Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 3 Pity Pot and Fantasy Studs (100th Post)!!!!

Drumroll please, and the winner is .... Matt and his Team Pokemon (56 points)! Matt is awarded five dollars because of a non-existent passing game from the New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees (4 points) and Robert Meachem (0 points) did not need to hook up because the Saints have a running game. I wouldn't worry too much, the Saints are 3-0 and will continue to put up big numbers, as will Team Pokemon. Matt had a lot of injuries to deal with this week, his team travels to take on Team Campbell next week.

We did have a Monday Night Hero this week, despite leaving early in the third quarter with an injury, Felix Jones did just enough (11 points) to lift Kari and her Team Klitzman to a victory. She goes to 2-1 and I drop back to 1-1 on the young fantasy season.

I'm a little distraught from the recent fantasy loss, but this is my 100th post, so I'll give myself a small pat on the back. I started this blog to work on my writing and get some experience covering sports-related topics, I'm sure my regular readers would say I have come a long way, and I'm proud of that. Thanks to all of my followers, you guys provide the motivation for me to keep posting. I love doing this for you guys and I hope I'll be to post 200 very soon!

MVP OF THE WEEK: Maurice Jones-Drew (Team Koala Kare)
31 Points (147 Total YDs, 3 TDs)

For the second week in a row, the MVP played for a losing fantasy team, what's up with that? Another trend to notice is with the terrible Texans' defense, they have also for the second week in a row allowed an opposing running back to emerge as Fantasy MVP (Chris Johnson's 45 points). The Texans face off with the Raiders next week, I'm not so sure my Darren McFadden will be in this spot next week, but I'll take my chances. The Jaguars host the 0-3 Titans and MJD will get his carries, that's for sure!

2.) Peyton Manning (Team Campbell)
29 Points (24/35, 379 YDs, 4 TDs, 1 INT)

I'm just going to come out and say this, I think Peyton Manning is the best player in the NFL. He's making it look way too easy, the Colts' Offense shredded an underrated Arizona Cardinals' Defense. Unfortunately, the reigning NFL Regular Season MVP was not able to lift Team Campbell to victory this week. Next week should be all good for Jason, the Colts host a beat-up Seattle secondary.

3.) Aaron Rodgers (Team Linton)
27 Points (13/23, 269 YDs, 2 TDs, 38 YDs Rushing, 1 TD)

Rodgers showed his versatility this week against a bad St. Louis defense. The offensive line in Green Bay may be downright horrible, but A-Rod is making good decisions with the football (no interceptions). I hope everyone is ready for round one of Rodgers vs. Favre, one thing is for sure, the Packers will need an efficient passing game to win the game. For the Packers to have a chance to win the game, they will need a big day from A-Rod!

FREE AGENT OF THE WEEK: Philadelphia's QB Kevin Kolb (27 Points)
Kolb has done it again for the second week in a row. He went 24/34 for 375 yards and 2 touchdowns. However, Kevin is most likely traveling back to the bench after the Eagles' bye week because Donovan McNabb is slated to return in week 5. Keep an eye out for Kolb if McNabb gets injured again, the Eagles' passing game is dangerous, DeSean Jackson is having a great sophomore campaign!

Chad's Predictions: 4-2
Nick's Predictions: 3-3

Funny Stuff, T.O. Is A Clown!

While some NFLers have sworn off using Twitter over the past few weeks, we're pretty certain Terrell Owens won't be joining that cohort soon. Lucky for us, that means we'll be getting some more gems like we read Sunday night.

Responding to former New England Patriots safety and current NBC analyst Rodney Harrison calling him a "clown" on TV, T.O. went on a shorthand-based tirade on Twitter, as per NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Amongst his choicest quotes were the following: "I could less about Rodney Harrison! Anybody tht using steroids, yes STEROIDS rodney, is a cheater & cheated the game!"

"Is tht Y u used steroids b/c u were worried about ur stats or ws it b/c u were losing it? Lol! U're a loser & a cheater? Got any steroid ..."

"Hey rodney! Send me sum steroids 2 the Bills facility next week!"

Looks like Harrison has lived up to his stated intention of stirring the pot in his new position with a microphone clipped to his jacket.

(Courtesy of NFL Rumors Section!!!!)

Thought I would share this little story with you guys today. I'm getting very tired of Terrell's nonsense, how can he call anyone out, he drops balls that hit him right in the hands. I would love if Buffalo QB Trent Edwards would say why can't this guy catch the ball, but of course he's not that kind of player and knows how to be a respectable teammate. I'm not condoning what Rodney Harrison did, but someone needs to put T.O. in his place, the guy is getting out of hand, I suggest Owens give Chad Ochocinco a call and learn how to really tweet. There's my Monday morning rant, make sure to tune into ESPN at 7:30 to see the Carolina Panthers travel into Dallas to take on the Cowboys in that new elaborate stadium!

Monday Night Heroes!!!!!

1.) Team Klitzman (60 points) @ Team Koala Kare (67 points)
This has shaped up to be a great ending, just I had predicted yesterday. It's the Cowboys' starting halfback Felix Jones (projection of 17) vs. the Panthers' kicker John Kasey (projection of 13) with a seven point cushion. With Marion Barber out, the Cowboys great rushing attack, and the Cowboys horrible defense, this one could go down to the wire. I would like to say flip a coin, but I'm leaning towards Kari coming away with a win to elevate her record to 2-1!

2.) Team Pokemon (56 points) @ Team Trader (60 points)

I'll start out by saying kudos to Chad who called this as the upset of the week, not too bad! No possible Monday Night Heroes, so this match goes down in the books. Who would've thought Drew Brees could only put forth 4 fantasy points against the Buffalo Bills, looks like we have a winner of the Pity Pot this week. Congrats to Robert for getting back in the game with a 1-2 record, next week is his bye, he should look to add depth to his team!

3.) Team Szombatfalvy (55 points) @ Team Harwood (76 points)
Mike needs 22 fantasy points from Tashard Choice, a tall task to ask from the #2 back tomorrow with a projection of 9. He only needs 2 fantasy points to avoid another Pity Pot, which seems more likely. Despite Mendenhall's zero carries, don't know what's up with that, Tim had a solid week. Barring a Monday Night Miracle, Tim should cruise to his first win of the year!

4.) Team Linton (108 points) @ Philadelphia Fakeouts (85 points)
No MNHs in this one, final score is as advertised. Rory has established his self as a fantasy god, his third straight week with 100+ points. You might ask how he can do this, he has a very balance team, 6 of his 9 players this week reached double digit fantasy totals. Fakeouts had a sold week and is probably regretting the drop of TE Vernon Davis (21 points), how can you not start him this week over Robert Royal? (He's a 49ers fan) Fakeouts will most likely have first shot at improving his team on the waiver wire followed by a match-up with Team Koala Kare (That's ME!). Rory goes for 100 points against the little Asian and his Team Eggroll.

5.) Team Campbell (82 points) @ Team Shake Junt (88 points)

This match-up appeared wrapped up by Joe, but Peyton Manning's 29 point performance had Jason and Team Campbell fighting back. Unfortunately for Jason, it wasn't enough and Joe comes away with the needed win after a tough loss to Team Eggroll last week. Team Shake Junt should be sending New England RB Laurence Maroney an E-Card to thank him for getting injured in the 2nd quarter because his replacement Fred Taylor had a big day that would have been most likely his yards and a win for Team Campbell!

6.) I'll Take The Choadburger (97 points) @ Team Dogfighters (85 poinst)
I was wrong about Nick's team this week, a great performance and D. Williams (projection of 18) to still go tomorrow night. The Panthers running back has posted double digits in both of the first two weeks and I expect him to do it again, Chad's chances look very bleak. Let's just say Chad needs a miracle from Tony Romo (projection of 13). I can't see Romo going into the thirty range tomorrow, so Nick should stay undefeated and on top of the fantasy standings!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chad's Predictions!!!! (Mine are in Blue!)

Well as proved last week, I am either very bad at predicting fantasy football, or fantasy football is very unpredictable. I hope to improve from my 2 correct picks from last week.

1.) Team Pokemon(2-0) Vs. Team Trader(0-2)
Line: Pokemon favored by 9
That’s a pretty juicy prediction for Mr. Brees at 28, and from my experience, when a player has a ridiculous projection they rarely ever reach it. Will he slow down or prove me wrong? Other than that both teams have at least five players with conservative projections in the single digits.
Chad's Pick: I like Team Trader in the Upset of the week.

I don't disagree with Chad's discussion on Drew Brees, I do think that the Buffalo Bills will contain the potent NO offense, everyone has been arguing 40 over/under for the Saints, I would put my money on the under. Matt still has to take out Cadillac and Stokley, but Addai (projection of 6) and Stuckey (projection of 12) look eager for the opportunity. I think Matt has some inconsistent wideouts, but Robert has many other problems.
Nick's Pick: Team Pokemon cruises to 3-0 record

2.) Team SZOMBATFALVY (1-1) Vs. Team Hardwood(0-2)
Line: Mike by 14
Hardwood better figure it out or it's gunna be another rough year. Quiz: What does Joe Flacco, Trent Edwards, and Byron Leftwich all have in common? They all have more points than Tim's #1 pick in this year’s draft… Tom Brady. With Marion Barber sore with the leg, I have Tim adding another point in the loss column
Chad's Pick: Team SZOMBATFALVY Wins in a close match.

I question Tim's #1 pick of Tom Brady, just think, he could of had Chris Johnson, Frank Gore, or Andre Johnson. I would like Tom Brady (projection of 12) this week, but all of his receivers are hurt, lets see if the Atlanta secondary can stop the lower half of New England's depth chart at the wideout position. I'll also put it out there, Joey Galloway is still available, he could have a big week for someone that needs a last minute receiver. Once again, with Tim's best player, Marion Barber, on the bench, his chances remain slim. Mike's low scoring week last week was an anomaly, watch him return to the realm of good fantasy scores, granted he replaces to banged up Knowshon Moreno.
Nick's Pick: Team Szombatfalvy wins easily.

3.) Team Klitzman(1-1) Vs. Team Koala Kare(1-0)
Line: Klit by 2
Is Maurice Jones-Drew really going to pull out 26, I don’t think so, just as I think my Reggie Wayne has 0 chance of his projected 26. Frank Gore has a tough matchup against the Williams’ Wall. Roddy White will run all over that Patriot’s depleted secondary. I’m confident that Koala will be (2-0) after a tight match that will be decided after Felix lets Klitz down Monday night.
Chad's Pick: Koala Shouldn’t have a problem winning.

This makes me feel a little better about my matchup, caz I'm fairly scared. I'm not sure if MJD can pull out 26, but I need it, that's for sure, against Houston's downright terrible defense, anything is possible. One thing that has helped me in the last couple of days is the announcemnt of Derrick Ward as the Bucs' starting running back this week, the banged up Giants defense gave up a ton of rushing yards to those Cowboys last week. Any of Kari's offensive fantasy players could go off this week as well could any of mine. This should shape up to be one of the best fantasy matchups of the year!
Nick's Pick: Team Klitzman squeaks out a close one with Felix on Monday night.

4.) Team Linton(1-1) Vs. Philadelphia Fakeouts (0-1)
Line: Rory by 22
Quiz: Which Team has scored the most points through week 2. Rory with 205. Quiz: Which team has had the most points scored on them through week 2. Rory with 203. I was kind of getting sick of hearing how unlucky Rory was last year, and now again this year but I’ve came to realize that it’s true. The only logical explanation is Mr. Peterson, as nick suggested. If the fakeouts keep Brett Favre and Westbrook starting, Rory shouldn’t have a problem taking it down this week. Rodgers should post some numbers, consider sitting Harvin as he may not play much due to his illness.
Chad's Pick: Linton wins this one with no worries.

This is a hard pick to make in my opinion, so many questions on each team. How can I go against a team that posts over a 100 points two weeks in a row? Will Brett Favre have to air the ball out which may or may not help his fantasy value and do the same to Petersons? Does Westbrook play and if not, does that mean carries for rookie halfback LeSean McCoy? I could go on all day, but I'll take my chances and take the point machine!
Nick's Pick: Team Linton does his early season heisman stance with a 2-1 record.

5.) Team Campbell(1-1) Vs. Team Shake Junt (1-1)
Line: Junt by 36
I feel like the 32 for Fred Jackson is just silly. Here’s what I’m thinking… Buffalo will start the game trying to establish a ground game. Brees will do his normal air attack and mid second quarter Buffalo finds themselves down a touchdown or 2 and they begin to force things through the air. For the rest of the game Fred is quiet. My point is, take 20 off that projection and this is a close match. If ochocinco bought tickets for his new friends for this game and has new found incentive to score again this week, Campbell might pull it off.
Chad's Pick: Snake Junt sneaks by and wins this week.

Hmmm, 32 does appear quite silly from first glance, but I think he reaches at least twenty this week. Like I said before, the Saints points will be under 40 and I think Buffalo wins this game. As the rest goes, Team Shake Junt is way too stacked for Team Campbell this week. If Jason goes with Steve Smith over Hines Ward, I think he has a chance, otherwise not a chance.
Nick's Pick: Closer than the line, Team Shake Junt wins!

6.) Nick L. (2-0) Vs. Team Dogfighters (1-1)
Line: Dogs by 37
If Matt Shaub has another sick day, this will be a close match. 26 for Reggie Wayne? See what happens is, espn sees that Wayne is a playmaker and projects huge. The problem is, his opponents also see this and double cover him all game which results in little action. Just like last week, projected 23, actual, 3. Portis has ankle problems, Jackson has groin problems, Romo is whining again. As much as everyone thinks I’ll never go against myself…
Chad's Pick: Nick L. wins

Absolutely crazy, with an ailing Randy Moss, no way I can go against the Dogfighters this week, even though Vick will be on the bench. I agree with the Reggie Wayne explanation, don't understand why ESPN thinks there will be more emphasis on Dallas Clark, does it matter, you need to find ways to lock down both of these guys, Arizona's defense>>>>Miami's defense. The Portis injury does concern me, Jackson is fine, and I haven't seen any crying from Romo, just everyone else crying about him. Here's my opinion, Romo is superstar material, the guy has talant, who cares if he hasn't won a playoff game yet. Maybe if his team knew how to play any kind of defense, he wouldn't have to keep his team in the game every minute of every drive. I'll stop with that rant because I could keep going, Lowenburg needs beyond big days from Schaub and Williams.
Nick's Pick: Team Dogfighters knocks off an undefeated team and rises to 2-1!

There it is, our we-think-we're-experts predictions are done, leave a comment and let us know if you disagree!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Waiver Report: Thursday, September 24th!

Ten waiver moves is an improvement over nine of last week, but we need more, almost every team in the fantasy league can improve in some way, I'm not going to call anyone out! Just remember, there is a lot of money to be won and there's a lot of fantasy football to be played. In light of Chad's 2-4 predictions last week, I'll give it a try and post that up on Saturday, make sure your teams are ready to go, so I can give some accurate predictions, I'll also be voicing my opinion on needed roster moves! An active league is a fun league, on to the moves:

1.) Philadelphia Fakeouts drops Chris Chambers and adds Johnny Knox
Nice upgrade for Dustin, not only has Knox emerged as Jay Cutler's favorite target of late, the Bears have a soft schedule for the next two weeks (@ Seattle and Home vs. Lions). I think Knox's projection of 14 is a little high this week because I think Forte will have a big day and there will be no need to air out the ball. What happen to the former Badger Chris Chambers, he used to be a fairly good fantasy wide receiver? Stay away from Chambers unless there is an injury to one of the Chargers offensive weapons.
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

2.) Team Harwood drops Dominic Rhodes and adds Rashard Mendenhall
With the recent struggles of Willie Parker, it has been rumored that Mendenhall's role in Pittsburgh's offense will increase over the next couple of weeks. What does that mean for Team Harwood, it means a lot, with the quadriceps issue in Dallas (Marion Barber), Tim is badly in need of another halfback. A projection of 8 is definitely attainable for Rashard this week. Also, don't know if anyone knew this, Dominic Rhodes was cut from the Buffalo Bills, he's not on their roster. If anyone has players on their team who are not part of an NFL roster, you should probably upgrade!
Nick's Take: GREAT MOVE

3.) Team Szombatfalvy drops Edgerrin James and adds Tashard Choice
Like I mentioned above, Marion Barber is dealing with a quadriceps injury in Dallas, even if he does play Monday night, I can tell you that he won't do much. This means that Choice will slot into Felix Jones' usual spot as the #2 back and be a decent flex play for the week. I agree with ESPN and their projection of 9. Good cut of James, the Seahawks really like second-year man Justin Forsett, I should see him picked up before I see James owned again. The key to this pick-up is the fact that the Cowboys have the best rushing attack in the NFL right now!
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

4.) Team Klitzman drops Josh Scobee and adds Jay Feely
Here's that ever-popular situational kicker play, with Feely being projected at double digits. The Jets host the struggling Titans, it could be a barn-burner or a low field goal game, win-win situation for Kari and her Team Klitzman. The way the Jets are playing, I would think about holding onto Jay Feely. Stay away from Scobee, he has managed to miss a field goal in each of the two games to start the season.
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

5.) Team Linton drops Matt Prater and adds Lawrence Tynes
Tynes has proved to be the best kicker in football thus far, with fantasy outputs of 12 and 14 (projection of 18 this week). The projection seems high and Prater didn't go near his high projection last week, but i can almost guarantee Tynes reaches double digits against the absolutely horrible Tampa defense. Speaking of Prater, maybe he could have reached double digits if it wasn't for two missed field goals, stay away from this guy for now until he can prove that he can kick the ball through the uprights. Tynes is another kicker that I would consider holding onto!
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

6.) Team Koala Kare drops Domenik Hixon and adds Bobby Wade
I'm happy with this upgrade, Bobby Wade was signed by the Chiefs last week, but already knows Coach Todd Haley's system. Give him another week of practice and more exposure to the playbook and I think he can easily surpass his projection of 10 this week. Hixon is dealing with a knee injury and has slipped behind Manningham and Smith on the wide out depth chart in New York which equals not fantasy worthy, especially with how deep the league is with wide outs.
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

7.) Down With Civil War Veterns drops Mark Bradley and adds Mike Sims-Walker
Sims-Walker is a wild card, but last week, looked like he can step into the #1 wide out spot in Jacksonville. The Jaguars will most likely be playing from behind all year long and take on one of the worst defenses in the league this weekend (Houston). His projection of 13 should be safe if he can reach the end zone, which is not out of the question. With the emergence of Bobby Wade, things don't look good for Mark Bradley, stay away from this guy, he needs to reflect on why a new guy can come in and pass him on the depth chart so quickly.
Nick's Take: GREAT MOVE

8.) Team Klitzman drops Buccaneers D/ST and adds Seahawks D/ST
Thanks for dropping the Bucs D/ST, they are terrible (fantasy outputs of -3 and 2). The Seahawks are a little beat up right now with Trufant, Wilson, and Tatupu out, but will keep most teams close all year. No doubt an upgrade, keep your eye out for people dropping an even better defense.
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

9.) Team Koala Kare drops Cowboys D/ST and adds 49ers D/ST
I thought about going with the Cowboys at home this week against the Panthers, we all saw what another NFC East team did to Carolina, but I decided to go in another direction. I really like the 3rd ranked defense in the NFL to help the 49ers go into the Metrodome and pull an upset over the 2-0 Vikings. I also think Patrick Willis is the best linebacker in all of football!
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

10.) Team Koala Kare drops Shaun Suisham and adds John Kasay
Another last second choice for me, I like Kasay against a bad defense in Dallas, projection of 13 seems reasonable. I also like the potential Monday Night Hero option, Kari has Felix Jones and I'll have John Kasay, should be fun! Suisham could also have a big day in Detroit, even though I like the Lions to finally win.
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

Waiver Wire Team of The Week: TEAM HARWOOD (Tim Harwood)

I really would like to say that I had the best waiver wire improvements, but I would never give myself these kind of awards and it would be very bias. This week, I thought it was a tossup between Dustin, Tim, and Nick L., they all made huge upgrades to their teams by adding a decent starting option at wide out or running back. Not only did Tim do that, he added a player in Rashard Mendenhall who will keep Tim in the game this week, good luck buddy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pity Pot #2 and Five Fantasy Studs!

And the Pity Pot winner is ..... Mike and his Team Szombatfalvy (66 points). His team looked like they were from the civil war, the Titans defense (-4 points) and Brandon Jacobs (5 points) were straight ugly this week. Notice how Mike is the first fantasy owner to hit the green, he is now owed money, congrats, hopefully it can offset the sick feeling brought on from some bad fantasy football.


We had a great night for Monday Night Heroes! I was wrong about Dallas Clark, not only did he play the role for Team Linton, he put an end to the so-called AP curse and put up a fantasy tight end best 24 points, sorry Robert (Team Trader). Peyton Manning (20 points) and Ronnie Brown (25 points) can also be crowned Monday Night Heroes because they lifted Team Campbell to their first win of the young fantasy season. Reggie Wayne (3 points) and Ricky Williams (3 points) failed their respective fantasy teams. On to this week's fantasy studs:

MVP OF THE WEEK: Chris Johnson (Team Trader)
45 points (284 total yards, 3 TDs)
I don't know how this is possible, but yes a team with a 45 point fantasy player lost their fantasy match up, simply amazing! Unfortunately for Team Trader, I don't know if CJ will be able to make similar contributions next week as the Titans travel to New York to take on the 2-0 Jets. If anything can be taken from this fantasy outburst, I think it has to the Texans' lack of any kind of defense. They appear to be a joke, thank god they play the Jaguars next week, I can only hope for this kind of output for my main halfback Maurice Jones-Drew!

2.) Frank Gore (Team Klitzman)
35 points (246 total yards, 2 TDs)
No doubt Team Klitzman's MVP of the week with 79 and 80 yard touchdown runs. He may be a concern next week, not only did he leave the fourth quarter with a twisted ankle, the 49ers travel to Minnesota who have a fairly good defense against the rush. Recent news seems to be leaning towards a non-serious injury, so he should be able to go on Sunday. Things are nice in San Fran, the 49ers are 2-0 and look like a legitimate threat in the weak NFC West.

3.) Matt Schaub (Down With Civil War Veterans) 30 points (25/39, 357 YDs, 4 TDs)
This fantasy stud had the pleasure of sitting on a fantasy bench this week because Lowenburg decided to go with Mark Sanchez. Definitely a mistake, but didn't matter because he still was able to beat Team Szombatfalvy. The Houston Texans defense may be terrible, but the same cannot be said about their offense. I think we will see Nick start Schaub next week as they have a favorable match up hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars. Andre Johnson emerged as Schaub's favorite target with 10 receptions.

4.) Andre Johnson (Team Klitzman) 26 points (10 RECs, 149 YDs, 2 TDs)
No wonder Kari and her Team Klitzman set the single week fantasy scoring record, she had two fantasy studs, this may be a trend! Johnson lead the league with 16 targets from his quarterback, cementing the fact that he is indeed an elite receiver. No way you can't start this guy next week, he could be a fantasy stud again against that less than stellar Jacksonville secondary.

FREE AGENT OF THE WEEK: Philadelphia's QB Kevin Kolb (17 points)
This guy did work, it may have not looked beautiful, but he performed well from a fantasy perspective in place of the injured Donovan McNabb. His stat line reads 31/51, 391 YDs, 2 TDs, and 3 INTs. The interceptions are a concern, but he is in line for another start against a Kansas City squad who are 0-2. If you're in need of a quarterback, here's a spot starter for this week only!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monday Night Heroes?

I would like to open up the post today by inviting everyone to start commenting on the posts! Chad has indicated that he will begin to start some analysis of his own and I would like to get others' input also. My regular followers know who they are, just put down a comment, don't need to make an account or anything, anonymous comments are welcomed! If you would like an entire column posted like Chad did earlier today, just shoot me an email ( or say so in the comment! I'm not in the best mood tonight, those Packers played some uninspiring football, but I digress. We have four match-ups impacted by the Colts/Dolphins game this week, and a couple of them may be won tomorrow night while the other two probably have already been decided, who knows? Lets dive right into the match ups:

1.) Philadelphia Fakeouts (96 points) @ Team Klitzman (115 points)
Look at those point totals, not only are they high, but they are done this week, no possible Monday Night Heroes in this match-up. Kari and her Team Klitzman cruised to a 1-1 record and set this season's scoring record by beating Team Pokemon's 107 point total of last week. Not much Dustin and his Fakeouts could do, Frank Gore (35 points) and Andre Johnson (26 points) backed up why I picked Kari as the Best Drafter. Coming off his bye week and a tough loss, Dustin can now plan to take on Team Linton's potent fantasy team and I get to plan for the record-setting Team Klitzman!

2.) Team Trader (96 points) @ Team Linton (85 points)
OMG, as Kari of Team Klitzman would say, 45 points from Chris Johnson is absolutely crazy, that guy is FAST!!!! Team Linton is once again down to their last chance, Dallas Clark is ready to take on the Dolphins with a projection of 3. Rory has to be the unluckiest fantasy player of all-time, I don't think Clark will get 12 points and the AP curse will have to be seriously considered. On a happier note, nice bounce back for Robert and Team Trader!

3.) Team Harwood (77 points) @ Team Campbell (52 points)

This seems very similar to last week, Jason can only hope it doesn't turn out the same way, in a loss that is. Team Campbell has Peyton Manning projected at 17 and Ronnie Brown projected at 10, probably the two best fantasy options for tomorrow night. It's going to be close, but I like Manning and Brown to be Monday Night Heroes for Jason! Tough loss for the loser as they will fall to 0-2 on the season.

4.) Team Eggroll (75 points) @ Team Shake Junt (71 points)

Put this one in the books, Isaac and Team Eggroll traveled to Joe's house and took the win this week. The Cowboys may have lost to the Giants, but Witten (9 points) blows the knockout punch to Kevin Boss (1 point) in the Sunday Showdown of Fantasy Tight Ends. Team Eggroll goes into the bye week 1-1 and Team Shake Junt stays home to host Team Campbell.

5.) Team Pokemon (94 points) @ Team Dogfighters (58 points, maybe 66)

Maybe the most anticipated match-up of the week ends with a little controversey. The fantasy scorers have seemed to miss the Giants interception for a touchdown which would give Chad eight more points. Regardless of Chad's score, I believe he's in a lot of trouble going into the Monday Night Game. Matt has Joseph Addai with a reasonable projection of 11 and Chad has Reggie Wayne with a projection of 23. The projection is a little on the high side in my opinion because I think Wayne will be targeted by the Dolphins secondary (could be a good thing for Dallas Clark and Team Linton), but doesn't matter anyways, Team Pokemon will travel to Team Trader with a record of 2-0.

6.) Team Szombatfalvy (60 points) @ Down With Civil War Veterens (76 Points)

Haha, lets start out by saying it's a privilege to start the week off by seeing Lowenburg's creativity with the team name selection, he gets an A+ this week. Nick should be safe with his point total this week also, unless Ricky Williams seeks out multiple touchdowns, I can't even see him reaching his projection of 9 for Mike. Williams will most likely not be a Monday Night Hero and Lowenburg will improve to 2-0 on the season despite the donut from one of his fantasy receivers (Mark Bradley).

Fantasy Match Up Picks From Chad!!!!

Ok, so since nick won't make a post I will. This week I will be predicting the 6 fantasy football match-ups.

Ok First Up. Team Szombatfalvy Vs. Team Geriatrician

Well Nick L. doesn't have much of an imagination because he used that last year but off we go. I like warner's matchup at the Jags as opposed to Sanchez against the patriots defense. Im going with Szombatfalvy in a close matchup.

Eggroll Vs. Snake Junt
Matt Ryan is going to have a huge day playing against Carolina, Eggroll wins and makes an upset.

Hardwood Vs. Campbell
Im afraid the matchups for campbell suck this week. Reggie bush in phili, ochocinco in greenbay Hines in Chicago,
Hardwood comes away with the win.

Fakeouts vs. Klitz
I do have a mancrush on favre but 20 is a ridiculous projection, even at detroit. This will be petersons game. I like westbrook agaisnt Saints. Im afraid Klitz will be 0-2. Fakouts with the win.

Trader vs. Linton
This will be the blowout this week. Trader doesnt have a chance, Peterson projected at 27 which is prolly a bit light.

Pokemon Vs. Dogfighters
Im afraid Brees wont "brees" through the phili defense like the lions, and your defense wont save you this week. Wayne and portis are gunna have big day. I win! lol

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Waiver Wire Deals!

Where was everyone? Many teams with obvious weaknesses missed out on some great players, kudos to those who did show up before the Wednesday deadline and made their teams even stronger! For you teams who did suffer a devastating Week One loss, keep your heads up, by no means does one loss mean the end to your season, the same logic applies to the Week One winners, you have not booked a spot in the playoffs. In this blog post I'm going to stay exclusive to the waiver wire deals and mention the free agent pick-ups later this week, possibly Saturday, so much to talk about! For you guys who missed out on the waiver wire deals, more players are still out there, go and get them for your match-ups this week!

1.) Team Eggroll drops Jake Delhomme and adds Michael Bush
A good move to start out this week's waiver wire, we know that Bush will get his share of carries, especially at the goal line. McFadden may have the most carries @ KC next week, but don't count out Bush to punch the ball in from short, his projection of 10 seems reasonable to me. I know that Delhomme had the worst fantasy day ever (-8 points) and may be facing the end of his career, but we are talking about one game right now, I would wait and see what he can do in the next couple of weeks.
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

2.) Team Linton drops Brian Robiskie and adds Antwaan Randal El
Why wouldn't you try to pick up Randal El after his projection of 16 against the Rams, fairly high projection if you ask me, but I think he can still have a decent day. In the long run, I'm still not digging Randal El as a good fantasy receiver, however this week and next week @ Detroit is money. Good drop of Robiskie who is unlikely to see any targets from Brady Quinn.
Nick's Take: GREAT MOVE

3.) Team Szombatfalvy drops Mewelde Moore and adds Ricky Williams
I'm torn on this move, I think Williams was lucky last week with his fantasy output of 10 @ Atlanta, because I think Ronnie Brown is still the superior back. To me, I see Ricky Williams as very annoying to Brown's fantasy value, but not having much of his own. However, at the same time running backs are scarce right now, watch for Moore if Willie Parker has another bad game, he could step in with a lot of upside.

4.) Team Shake Junt drops Malcolm Floyd and adds Miles Austin
Another interesting move, Austin had a decent game (10 fantasy points), but the question is can Romo find him against the Giants potent defense? Would have liked to see Joe go for Burleson or Manningham, but you never know, this could work out. Austin is definitely an upgrade from Floyd who doesn't look like a part of the San Diego offense this year.
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

5.) Team Koala Kare drops Seahawks D/ST and adds Cowboys D/ST
If you guys haven't noticed, I'm a situational defense/special teams and kicker each week, with my bye week coming this week, I'm already looking forward to next week. I thought that the Cowboys defensive match up with Carolina was the best available at this time. Seahawks could be a decent match up with the 49ers this week if you need a defensive upgrade.

6.) Team Pokemon drops Hakeem Nicks and adds Falcons D/ST
Similar to my Cowboys defensive pickup, I like the Falcons D/ST chances against Carolina this week, a projection of 8 is nice! I also like the way Matt has resolved that little dilemma he had with his QB and Defense! Hakeem Nicks is thought to be out for a few weeks, I'm wondering if rookie wide out Ramses Barden will be a factor at all?
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

7.) Team Eggroll drops Joey Galloway and adds Nate Burleson
I love this pick-up, Burleson is a solid player, he was targeted 11 times last week and put forth a fantasy output of 11 points. Burleson is definitely a better option than Galloway, but Galloway will improve as Brady settles back into that New England Patriots' offense. Look to pick up Galloway in a few weeks if you're in need of another wide out.
Nick's Take: GREAT MOVE

8.) Team Linton drops John Carney and adds Matt Prater
Hmm, Rory, is he another situational fantasy player? I like the pick-up of Prater, a projection of 17 seems quite high, can Cleveland even stop the Broncos from getting touchdowns (thus no field goals)? Either way, I'm sure Prater will approach double digits which is good for any kicker! Carney is a decent option with the high power offense in NO, but I love the situational play, especially from a team that may have the AP curse!
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

9.) Team Eggroll drops Jeremy Maclin and adds Mario Manningham
I also love this move, Manningham looked very good in his 11 point effort last week against the Redskins. While watching this game, I told myself that this player has a lot of upside in an offense that needs some players to step up. Stay away from Maclin, especially with the QB uncertainty in Philly, can't see him getting many targets if any.
Nick's Take: GREAT MOVE

Waiver Wire Team of the Week: TEAM EGGROLL (Isaac Lee)

Rory and Team Linton was slightly edged out once again. The award went to Isaac and Team Eggroll because I love the added WR depth and he mixed up his team, he was starting to look like Team NFC South with two Panthers and four Falcons. Great Job Isaac, way to bounce back from a tough loss to the best!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Who Wins the Pity Pot and Five Fantasy Studs!!!!

And the winner is ...... Robert and his Team Trader (58 points). The team was downright pitiful this week. In order to prevent you from feeling like the Buffalo Bills or Cincinnati Bengals, you're awarded the $5 Pity Pot. Since you still owe me $20 for fantasy fees, you can look in the right corner and notice how you only owe me $15 now, good luck next week, you can only go up from here. Six more weeks of the Pity Pot and then it switches to the Baller Pot (the team who scores the most points in a week).

Did any of those Monday Night Heroes hopefuls from yesterday's blog post show up tonight? The answer is sort of, Robert has Tom Brady to thank for taking the $5 Pity Pot away from Tim's Team Harwood. I guess you could call LT the Anti-Monday Night Hero as he failed to push Team Campbell over the top. Mike's Team Szombatfalvy holds on and goes to 1-0. LT is not alone, no teams won who were behind last night.

Now that week one of the Fantasy season is over, I can talk about this week's five fantasy studs:

MVP OF THE WEEK: Adrian Peterson (Team Linton)
37 Points (198 total yards, 3 TDs)

Surprise, surprise, I have a feeling this won't be the only week he occupies the number one spot on my fantasy studs feature. Actually, next week he's most likely prime to throw down some more of those Heisman stiff-arms all over the Detroit Lions Defense. Ironically, Peterson's MVP performance did not lead Team Linton to victory this week, he must be thinking deja vu. It also leaves the question, is there an AP fantasy curse?

2.) Drew Brees (Team Pokemon)
36 Points (26/34, 358 YDs, 6 TDs, 1 INT)
Hmmm, does the Lions defense stink that much or is Brees that skilled? I would say a combination of both, but we'll have a chance to learn next week when Brees and the Saints travel to Philadelphia. More on the Eagles defense a little later. This may be crazy, but Matt may have been correct picking Brees with the first pick in this year's fantasy draft. Brees threw for 5,069 yards last year and I think he'll eclipse that 5,000 mark again. Not only will he do that, but he will break Dan Marino's record of 5,084 passing yards in a season.

3.) Eagles D/ST (Team Pokemon)
35 Points (2 TDs, 5 INTs, 2 FRs, 10 PA)
How lucky is Matt, are you kidding me? I'm not sure if it's Rory's curse or Matt's luck, this is downright crazy! Matt runs into a dilemma next week, the Eagles host the New Orleans Saints and fantasy stud #2 Drew Brees. Without a substitute defense, this is a tough situation, maybe a free agent pick-up is the way to go.

4.) Tony Romo (Team Dogfighters)
26 Points (16/27, 353 YDs, 3 TDs, 0 INTs)

Who needs T.O. or Jessica Simpson? Not the Wisconsin native Tony Romo, that's for sure. He looked downright comfortable as he spread the ball around and who said Roy Williams can't be a number one receiver? Before Chad proceeds to boast about his awesome QB, which we know he will, he should take a look at the QB situation next week. Not only does Romo and the Cowboys host the G-men (Chad's D/ST), Romo may be nursing an injured right ankle. Without a back up defense or quarterback (Vick is still suspended for week 2), he may have a problem.

FREE AGENT OF THE WEEK: New England's TE Benjamin Watson (19 points)
I don't know how I missed out on this guy, oh yeah, they gave him a projection of one and said that he wouldn't receive any targets because of all the Patriot receivers. That just goes to show you, can't always depend on those experts. With the tight coverage of Moss, Galloway, and Welker, Watson was able to aid in the Patriots comeback win and grab 6 receptions for 77 yards and 2 touchdowns. Not too shabby for a tight end!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monday Night Heroes!

What a night? Twelve hours on the recliner and a come-back Packers win later, I would have to say I'm very satisfied with the opening Sunday of the 2009 NFL Season. While I'm still on this high from football, I'll jump right into my weekly edition of Monday Night Heroes. Here's how it works, I'm going to briefly talk about the six match ups and discuss the chances of Monday Night players clinching or coming back to bring your fantasy team to a sweet victory and leave your opponent asking what happened?

1.) Team Eggroll (80 points) @ Team Koala Kare (86 points)
Darren McFadden can't be a Monday Night Hero, but he can sure do the victory dance for my team. Isaac made the mistake of starting Steve Breaston who had to sit out of the game against the 49ers, but it wouldn't have mattered much because his bench receivers Braylon Edwards (1 point) and Michael Jenkins (4 points) didn't do much either. Unless D-Mac fumbles four times and doesn't gain any yards, Team Koala Kare is going into the bye week 1-0.

2.) Team Shake Junt (76 points) @ Team Trader (41 points)
I'm not going to throw out the word impossible, because anything can happen, but Joe has most likely clinched the win this week. Joe has Fred Jackson with a projection of 22 tomorrow night, which is not out of the question. Robert needs huge nights from Fred Taylor and Wes Welker, possibly still leaving him short because of the 35 point deficit and Fred Jackson. No biggie, it happens, if I was Robert, I would hope for bad nights from Taylor and Welker, in an attempt to clinch the $5 pity pot, thus making them Monday Night Heroes in a way!

3.) Team Pokemon (107 points) @ Team Linton (94 points)
Here's the big boy match-up of the night, Matt has ended at a respectable 107 points while Rory has one Monday Night Hero-Wannabe that could push him over the top. What a day for Adrian Peterson, more to come on that tomorrow, but how bout Rory's luck, last year he was a fantasy pimp, but was very unfortunate because of the better luck of his opponents. The trend continues, I'm not calling Drew Brees' six touchdowns lucky, but the Eagles D/ST output of 35 is without a doubt lucky. Terrell Owens only needs 14 points to carry Rory's Team Linton over the top, that's a receiving touchdown and 80 yards receiving, can he do that, he's projected at 11 against a tricky Patriots defense. I think he grabs two touchdowns and establishes his self as this year's first Monday Night Hero!

4.) Team Dogfighters (103 points) @ Team Harwood (35 points)
I think I can say the word impossible here, Chad's team puts up a nice 103 points while Tim has two more players to go. Unfortunately, the only thing Tim can hope for is nothing from Tom Brady and Kevin Faulk so he can run with the $5 pity pot. This will go down as the first blow-out this year, don't worry Tim, only the first week, bounce back next week.

5.) Team Szombatfalvy (75 points) @ Team Campbell (56 points)
Here's another interesting match where Monday Night Heroes could be born. Mike's Team Szombatfalvy is done with a mediocre 75 points and has to root against Team Campbell's LaDainian Tomlinson, Patriots D/ST, and Stephen Gostkowski. 19 points seems in reach for Jason's three fantasy players, but you never know, it could be close. I believe the three indeed surpass the needed amount and lead Team Campbell to a victory as Monday Night Heroes.

6.) Team Klit Krusher (69 points) @ Team Klitzman (58 points)

To stay consistent, anything can occur, but things look bleak for Kari's Team Klitzman. Without a total failure from her kicker and defense, the atmosphere around this match-up would be much different. Suiting up for her team tomorrow is Philip Rivers while Nick's Team Klit Krusher has wide outs Vincent Jackson and Randy Moss taking the field. Moss and Jackson should clinch the win for Team Klit Krusher and Kari will have to move on to planning for next week.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pigskin Pick' Em!!!!

Hey guys, I've created another opportunity for you to show me up when it comes to sports. The Madison Pigskin Pick' Em is live and ready for everyone to pick this week's winners. All you have to do is pick all of the NFL matchups and see how you stack up with everyone at the end of the week. I'm starting this kind of late, so I set it up where everyone can drop their lowest week, maybe if no one picks the first week or something like that. I'll send out invites, but you can also join by going to and searching for the group name bolded above. Hope to see you in the group, thanks guys!!!! Or you can join at the link below!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let The Projections Guide You!

Are you ready for some football? I can't wait for tomorrow, regardless if I have to work or not, I'm happy knowing that the sweet game of significant NFL football is being played! I'll dim down the mood a little bit by saying I'm going to cut down blog-posts to every few days (I'll sneak in some more here and there), mainly because of time constraints. On a more positive note, lets dabble into the world of fantasy projections as my title implies. Number one rule, don't live and die by the projections, the experts who make these projections will be the first to tell you they can be dead wrong. Who remembers Westbrook's insane projection of 30+ against Cleveland where he only put up 6 (I know Chad does)! Had to bring that one specific instance up, but these things happen every week, can't experience fantasy greatness unless you take risks. Another rule I like to see followed is stay true to your favorite teams, don't play an opposing defense unless you want to be torn watching. My third rule is to take a little time throughout the season to learn a bit about each team, it will help tremendously! If you follow these simple rules, I guarantee you will have fun and most likely will have a successful fantasy season!

Time to shift gears to the latest fantasy moves. Today marks a shift in perspective, no longer are owners necessarily making their teams better in the long run, but could also be "renting" players to help a specific week. Keep your eye on the free agents every week, there are always good options popping up, Lowenburg discovered a great pickup this week, more to follow on that.

1.) Team Shake Junt drops Ricky Williams and adds Tim Hightower
I like it, like it, like it, and like it some more! Hightower will be a starter this week and should get the bulk of carries over Beanie Wells. Despite Arizona's poor rushing attack, I would say Hightower's projection of 7 vs. the 49ers is on the low side. Williams projection of 3 vs. Atlanta seems about right, Ronnie Brown will get most of the work and Atlanta has a decent run defense. If anyone wants a RB for this weekend, go out and get Cadillac Williams, he's looking quite attractive as numero uno on Tampa's depth chart.
Nick's Take: GOOD MOVE

2.) Team Klit Krusher drops Nate Burleson and adds Mike Bell
If I like the last move, I love this move. With Pierre Thomas out for the Saints, Mike Bell becomes the go-to-back. He was gifted with a projection of 15 because of the sorry Detroit Lions, but I wouldn't put it out of reach, he should see at least double digits. However, I thought Nate Burleson was robbed on projections, a projection of 1 just because Deion Branch stuck around. The Seahawks host the Rams, a lackluster defense, Burleson deserves more than one, especially after everyone was trashing Branch the last couple of weeks. If you need a WR, go get Burleson or Branch, your choice!
Nick's Take: BEST MOVE

3.) Team Koala Kare drops Nick Folk and adds Lawrence Tynes
This was a possible temporary move, I like Tynes chances vs. Washington over Folk's chances on the road in Tampa. Tynes overrated projection of 16 is just nuts, that's the second highest projection on my team, haha. I'm sure Tynes could put up those kind of fantasy numbers, but what are the chances? I do like the intimidation I can put on my opponent by raising my weekly projection to make it look like I may beat him, but remember what I said, projections are guides!
Nick's Take: SMALL MOVE

4.) Team Koala Kare drops Cowboys D/ST and adds Seahawks D/ST
This is a definite temporary move, I love the Seahawks at home vs. St. Louis compared to the Cowboys on the road in Tampa. A matter of fact, the Seahawks have the third highest projected defense of the week, that just goes to show you, kickers and defenses are really sporadic and not a big deal. That's why it's usually not a good idea to spend a high draft pick on one. This also shows why it's a great idea to get to know a little about each team, it will help you with the match ups for the rest of the year!
Nick's Take: SMALL MOVE


Monday, September 7, 2009

More Fantasy Moves!

Back to update the fantasy transactions, get that $20 in or remind a friend to get it in!

1.) Team Koala Kare drops Miles Austin and adds Earl Bennett. As soon as I saw Mike drop Bennett, i had to have him, regardless if he's a hated Bear, I think he will be the WR with the best chemistry with Cutler. He won't be a starting WR on my fantasy team, but I like him on the bench to step in on bye weeks. The move worked out perfectly, because Austin decided to injure his hamstring and looks questionable for the season opener on Sunday.

2.) Team Koala Kare drops Tim Hightower and adds James Davis. I hate to drop Hightower (read previous section on best fantasy free agents available), but I think Davis is an interesting threat as the Browns' prospective starter at the halfback position. Jamal Lewis is getting older and flirted with being cut from the team, while Davis has been carving up defenses this preseason. Sorry Rory (I picked up Davis 45 minutes before Rory attempted to)! If you haven't read my post from yesterday and need a running back, go get Hightower before someone else does!

3.) Team Eggroll drops Amani Toomer and adds Deion Branch. Team Eggroll drops Deion Branch and adds Jeremy Maclin. Glad to see someone reads my blog, even though Branch survived cuts and is still a Seattle Seahawk. They are still looking to deal the veteran, if a team like Baltimore or New York, or Kansas City gets the guy, go pick him up, until then, leave him alone. Toomer is without a team and most likely too old and slow to find another team, if Kansas City didn't want him, I can't see many other teams using him. Good pickup with Maclin!!!!

4.) Team Szombatfalvy drops Michael Bush and adds Mewelde Moore. Ehhh, don't know about this move, THERE ARE BETTER RUNNING BACKS AVAILABLE! (Cadillac Williams, Tim Hightower, and Glen Coffee) I see the reason for dropping Michael Bush, he probably won't get many carries and will serve as Oakland's fullback unless McFadden or Fargus gets injured. However, Mewelde Moore doesn't have much fantasy value either, with Mendanhall and Parker healthy, he will not see many carries, only upside to Moore is that he's the best pass-catcher of those halfbacks, but how often will Pittsburgh dump the ball off to Moore, I would say not much.

Top Five Fantasy Free Agents To Think About!!!!

We're getting closer, the season opens up on Thursday in Pittsburgh with the Steelers hosting the Tennessee Titans, and I hope you've all been checking and adjusting your rosters accordingly. If not, don't worry, I'm here to provide everyone with the top five fantasy free agents left on the market and I'll make a case for why each one should have a home in our league.

5.) Brady Quinn QB Cleveland Browns: Is there really no love for the 2nd year pretty boy out of Notre Dame? Maybe everyone is scared of the so-called quarterback competition in Cleveland, you shouldn't worry about that, you can take my word when I say Quinn will be the man behind center Sunday evening. Maybe you're worried about the conservative offense that Coach Mangini brings to Cleveland, a valid argument in my book, but I still think Quinn is a better backup fantasy QB than half of them in our league right now. He definitely has the ability to throw the long ball and usually makes good decisions. I think the fantasy output will be inconsistent, but if your in need of a quarterback, he could put you over the hump for that particular week.

4.) Jeremy Maclin WR Philadelphia Eagles: Yes, yes, I dropped this player a few weeks ago because I didn't like his performance in a preseason game I watched, but that doesn't mean he's dead regarding fantasy potential. The rookie out of Missouri can catch the ball and run after the catch like no other, but needs to work on his route-running. I can't see him being any worse than the third or fourth option in a potent Philadelphia offense, if you need a WR, please go out and get this speedy rookie.

3.) Glen Coffee RB San Francisco 49ers: I keep hearing from everyone that there are no running backs left in our league, I say you're not looking hard enough. The third-round draft pick out of Alabama has tore up defenses this preseason and will sit behind the beast known as Frank Gore this season. Why would I want to pick up a back-up running back? I'll tell you why, Coach Singletary runs a primarily rushing offense in San Francisco and Gore can't take all the carries, that means you can count on Coffee to get anywhere from 10-20 carries a game. I'll take that if I need a running back during a bye week or someone gets hurt. For some reason though, he's still out there to be taken up at anytime.

2.) Tim Hightower RB Arizona Cardinals: What, another running back? Granted I did just drop him, so I guess I can give you guys who are complaining about running backs a pass. Only reason I dropped this guy is because I think Davis is a better option for me. I don't like the rushing offense in Arizona, but the way Warner has looked, I don't know if they can pass the ball. Hightower comes in second on this highly-touted list because he WILL BE the starting halfback this weekend. Rookie Chris "Beanie" Wells may take that job before the end of the season, but I still feel Tim is a legit option during goal-line situations and put up 112 fantasy points last year (7.0 a game) while sharing time with Edge. How can a starting running back with 10 rushing touchdowns last year still be available. Pick up the 2nd year man out of Richmond, he will better his 399 rushing yards of last year, not to mention the guy can catch the ball.

And the best player available is ......

1.) JarMarcus Russell QB Oakland Raiders: I know of a few fantasy teams that need a QB right now, go out and get the 3rd year man out of LSU. He's a no-doubter for a fantasy backup quarterback and who knows, he could turn into a decent fantasy starter. Barring any injuries or set-backs, I guarantee he betters his 129 (8.1 a game) fantasy points of last year. I would go out and get this guy if I could, which I've contemplated doing a few times, because I don't know if I trust Trent Edwards (that's a whole other story). Russell is very athletic, he can rack up a few rushing yards and McFadden, Heyward-Bey, and Walker are all good options for long touchdown receptions. Oakland plays in the weakest division in the NFL, no reason the Raiders can't put up big numbers!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fantasy Moves!!!!

I hope you guys keep counting down those days until opening day for the fantasy season (11 days), but until then take a look at the moves to take place in our league over the last week. I'm not going to name any names, there are more teams that probably should make some free agent pick-ups, i know some players have become injured and dropped, lets just say you've been warned.

1.) Team Szombatfalvy drops T.J. Duckett and adds Edgerrin James. This is a no-brainer, Duckett was cut because James was added by the Seattle Seahawks. However, James doesn't have a lot of fantasy value, not only will he have to share time with fellow RBs Julius Jones and Justin Forsett, the offensive line in Seattle doesn't appear to be very good. With Knowshawn Moreno being banged up, that leaves Mike's team with Larry Johnson as the best RB option, this could be a problem (who would of thought, Mike was the running back man last year, haha). Stay away from Duckett, unless he's picked up by another team, he has absolutely no fantasy value.

2.) Team Szombatfalvy drops JaMarcus Russell and adds Shaun Hill. Unlike the previous move by Mike, I don't see the reason for this one. I believe Russell is a better option as a fantasy backup QB than Shaun Hill. Hill hasn't looked very good this preseason while Russell has showed promise by making good decisions and managing the Raiders offense. If your in need of a backup quarterback, which I know a few people are, go after Russell, he has fantasy potential.

3.) Team Koala Kare drops Dolphins D/ST and adds Cowboys D/ST. Let me give you guys a little secret, unless you own a premier defense, it doesn't really matter who you have. I like the Cowboys sack potential and I think they have a more forgiving schedule early on, that is why that move went down. Nothing against the Dolphins D/ST, I'm sure you will be there for me later in the season.

4.) Team Linton drops Le'Ron McClain and adds Chris Henry. I give this move two thumbs up! Le'Ron McClain has become a true fullback in Baltimore meaning his fantasy value has taken a plunge, unless one of the other Raven halfbacks become hurt, I would stay away from McClain. Chris Henry has an attitude problem, but star-worthy talent, can he stay out of trouble? I think he will, fantasy experts don't seem high on Henry but I like his upside, I think he can become a legitimate second option in Cincinnati, assuming Coles or Caldwell don't step their game up.

5.) Team Szombatfalvy drops Earl Bennett and adds Austin Collie. This is a perplexing move, who will do better, the second option in Chicago or the third option in Indianapolis? Everyone downplays the passing game in Chicago, but one things for sure, if any receiver can create chemistry with Cutler, it will be Earl Bennett. They played together at Vanderbilt and know one another very well. Collie was a stud in college at the wide receiver position (BYU), but I think he's a big question, even if the best QB in the league is throwing to him. If you need a wide receiver, go after Bennett, I think he has great upside.

6.) Team Klit Crusher drops Tashard Choice and adds Le'Ron McClain. I don't really like either of these guys, so the move yields a push if you ask me. Choice won't see the ball much because he's behind Marion Barber and Felix Jones on the depth chart while McClain has become a fullback in Baltimore (see Team Linton's move above). What can I say though, there are not many running backs left in the free agent pool, feel proud if your halfbacks are healthy and ready to go!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Badgers In The Big Ten!

I don't care what the critics say, Big Ten Football can be great. If it means anything (it doesn't really), I would rather watch Big Ten Football than Big Ten Basketball and I love college basketball. I think the Big Ten has a couple of great teams that can compete with the Pac-10, Big 12, and SEC when bowl season comes along. The Badgers should feel very lucky that they don't have to see Penn State or Illinois this year, those Nittany Lions look damn good! Lets predict what the Badgers do against the teams they do play:

4.) Michigan State @ Wisconsin (3-0)
Coming off a trip to Notre Dame, the Spartans may be wore down, but they could also have some momentum. This was a great team last year, going 9-4 and losing to Georgia in the Florida Citrus Bowl. Unfortunately for the Badgers, this could be a great team again, they have questions at the quarterback position but return almost all of their starting defense from last year (8 of 11 guys). I know that Javon Ringer is gone, but the Badgers D-line is only returning one guy, a huge problem in Big Ten play, I think the Badgers lose this game due to a grinding down run game from the Spartans.

5.) Wisconsin (3-1) @ Minnesota
I can't wait for the annual battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe, which the Badgers would love to retain for the sixth straight year. Can they do this? I think they can, the Golden Gophers are not much better than the Badgers and really have no offense. The game is always great because of the tension and atmosphere, but for some reason, the Badgers always pull it out in a close one. I don't see any reason for this not to happen again!

6.) Wisconsin (4-1) @ Ohio State
I'm guessing by this point, we will learn that the Badgers have a decent offense and a shaky defense. This will work out very well for the Buckeyes who have had the best defensive unit over the last three years. Ohio State lost three offensive weapons in Wells, Robiskie, and Hartline, but still have the speedy Pryor. They will find some way to score and put up big numbers in Columbus against the Badgers. Wisconsin loses by double digits.

7.) Iowa @ Wisconsin (4-2)
Can the Hawkeyes come into Camp Randall and pull off a win after their impressive campaign last year? The only Big Ten team to win a bowl game last year went 9-4 and looks to have another great year. The offensive line is solid and some of their defensive studs will continue to intimidate offenses in the conference. Badgers will have trouble with the Hawkeyes, I think John Clay struggles to gain his yards against this team and the Badgers lose two games in a row.

8.) Purdue @ Wisconsin (4-3)
Don't worry Badger fans, the Badger defense has a chance to shine this week, they can attempt to stop a offense that is almost non-existent. With a new coach and one of the most inconsistent offenses in the country last year, Purdue shouldn't be a problem at Camp Randall. The Boilermakers went 4-8 last year, but didn't play the Badgers. Badgers win this game by double digits, happy times in Madison!

9.) Wisconsin @ Indiana (5-3)
Looking for their second road win of the year, the Badgers should be able to pull it off. The departure of QB Kellen Lewis leaves the Hoosiers with another dismal Big Ten offense. As long as the offensive line of the Badgers can hold back sensational pass-rushers Middleton and Kirlew, it should be back-to-back double digit victories.

10.) Michigan @ Wisconsin (6-3)
The Badgers are now bowl-eligible and host the Wolverines at Camp Randall. The game at Ann Arbor last year was downright ugly, Michigan fumbled a million times and still managed to win the game, I still question how that's possible? Anyways, Rich Rodriguez and the Wolverines seem to be prone to distractions and will most likely be dealing with a disappointing season, Badgers should be able to win, but I have a feeling it will be close. Watch for a high scoring game in November, could be fun, especially if the Badgers pull it out!

11.) Wisconsin (7-3) @ Northwestern
With the Badgers heading towards a respectable season, I think they will stumble once again against a team with a tricky QB in Mike Kafka. Kafka can run, watch out for the option! A sleeper in the Big Ten, the Wildcats went 9-4 and took Missouri to overtime in their bowl game. I think this team will open some eyes, including those of the Badgers in a tough loss at Northwestern.

12.) Wisconsin (7-4) @ Hawaii
Who scheduled this game, I wonder if Hawaii is nice in December? I don't know much about Hawaii, but I do know they went 7-7 last year and tend to put up a good fight in Honolulu. Another high-scoring game should yield a victory for the Badgers to propel the team to a decent bowl game.

Nick's Prediction: Wisconsin (8-4) will play in the Outback Bowl!!!!
Now for the real prediction, who will win the Big Ten? I'm going to give the Big Ten to Joe Paterno and the Penn State Nittany Lions, I think QB Daryll Clark and RB Evan Royster are too much to deal with. I'll also throw in some sleeper picks in the Big Ten, I really like Illinois and Northwestern. Illinois has the experience, but a questionable defense, and Northwestern has the weak schedule.