Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween, Week 8 Fantasy Predictions!!!!

It seems like its been a long week awaiting this 8th week in the NFL. It actually will be longer than the others because we gain an hour this week. I wont complain about the extra hour of partying tonight… Anyways on to predictions. Last week Nick predicted well, going 5-1, I went 4-2. I did manage to pick the pity again, giving me a 3-1 on the season for that. If there was one week this season that I pick below .500, its gunna be this one. There are a lot of great matchups that should make for an exciting week and potentially upsetting for some teams.
On the season:

Nick: 19-11 (.633)
Chad: 21-15 (.583)

Team Snuggle(3-3) at Nick Lowenberg (6-1)
Line: Nick L. by 4
This right here will be the matchup of the week, and I’m also calling it the upset of the week! If Andre Johnson is out for the game, Matt Schaub’s productivity will decline quite a bit. Marshawn Lynch is replacing Nick L’s most explosive player Moss in the flex position, should work out ok because the Texans give up most rushing tds in the nfl. If Westbrook sits out this game against the giants, I can see McNabb having a big game, looking to pass more than run especially with a giants defense that showed some holes in the secondary against the saints. MJD had two weeks to rest for this one but also had a terrible week against the titans for the first meeting. Im really skeptical about Kevin smiths projection of 25 even if its against the Rams.
Chad’s Prediction: Snuggle squeaks out a win

I love Kevin Smith this week, especially if Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford are nursing injuries, the Rams are the fourth worst team in the league against the rush! I'm scared of DeAngelo Williams this week because the Panthers have some serious quarterback to receiver problems, however, the Panthers do take on Arizona's number one rushing defense! For me to win this one, it's going to have to be a high scoring affair, luckily I think that's what it will be!
Nick's Prediction: Snuggle not quite scary enough for Halloween, but intimidating in fantasy football

Team Trader(1-5) at Team Campbell(3-4)
Line: Trader by 30
I imagine L.T. Brown and muhammad will be replacements for campbell’s team that is destroyed by a bye week, but hes still missing a defense and a kicker. The only thing he really has going for him this week is manning. If cutler and C. Johnson have a decent week, Trader might be able to pull in a 2nd win.
Chad’s Prediction: Trader Wins

I'm not quite sure if Muhammed or Calvin "Megatron" Johnson will play tomorrow and if they do, not sure if it makes a difference. Chad is right, Jason is completely annihilated with players on bye weeks. Chris Johnson should have a big week against the Jaguars and that's all Robert should need to pull out this victory!
Nick's Prediction: Trader gets a gift-wrapped win this week!

Team Eggroll(2-4) at Team Pokemon(3-3)
Line: Pokemon by 15
All of pokemon’s players have double digit projections including Brees who seems to be back on track with his huge fantasy ways. Will Ryan Grant be affected this week with the arrival of Ahman Green? Eggroll kinda has a win win situation going on in Atlanta, In the case Atlanta has a good week as a team, he has to assume that the air attack(Matt Ryan) will have big points, or the ground game(Turner) will have big points. Maybe even both. This week Turner is favored because of an amazing saints secondary. After reviewing both rosters, Ive decided that this will be the 2nd upset of the week.
Chad’s Prediction: Eggroll win’s

Not so fast Chad, I really do not like Matt Ryan this week while I love Drew Brees! The Saints defense is the real deal and Michael Turner has not been that good! The Falcons can win this game, but they're going to have to put up a lot of points. The Packers are not pleased with Ryan Grant, so I think Ahman Green will get a few carries, but it is the Vikings, so the running game shouldn't be much of a factor tomorrow. I think whoever wins the wide receiver battles this week will take the fantasy match and I'll just say I really like the rookie from North Carolina Hakeem Nicks!
Nick's Prediction: Matt and Team Pokemon win because the team name is Halloween-esque!

Team Linton(5-1) at Team Klitzman(5-2)
Line: Linton by 8
This is also is going to be a huge matchup! My first question is, who is Danny Amendola? Its linton’s flex play this week. Hes projected at 10 (more points than his entire season). To accompany Bryant Johnson from Detroit and Devin hester. Rory certainly is struggling in the wideout area but everywhere else is solid. Peterson only posted 9 with the first meeting against GB, but I expect more this week with GB concentrating on favre. With Lean Washington breaking his leg, and Me picking up Shonn Greene, Klitz had to resort to Arizona’s Beanie wells who is sharing plays with Hightower. Frank Gore didn’t do to much last week after returning from his injury but should produce against indys run defense. I expect this to be a pretty high scoring match.
Chad’s Prediction: Rory Wins

I've never seen a fantasy player so desperate for a wide receiver, Rory was trying to get rid of Vernon Davis all week, but finally made a deal with Joe for Devin Hester and Matt Cassell! This matchup which will determine second place in the fantasy standings depends a lot on the play of Andre Johnson. With his lung contusion, I'm not sure how well he will be able to run his routes, but who knows, he is the best wide receiver in the NFL! I really like Thomas Jones and Frank Gore this week, but I also really like LeSean McCoy and Aaron Rodgers, this will be such a nailbiter! To make it interesting, I'll go the other way!
Nick's Prediction: Kari provides a scare to the fantasy league with a quality win!

Team Shake Junt(3-3) at Team SZOMBATFALVY(3-4)
Line: Junt by 37
Despite Big ben and Holmes being on bye Junt still has ridiculous projections. Garrard seems to be better than sufficient replacement for ben, as he had 25 the first meeting against the titans. Im sure the match will be closer than 37 but its true that most of Mikes matchups just aren’t very good this week. Warner and Fitzgerald against number one pass defense Carolina? Yes. Moreno against ravens, and Gonzales vs a great saints secondary. Mike may keep it close but Junt should pull it off.
Chad’s Prediction: Junt wins

Last week, Joe had a very disappointing performance from his Team Shake Junt! He should bounce back just fine this week. I don't like the projection of 18 from Miles Austin because he has to be targeted by opposing defenses sometime soon. Chad is definitely right about Mike's bad matchups, I can't see him having a good week, let the standings be more jumbled!
Nick's Prediction: Joe wins big!

Philadelphia Fakeouts(2-4) at Team Dogfighters(3-4)
Line: Dogfighters by 17
This is yet another huge matchup this week! If westbrook cant play then Phily may have to consider J Jones or even Owens, who hasn’t even showed up yet this year. Colston has put up huge numbers in the last two weeks, almost 250 yards and 2 tds, so expect that to continue against Atlanta. Brett favre may have a little less production this week than week 4, Its gunna be hard for me to root against favre this week, but its for the good of my fantasy season! 144 yards and 2 tds last week for shonn greene was enough evidence for me to pick him up in place of Washington for the season. As I said last week, pick up any defense that plays the rams, I meant ANY! I got the lions this week instead of the giants against an explosive eagles team. This should be a close match but im really needing the win to salvage my season.
Chad’s Prediction: Chad Wins.

Let me start out with a bold prediction, the Rams will beat the Lions, so not sure how that one will work out Chad! I'm hoping Dustin puts in Julius Jones because I really like him this week against the Cowboys. This is going to be a great matchup, I really like Forte and Slaton. I need to go party, so I'm going to cut this short!
Nick's Prediction: Dustin Wins

Chad's Pity Pot Prediction: Team Campbell
Nick's Pity Pot Prediction: Team Campbell

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Night Heroes!

Hey guys, I thought about taking a break for the week because I'm overwhelmed with stuff to do, but then I re-evaluated my priorities and found some time for the beloved blog! However, this week's posts will be brief, I'll come out and say sorry about that. Yesterday was a great day with the hated Minnesota Vikings going down in Pittsburgh, I saw the tripping, did you? (I'm messing around, it was a bad call, maybe karma from the luck the Vikings have had this year?) Everyone called me crazy when I picked the Dolphins to beat the Saints this week, I guess I am crazy because the Saints really do have it all after their unbelievable rally to win yesterday. We also had some awesome fantasy match-ups, here's how they stack up:

1.) Team Shake Junt (71 points) @ Team Snuggle (63 points)
This could be the most interesting MNH match-up of the night, Joe has TE Brent Celek (proj. of 10) and I have QB Donovan McNabb (proj. of 12). I was very pessimistic going into this match up, I thought I had no chance, but after a lofty 20 point performance from the Colts D/ST and Joe's under performing fantasy stars Greg Jennings/Big Ben/Santonio Holmes, I started to believe I can win this match. Unfortunately I have to hope that D-Nabb can throw to his wide outs and not the tight end, not only that but the Redskins corners are pretty good! I'm going to be optimistic today and predict a win because I literally and mentally need it! Go Eagles (not Celek)!

2.) Slaughter Short Round (109 points) @ Team Eggroll (64 points)
Last year's champion cannot be stopped, Nick L. has an amazing team, we can only hope his team has a drop-off similar to Chad's team last year. This week has to be very disappointing for the Little Man, the Steelers who were projected in the negative (-1) ended up being the top scorer for Team Eggroll with 21 fantasy points. This puts Isaac in a must-win situation next week against Matt's Team Pokemon, while Nick L. has pretty much locked up a playoff position. Nick faces me next week in the battle of Nicks and a rematch of last year's championship game!

3.) Team Klitzman (64 points) @ Team Trader (54 points)
This match-up has pity pot and fantasy win/loss implications. Team Klitzman had an ugly week, Bears D/ST (-7 points), but could still pull off the win with a little help from the Eagles. Team Trader has the Redskins D/ST (proj. of 2) and Eagle's wide out Jeremy Maclin (proj. of 4) for possible Monday Night Heroes. Although they are not projected to help Robert win the match up, you never know, but I like Kari's chances tonight. If Kari does end up losing, there is a huge jumble for the third and fourth playoff spot, this year is turning out to be a great one!

4.) Team Campbell (102 points) @ Team Dogfighters (51 points)
Chad needs a lot of production tonight, but has the firepower to get it done with Clinton Portis (proj. of 13), DeSean Jackson (proj. of 4), Chris Cooley (proj. of 4) and David Akers (proj. of 11). I'm not sure if anyone has ever had four fantasy players on Monday night before, but I still think he will fall short because of Jason's fantasy team who is looking like they want to make a run at a playoff spot. Chad Ochocinco (23 points) will be tweeting all week about his dominant performance against the Bears and can we just give the MVP award to Peyton Manning (21 points) again, he's amazing!

5.) Team Harwood (64 points) @ Team Linton (87 points)

Tim's chance at pulling this win off is nearly impossible, he has Santana Moss (proj. of 3) and the Eagle's defense is no joke. In addition to that fact, the Redskins welcome new play-caller Sherman Lewis, who has been calling Bingo at the senior center for the last couple of years. Rory and his Team Linton will join Nick L. at the top of the standings and Tim will fall into the mess in the middle of the standings with the rest of us.

6.) Team Szombatfalvy (94 points) @ Philadelphia Fakeouts (88 points)
I'm thinking this match up will have a Monday Night Hero for sure and his name is Brian Westbrook (proj. of 13). Dustin should be happy because the Eagles will most likely be looking to utilize LeSean McCoy and Westbrook all night against the Redskins. Mike can only hope for a Westbrook injury or Redskin dominance of the Eagle's running game and I don't see that happening. Mike falls in a close match up once again and must win every week from now on to have a shot at the playoffs while Dustin's team is starting to emerge as fantasy threat in a similar manner to that of Team Campbell.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 7 Predictions!!!!

Last week Nick and I both went 4-2, keeping it pretty even between the both of us. Standings are as follows…

Nick: 14-10 (.583)
Chad: 17-13 (.567)

It’s pretty impressive keeping an above 500 record trying to predict FF. I had a conversation with Nick Lowenberg discussing the issue of drafting a QB in the first round vs. a running back. I argued that a running back is for sure the better option because they are more reliable from week to week. Point being that Brees #1 pick had a few single digit weeks. And Matt Schaub drafted in the 7th round is the number one fantasy QB. Nick made a few rebuttals saying that first round running backs, Forte, Jacobs, and westbrook have been busts. In fact other than MJD and Peterson, no first round running backs have been that great. FACT: top ten scoring players through week six include 2 RBs (Peterson, MJD) and 8 QBs. Yes 8! The top 4 being qb. I think this strongly correlates with the NFLs favored rules for the quarterback in recent years. With this information, do you think in years to come, quarterbacks will be first to go as opposed to RBs in FF? Anyway, on with the predictions…

I just wanted to throw in my two cents and let everyone know that my predictions will be kind of brief this week because I'm slightly in hurry. Looks like Chad has done a great job this week, so I'm sure my analysis will not be entirely missed! Great research on the QB vs. RB dilemna, some people even argue that you should go after a elite WR in the first round. However, I think this year is an unusual year and I'm still going to pick a RB or WR i the first round. I'll agree that the NFL's favored rules have helped the QBs but I think everyone will see in the next few weeks how important running backs and wide receivers are. When the weather gets colder and defenses get worn down, that's when the running game becomes huge, I'm willing to put money on a few more running backs jumping into that top ten list of fantasy scorers by the end of the season.

SLAUGHTER SHORT ROUND(5-1) at Eggroll(2-3)
Line: Nick by 20
This matchup will be closer than the line predicts. Lee started the season slow, but the team has shaped up in recent weeks and should give Nick a run for his money. D. Williams is expected to have a huge game against a poor buffalo D-line and would be shocked if he didn’t achieve the 25 point prediction. I also really like #1 ranked QB schaub at home this week against a weak 49er team. On the other end, veteran…. I mean 2nd year Matt Ryan will be up against a 26th ranked Cowboy D. I think nick holds up again this week.
Chad’s Prediction: Nick Wins

Let's give Nick L. a standing applause for another great name, unbelievable! I may be a little bias in this pick, but I'm hoping some of those projected points for D. Williams are going to go to Jonathan Stewart because I need it. I think the 49ers will be prime for the win over the Texans after coming off a bye week, so the defense should hold up. It all comes down to Matt Ryan and Michael Turner, will they have big days against the Cowboys, I think they do!
Nick's Prediction: Isaac and Team Eggroll go out for chinese to celebrate!

Team Klitzman(4-2) at Team Trader(1-4)
Line: Klitzman by 36 (unadjusted trader roster)
Orton is on bye this week, oh no, Klitzman will have to go to her backup, Rivers, who’s supposed to have 24 against a Kansas City team that is terrible against the pass! My usual prediction that it’s a bad idea to put Washington and Jones in didn’t quite holdup last week as they combined for 41, against buffalo. This week it should be fine, against the Raiders. Looks like Gore is back also, (which means I lose a player on my roster, Glen Coffee). Trader’s replacement for Johnson is likely to be Sproles who shouldn’t get very many carries this week because of a whiny ass L.T. Chad’s Prediction: Klitzman wins

Haha, be a little nicer to L.T., he has been treated poorly by the media since his injury. People seem to forget that he was no doubt the best running back in the league a few years ago. It's hard to pick against Kari here, I see her running backs having a huge day and I mean HUGE DAY!!!! Robert needs a little luck and I can't see Darren Sproles running back multiple TDs.
Nick's Prediction: Team Klitzman continues to roll!

Harwood(3-3) at Linton(4-1)
Line: Linton by 43 (unadjusted Harwood Roster)
Adjusted or not, I really don’t see Harwood pulling this off. Linton has some good matchups this week. The only speed bump I see is Peterson against a Steelers D, but that says nothing because he put up 140+ against a raven D, most by any running back since 1998. Cedric Benson was a steal for Rory producing points to help the team. Tim might have a chance if Brady posts numbers like last week, which could be a possibility in Tampa.
Chad’s Prediction: Linton Wins

Things don't look good for Timmy! He can put in Marion Barber, but after that he is badly in need of a WR. Rory has been telling me lately that he feels his team is declining, with his projections this week, I don't see it? With a core nucleus of Rodgers, Peterson, and Benson, you have nothing to worry about son!
Nick's Prediction: Rory boosts his confidence in his fantasy team with a win!

Team Shake Junt(3-2) at Team Snuggle(2-3)
Line: Junt by 9 (unadjusted Junt Roster)
Roethlisberger may throw all day against a Winfieldless Viking D. I imagine Joe will sub in a hot Sydney Rice for Marshall this week as he has emerged as one of Favre’s favorites. I had intended to pick up Colts defense this week but someone was a little higher on the waiver order than me(Nick). Nevertheless, whatever defense is playing the Rams is an awesome pickup, expect double digits at least. Matt Ryan having a good day will go hand in hand with Roddy White, who should post some big numbers against Dallas D. I expect this to be a close match but Joe should take down Nick G. just as he did me last week.
Chad’s Prediction: Junt Wins

I like the prediction of a close match-up, gives me a little more confidence! I can't pick against myself, but I know I have a tough climb ahead of me. Joe's running backs appear to have great opportunities this week and his bench has sprung to life in the last few weeks.
Nick's Prediction: Team Snuggle is feeling extra dry with the win this week!

Team SZOMBATFALVY(2-4) at Philadelphia Fakeouts(2-3)
Line: Szom by 20
Well Favre posted 22 points against a 5th ranked packer pass defense a few weeks ago, tore apart a great ravens defense, I don’t see any reason why he should have trouble against a Pit defense. Speaking of, my authentic #4 Vikings jersey should be coming any day now. Jacobs, L. Johnson, B westbrook, have all been disappointments this year in the running game. (even my matt forte) Maybe the nfl’s strong favor for the pass is making running backs less valuable in FF. If the giants shape up this week and stop Warner and Fitzgerald I believe fakeouts win this, otherwise Szom should be fine.
Chad’s Prediction: Giants get burned two weeks in a row by the pass, Szom Wins.

Dustin may have put up record numbers last week, but I think Mike's team is ready to finally bust out, do you see how every player is projected in double digits. If they can't bust out this week, they never will!
Nick's Prediction: Mike is finally happy with his under-achieving fantasy team!

Dogfighters(3-3) vs Campbell(2-4)
Line: Campbell by 9
Maybe since my team is struggling, I start an unknown Crabtree? Maybe I throw in D Jackson vs. a struggling redskins. One thing is for sure, I hope Campbell forgets to sub in Manning. As espn says, Matt Forte… BUST! I really don’t have much analysis for both of these teams, other than they are both grossly inconsistent. I’m going to flip a coin, heads I win, Tails Jason Wins… It was heads…
Chad’s Prediction, I mean the coin: Chad Wins

Leave it to a coin flip, very interesting! (Does that mean the win or loss goes to the coin?) Come on Chad, you have to let him know about Manning, you don't want to win a match-up to someone else forgetting to sub in a player! Regardless, I think Jason's team has also looked good in the last few weeks, so I'm going to stay with who is hot!
Nick's Prediction: Mark down a fantasy win for Jason with Peyton Manning in the lineup!

Chad's Pity Pot Prediction: Team Trader
Nick's Pity Pot Prediction: Team Shake Junt (I can dream, can't I?)

Friday, October 23, 2009

WSUM Blog Post!

Hey guys, I decided to hold off on the college basketball and make a few NBA predictions, check them out at:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Waiver Report: Thursday, October 22

Today marks the half-way point for the fantasy regular season, if you're not happy with your spot in the standings, time to consider some changes! We had eight waiver wire transactions go down early this morning, down from last week's 11. Not a surprise, because the free agent selection seemed very thin this week. Here were the best moves of the week:

1.) Team Eggroll drops Brandon Pettigrew and adds Jerricho Cotchery
To tell you the truth, I don't why Team Harwood let go of this guy, he's one of the best in the business. His absence the last two weeks just goes to show you how much Mark Sanchez misses the guy. The Jets may now have Braylon Edwards, but he is no Jerricho Cotchery in my opinion. Cotchery's projection of four seems about right this week when they travel to Oakland. The Jets running game will have the big day and Cotchery needs a little more time to get healthy. Pettigrew unsuccessfully filled a spot for Isaac last week, but he's still a sold back-up tight end if rookie QB Matthew Stafford is running the plays!
Nick's Take: GREAT MOVE

2.) Team Snuggle drops Trent Edwards and adds Justin Fargas
I needed to make this move to compete with Team Shake Junt this week. Last week against Philadelphia, Fargas rushed 23 times for 87 yards. I would hope Raider's Coach Tom Cable would give Fargas the bulk of the carries against a Jet's defense without Kris Jenkins. A bad fantasy week for Buffalo players, not only was T.O. dropped this week, but so was his QB Trent Edwards. Edwards suffered a concussion in the win over the Jets and is not expected to play this week. After a quick start of two double-digit fantasy performances, Edwards has looked bad in the last three weeks.
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

3.) Team Linton adds Andre Caldwell
You may be wondering why there was no player dropped in this transaction, that would be due to Rory's drop of Titan's rookie wide out Kenny Britt last week. It's hard to own any Titans player not named Chris Johnson right now. I'm starting to like Andre Caldwell because Carson Palmer looks his way in pressure situations (e.g. the win over the Baltimore Ravens)! Not only that, but he gets a fare share of targets and receptions, his 24 receptions rank him in the top 40 among wide receivers! His projection of 11 may be a bit high against Da Bears, but not out of the realm of possibility!
Nick's Take: GREAT MOVE

I'm just going to throw in a few more tidbits on this feature:

One of my friends is running a free fantasy basketball league on, the draft is next Thursday at 11 AM, let me know ASAP if you would like to join!

Tomorrow, I'm going to work on a column about college basketball, so make sure to check the WSUM blog in the next couple of days for it. If you haven't noticed, I have a link on the right side of the screen for the WSUM blog if you scroll down a little bit!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fantasy Trade!!!!

Team Snuggle trades RB Correll Buckhalter for RB Jonathan Stewart from Team Shake Junt!

Joe decided to throw me a bone this week with our match-up against one another coming up this Sunday. As many of you may know, I have my best three running backs on a bye week (Jones-Drew, Kevin Smith, Buckhalter) and it's slim pickings from the free agents in regards to halfbacks. I think Joe is getting slightly a better deal here because the Broncos have a solid offense while the Panthers not so much. When you look at the trade on paper, it's pretty even, both backs have dealt with injuries and Stewart is ranked 34th while Buckhalter is 29th. Another advantage for Joe is that Stewart plays behind a star (DeAngelo Williams) while Buckhalter plays behind a rookie (Knowshon Moreno), implicating Buckhalter as more of a time-share opposed to Stewarts back-up role. Any way you look at it, Joe should be getting a slightly better deal, seeing that he's trading me a player while he's facing me! Thanks Joe, Sunday should be a little more interesting!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 6 Fantasy Studs and Pity Pot

Apparently Chad was faking a broken arm in this particular photo in an attempt to get free passes to a snowboarding mountain. No need to fake the injury this time, he was beat up this week and for that is awarded the Week 6 Pity Pot. His 46 points doesn't get him a couple of passes to Cascade Mountain, but the $5 is the next best thing, right? Team Dogfighters could not overcome the absence of Tony Romo due to a bye week. Romo's fantasy replacement Daunte Culpepper managed -1 points while the Giants D/ST decided to get shredded for -8 points this week in their loss to the Saints. A reminder to everyone, Week 7 will have the last Pity Pot, so if you plan on having a bad week, this would be the time for that to happen!
Despite the amazing game on Monday Night, we had no Monday Night Heroes, everyone who held the lead Sunday Night locked down their wins! Big-ups to Dustin for breaking the single fantasy record with 134 points, watch out for the Philadelphia Fakeouts who are now 2-3! For those of you who lost this week (including me), hit that waiver wire hard this week!

MVP OF THE WEEK: Tom Brady (Team Harwood)
39 Points (29/34, 380 YDs, 6 TDs)
Has Tom Brady returned to form? This is a question that has been popping up every week because of his season-ending knee surgery last year. Most of you know how I feel about the man, I think he's slightly overrated, but I'll admit this week, he looked good, really good! The receivers may have been wide open, but I've never seen so many pass attempts in a game containing snow. Despite the terrible Titans and wide-open receivers, I think anyone would have to admit 5 TDs in one quarter is absolutely amazing! Even though Tim didn't get the win this week, he should keep his head up because Brady and the Patriots travel to Tampa next week where Brady's projection of 22 should be a piece of cake!

2.) Maurice Jones-Drew (Team Snuggle)
33 Points (178 Total YDs, 3 TDs, 1 FUML)
MJD is making his second appearance as a stud this year, both times playing for a losing fantasy team (that's my fault)! After bashing the Jaguars' coaches earlier in the week, he received his carries, 33 to be exact. What was the result? A win for Jacksonville, it was against a winless Rams team, but who cares, this guy is a stud. How many 5' 7'' guys do you know who can carry a team on their backs? A bye week for the Jaguars next week will allow them to plan on getting MJD involved more every week because to win, they need it!

3.) Randy Moss (Nick Lowenburg's Team)

30 Points (8 RECs, 129 YDs, 3 TDs)
This shouldn't be a surprise, Tom Brady threw 6 TDs, of course Moss had three of them! The guy was wide open all day, Moss probably felt like a kid on the playground with two rookie Titan corners trying to stick with him all day. As I've mentioned above, the Patriots travel to Tampa next week, need I say more! Oh yeah, almost forgot, Nick L's team name was amazing this week (Murder Mindy's Slave), this guy continues to impress!

4.) Drew Brees (Team Pokemon)
30 Points (23/30, 369 YDs, 4 TDs, 1 INT)
I will never give Matt slack ever again for picking this guy with the #1 overall pick in this year's fantasy draft. Brees is no doubt the real deal, I've never seen anything like it, he can throw to anyone on the field. As WR Marques Colston says, "that's Drew being Drew", thanks Marques, I don't know if there's a better way to sum it up than that! The passing game tore up the Giant's top ranked defense and next week takes on a mediocre Miami Dolphins' defense, what do you think? Expect big things from Brees against the Dolphins (proj. of 23), too bad Matt is on his bye week. Should be a good game, best passing team in the country vs. the best rushing team in the country!

FREE AGENT OF THE WEEK: New Orleans' WR Robert Meachem (13 Points)
I had to scroll down the list of top scorers a while for this one, everyone who went off fantasy-wise this week was owned in our league! Meachem probably benefited from Brees more than he will most weeks, but I'm taking nothing away from his 2 RECs, 70 YDs, and 1 TD! If your team is beat up from bye weeks and you need a decent flex play next week, look this man's way!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monday Night Heroes!

Talk about a high-scoring Sunday, not only did some NFL teams lay it on some of their opponents, more than a few fantasy totals eclipsed the 100 mark. I think we also learned who the best team in the NFL is, those high-flying New Orleans Saints cannot be stopped. The Vikings also looked pretty good even though their defense almost blew the game in the 4th quarter. I'm sure the Colts and Broncos would also disagree with my pick because they are also undefeated, but I think the Saints are the most balanced team in the NFL. Here's how the fantasy match-ups stack up before the Monday Night game between the Chargers and Broncos:

1.) Team Harwood (94 points) @ Murder Mindy's Slave (131 points)
Tim put up a decent fantasy total for the fourth week in a row, but Nick L. decided to break a fantasy record and put up an unbelievable 131 points. Nick even had a player with 0 points, Sammy Morris who left the game early with a knee problem. Tim's QB Tom Brady threw for six TDs and accumulated a ridiculous 39 fantasy points, too bad three of those TDs was to Nick's Randy Moss (30 points). Nick had another two fantasy players break out in DeAngelo Williams (29 points) and Matt Schaub (29 points). No possible Monday Night Heroes in this game! Tim will lick his wounds and face Team Linton next week while Nick L. will attempt to get more separation in the standings against Team Eggroll.

2.) Team Campbell (100 points) @ Team Klitzman (102 points)
I feel bad for Jason and his lack of production from QB Matt Hasselbeck (0 points). With his two best players on bye (Ronnie Brown and Peyton Manning), I thought he had no chance, was I wrong or what? Hines Ward (21 points) and Laurence Maroney (19 points) had great days in their respectable games. Kari doesn't care about any of that though, she received an even bigger day from Thomas Jones (28 points) and Tampa's D/ST (17 points). She even has hot QB Kyle Orton to go tomorrow night, as if she needed anymore points! Unless there is some crazy night full of Orton-thrown INTs or he gets hurt (Derek Anderson kind of performance from last week), Kari should go into next week 4-2 when she will take on Team Trader. Jason and Team Campbell will face his buddy Chad and Team Dogfighters!

3.) Team Snuggle (71 points) @ Team Pokemon (101 points)

Matt puts together the fourth 100+ fantasy performance of the week. Drew Brees (30 points) completely shredded the New York Giants defense and Owen Daniels (19 points) caught two touchdowns in Houston's upset of the Bengals. Almost everyone on Matt's team reached the end zone this week. I still have Eddie Royal to go tomorrow, but it's very unlikely he goes for 31 points. The tough loss to Rory last week starts an ugly streak of losses for Team Snuggle, next week I have to figure out what to do without stud Maurice Jones-Drew (33 points this week) when I take on Team Shake Junt. Matt goes into his bye a little happier with the win!

4.) Team Shake Junt (94 points) @ Team Dogfighters (46 points)
On Monday Night, Joe will go for 100 with Brandon Marshall (proj. of 14) and Chad will win his first Pity Pot. Chad has an absolutely horrendous day with the Giants D/ST (-7 points) and Daunte Culpepper (-1 points). Joe is very happy with the consistent output of Big Ben (23 points) and the Packers D/ST (21 points). Not only that, but Joe had some good looking bench production with Jonathan Stewart (15 points) and Sidney Rice (17 points), their upside could prove useful in the future. Joe makes a push in the standings at 3-2 and takes on my struggling Team Snuggle next week. Chad will try to right the ship and take on Jason's Team Campbell next week!

5.) Team Trader (78 points) @ Team Szombatfalvy (88 points)
Here's the interesting fantasy match-up that has huge investments on Monday Night Heroes. Mike and Team Szombatfalvy has Knowshon Moreno (proj. of 19) and Team Trader has speedy Darren Sproles and Antonio Gates (added projections of 17). Mike may have the bigger projection of 19 and a 10 point cushion, but Robert has a legitimate chance at making this another heartbreak Monday for Mike. However, I think Mike's fantasy team has worked too hard this week and will assure a win for the big man! Larry Fitzgerald (16 points) and Ryan Longwell (16 points) put in solid efforts for Team Szombatfalvy. Mike will take the badly needed win in to a match up with the surging Philadelphia Fakeouts next week. Team Trader takes on a very good Team Klitman!

6.) Philadelphia Fakeouts (87 points) @ Team Eggroll (76 points)
Here's the upset of the week and Dustin also has the chance to go for 100 with TE Tony Scheffler, the Broncos D/ST, and K Nate Kaeding! Issac can't be happy with Steve Smith's 0 fantasy points, he only had a projection of 22! However, he has to be impressed by Ray Rice (30 points), that guy can play some football. Dustin's team is blooming, started out 0-3, took out the only undefeated fantasy team last week, and now is going to beat the highest projected team of this week! Nice performances from Brett Favre (23 points) and Marques Colston (22 points) are very promising for the future of the Philadelphia Fakeouts. Dustin will take his improving 2-3 record up against Team Szombatfalvy and Isaac will prove he's not scared of the Nick L's first place fantasy team!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week 6 Fantasy Predictions!

I'm doing the intro this week (Nick Grays)! We have some exciting fantasy league questions to answer in week six, none more important than will Lowenburg bounce back from his first loss or will Tim extend his winning streak to four wins? Not only are their some exciting fantasy match ups, the Ravens/Vikings and Giants/Saints games won't dissapoint and have major implications on reality and fantasy. Chad is doing a great job picking the fantasy matchups (4-2 last week) and I'm staying in there (4-2 last week), standings are as follows:

Chad Breiby 13-11 (2-0 Pity Pot Predictions!!!!)
Nick Grays 10-8 (0-2 Pity Pot Predictions)

Almost even on the standings, I'm slightly better by winning percentage, but Chad has more picks and he has the tie-breaker with the Pity Pot predictions! Enough of that, enjoy this week's predictions and most importantly, watch as much football as you can!!!!

1.) Team Harwood(3-2) at Nick Lowenberg(4-1)
Line: Nick By 8
ESPN thinks that Tom Brady is going to have a break out week against a struggling Titans team which I completely agree with. Mendenhall has seemed to have worked out very well for Harwood the last couple of weeks, but if Parker is ready to play, prepare to see decreased production out of him. Schaub is continuing to produce, 371 yards last week and a TD for 20 points, but Nick shouldn’t expect to see 50 passes every week from him. Nick needs Brady to connect with Moss to ultimately gain 2 points on Tim for every Td and 3 points for every 50 yards. I expect this to be the matchup of the week and for Tim to squeak it out in the end.
Chad’s Prediction: Tim wins

No doubt the matchup of the week and I'm still waiting on Nick L.'s fantasy name change! On a more serious note, I believe this matchup comes down to two factors; the Patriots/Titans game and running backs. Tim has Tom Brady and Lendale White while Lowenburg has Randy Moss and Sammy Morris. Advantage in that aspect goes to Lowenburg, Tom Brady should have a huge day, but Moss will benefit from that, not to mention the banged up Titan's corners. Not only that, but Sammy Morris has emerged as the main back in New England, something LenDale White is not in Tennessee (Chris Johnson)! For running backs, Tim has already mentioned LenDale White and popular Reshard Mendenhall, Nick L. has DeAngelo Williams, Pierre Thomas, and Sammy Morris. I like the play of Mendenhall, but Willie Parker has a great chance of returning this week, making that projection of 22 shrink. D. Williams plays the Bucs, Pierre Thomas needs to be a factor against the Giants and Morris will get his carries, heavy advantage Lowenburg! I think that explains where my pick is going!
Nick's Prediction: Lowenburg bounces back to 5-1.

2.) Team Campbell(2-3) at Team Klitzman(3-2)
Line: Kari by 66? Lol
Well Jason hasn’t adjusted his lineup but he will soon seeing that two of his big players, (Manning and Ronnie Brown) are on bye. He will have to start Hasselbeck, who had a great week last week with 22. I imagine he will replace Ronnie with Ochocinco in the flex slot. Kyle Orton is finally understanding how to play QB after all those years in Chicago, even being considered at this point for MVP! As stated last week, I’m really against Kari starting Washington and Jones, I just don’t see them both having big weeks (proven true last week, Jones 16, Washington 5). Its also interesting that Kari is opting to start the Bucs Defense. 3 out of 5 weeks they have scored negative and they are (0-5) although they are playing a non existent offense this week, Carolina. I think Jason feels the reap of Manning being on bye and falls this week.
Chad’s Prediction: Kari wins

Don't pay attention to the line, I hope Jason makes the switches he needs to. Jason does have some firepower on his bench; Hasselbeck (proj. of 22), Ochocinco (proj. of 13), and Shockey (proj. of 8). Regardless, I think he's facing some low odds without his fantasy stars Peyton Manning and Ronnie Brown because of bye weeks. Don't know how many people have noticed this, Kyle Orton has reached double digit fantasy totals every week and is a top-ten fantasy QB, a great bonus for Team Klitzman who also owns QB stud Philip Rivers. Kari's team seems vulnerable right now with her lack of depth at running back, unfortunatley for Jason, Kari's Jets duo of Jones and Washington faces the struggling Buffalo Bills this week. Jason has a fighting chance, but I think that's being a little on the optimistic side!
Nick's Prediction: Kari cruises to another win!

3.) Team Trader(1-3) at Team SZOMBATFALVY(1-4)
Line: Trader by 2
Well wouldn’t both of these teams love to add to their only win of the season. Other than week 2, Chris Johnson has been a let down. We see the Titans losing most every game and then they eventually give up on the run leading to bad games for Johnson. As correctly predicted last week, I’m going to say that Warner and Fitzgerald hook up for at least one TD this week, last week they had 20 and 19 points to contribute to Mike's second consecutive Monday night let down. This week Mike holds on as Team Trader's team is on a downturn since week 2.
Chad’s Prediction: Mike wins

I want to start out by saying Mike's team is a lot better than his record indicates. Not only has he improved his scoring every week, he has lost two fantasy match ups by one point, that's brutal! Ironically, this is another match-up that could come down to one point on Monday Night. Team Trader has also been prone to some bad luck, having a very solid week on his bye for no one to see. I want to pick some key players, but this really is a toss-up, Mike will break out one of these weeks, just don't know if this is the week. Also, one of these teams could win the Pity Pot this week. I'll have to go with Mike because I do think Warner and Fitzgerald will have another week connecting for six.
Nick's Prediction: Mike gets that second win he's been waiting for.

4.)Philadelphia Fakeouts(1-3) at Team Eggroll(2-2)
Line: Lee by 63
Ok so Phily hasn’t adjusted his lineup yet but even if he had done so, Eggroll still has some wicked projections. Total of 124. 20 might be legit for turner but 22 for Steve smith, who hasn’t had a breakout game yet is getting a little lofty. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy that I still have to face Eggroll because his team is turning into a contender, the 2-2 record is deceiving. Even after Phily makes his adjustments, I think Lee should have an easy win.
Chad’s Prediction: Eggroll Wins

Once again, can't pay attention to the line, Dustin has some moves he can make. Team Eggroll should still be heavily favored, but the match-up will be closer than anticipated. Isaac has some major depth right now, he's probably thinking why can't I spread out this wealth over the entire fantasy season because everyone is set to go off. I really like Steve Smith (proj. of 22) agasint the Bucs, eventhough I'm predicting Bucs and Chiefs wins this week (remember that)! Projection is probably too high, but he should get many targets. Philadelphia Fakeouts can turn to Carson Palmer (proj. of 17), Marques Colston (proj. of 10), and speedy rookie Johnny Knox (proj. of 11). I think he can keep it close but the only chance Dustin has of beating Isaac is if the Bears can stop Team Eggroll's Matt Ryan and Michael Turner. In my opinion, that most likely will not happen!
Nick's Prediction: Another big week for Isaac, 100 points?

5.)Team Snuggle(2-2) at Team Pokemon(2-3)
Line: Snuggle by 9
Brees needs to step up if Matt wants to defend his reasoning for making him the first overall pick, and it wont be easy against the Giants Defense. This should be a very high scoring match. McNabb proved he can play last week after the injured ribs and should do just as well this week. MJD should run all over the rams bad bad defense. (Should the rams even be in the league? Or the raiders? In fact are any raiders players even owned in this league?) Back on topic, I have a feeling that Brees will have a big week and Matt pulls out the victory as the UPSET OF THE WEEK!
Chad’s Prediction: Matt wins

I do have a bias when picking this match up, but I really think Brees is a tough fantasy start this week against the Giants. I think the Saints will win, but with the running game (Pierre Thomas) and not Matt's Mike Bell and his projection of 13. Why would I say that, Bell is returning from an injury this week and Pierre Thomas is the main guy anyways, and oh yeah, there's that Reggie Bush guy. Unless Thomas goes down, I don't think the Saints rely too heavily on Bell, they didn't seem to need him the last two weeks. Of course, I have to start Derrick Ward this week and Matt has recent starter Cadillac Williams, I shouldn't really talk, ESPN says Ward will get the bulk of the carries this week, I'll believe that when it happens. The receiving squads for Matt and my team are feast or famine, so expect this match-up to come down to the wire or be a blowout. However, I think I have the edge with fantasy stars MJD (proj. of 22) and D-Nabb (proj. of 22), I can't wait!!!!
Nick's Prediction: Nick makes Snuggle happy this week!

6.) Dogfighters(3-2) vs Shake Junt(2-2)
Line: Junt by 6
Tough week for me as Romo, Wayne and Coffee are on bye! I feel like I filled in pretty well with Culpepper (assuming Stafford is out) and Mark Clayton. Forte and Portis are finally heating up as they have combined for almost 60 points in the last two weeks. Big Ben has been very quiet this year but is somehow 2nd ranked fantasy QB. Jackson is a great RB for Junt, but has a terrible team which has shown in his numbers. Jennings should run all over Detroit at home and have a big week. I hate to say it, but I feel like Joe will pull it off as I feel the wrath of the bye week. The only other time I picked against myself I was correct.
Chad’s Prediction: Joe Wins

I think Chad is selling his self a little short this week, this should be another great match-up and I completely disagree with the comment about Big Ben, this is the first year he has emerged as a real QB threat (he may be one of the best QBs in the NFL)! I really like the pick-up of Mark Clayton because one of those Ravens receivers will have a good day, just don't know which one (Mason, Heap, Washington, Clayton)? Have to throw in another one of those controversial NFL picks, Ravens over Vikings, there I said it! Team Shake Junt's Tim Hightower seems to have a very generous projection of 10, but I think Greg Jennings (proj. of 16) and Brandon Marshall (proj. of 14) are prime to have great fantasy weeks in their respective games. Chad does have some decent projections, but I think he's right on when he says the wrath of the bye week will prove to be his demise this week!
Nick's Prediction: Joe goes to work on a Sunday Night happy for once!

Chad's Pity Pot Prediction(2-0): Philly Fakeouts
Nick's Pity Pot Prediction (0-2): Team Campbell

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Waiver Report: Thursday, October 15

Hey guys, what a beautiful and rainy Thursday! Waiver wire production decreased from 13 moves to 11 this week, not too shabby. This should be expected now that players are starting to shape up and owners are becoming set on their lineups. Instead of tediously going through each kicker and defensive pick-up every week, I've decided to choose the best three moves and explain those! This week, it coincidentally ended up being the first three waiver moves, I promise it won't be like that every week!

1.) Team Szombatfalvy drops Isaac Bruce and adds Austin Collie
Interesting way to start the fantasy week, a player on a bye week interchanged for another on a bye week. As weird as that is, it's still a reasonable move. Collie is a solid pick-up, it seems like Manning goes with this guy or Pierre Garcon as the second option each and every week. Collie's last two games of 12 and 21 fantasy points bodes well for Mike and the Indianapolis Colts may be the best team in the league, who knows if that offense will ever be stopped! Bruce is a decent option in a deep league which we have, but his value is falling. He had no catches last week and the return of Brandon Jones/addition of Crabtree can't help the 36 year old veteran.
Nick's Take: Good Move

2.) Team Trader drops Antwaan Randle El and adds Jeremy Maclin
I like the pick of last week's Free Agent Of The Week and drop of Randel El because I think Maclin's chances of breaking out are way better than Randel El's chances. Maclin's 26 fantasy burst last week may have been an anomaly, but as long as McNabb is healthy it's always a possibility. Besides the Eagles play Oakland this week, lock down corner Nnamdi Asomugha can't shut down DeSean Jackson and Maclin. I've never been high on Randel El, I thought he had a favorable match up with Detroit a few weeks ago and he underperformed. If the Redskins ever turn around that franchise, then Randle El can be considered a viable fantasy option.
Nick's Take: Great Move

3.) Team Pokemon drops Chansi Stuckey and adds Donnie Avery
With the possible return of St. Louis QB Marc Bulger, this appears to be a great move. The Rams take on the Jaguars 30th ranked passing defense and Avery did have an impressive week with a TD last week against the Vikings. Donnie is also the only option beside Keenan Burton, they have to throw it to someone because they will most likely be behind in the game. The drop of Stuckey was necessary, he went from a decent flex play in New York to unbelievable risky in a Cleveland offense lead by Derek Anderson (Matt knows what I'm talking about)! Stay away from those Browns players, the running backs are the only players with a little fantasy value and that's iffy!
Nick's Take: Great Move

Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 5 Pity Pot and Fantasy Studs!

Only two more pity pots left after this week's award which goes to Robert and his Team Trader. The team only managed 41 points with zero production from wide receivers Pierre Garcon and Calvin Johnson. Not to pile it on, but Calvin Johnson (a.k.a Megatron) may be dealing with knee issues, not good news for Robert!
We did have one set of Monday Night Heroes tonight, give it up for Kari and her Jets trifecta. They did lose the game, but Thomas Jones (16 points), Leon Washington (5 points), and Jay Feely (11 points), were able to help Kari win her fantasy match up with Mike by one point. Another heartbreaking result for Mike on Monday Night.

MVP OF THE WEEK: Miles Austin (Team Shake Junt)
37 Points (10 RECs, 250 YDs, 2 TDs)
Crazy results for Miles' first start at wide receiver with the Dallas Cowboys. Who needs Roy Williams, this guy needs to line up as the #1 and not come off the bench. The Chiefs secondary looks like it will blow coverage from time to time and has a habit of missing a few tackles, keep that in mind when your fantasy wide receivers take on the Chiefs. Unfortunately, Joe was not able to reap the benefits of this monster performance because he was on a fantasy bye week, next week the Dallas Cowboys take their bye week. When Joe and his fantasy stud can sync their availability, Miles Austin will be a valuable commodity!

2.) Roddy White (Team Snuggle)
33 Points (8 RECs, 210 YDs, 2 TDs)
Another WR? That's right, White decided to look like the receiver we all thought he would be this season (an elite one)! His 90 yard scamper for a touch down was amazing, the 49ers secondary had no answer for the man. The Falcons host the Bears next week, not sure if Roddy White can repeat this kind of performance, but he should get his targets from Matt Ryan!

3.) Ahmad Bradshaw (Team Eggroll)
28 Points (165 Total YDs, 2 TDs)

If you were wondering how Team Eggroll went from Pity Pot to 103 points in a matter of one week, Ahmad Bradshaw is the answer! In my opinion, the Oakland Raiders do not belong in the NFL, start all of the Philadelphia Eagles you can next week! Ahmad Bradshaw dominated the Oakland defense with some good looking running plays. On tap for next week is the well-prepared New Orleans defense, they are coming off a bye week and are probably looking to key on the running game of the Giants, be aware of that next week.

4.) Matt Hasselbeck (Team Campbell)
27 Points (18/30, 241 YDs, 4 TDs, 23
Rushing YDs)
Team Campbell has some thinking to do about this Week 5 Fantasy Stud, does he let him stay on the bench every week or will he attempt to move him in a trade. Since Jason has the best player in the NFL (Peyton Manning) he really has no need for the Seahawks signal caller, if you need a solid option at QB, propose a trade with Team Campbell. Another observation I made from this performance is that the Jaguars pass coverage may be one of the worst in the NFL! Expect big things from Hasselbeck against the Arizona Cardinals next week!

FREE AGENT OF THE WEEK: Philadelphia's WR Jeremy Maclin (26 points)
Another Eagle takes this award, not surprised because that offense can score at will! Maclin benefited from the return of Donovan McNabb by grabbing 6 receptions for 142 yards and 2 scores. McNabb loves to spread the ball, these numbers could come from any of the Eagles receivers on any particular week. If you're near the bottom of the standings, go out and get this guy, can you say waiver wire lottery!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monday Night Heroes!

That was an exciting Sunday, some great football and solid playoff baseball! The match-ups haven't went exactly as me and Chad predicted, but they have created a few very interesting Monday Night Hero situations. Here they are:

1.) Team Linton (87 points) @ Team Snuggle (82 points)
The 49ers defense looked horrible giving up 45 points to the Atlanta Falcons at home, but didn't hurt me none because Roddy White tore it up with 210 yards/2 TDs and 33 fantasy points. Rory had solid days from Cedric Benson (19 points) and Adrian Peterson (18 points), but has to hope my fantasy tight end cannot emerge as a Monday Night Hero. Dustin Keller goes into Miami with a healthy projection of 14, a very reasonable projection. Not only have the Miami Dolphins given up the most yardage to opposing TEs, but the Jets are banged up at the WR position, so that means Sanchez may lean heavily on the running game and dump offs to Keller. I believe Dustin Keller will have a "Keller" night and push me up in the standings. Rory will fall to 3-2 going into his bye week and I will take on Matt and Team Pokemon!

2.) Team Harwood (77 points) @ Team Pokemon (66 points)
Matt has to be kicking his self, Derek Anderson only completed two passes and somehow managed to post -2 fantasy points, Ouch! Cadillac Williams also decided to take a nap today and posted a big zero because Tampa had to throw the ball to try to catch up to the high-flying Eagles offense. Tim had a solid day and cruises to a 3-2 record after the slow start of 0-2. No possible MNHs here, Matt can only prepare to take on my team while Tim looks to extend the winning streak to 4 against Lowenburg!

3.) Team Klitzman (62 points) @ Team Szombatfalvy (93 points)
I feel bad about this one because I advised Kari to play Heap (4 points) over Winslow (22 points), but I think she still has a good chance. Kari has a remarkable three possible MNHs, Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, and Jay Feely. Unless Shonn Greene somehow vultures some carries for TDs away from Jones and Washington, I think she will at least get twenty between the two. Since the Jets are favored in the game and weather is not an issue in Miami, I expect there to be a decent amount of points, that means a reasonable amount of chances for kicker Jay Feely. Mike has to be happy about Kurt Warner (20 points) and Larry Fitzgerald (19 points) hooking up for a couple of scores in an exciting game with Houston where Kari's Andre Johnson (22 points) also reached the end zone twice. All Mike can do now is wait, I think he will be heartbroken once again on Monday Night and Kari will improve to 2-3. Mike will fall to 1-4 and will seek a must-win against Team Trader while Kari will take on Team Campbell!

4.) Team Dogfighters (91 points) @ Team Trader (43 points)
Looks like Chad was right about the Pity Pot two weeks in a row because this game is over and Robert has secured the award for the second time. Chad had a great day from Tony Romo (22 points) and Clinton Portis (18 points). Robert continues to struggle even though he had great production during his bye week last week. Austin Collie was Peyton Manning's friend this week, not Team Trader's Garcon and Calvin Johnson banged up his thigh early in the game against the Steelers. Team Trader will take the $5 dollars and prepare for a important game with also struggling Team Szombatfalvy. Team Dogfighters has some bye week issues to deal with when he takes on Joe and Team Shake Junt!

5.) Team Campbell (59 points) @ Team Eggroll (103 points)
I'm glad I already played Little Man (a.k.a Isaac), 103 points, are you serious? Huge days from halfbacks Ahmad Bradshaw (28 points) and Michael Turner (27 points). Team Campbell does have a possible MNH, the second-ranked running back Ronnie Brown, but he would need a fantasy record day to take down Team Eggroll. If anyone could do it, it would be Brown because he does it all (catches/runs/throws), but his projection of 14 seems about right against a good New York Jets defense. Team Eggroll should be very happy about this week's production, his next opponent is Philadelphia Fakeouts. Team Campbell will attempt to patch up some problems and take on Team Klitzman.

6.) Dustin "LBERG'S SHOES" Anderson (52 points) @ Philadelphia Fakeouts (57 points)
Fantasy Football, where anything happens? May sound kind of cliche, but Dustin has a chance of pulling an enormous upset. Lowenburg has the Jets D/ST (projection of 4) as the only MNH possibility in this match up. The Jets defense is very solid, but I think the Dolphins could make this high scoring game down in Miami. Both of these guys had very disappointing days all around on their fantasy teams. I think the odds favor Nick L., but what the heck, I'm rooting for the upset, the Jets D/ST won't get it done and Dustin will pull it out tomorrow. It will be a big win for Dustin, maybe he can pull another upset against Team Eggroll next week. Nick L. host the hot Team Harwood next week!

Chad and Nick's Week 5 Predictions!!!!

Here it is folks, week five and things are getting interesting. Will the only undefeated team Nick L. fall this week? Last week Nick and I both went 3-3. Standings: Chad 9-9 and Nick is 6-6, I do hold the tie breaker as I am 1-0 for the pity pot prediction which is pretty amazing (1 in 13)

1.) Team Harwood(2-2) at Team Pokemon(2-2)
Line: Pokemon by 15
Here it is, right off the start. My upset for the week. Harwood is hot right now, in supreme position to beat a Breeless Pokemon team this week. Actually I believe 7,2,1 are all very stingy predictions for Brady, White, and Shianco respectively. Brett loves his tight end touchdown passes, Denvers defense is going to get their first real test vs. a real offense and White will get a few big runs against a sub-par colt defense. I think this will be a very close score at the end of Sunday and Cotchery pulls out the win Monday for Harwood.
Chad’s Prediction: Harwood with the upset

This is a match up where I think the projections should be higher for both teams. Cotchery will most likely not play Monday night, so Tim needs to make a change there. There are still some decent wideout options available, so shouldn't be a problem for Team Harwood. Matt is taking a big risk with Derek Anderson, the Browns just traded away their number one receiver Braylon Edwards and they play a Buffalo team who has a very unpredictable defense. I can't disagree with Chad, Team Harwood is on the upswing and has two very scary running backs in Reshard Mendenhall and Marion Barber. Matt and Team Pokemon has some dangerous wide outs in Boldin and Walter who play on opposing sides of a possible shootout this weekend (Houston @ Arizona). I like the running backs over the wideouts!
Nick's Prediction: Tim keeps his streak alive!

2.) Team Klitzman(2-2) at Team SZOMBATFALVY(1-3)
Line: Szom by 8
Well rested kurt warner and fitzgerold should come back strong and hook up for a TD at least once against Houston. That would be a quick 10 points at minimum for everytime that happens. Klitz is in running back trouble. I don’t like the start of Washington and Jones being on the same team. We cant expect huge games from both, but she really has no choice. Hopefully Donnie avery can come alive this week and if Johnson posts some big numbers, Klitz may have a chance.
Chad’s Prediction: Szom recovers from a brutal loss last week (ME) and holds on.

This Culvers manager battle is another good one, I don't know who to pick. The match up could very well come down to Kari's three possible Monday Night Heroes (Leon Washington, Thomas Jones, and Jay Feely). The Jets are set up to have a huge night and should lean on the running game with Cotchery out and Braylon Edwards getting used to being with the team. Another interesting match up with Kari having Kyle Orton and Mike having newly named starter Knowshawn Moreno, Kari can cross her fingers and hope for TDs to Brandon Marshall, stay away from the running game near the goal line. I could just flip a coin right now, but I'm going to go against Chad to try get some separation.
Nick's Prediction: Team Klitzman with a MNH win!

3.) Team Linton(3-1) at Team Snuggle(2-1)
Line: Linton by 19
Nick sure lucked out playing against Rory when his second ranked Rodgers was on a bye week, I mean opposed to playing a Linton Team at full strength. Nevertheless, the team still looks pretty solid even with the absence of Rodgers. If Nick will have a chance this week, MJD is going to have to keep up with Peterson. This also would be a great week for Nick to have Roddy White break out from his quiet season. This will be a very high scoring match up that might end up with Dustin Keller needing a “Keller night” on Monday. Get it? Keller… Killer
Chad’s Prediction: Linton is too strong to get beat this week. Linton Wins

I'll just come out and say it now, I need some luck, Rory's team is good!!!! Garrard coming off the bench with a date with the Seattle Seahawks is nothing to shy away from. Once again, I can only hope for some MJD rushing TDs opposed to those Garrard to Sims-Walker connections. I'm also hoping my new team name (Team Snuggle) can help me forget about starting Kevin Smith and Mewelde Moore, two halfbacks with generous projections of 10 each (What else can I do, there are no halfbacks left?). However, I do think the Rams can lock down on AP and make Favre beat them and Benson should be contained by the Baltimore Ravens. Thus, I can't pick against myself, and I like the joke Chad, my tight end will have a "Keller" night to contribute to the win!
Nick's Prediction: Team Snuggle flosses the new name with a win!

4.) Team Campbell(2-2) at Team Eggroll(1-2)
Line: Eggroll by 6
Well I’m a bit concerned that Campbell has 4 of his players on bye week, all that are potential starters. Steve Smith for NYG has had 56 points in the last THREE weeks. Campbell hasn’t started him once in the last three weeks. Looks like an unknown Sean Ryan will be subbing in for Jeremy Shockey at tight end. Joe Flacco has proved to be a very worthy fantasy starter for Eggroll and Michael Turner we can consider somewhat of a disappointment thus far. This is a very evenly matched game that will come down to Ronnie Brown on Monday night. I think he comes up short as Eggroll gets a much needed win.
Chad’s Prediction: Eggroll wins

This could be the best match up of the week. Team Campbell boasts the top quarterback and top wide receiver in all of fantasy football. He also has the pleasure of Ronnie Brown as a Monday Night Hero candidate again, people probably don't know this, but he's the 3rd best fantasy back right now. However, I think Team Eggroll has the weapons at running back and wide receiver to overcome Team Campbell this week. I really like the pick-up of Massaquoi and Ray Rice/Michael Turner should put up respectable numbers. I wouldn't be shocked if Jason pulled this one out because his team looks good, but I like Little Man this week.
Nick's Prediction: Team Eggroll gets back to his winning ways

5.) Dustin "Lberg's Shoes" Anderson(4-0) at Philadelphia Fakeouts(0-3)
Line: Nick by 30
The undefeated vs. the defeated. Win-win situation for the fakeouts, if he wins, wow what a surprise, if he loses, well its what everyone expected. On paper, this is a blowout. All of nick’s players have moderate predictions in the teens, rather than a few with outrageous predictions which is what makes his 111 prediction believable. Most of the time projections mean nothing anyways. I’m not exactly sure what round matt schaub was picked up in but im sure it was late, and he is doing much better than first overall pick Brady and is keeping up with all other early QBs. Brian Westbrook should put up some numbers coming off the bye, he needs to stay healthy. I’m sure the match will be closer than 30 but Nick will stay undefeated.
Chad’s Prediction: Nick L. Wins

I can't see Nick losing this week, I just hope his team comes across some injuries or something! Last year's fantasy league champion has a stacked team who all seem to be projected near double digits this week. Dustin decided to add a few 49ers players which could prove favorable, they take on an overrated Falcons team, they just don't look like that team of last year. I think Chad has mixed up this year's draft with last years', Brees was the first pick by Matt this year, Tim picked Manning first last year. Brady was the fourth pick this year, but I do agree, Schaub was a great pickup, the offense is the only bright spot in Houston! Just remember anything can happen in fantasy football, projections do not really matter!
Nick's Prediction: Lowenburg stays undefeated!

6.) Team Dogfighters(2-2) at Team Trader(1-2)
Line: Dogfighters by 33
Here again we have a case of a blowout on paper. I like again that all my players have reasonable predictions none in the 20s. My team is looking pretty solid with 2 of the top 4 receivers (even after both have had their bye week which lowers their numbers) Portis posted 2 yard short of 100 yard game last week but with 0 TDs, heating up a bit from a slow start, and Coffee should run wild replacing Gore against falcons terrible run defense that allowed 300+ yards that last two weeks. Trader may have problems if Stafford doesn’t start. Also he will need to pick up a TE as both of his are on bye weeks. I never understand how ESPN can predict 18 for a kicker (Rackers), outrageous and will never happen. I would be upset if Trader pulls off an upset
Chad’s Prediction: I should win

I'm expecting Robert to make a few changes to his Team Trader, there are a few decent QBs and TEs in the free agent pool. After those changes, it shouldn't look like a blowout on paper, don't know how many of you payed attention, but Team Trader put up 94 points without a kicker during his bye week, that's very respectable. However, I think Chris Johnson's projection of 27 is way too high and Chad has way too many impact players. I would like to see this match stay close because it could get very interesting on Sunday night with the Colts taking on the Titans. In the end, I think Chad's team is better than their 2-2 record and they pull out a very close one Sunday night.
Nick's Prediction: Chad obtains a winning record!

Chad's Pity Pot Prediction: I’m going to go with Team Trader hoping that he forgets to adjust his lineup using a hurt Matt Stafford and no Tight End
Nick's Pity Pot Prediction: I'm going to go with Philadelphia Fakeouts for no particular reason, just picking a random team who hasn't won the pity pot yet!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Backkkkkkk!!!!

Hey guys, I'm sorry for the temporary departure from the blog, I have a few midterms next week, MLB playoffs to watch and another Blog to write for. Before you guys judge me and call me a traitor, check out the WSUM Blog ( and let me assure you that I will stay true to everyone's favorite blog in the world, which of course is this one!!!! I'm going to keep it short today, but starting with Chad's predictions early Sunday morning, I will be right back in the mix with full features!

I would like to start out by saying I'm very proud of the league, waiver wire moves increased to 13, you guys are starting to figure it out. Of course, there is also a flip-side, don't drop players that could help someone in the future, just keep that in mind. Here are the highlights of the waiver deals this week:


Team Eggroll drops Jabar Gaffney and adds Mohamed Massaquoi
Braylon Edwards becomes the luckiest man ever and is shipped to New York, but guess what Isaac still has the #1 Cleveland receiver! I really like this move because Derek Anderson likes to throw up the ball and we all know from his days with Stafford at Georgia, Massaquoi can be a big play receiver. Good drop of Gaffney, he is inconsistent, you're taking a chance with him in you're lineup.

1.) Team Dogfighters drops Byron Leftwich and adds Michael Crabtree
This move may not be so hot right now in the next couple of weeks, but he could be an awesome target as the season progresses, who else do the 49ers have to rely on in the passing game?

2.) Shake Junt More Like Fake Blunt drops Le'Ron McClain and adds Jason Avant
Wonderful move for this week and beyond, with the return of McNabb this move becomes significant. McNabb loves to spread the ball around, Avant will get his fair share of targets, how do the best teams get these kind of deals, come on people?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Special Monday Night Heroes!!!!

Alright, we're going to start the weekly Monday Night Heroes section a little differently this week, everyone should congratulate Rory Linton for embracing his Fantasy God status and winning the 2009 Madison Fantasy Baseball Pool! He will be awarded with $25 and the privilege to tell everyone he knows his sports! I'm guessing this guy couldn't be happier right now, not only did he secure the fantasy baseball championship team, his Minnesota Twins fought there way back in to the playoff race and are now playing the Detroit Tigers in a one-game playoff Tuesday night on TBS. Porcello will take the mound for the Tigers and Scott Baker will attempt to lead the Twins to an AL Central pennant. Great Job Rory, I'm looking forward to that Yankees-Twins series (wink-wink)! What a weekend for the Twin Cities, a homecoming for the Minnesota Gophers in a brand new stadium (Badgers won though!) and now a playoff game in the Metrodome, am I missing something? Oh yeah, Favre and the Vikings take on the Packers in Minneapolis tomorrow! These are the moments I can say this is the reason I'm pursuing a career in sports, how can you not be intrigued, so much going on right now? Not only is this Favre's rematch with the Packers, this is a statement game for the NFC North, the Bears looked strong today and the winner of this game will propel their selves to the top of the North standings! That was a lengthy intro, lets get to the match ups:

1.) Philadelphia Fakeouts (83 points) @ Team Koala Kare (85 points)
Who jumped on that 49ers bandwagon a few weeks ago before everyone else did, that's right, me, and that is why I have the amazing 49ers defense (31 fantasy points today)! This is probably the thousandth time I will say this, but I want everyone to know, Patrick Willis is the best linebacker in the NFL! Dustin has a few possible Monday Night Heroes, some guy named Brett Favre (projection of 10) and he could sub in Chester Taylor (projection of 4) for the inactive Joey Galloway if he wanted to! I'll keep repeating myself, Favre is no MNH, no way he combines with Taylor or without Taylor to get 33 points. I will prepare to take on Team Linton as a 2-1 team and Dustin will look to get his first win against Lowenburg's great fantasy football team.

2.) Team Harwood (78 points) @ Team Klitzman (76 points)
I don't want to take the credit for the win, but I will be waiting for my thank-you from Tim, I suggested he go pick up Mendenhall last week who exploded with 30 fantasy points earlier tonight. Tim probably doesn't need Driver, Shicancoe, or the Vikings D/ST tomorrow night, but I'm sure he would like to eclipse the 100 point mark. Just look at it this way, if the Vikings get pounded, you have Driver and Shicancoe to make sure you don't go in the negative and lose by some crazy fantasy story for the ages. Harwood will happily take on his buddy Matt next week with a 2-2 record and Kari will re-tool for her second consecutive manager match up with Team Szombatfalvy.

3.) Team Eggroll (45 points) @ Team Linton (48 points)
Ok, Chad was right about Isaac's fantasy team, he was killed by the Falcons' bye week. Keep your head up little man, you will still get $5 this week! I would also like to add the Raiders are the worst team in the NFL, how does Michael Bush (-1 points) and Darren McFadden (0 points) look that bad against the Houston Texans dismal rushing defense. Rory has Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, and Percy Harvin to dance with this week, the recent newlywed is adding onto an already great year! Rory's hot team will travel to my house to take on my emerging Team Koala Kare (I'm only a little scared, haha) and Isaac will have a very interesting match with Team Campbell.

4.) Team Dogfighters (80 points) @ Team Szombatfalvy (78 points)
I wasn't wrong when I said the best defense in the league would win the Jets-Saints match up, I just didn't know the Saints defense was the best in the league! Mike has to be rejoicing after his waiver wire pickup contributed 28 points to his effort this week. Chad should be upset about Darren Sharper's 99 yard interception return for a touchdown (that guy can play anywhere), but he should also be worried about Mike's Moreno outplaying Chad's Buckhalter in fantasy terms in the Broncos halfback battle, I told you yesterday, whoever wins that battle wins the fantasy match-up, interesting! Chad has Bernard Berrian (projection of 3) while Mike has Ryan Longwell (proj. of 7) tomorrow night. I personally like the kicker who has been in double digits every week this season, and I also think Favre struggles, it's going to be a nail biter for Chad! In the end, I think Chad loses and his 1-3 team will take on a Team Trader team who is getting better every week and Mike will take on Kari!

5.) Team Pokemon (64 points) @ Team Campbell (83 points)
Drew Brees (7 points) wasn't needed once again in a Saints' win and Peyton Manning (20 points) looked like the MVP of the NFL. Matt has to put all of his hopes in Ryan Grant (projection of 13) while Jason has a little insurance in TE Donald Lee (projection of 1). I can't see Matt winning this match because I think the Vikings have a stout rushing attack and the Packers offensive line is horrible. Jason should easily win and should prepare to take on Little Man next week while Matt takes on the surging Team Harwood.

6.) Team Shake Junt (49 points) @ Shake Junt More Like Fake Blunt (82 points)
Joe needs one of those defensive miracles, as we've seen, that's not out of the realm of possibility. He has the Packers D/ST (proj. of 3) and speedy Greg Jennings (proj. of 7), while Nick L. has Packers kicker Mason Crosby (proj. of 6). I would love to see Joe get the win because that means the Packers will kill the Vikings, but I can't see that happening, so I have to go with Nick L. I can see the Packers defense making it interesting because they always seem to get double digit fantasy totals, but that means Joe also needs a huge day from Greg Jennings and no field goals. Nick L. should remain as the only undefeated fantasy team and Joe will look to upgrade in his bye week!