(3-5)
Line: Matt by 7
This game is pretty much meaningless since both teams playoff hopes are slim to none. Matt’s newly acquired Vernon Davis was a bust this week only posting 1 point. ESPN is really liking Brett Favre this week with 23 point projection(3 tds and no ints). If that actually happened he would be at 19 tds and 3 ints on the season… I can feel a 4th mvp title on the way. Im going to go ahead and pick this as an upset, haha
Chad’s Prediction: Fakeouts break 3 game losing streak.

Only Chad would turn the fantasy prediction into an opportunity to gloat about Favre! I can't see him having that good of day, they will run the ball against the Lions, their secondary is a lot better than their front-line so not why run with "All Day"! Matt's Grant and Addai should both have respectable outings and Fakeouts Colston and Bowe should do the same, but you know me, go with the running backs!
Nick's Prediction: Matt bounces back with a win!

Dogfighters(4-4) vs Snuggle(4-4)
Line: Snuggle by 5
I mentioned yesterday to nick that the winner of this game will make the playoffs and the loser will not. It’s a huge match. I was pretty disappointed when I saw that Forte only had 40 yards rushing, then overjoyed after seeing 120 receiving! Crabtree and Bennett were let downs for both teams. How good is MJD? Maybe the jets solid run defense will step up this week and stop him? Espn doesn’t think so with 18 projection. I expect Patriots and Colts to be a shootout so Reggie Wayne should have a huge game. Can’t go against myself this week. I expect Nick to pick himself also!
Chad’s Prediction: Chad

Chad can be so smart sometimes, haha, yes I will pick myself, but I'll do a little analysis! I was hoping DeAngelo Williams would be out today because that would have been huge for Jonathan Stewart, I'm crossing my fingers that Fargas will produce more than Stewart on my bench! I'm glad he mentioned Wayne because I think he's the key in the match-up, he will get his yards, I'm hoping he will be kept out of the end-zone though! If Wayne can be contained, I think the Ravens D/ST will put me in to the winners circle, but this match-up will be very close. I'm not going to say that the winner of this match-up makes the playoffs or the loser misses because there are still three weeks to go and a lot of teams in the race. After next week, I will let everyone know their playoff scenarios!
Nick's Prediction: Nick wins in a very very close one!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nick L. Nabs the Baller Pot and Warner Is Not Done!

Nick Lowenburg put up an amazing 134 points this week in a rout of Matt's fantasy team! After falling victim to last week's Baller Pot winner (Me!), Nick is back on track and appears to once again have the most explosive fantasy team! The greatest thing about Lowenburg winning the award this week was picking out the picture to use for the blog, many funny pictures to choose from!

MVP OF THE WEEK: Kurt Warner (Team Szombatfalvy)
30 points (22/32, 265 YDs, 5 TDs)
Brett Favre is not the only old man getting it done in the NFL these days, Warner comes into this season at 38 years of age, not quite old as Favre, but we are also talking about someone who played in the Super Bowl last year! He arguably has the best wide-out (Larry Fitzgerald) in the NFL, but great supporting backs and receivers doesn't stop the media and everyone else from praising Manning, Brees, and Favre. I guess my point is that Warner needs to get a little more credit when he plays well like the others mentioned above instead of an emphasis on his horrific week of five interceptions against the Panthers! Mike should feel safe starting the veteran QB next week against a Seattle defense that ranks 17th in the league against the pass!

FREE AGENT OF THE WEEK: Tampa's QB Josh Freeman (22 points)
This one is painful because I really don't know if Freeman is good as his fantasy output looks. I think the Packers simply played very badly and let the rookie QB get his team back in the game, it's not like he made any spectacular plays or anything. However, you cannot argue against the stat line, he had decent numbers (14/31, 205 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT and 4 rushes for 20 YDs)! If your team is in dire need of a QB, I would say take a chance, but I wouldn't put too much stock in him after this week!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Night Heroes!

Not much seems to be changing these days, the Colts and Saints continue to roll (a win is a win!), Nick Lowenburg's fantasy team is nuts, and the Packers offensive line continues on their quest as the worst offensive line ever! Despite the Packers losing and my lackluster fantasy outing this week, I'm still happy and let me tell you why! I'm now board certified to be on the radio, so keep those ears open and hopefully my sports knowledge will be heard through your speakers! In addition to my blog posts (thanks to everyone who takes the time to read), I'll let you know when I have upcoming shows or play-by-play broadcasts! Now it's time for the fantasy match-ups:

1.) Team Szombatfalvy (101 points) @ Team Snuggle (52 points)
Whoa, can you say best to worst? I basically received no production outside of MJD (18 points) who scored a touchdown late in their win over the Chiefs yesterday! For those of you who regularly read my fantasy predictions every week, I've mentioned Mike's team breaking out one of these weeks and here it was, why did it have to be against me? Kurt Warner (30 points) threw five touchdowns, two of them going to Larry Fitzgerald (24 points), nice double-point combination! To make things even worse, Mike still has Knowshon Moreno (5 points) to go tonight, all I can say is good week Mike!

2.) Team Klitzman (76 points) @ Team Eggroll (93 points)
Michael Turner (29 points) looked back to form this week against the Redskins and Isaac is reaping the benefits. Kari and her Team Klitzman also had to painfully endure Warner and Fitzgerald because she played the Bears D/ST (-4 points). Isaac still has the Steelers D/ST playing tonight! Kari will hold onto her playoff spot, but things are getting very interesting with all of the teams behind her at four wins a piece!

3.) Team Harwood (55 points) @ Team Trader (106 points)
If anything can be taken from this week, it would be that double-point combinations in fantasy football lead to huge point totals! Robert and his Team Trader had the pleasure of watching Jay Cutler (25 points) and Greg Olsen (25 points) hook up for three touchdown scores! Not bad for someone whose picture is most likely adjacent to the definition of pity pot in the dictionary but he's having none of that this week! Tim is hoping that a strong performance from Rashard Mendenhall (proj. of 4) will provide a little optimism for next week!

4.) Nick L's Team (134 points) @ Matt M's Team (84 points)
This match-up turned in to some kind of name battle and I'll admit I was lost! I don't even know what an epic is, but I'll go with it. Unfortunately, the actual fantasy match-up wasn't as exciting as the WOW-influenced names! Nick L's team must have been very upset about losing the number one spot in the standings because DeAngelo Williams (25 points) and Randy Moss (22 points) could not be stopped yesterday. Matt still has Broncos kicker Matt Prater (proj. of 13) to go tonight and had an amazing outing from Joseph Addai (22 points). A 90+ week is not a disappointment, however, playing an opponent's team who goes off is, I know from experience!

5.) Team Campbell (64 points) @ Team Linton (92 points)
Balance, that's what Rory has and he will be in every match-up because of it. The match-up stayed pretty close throughout the day until LeSean McCoy dropped 11 points on the Dallas Cowboys and put it out of reach for Jason and Team Campbell. I can see Team Campbell's Hines Ward (proj. of 14) having a big night, but not big enough for Rory to be upset this week. At 7-1, Rory is cruising towards clinching a spot in this year's fantasy playoffs!

6.) Team Shake Junt (34 points) @ Philadelphia Fakeouts (61 points)
That's right, saving the best for last, a total of four possible Monday Night Heroes suit up for this match-up tonight! Joe will probably contemplate fantasy retirement if Big Ben (proj. of 11), Correll Buckhalter (proj. of 6), and Brandon Marshall (proj. of 11) cannot push him over the top tonight. Dustin and his Fakeouts are also badly in need of this win to stay within contention of the fourth playoff spot, so he has Broncos TE Tony Scheffler (proj. of 3) to provide a little insurance for the current lead. I can't see Joe losing his third match-up in a row on another Monday Night, thus the fantasy gods will align the stars and provide Shake Junt with a win to keep him at the keyboard and not retired away from the fantasy football that we all love!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Small Break and Another Great Name For Nick L.!

Due to time restrictions and some minor technical difficulties, Chad and I will take a break from the fantasy picks this week! I'm not going to come out with any numbers or anything, but Chad definitely caught up to me in the fantasy picks last week, I had a horrendous week, I think I rushed it a little too much last week! Everyone should enjoy their Sunday full of NFL football, even if those pesky Vikings are not playing for those out there who like that kind of thing. Kudos to Nick L. for another great fantasy name (OMG, Check Out My Sick Epics!), it wouldn't be a fantasy league without taking a shot at one of the members for playing World of Warcraft! Happy Birthday shout-out to Kari Klitzman (a.k.a. the owner of Team Klitzman), when you see her at work the next couple of days, make sure to tell her how old she is!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Don't Know About This One!

If you've been to the fantasy league homepage or stumbled across an unusual e-mail, this may be old news, but a trade between Team Linton and Team FaBrees has went down!

Team Linton receives Hakeem Nicks and Eagles D/ST
Team FaBrees receives Vernon Davis and Seahawks D/ST

At first glance, this trade may look fairly even, but after further analysis, I would have to say big advantage to Rory and his Team Linton! Not only does he acquire the wide-out his team desperately needed, the 2nd ranked fantasy defense came with, was there a bow on that present? I know Matt needed a TE (Owen Daniels went down for the year), but that position is deep this year, there are still some decent options in the free agent pool right now (e.g. Fred Davis, Brandon Pettigrew)! The Seahawks D/ST? I have no idea how to justify that one? They do play the Lions this week and have future match-ups with the Rams and Bucs, but I can't fathom why someone would give up an Eagles defense who constantly cause turnovers for an inconsistent defense on a team which frankly is not very good. Congrats to Rory for finally getting rid of Vernon Davis, the man is skilled, but I can only see him going down from where he is at right now. With the emergence of Michael Crabtree, I can't see Davis being the go-to-man for much longer! Not only that, but Matt is not deep at the wide receiver position, letting go of Nicks could prove to be a bad decision. Everyone should be a little scared, the top team in the standings made a great move to significantly improve his personnel!

Yankees win their 27th World Series Title 7-3 behind Matsui’s 6 RBIs

On a cold Wednesday night in the Bronx, the World Series MVP Hideki Matsui powered the New York Yankees to a 7-3 win over the Philadelphia Phillies to clinch their first World Series title since 2000. Matsui went 3-4 with 6 RBIs to extend his postseason average to .349 and was a triple short of the cycle. The 6 RBIs ties a record set by a former Yankee, second baseman Bobby Richardson in the 1960 World Series.

Long time Yankee Derek Jeter also had three hits en route to his fifth World Series Championship. Pitcher Andy Pettitte provided a strong 5 2/3 innings for New York to get the win while Phillies starter Pedro Martinez received the loss. Pettitte masterfully shut down the Phillies power lefties Utley, Howard, and Ibanez who collectively went 3-10 on the night.

Matsui started the scoring with his two-run home run to right field off of Pedro Martinez in the bottom of second to make the score 2-0. The Phillies quickly struck back with a Jimmy Rollins sacrifice fly to bring in catcher Carlos Ruiz to cut the lead down to 2-1. In the bottom of the third, Matsui hit a two-RBI single to extend the score to 4-1.

Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel decided to take out Pedro Martinez after 77 pitches in the fifth inning and put in relief pitcher Chad Durbin. Durbin gave up a ground-rule double to Derek Jeter that would lead to a run after a single from Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira to give the home team a 5-1 advantage. Durbin continued to labor and walked the next hitter Alex Rodriguez. With the hot Matsui up next, Manuel decided to go with his lefty J.A. Happ, but it would prove to be the wrong move once again when Matsui hit a double to deep center to put the score out of reach for the Phillies at 7-1.

Pettitte was cruising until a sixth inning walk issued to Chase Utley, followed by an opposite field blast from Ryan Howard to shrink the deficit to 7-3. Following the home run, Ryan Howard could be heard yelling “Let’s Go,” but Pettitte struck out the next hitter Jayson Werth for the second out of the inning. After a Raul Ibanez double, Pettitte left the game to a standing ovation from the Yankees fans. Joba Chamberlain came in and forced Pedro Feliz to ground out for the final out of the inning.

Relievers Chamberlain, Marte, and closer Mariano Rivera would prove to be too much for the Phillies hitters as they failed to produce a rally and the Yankees triumphed by the score of 7-3.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Week 8 Baller Pot and Fantasy Studs!

Yeah, that's right, I'm ballin this week with my 118 points and a second consecutive fantasy win! Thanks to fantasy studs MJD and D-Nabb, who are two of the highest projected for week 9, Team Snuggle put a rout on Nick Lowenburg's top-ranked fantasy team. Snuggle is awarded $5 for the accomplishment!

MVP OF THE WEEK: Chris Johnson (Team Trader)
35 Points (239 Total Yards and 2 TDs)
The speedy Chris Johnson has been here before, with his MVP performance against Houston in week 2. However, this time Johnson was able to lead Robert and his Team Trader to a fantasy victory. Chris Johnson took all of the attention away from Vince Young's first start of the season while running all over the Jaguar's pathetic defense. The Jaguars are really bad, especially their defense, who knows about their offense? Johnson and the Titans head to San Francisco next week, expect the 49ers to key on CJ. This could mean a big day from Vince Young and the Titan receivers! With his second MVP performance, Chris Johnson sits as the third best fantasy back behind Maurice Jones-Drew and Adrian Peterson!

Houston's RB Ryan Moats (32 points)
Due to some fumble issues with sophomore back Steve Slaton, Ryan Moats took over the running back job this last Sunday. He did not disappoint against a Buffalo rushing defense that may be the worst in the NFL! He had 23 rushes for 126 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also caught a couple of passes for 25 yards. I'm sure people will be looking for the guy on the waiver wire, but I'm not quite sold on him yet, I think it's way too early to give up on the young Slaton. A tough match up with the Colts this week probably means a small contribution from the Houston rushing game, but Moats could prove to be a viable goal-line back!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Night Heroes!

What up guys, this week is plain crazy, we're going to have a new leader in the standings, a fight for the new baller pot (the fantasy team who scores the highest amount of fantasy points), and an even-more jumbled mess in the middle of the standings. Not sure if anyone will believe it, but a free agent move could make or break your season in the next couple of weeks, thus take a few minutes to decide if you want some money, I know what I'm doing! Here is how the exciting match-ups went down this week:

1.) Team Snuggle (102 points) @ Whoop 'Em 'Til His Hair Grays (57 points)
This match which was projected to be very close turned out to be a blowout! The Jaguars are terrible, but MJD managed to rack up 177 yards and 2 touchdowns on a meager 8 carries. That was good enough for 29 fantasy points and the boost I needed to put this match in the books. Team Snuggle still has Roddy White (proj. of 12) in an effort to win the baller pot, and Nick L. has Pierre Thomas (proj. of 12) to try to make it a more respectable margin of defeat!

2.) Team Trader (89 points) @ Team Campbell (42 points)
Interesting choice for Jason to go without a defense or kicker because of the Patriots bye week, but in reality it didn't matter, he can't win the pity pot and Robert probably would have won no matter what he did. Chris Johnson (35 points) looked amazing in the Titan's first victory of the year. Team Campbell has Reggie Bush (proj. of 3) to observe tonight, but he will have no impact on the result of this match!

3.) Philadelphia Fakeouts (56 points) @ Team Dogfighters (96 points)
Definitely a respectable total from Chad's team, Matt Forte (24 points) finally came through and Tony Romo (21 points) is on fire with three consecutive 20+ fantasy outputs! Dustin has to be disappointed with the benching of Steve Slaton when back-up Ryan Moats went off against a bad Buffalo rush defense. I wouldn't be too high on Moats though, I can't see them giving up on Slaton this early in his career. Brett Favre (25 points) had a good day for the Fakeouts, but that's about it, let's hope Marques Colston (proj. of 16) provides a little optimism to Dustin tonight! Solid win for Chad, he's moving up in the standings!

4.) Team Eggroll (64 points) @ Team Pokemon (22 points)
These scores look very low for a reason, Isaac has three fantasy players to go tonight while Matt has two suiting up in New Orleans! Unfortunately for Matt, the margin shouldn't change much, Matt had an horrendous fantasy day. The Cardinals D/ST (-3 points) were run over by the Panthers in a loss and recently hot TE Owen Daniels (2 points) is out for the year with a torn ACL. Isaac could end with a decent total with big days from Matt Ryan (proj. of 8), Michael Turner (proj. of 18), and NO's kicker John Carney (proj. of 8). Matt has Drew Brees (proj. of 22) and Mike Bell (proj. of 13) and simply needs a miracle to somehow win this match-up!

5.) Team Linton (112 points) @ Team Klitzman (92 points)
Here was the match-up of the week, officially over because there are no Monday Night players in this one. Kari lead for most of the day until the fourth quarter of the Packers/Vikings game when Aaron Rodgers (28 points) and Adrian Peterson (19 points) racked up a bunch of fantasy points. Kari received a boost from the Bears D/ST (26 points), but not quite enough to make up for the mediocre play of her receivers Andre Johnson(8 points) and Lee Evans (2 points)! Rory can only hope for Roddy White to score less than 10 fantasy points for the baller pot, but is awesome enough to jump to number one in the standings, good job Rory!

6.) Team Shake Junt (67 points) @ Team Szombatfalvy (49 points)
Here's the one match-up that could be affected by possible Monday Night Heroes and they are on Mike's roster! I can envision Joe thinking not again after last week's improbable fantasy loss on Monday Night. Mike has the Saints D/ST (proj. of 4), who have never scored below 5 fantasy points in any single week and Tony Gonzalez (proj. of 5). The Saints are usually pretty good against opposing tight ends, so I think Joe should be pretty safe with this situation, but to be sure I would root for the Falcons offense to put up some points! Joe had a misleading week, really not that bad, except for the fact that David Garrard (3 points) was bad and the Packers D/ST (-3 points) didn't help either. Luckily for Joe, Mike didn't receive much help from his team who has proved to be very inconsistent this year!