Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why Packers Fans Should Be Happy With Favre!

Is it too early for me to become elated over Favre's decision to stay retired? I don't think so, there's something that tells me Favre has been leaning towards this decision all summer. Vikings fans are probably furious with this news, which I understand, but Packers fans should be happy. The Vikings practically begged Favre to start behind center, rumors have been swirling that Favre told the Vikings a week ago that he wanted to stay retired. This makes the Vikings look very vulnerable, they obviously don't trust Jackson or Rosenfels to run the offense. Packers fans couldn't be more confident with their starting qb, only problem we have is with the defense, let's see if switching from the 4-3 to the 3-4 will make a difference. Should be an exciting NFC North, I can't wait!!!!

BREAKING NEWS: Phillies will trade for Cliff Lee. Exciting stuff!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why the Brewers Seriously Need Washburn

Washburn to the Brewers?: Don't know if you guys saw the game tonight, you should feel lucky if you missed it, quite embarrassing if you ask me. Brewers pitching allowed 14 runs from the worst team in the majors. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel , talk between the Brewers and the Seattle Mariners are becoming serious with a trade involving pitcher Jarrod Washburn. Who knows the Brewers' farm system better than our former director of scouting Jack Zduriencik, now employed as the GM of the Mariners. Believe it or not, Washburn is from La Crosse, WI and helped pitch UW-Oshkosh to a division III championship fifteen years ago. All signs seem to point towards this trade happening sometime this week. I would be very happy with this trade, Washburn is no Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee, but he's a solid pitcher that can fill a hole in a rotation in desperate need of another starter. Here are the stats for the lefty this year: 2.71 ERA, 8-6 Record, 78 strikeouts and a WHIP of 1.06. I'm leaning towards this deal happening in the next couple of days, should make the division race a little more interesting.

Streak For Cash Picks: Streak of W1 in progress

1)AGF Aarhus @ Randers FC - Randers FC Win (10.8% of people wrong)
- Randers lose 2-3, they did not play a very good game. Don't know why I felt the Randers could pull it off, I thought they were the better team and was scared of the draw. I was just dead wrong with this pick, sorry guys.

2)Los Angeles Dodgers @ St. Louis Cardinals - St. Louis (82.4% of people right)
- Just like I said yesterday, this seemed like a pretty safe pick, Carpenter was very dominant as the Cardinals kept pace with the Cubs and won 6-1 against those major-league leading Dodgers. This should have been the only pick I made today, haven't checked out the picks for tomorrow yet.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Streak For Cash Analysis

Hey guys, happy Monday!!!! When I don't have any pressing sports topics to discuss, I'm going to let you have a peek at my streak for cash picks and let you know why I made the pick and my reaction to the result. Here were my three picks today (percentages represent the amount of people who were right out of 100% of the people who chose the specific matchup):

1) Mark Cavendish vs. Any Other Cyclist - Cavendish wins Stage 21 (15% of people right)
- It's hard for me to take credit for this pick, all of my cycling advice was taken from one man who I would call an expert. Every night I searched the ESPN boards to find the specific posts from this so-called expert and went with his explanations, if he said the prop was too close to call, i wouldn't take it. He lead me to a 6-2 Tour De France record, nothing wrong with that! That's why today was an easy call when he said Cavendish would be on a mission to take the last stage which he did! Congrats to Contador for winning the Tour!

2) Mexico vs. United States - United States (95.3% of people wrong)
- I made a mistake here as the US lost 0-5 against our southern neighbors Mexico. I really shouldn't of been making this pick in the first place because it felt like a trap game. Not only did the US start their B squad, the Streakmaster knew almost everyone would pick the US. The job of the Streakmaster is to pick games that will be so close to end streaks, there should never be picks that are lopsided this much, especially if the game is a toss-up when it comes to odds. This was an unbelievable performance from Mexico, they have been terrible on U.S. soil since their win in 1999 in San Diego. For all of you Mexicans out there, FIESTA!!!!

3) Chicago White Sox @ Detroit Tigers - Chicago (22.4% of people right)
- I'm happy with this pick because I kind of made it blindly, seeing that Mexico gave me a loss, that means I can pretty much pick anything with my next pick because I don't have streak in progress. I went with the White Sox because the Tigers were going for the sweep and I felt Chicago is too good to be swept by the Tigers. I was correct and owe thanks to Paul Konerko and Gordan Beckham for hitting home runs as the White Sox coasted to a 5-1 victory to avoid the sweep.

I'll let you guys on a little secret, here are the picks I like tomorrow:
- Randers FC Win
- Lyon Win
- St. Louis Cardinals win

Not saying I'm going to pick all those, but I'm fairly sure I'll go with St. Louis because they're at home and Carpenter is on the mound, who cares if they're playing those LA Dodgers!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cool Throwback Threads!

Throwback Threads: Don't count them out quite yet, anytime you can get a dominant performance from your ace and a team wearing some super sweet throwback threads, you have to be optimistic right? The Cardinals were rocked by the Phillies today, so that puts the Milwaukee Brewers 2.5 games out of first place and fourth in the standings. Don't worry, I'm not going to flip-flop, the Cardinals are still my favorite to win the division, but I would love for another NL Central team to prove me wrong and make a charge for the division lead. Kudos to the Brewers for knocking off a very hot Braves team and a young phenom in Tommy Hanson. I've watched this kid pitch in a few games now, he's the real deal, if not for Gallardo's clutch hitting, which is just awesome, Hanson would have thrown a gem very similar to that of Gallardo. This is probably the thousanth time I've said this, but everyone should be tuning into the baseball season, no matter what the team, special times right now!!!!

Streak For Cash Update: I've given up on last months goals, tomorrow I start on a new journey, one involving some decent streaks. Instead of picking every pick possible, I'm going to wait for picks that I feel very confident on and choose those. This may involve not picking one day if none of the picks appeal to me. I will go over every pick that I choose the night after I pick them and give some pointers on research and will continue to let you in on my lessons learned. On that note, good luck streaking and a goodnight to all!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The NL Central Division Race May Be Over

<a href="" target="_new" title="Cards deal for Holliday">Video: Cards deal for Holliday</a>

NL Central Race Over?: Matt Holliday has been traded to the St. Louis Cardinals, putting an end to the NL Central Division race in my opinion. The only teams that could give the Cardinals a race is the Cubs or Astros, but I find that very unlikely due to how much talent the Cardinals now possess. They already have arguably the best player in baseball, two of the best pitchers in the game in Carpenter and Wainwright and an all-star closer (Ryan Franklin) who has been straight nasty. Holliday went 4 for 5 with a stolen base and a run in his Cardinals debut in a rout of a hot Phillies team (8-1). Brewers don't even deserve this sentence I'm writing right now, so i'll leave it at that.

Nick's Prediction: Cardinals win the division by two or three games over the Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs. Albert Pujols will win NL MVP and the team will have a great shot at the world series this year.

July Streak For Cash Progress: (50-44-2 .532) L2

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

So much for waiting for a safe pick to extend my winning streak of three, Halladay had a great day and fanned ten, the offense couldn't put the team over the hump and lost in extra innings. Oh well, here were the picks:

1) Tampa Bay Rays @ Toronto Blue Jays - Toronto
2) Antonio Escalante vs. Cornelius Lock - 8 rounds or fewer

Lessons Learned
- Damn Longoria and his 3 rbis, i'll take them for my fantasy team, not happy, haha
- Had nothing to lose on the boxing pick so I guessed (WRONG!)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buehrle's Perfect Game!

The Perfect Game:
In the deep history of MLB baseball, only 18 perfect games have ever been thrown.
Yesterday the Chicago White Sox and Tampa Bay Rays played one of those games. Mark Buehrle was absolutely perfect except for maybe one pitch which defensive replacement DeWayne Wise brought back into the park with a crazy leaping catch. Even more amazing, Buehrle only spent about thirty minutes on the mound while no-hitting a decent Tampa Bay club.

Nick's Prediction: I know you guys missed them, so I thought I would bring the predictions back. Not only did Buehrle get a call from President Obama, but also cemented his name in the running for the AL Cy Young Award. His 2009 stats cannot be ignored: 11-3 record with a 3.28 ERA and 76 strikeouts. I like Buehrle to not only win the AL Cy Young Award, but help the White Sox take the AL Central division. The Twins and Tigers have been far from impressive since the all-star break and I believe the White Sox have a solid lineup that can put up tons of runs and a very intimidating pitching staff. Good times to be a south sider!!!!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (50-42-2 .543) W3

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

Can't wait for the Yankees game to end because I need some sleep, so I'll update what I have so far, sorry to keep it brief a couple of days in a row, i'll have some serious stuff this weekend. Here were the picks:

Vincent van der Voort vs. Wayne Mardle - Mardle
2) Bnei Yehuda @ Dinaburg - Bnei Yehuda win
3) FC Honka @ Bangor City - FC Honka win
4) Oakland Athletics @ New York Yankees - 9 runs or fewer

Lessons Learned:
- Never pick darts again and if I do, pick the underdog
- I love decent soccer favorites (-150 or more and i'll take that)
- Look at lesson above
- Super lucky with the Yankees, the last four innings were scoreless to hold the game to 9 runs

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fantasy Football Coming Soon!

Alright guys, I really need to figure out a day for our draft, so if any of you guys have any input, please let me know. I would also like to get three more players, so let me know if you have any likely participants. Here are the 2009 Fantasy Football Rules:
- $20 buy-in cost (money must be paid before start of season)
- $5 to player with least points in one week of scoring for seven weeks (can't be on purpose)
- $5 to player with most points in one week for remaining ten weeks
- That leaves $100 for winner and $55 for 2nd place
- Four teams will make the playoffs (four best regular season records)
- Online Draft (will be lots of fun with everyone there!)
- Awesome Fantasy Football Coverage at your favorite blog (here of course!!!!)
- Trades must be reasonable, no selling or giving up players for nothing
- Keeping up with your team contributes to a more competitive and better league

Thats about it, please join and get your money in, thanks!!!!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (47-41-2 .534) W2

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

Started out the day with extending my losing streak to five, haha, but then obtained a small winning streak of two which I have right now. My record for the day was 2-2, here were the picks:

1) (Darts) Dennis Priestly vs. Denis Ovens - Priestly
2) Milwaukee Brewers @ Pittsburgh Pirates - Milwaukee
3) Seattle Mariners @ Detroit Tigers - Seattle
4) How Many Runs Scored In Innings 4 through 7: 3 or fewer vs. 4 or more - 4 or more

Lessons Learned
- I know nothing about darts, but Priestly was definitely the smart pick
- In desperate times, people do desperate things, like pick the Brewers
- Thank-you King Felix, Fantasy Win and Streak For Cash Win, the best kind
- Thank-you Manny, you scored four yourself with that crazy pinch-hit grand slam on Manny bobblehead night

Streak For Cash Update!!!!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (45-39-2 .537) L3

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

Started out the day nice and then only went down hill from there. I picked my way to a 1-3 record yesterday and most likely doomed my chances at the .600 winning percentage for the month, I'll need an awesome streak to try to bring me back. Here were the picks:

Nationality Of Tour de France Stage 16 Winner: French, Italian, or Spanish vs. Other - French, Italian, or Spanish
Spain U19 vs. Turkey U19 - Turkey U19 win or draw
3) San Francisco Giants @ Atlanta Braves - San Francisco
4) Result Of Manny Ramirez's Second At Bat: Hit, Walk, Or Strikeout vs. Any Other Result - Hit, walk, or strikeout

Lessons Learned:
- Contador was the favorite, so not so hard on the cycling prediction
- The soccer game seemed like one of those STFC trap games, but Spain pulled it out
- Atlanta is hot right now, can anyone beat them?
- Skip Manny Again

Monday, July 20, 2009

Today Was A Good Day!!!!

Today, I'm going to deviate away from my usual national sports headlines to give you a little information about my sports life. As the headline and classic music video from Ice Cube suggests, TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!!!! It all started with a nine-hole game of golf at Vitense's Par 3 course with my best friend Joe over lunch. My club of choice today was an old beat up eight iron that I had rented from Vitense, let me tell you, this club was amazing for me today, every shot off the tee was on the green or within ten feet of the green. I ended the round of nine holes with my best score ever, +15, you can make fun of me all you want, but I'm a beginner and am quite happy with it! That was only the beginning of my great day. I went home with my Arbys lunch (which was very good) while Joe went to a dentist appointment. After my lunch, I started to ponder the awesome day I had on the golf course and thought about maybe purchasing a set of clubs, so I go online to look at all the retailers around Madison. I won't lie, looking online for clubs was kind of intimidating, kind of expensive if you know what I mean. When Joe finally got back from his dentist appointment (seemed like he was gone forever), I brought up the idea of going over to Play It Again Sports to see what kind of used/new clubs they have for sale. Joe was optimistic about the idea and we crawled into the "Beast 2" (a.k.a The Cadillac). When we arrived at Play It Again Sports, we found out that they were having a closeout sale this week only that started today, everything was 50-60% off. Joe and I became elated and both bought a set of irons, putter, and wood/iron hybrid for under $100 each. Driving home and realizing Joe has to work put a small damper on the day (not to mention the seven hours I spent at the library studying physiology), but the idea of us going to purchase our golfbags and play with our new clubs tomorrow makes me say TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!!!!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (44-36-2 .537) L1

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

Not a bad day on the streak for cash boards, let's just say I'm as inconsistent as the Milwaukee Brewers. Unlike the losing Brewers, I had a winning day at 2-1. Here were the picks:

1) Halmstad BK @ Malmö FF - Halmstad BK win or draw
2) San Francisco Giants @ Atlanta Braves - Atlanta
3) Joey Votto vs. Manny Ramirez - Votto records more total bases

Lessons Learned:
- I liked the fan favorite "win or draw" option today as both of these teams weren't very good (0-0 finish)
- Sanchez won't pitch well, he threw a no-hitter last time out, the last three pitchers to do that lost their next game, sanchez didn't get the loss but his team sure did
- Skip Manny

Brewers Acquire Felipe Lopez!

I'm glad the Brewers made some kind of deal, the way they were playing ,they were bound to drop out of the division race very soon. I'm not sure if a veteran 2nd baseman is what they need, but I like it. Two minor leaguers were shipped to Arizona for Felipe Lopez of the Diamondbacks earlier today. He has an excellent on base percentage and hits for average, I'm assuming the Brewers will make him their lead-off hitter. This definitely helps the Brewers' offense become more consistent, a problem that has plagued the Brew Crew for a few seasons now. I know it was a long time ago, but if you can remember back to the beginning of the season when Rickie Weeks was reaching base all the time, Lopez will do the same thing. I also want to send some props out to Manny Parra for stepping up yesterday and pitching great, welcome back Manny!!!! Let's hope this trade provides the spark that the team so badly needs. GO BREWERS!!!!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (42-35-2 .545) L1

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

Hmmm, so frustrating, I have an amazing day and then right back to mediorcrity, I went 1-2. Let's just say I didn't pick smart like I said I was going to, I got carried away because of how well I did yesterday, I'll let you guys be the judges:

1) Amets Txurruka vs. Brice Feillu - Txurruka has a better Stage 15 finish
2) United States vs. Australia - 10 runs or fewer
3) Minnesota Lynx @ Seattle Storm - Minnesota

Lesson Learned:
- Cycling was a toss-up, shouldn't have been picking it in the first place
- The US can't always score over 10 runs, they have to cool down at some point
- With one of Seattle's best players out, I thought the Lynx could pull it out, STUPID ME!!!!
- It's bad when I can name the WNBA teams and their star players

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What About Vick?

Michael Vick's sentence will end Monday and then NFL Commish Roger Goodell will have to decide if Vick should be reinstated to play. I think that answer is yes, everyone deserves a second chance, even if they're greedy football players who make millions of dollars. Vick was made an example and served his time, what else can you ask from the man? I'm 100% confident that some team in the league will be interested, particularly one looking to use the wild-cat offense. Vick would be a great back-up quarterback, someone you could bring into a game to throw off defenses. He would be a great fit in Green Bay, I think we have the offensive tools to pull off a wild-cat offense, however, I'm quite certain Ted Thompson would not take the chance on Vick, eventhough he will be very cheap. I hope to see Vick in the league next year, regardless of where he lands, it will provide great entertainment because that's what he does!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (41-33-2 .554) W5

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

Today was a return to greatness, 4-0 and a streak of 5. I took my time and picked with my instinct, worked out pretty well, i'll warn you now, picks for tomorrow don't look good, but I'll stick with Tom Watson and hope he pulls it out. Here were today's great picks:

1) Australia @ New Zealand - New Zealand
2) Lance Armstrong vs. Christian Vande Velde - Vande Velde has a better Stage 14 finish
3) Canada vs. United States - United States
4) United States vs. Japan - 7 runs or more

Lessons Learned:
- Watched the Rugby match at 4 in the morning, i liked it!
- Cycling is a tricky sport, don't go with the name recognition
- United States Softball is Dominant
- Once Again, United States Softball is Dominant

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Tale of Two TWs!

Tonight I'm going to talk about golf! I know it's not your guys' favorite sport, but please take the time to read, it's always good to be a well-rounded sports scholar. Earlier today, the number one player in the world, Tiger Woods missed the cut by shooting a +5 over two days. On the other hand, fifty nine year old Tom Watson is tied for the lead at the British Open. This is a rarity for both TWs, only the second cut missed by Tiger Woods at a major over his entire career, the other one was back in 2003 right after his Dad died, and Tom Watson is looking to be the oldest player ever to win a major. Some of you might be wondering what's up with Tiger Woods, he looked absolutely awful and is maybe the most inconsistent golfer in the game right now. The reason I think Woods is not as dominant as he used to be is all due to one stat, he has consistently ranked outside the top 100 in drive accuracy in the last 6 years. That is horrible for the number one player in the world, he had a lost ball today, when do the pros lose their golfballs? When Tiger started to tweak his swing, his dominance of the PGA hasn't been the same.

Nick's Prediction: Congrats to Tom Watson for captivating the golf audience, this should be the top story of The Open, not Tiger missing the cut. That doesn't matter though, I think Watson has the confidence to make a push and win this tournament. This weekend will be all about the fifty nine year old and his journey to a major championship, Good Luck Tom!!!!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (37-33-2 .529) W1

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

My winning percentage keeps dropping, I need to switch my strategy if I'm going to reach any of my goals. Today, I went 1-2 just barely, stupid Phillies going to extra innings (thanks for winning at least!) I'm no longer going to make as many picks as possible, only going to make picks if I have a gut instinct towards the winner after reasearch, no more guessing. Here were today's picks:

1) Angel Cabrera vs. Paul Casey - Casey cards a lower second round score
2) SK Austria Kärnten @ SC Magna Wiener Neustadt - SK Austria Kärnten win or draw
3) Philadelphia Phillies @ Florida Marlins - Philadelphia

Lessons Learned:
- Perfect example, I was guessing with Casey
- You can't win or draw when your down a man
- Phillies can't hold onto a four run lead, they like to make it interesting, but nevertheless they saved my day, what am I complaining about?

Friday, July 17, 2009

2009 Fantasy Baseball Update and The Trading Block!

As you all know, probably from my recent excitement, the second half of the baseball season has started. The Brewers went on to win 9-6 in Cincinatti today, thanks to a 3-run shot from the Home-Run King Prince Fielder. I'm also very proud to say that I took over the top spot in my 2009 ESPN Fantasy Baseball League, granted it's only a 0.5 separation between 1st through 3rd place. My friends Rory and David are tied for the 2nd place spot. The trade I made with Rory right before the all-star break has worked out very well, Chone Figgins and Carl Crawford have been able to boost me in the stolen bases department. I'm also confident that Felix Hernandez will provide me with some wins, so that I can climb the standing in that category, my shot at winning this tourney is looking very good!!!! Anyways, enough bragging, I wanted to put this out there for Rory and David, I'm putting Evan Longoria on the trading block if anyone is interested, just let me know and we could most likely work something out, I'm looking for pitching or possibly a shortstop. We don't have to keep it exclusively to Longoria, let me know who you're interested in!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (36-31-2 .537) L1

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

Today was an average day, 2-2, with some smart picks and some tough picks. I'm kind of screwing myself if I want to get to the 0.600 winning percentage and the way I've been picking, I dont know if it's possible to get a double digit win streak. Because of my mediocre performance on the month, I think I'm going to strive to reach two of the three goals. Who knows, here were today's picks:

1) Tiger Woods vs. Lee Westwood or Ryo Ishikawa - Woods cards a lower first round score
2) Hammarby @ BK Häcken - BK Häcken
3) Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Lakers - 160 points or more
4) Los Angeles Angels @ Oakland Athletics - Oakland

Lessons Learned:
- Tiger Woods likes to start out tournaments slow, I still have him winning the whole thing
- Favorites in Soccer win "most of the time"
- 70% of summer league games go over 160 points, that stat sold me
- I thought the Angels were a little beat up without Vlad and Hunter, guess I was wrong

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Post Number 50!!!!

Hey guys, sports headlines were kind of slow, I could have talked about how Favre is going to sign with the Vikings around July 30th, but I thought I would hold up on that one. The British Open just started up a few hours ago, Tiger is pretty heavily favored. The second half of the baseball season starts tomorrow, lets hope for good things for the Brew Crew! Today is a milestone for me, my fiftieth post, I know it's not much, but I think it's definitely something to be proud of. On that note, I hope I stay determined and find the motivation to write fifty more posts. I would like to say thanks to all of my blog readers for providing me with the enjoyment of expressing my sports opinion, it really means something when I know I have people out there interested in what I have to say!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (34-29-2 .540) L1

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

Alright guys, I'm really hurting my chances at reaching any of these goals, so I think i should slow down and make a couple of picks a day. Today I went a meager 2-3, not much to say, here were the picks:

1) Argentina vs. England - Argentina
San Antonio Silver Stars @ Washington Mystics - Washington
3) Stabæk IF @ KF Tirana - Stabæk IF win
Jodie Meeks vs. Joe Alexander - Alexander pts.
International League vs. Pacific Coast League - Pacific Coast League

Lessons Learned:
- Argentina was something like a -600 betting favorite, an absolute gimme
- WNBA, never again, i mean it, never again
- Stabaek was the better team, tough evironment for the kids from Norway
- Alexander had 18, 2 more than Meeks 16, basically a toss-up
- Picking the PCL was like picking the Brewers = BAD

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Best Hitter In Baseball Right Now?

I would have to say the highlights of my night were Prince Fielder's ground-rule double to temporarily put the National League in the lead and my argument with a friend about the best hitter in baseball. I know a lot of people will call me crazy, but I think Ichiro is the better pure-hitter in baseball, even better than Albert Pujols. Pujols hits for power and has the better numbers when looking at career average and slugging percentage, but I feel that Ichiro is the more skilled player at finding a way to hit any kind of pitch. Not only that, but Ichiro has had eight straight seasons of 200+ hits, that's just nuts! Not many people would agree with me right now, as I feel Pujols is the best player in the league right now when it comes to intimidation and knocking the ball out of the park when you need it. He is not the most skilled "hitter" in the game. We can argue about what defines a hitter, but I would like to keep it simple. The reason I'm putting this up here is because I would like to here your guys' opinions on the matter, when you see me, let me know! I only ask one thing, forget about the media right now and whatever they say, sit back and deeply think of the two players as individual players and tell me who you think is the best pure-hitter in the game today. Not only is Ichiro the best pure-hitter in the game today, I feel that he's arguably the best hitter ever (besides maybe Ted Williams)!!!!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (32-26-2 .552) W2

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

Not too bad of a day for me today, as I went 4-3-1. I'm definitely on pace to reach my 60 wins, not too sure about the double digit win streak and winning percentage. Here's the plan, get close to my 60 wins where I can slow down and try to make smart picks instead of picking as many as possible. Congrats to Robert for making it to a new career high (7 wins) and sorry to Grande for getting to four wins and failing once again to reach that red star. Here were my abundance of picks today:

1) Who Will Win Stage 10 Of The Tour de France: Mark Cavendish vs. Any Other Cyclist - Cavendish
2) Alla Kudryavtseva vs. Nicole Vaidisova - Vaidisova
3) BSC Young Boys @ FC Zürich - FC Zürich win
Where Will President Obama's First Pitch Land First: The Ground vs. Albert Pujols' Glove - Pujols' glove
5) Which Team Will Score The First Run: American League All-Stars vs. National League All-Stars - NL All-Stars
6) How Many Runs Will Be Scored In The Third Inning: 0 runs vs. 1 or more runs - 0 runs
7) Which Team Will Score More Runs In The 5th Inning: American League vs. National League - AL All-Stars more runs or tie
8) Jonathon Papelbon vs. Mariano Rivera - Papelbon allows fewer hits

Lessons Learned:
- When it's a sport I know nothing about, always go with the betting favorite, come on people, I was part of the minority 4% to get the cycling pick right
- Women's Tennis, what do you think happen?
- Didn't want to pick Young Boys because of Chris Hanson!
- Talk about a gimme, Obama won't throw it into the ground
- Who will score first, that's a toss-up, thought Lincecum could shut them down, I guess not
- 0 runs was the easy pick, sorry Grande
- Give the Al All-Stars a tie option and their a lock
- Wait to see if pitchers are going to pitch before you lock in a pick.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Simply Amazing!!!!

503 Feet! Are you kidding me, that's a serious home run at the site of the 2009 MLB Home-Run Derby in the New Busch Stadium. Fielder crushed the ball throughout the contest, its hard for me to believe the biggest concern coming into the contest was his stamina, let me tell you, he didn't look winded at all. If it wasn't for passing Nelson Cruz (a former Brewers draft pick!) for the win, I think he had at least five more longballs in him. Putting aside the wonderful performance tonight, let's look at his season statistics:

Batting Average - 0.315
Home Runs - 22 (5th in NL)
Runs Batted In - 78 (2nd in NL)
On Base Percentage - 0.442
Slugging Percentage - 0.614 (3rd in NL)
Walks - 67 (3rd in NL)

Those numbers are off the charts, MVP-like numbers. If he can carry the Brewers past the Cardinals in the division race and produce another awesome half of the season, we could be looking at this years NL MVP. Ryan Braun has to be a little jealous at the moment, but hopefully very happy for his teammate who has been one of the most determined players in baseball the last couple of years. Fielder is earning every dollar of his seven million dollar salary this year, great job big man!!!!

Nick's Prediction: Some of you might be wondering how I can bash the Brewers yesterday and now be right back on the bandwagon, haha. Here's where I come back to reality (still a little elated from the Fielder victory), without pitching help, Fielder will not win the NL MVP. This is why, without pitching, the Brewers will not win the division, thus Pujols will be the NL MVP. You can pretty much hold me to this prediction, the NL MVP will go to Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols, I feel confident enough to say that. I'm a firm believer that the MVP award should go to the best player for a playoff team. So what happens if the Cubs or another team wins the division, then I guess my prediction goes sour, but don't worry, the Cubs are choke artists. I'll end on that happy note, a great day for Milwaukee Brewers Fans!!!!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (28-23-1 .549) L5

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

Good thing Fielder took the home-run derby because I would have been distraught from my streak for cash picks, 0-3 today. I'm thinking the home-run derby pick may have involved some favortism jinx (like when I pick the brewers), if thats true, maybe i should skip this contest and pick against the brewers so they will win. Nawww, i can't do that, but I seriously need to get my head in the game, my winning percentage for the month is dropping, if I drop below .500, I will officially be a loser. Here were my picks:

1) Victor Crivoi vs. Denis Istomin - Istomin
2) Örebro SK @ Trelleborgs FF - Trelleborgs FF win
3) Who Will Win The Home Run Derby: Albert Pujols or Ryan Howard vs. Any Other Contestant - Pujols or Howard

Lessons Learned:
- I thought I liked tennis, how do u lose a set 0-6 Denis, absolutely embarrasing
- Knew nothing about the soccer pick, no surprise there
- Home-Run Derby = Brewers Jinx in a good way :) (Congrats Fielder!!!!) Does that mean I pick the American League tomorrow?

To Win The Division Or To Not Win The Division, That Is The Question!

Hey guys, as you all know or at least should know, the MLB all-star break starts tomorrow with the home-run derby on ESPN at 7 central. The season has been great so far with some amazing division races, so I thought I would review the division leaders and who I think will be on top at the end of the season. Don't takes these predictions to be a sure thing, because trades and injuries can change everything, so barring any major changes like those, I'm here to tell you the 2009 MLB playoff teams.

AL East
Current Division Leader - Boston Red Sox
The Red Sox currently have a three game lead over the New York Yankees and boast the best record in the American League. At 54-34, the Red Sox have done it with pitching, Beckett seems to be back to form, while Brad Penny and Jon Lester still provide solid starts in the rotation. We won't even talk about how rediculous Tim Wakefield has been from the mound this year. The Al East is stacked with talent from top to bottom, unfortunatley the only teams that can make a charge for the division title are the Yankees and Rays. The Rays are not consistent enough to make up 6.5 games, so I think the Yankees are the biggest threat, especially since they have the pitching to carry them to the playoffs.
NICK'S AL EAST WINNER - New York Yankees

AL Central
Current Division Leader - Detroit Tigers
This is the most balanced division in all of baseball, any of the teams can beat one another on any given day. The Motown Tigers hold a 3.5 game lead over the White Sox and a 4 game lead over the Twins. The Royals and Indians are most likely out of it, but can still play spoiler as they are very talented teams who can score lots of runs. On paper, the Tigers should definitely win this division because of all of their talent. However, the White Sox and Twins will be right there until the end, I think the Twins have the best shot because they have the weapons if they can acquire some bullpen help. In the end though, I see the Tigers holding on to the division and pulling away in the last month of the season.

AL West
Current Division Leader - LA Angels
This seems to be the case every year, but watch out Angels, the Rangers are 1.5 games back and the Mariners are somehow only 4 games back. This could be the best division race to watch that no one will watch. I think the Angels, Rangers, and Mariners will beat the hell out of one another because none of them are dominating teams. I believe the Rangers will shock the world and come out as division winners with their potent offense.

NL East
Current Division Leader - Philadelphia Phillies
The World Series defending champions hold a 4 game lead over the Marlins and a 6 game lead over the Atlanta Braves. What happend to everyone's favorite at the beginning of the year, the New York Mets who are barely holding on at 6.5 games back. I'll tell you what happend, they payed way too much money for a bunch of stars who are all getting hurt because they have no motivation to push theirselves. Anyways, back to the teams that have a chance at winning the division, which in my opinion is only one, the Phillies. The Marlins' pitching has over-achieved quite a bit and the Braves just don't have what it takes to overtake the Phillies. I do like how the Braves ripped off the Mets by getting Ryan Church, great pickup.
NICK'S NL EAST WINNER - Philadelphia Phillies

NL Cental
Current Division Leader - St. Louis Cardinals
Hmmm, what does everyone expect me to say here, maybe the Milwaukee Brewers who are currently back 2.5 games. Remember how I said "barring no trades or injuries", the Brewers will not win the division without some pitching help, now this could include the reemergence of Manny Parra, anything different from what they did in the last month. Not to lay it all on the pitching, Big Mouth Braun needs to start hitting the ball, he's getting pitches to hit, just sayin. The Chicago Cubs are no way out of the race at 3.5 games back, as well as the Astros at 3.5 games back and the Reds who are only 4 games back. Heck, I give the Pirates a chance at the division with their 9.5 games back, anything can happen in this division. Once again, barring no trades or major injuries, the Cardinals are playing the most consistent baseball, if you can call it that, to win with amazing pitching from Carpenter and Wainwright.
NICK'S NL CENTRAL WINNER - St. Louis Cardinals

NL West
Current Division Leader - LA Dodgers
This is the easiest pick, the best team in baseball is the 56-32 Dodgers who hold a 7 game lead over the hot San Francisco Giants. Unfortunatly for the Giants, I don't think there is a way to slow down the Dodgers, not only do they have major talent on the field and bench, they have the tools to make a trade if they really needed to. Not much more to say, I would like to make a plug for the Giants or Rockies, but I don't think they have a chance, enough said!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (28-20-1 .583) L2

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

I don't like days of few picks, doesn't give me a lot of chances, in my three chances today I posted a dismal record of 1-2. Rory is still picking strong, I like the courage and drive to try to get back to a double digit streak, it's what I live for. We also have a new streaker to the family of Madison streakers, everyone welcome Tim or "HP" as we like to call him. The Streakmaster only put up three picks for tomorrow, what's up with that? Anyways, here were my bad picks:

James Blake vs. Marin Cilic - Cilic
2) Cincinnati Reds @ New York Mets - Cincinnati
3) Minnesota Lynx @ San Antonio Silver Stars - Minnesota

Lessons Learned:
- I'm awesome at tennis picks and I like to watch tennis
- Stay away from all picks involving the Mets
- I absolutely hate women sports with a passion!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Props to Favre!

Today was a sad day for the NFL due to Steve "Air" McNair's funeral held in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Numerous players showed up including Ray Lewis, Vince Young and the ever popular Brett Favre. McNair and Favre were very close, them both being from Mississippi and all, so I think this had an emotional effect on Brett. I believe this will make Favre want to play even more, if he hasn't already decided to. A few months ago I would have been upset about this notion, but now I'm looking forward to the greatest quarterback of all-time playing again, even if it's in the purple and gold. R.I.P. Steve McNair, you will be greatly missed by all football fans!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (27-18-1 .600) W3

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

A great day for me, as I went 4-2, not such a great day for Rory who risked it all on the Twins and lost his streak of 16. Sorry Rory, but I understand your urge to put it all on the team you love. I like seeing one of my goals in the green, i'll try to keep it that way, oh yeah, I'm now 11 off of the national leader in wins again, here were my picks:

1) Mark Calcavecchia vs. Woody Austin - Austin cards a lower or equal front 9 score
2) Grasshoppers @ FC Aarau - Aarau win or draw
Houston Dynamo @ Seattle Sounders FC - Houston win or draw
4) Matt Grice vs. Shannon Gugerty - Gugerty
5) Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping - Henderson
6) Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir - Lesnar

Lessons Learned:
- Lower front or back nine scores are tricky picks, they could go anyway
- Lucky with the soccer pick, research seemed to lean towards Aarau
- Don't let Joe pick MLS picks for me, haha
- MMA is awesome, go with the favorites

Saturday, July 11, 2009

First No-Hitter of 2009!

Jonathan Sanchez, the San Francisco Giants' 26 year old lefty no-hit the San Diego Padres. Granted, we're talking about the awful San Diego Padres, the worst offense in the league (haha). Regardless, a no-hitter is an incredible accomplishment, no matter what team your facing. However, this is a shocker to me, how does a guy who lost his last four starts and issued seven walks in a game against a less-than-stellar Arizona team throw a no-hitter? He probably should have had a perfect game, if it wasn't for an error by third baseman Juan Uribe in the eight inning. He really must have worked on those control problems. I don't think we can go on saying that Sanchez will be a great pitcher, because of one performance, but we can look at it as a special night for Sanchez. His father was in the stands, straight from the Puerto Rico to see his son throw the first no-hitter of the 2009 MLB season. He probably felt like the best father in the world at that moment and it doesn't get better than that, so congrats to Jonathan Sanchez!!!!

Nick's Prediction: How bout those San Francisco Giants, they are looking amazing and doing it with pitching. I think it's safe to say they have the best starting rotation in all of baseball. Too bad the season is only half-over because if the Giants looked like this going into the playoffs, I would say we have our World Series Champions. Unfortunately for them and their fans, there is tons of time before then and lots of games to be played. Everyone criticizes the Giants for having no offence, but let me tell you, Pablo Sandavol is killing the ball right now and those pitchers are getting their run support. On this pace, the San Francisco Giants WILL WIN the NL Wild Card, not the Brewers because they are just downright terrible right now. Sorry to say it, but the Brewers have to win the division and I don't see it happening, not without some pitching improvements and more consistent offense.

July Streak For Cash Progress: (23-16-1 .590) W1

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage
3.)60 Wins

Not quite exactly what I wanted, because I only got two picks in, but I did reach my split at 1-1. Also didn't lose any ground today, as I'm still nine wins back from the national monthly wins leader, looking to gain some ground tomorrow. Maybe Rory took my advice because he sat back and didn't pick yesterday, wise move my friend. Here were today's picks:

1) Lorena Ochoa vs. Paula Creamer - Ochoa cards a lower second round score
2) Texas Rangers @ Seattle Mariners - Texas

Lessons Learned:
- Never pick woman sports, they are so unpredicable (I wonder why? caz they crazy!)
- The Rangers are killing it, the Mariners are not

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Can't start talking about Lebron-Gate until I give some credit to Issac "Little Man" Lee for coming up with this awesome header for today's blog post. If you haven't heard yet, LBJ was dunked on at a Nike skills camp a couple of days ago and Nike confiscated the tapes so the clip wouldn't be circulated around the web. The kid who posterized Lebron was Xavier's Jordan Crawford. Rumors have indicated that Lebron had some talk with the Nike officials and they came up with some sorry excuse that cameras were not aloud at the skills camp, thus why the footage was confiscated. First of all, if cameras were not allowed, how were they in the building and taping the pick-up game, don't tell me that Nike doesn't check media at the door, come on now. And I know for a fact that I've seen footage and pictures from those skills camps before. I think this is another bad move from PRINCE (Not King) James, showing that maturity he never gained from being incredibly hyped up out of high school. I won't lie, his athletic ability and talent has lived up to that hype, unfortunately his character is far from respectable at the moment. Sorry Lebron, your image has been hurt more by Lebron-Gate then if you would have just let the video out, every great player has been dunked on, stop being a baby.

Nick's Prediction: It may seem kind of harsh, but as of right now, I hope Lebron never wins a championship, there are so many more deserving players in the league. When he builds on his character and becomes a better role-model for all those aspiring kids looking up to him, I'll change my mind, but until then he's nothing more than a very talented baby. Cavs will have another great year and will make the playoffs, I already can't wait for NBA to start again next year!!!!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (22-15-1 .595) W5

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage
3.)60 Wins

Another 4-0 day for me, to crawl within nine of the national leader of total wins in a month, not too bad. Rory is still killing it, risking it all on a golf pick, to extend to 16 wins in a row. It seems like picks are very easy some days and very hard on others. For example, I wasn't very worried about my picks today, granted I can say that now that I know they were all right, haha, but tomorrow I think I'm going to have a hard day, the picks seem to be very tricky. I'll be happy with a split tomorrow if I can get four picks in, here were my picks today:

1) Charley Hoffman vs. Daniel Chopra - Chopra cards a lower or equal front 9 score
2) Randers F.C. @ Linfield - Randers F.C. win
How Many Hits, Runs, And Errors Will Be Recorded (Reds @ Phillies): 26 or fewer vs. 27 or more - 27 or more
Josh Geer hits allowed vs. Tim Lincecum strikeouts - Lincecum strikeouts

Lessons Learned:
- Every sign pointed to Chopra looking better on the front 9, Hoffman was absolutely terrible
- Randers won a week ago 4-0, of course they will win again, they actually had better odds even though Linfield was given the draw option, that's rare
- Phillies always find a way to blow a game open, that Cincinatti O isn't bad either
- Lincecum came through for me just barely, thank god for that inning where he struck out the side

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Silver Star!

Rory did it, he caught that ever elusive silver star on ESPN's streak for cash game. He picked the Chicago White Sox and reached a streak of fifteen straight correct picks, ten more and we're talking someone who will be going to ESPN studios to play for a million dollars. I'll have to admit, I'm a little jealous, this is an amazing streak, great job Rory!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (18-15-1 .545) W1

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage
3.)60 Wins

A less memorable day for me as I went an ordinary 2-2, and yet to satisfy any of my goals for this month, still tons of time though. On the positive side, I'm only 11 wins off from the monthly leader for the whole game, maybe I can make a push with a few good days. Here were my picks for today:

1) Who Will Win Stage 5 Of The Tour de France: Mark Cavendish vs. Any Other Rider - Cavendish
2) Rosario Central @ Belgrano de Córdoba - Rosario Central win or draw
Los Angeles Dodgers @ New York Mets - Los Angeles
4) What Will Be The Result Of Josh Hamilton's 3rd At Bat: Hit or Walk vs. Any Other Result - Any other result

Lessons Learned:
- Cavendish can sure sprint towards the finish, just not quite enough, nevertheless a very fast dude
- Soccer has been my thing lately, maybe I should stick to it
- Mets couldn't be awful forever
- Have to go with the odds on the at bat prop, pretty heavily in favor of any other result

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome Back Manny!!!!

Manny Ramirez is fresh off of his suspension and already being ejected from games. After a questionable strike call in the top of the 5th inning, Manny threw his bat and helmet and then flinged his wrist band towards the ump. I thought it was kind of funny, but he definitely deserved to be ejected, don't know if he wanted to be there anyways, the Dodgers were blowing the Mets out and he was being booed at every at-bat. I only bring this up because I hope he brings his funny antics to Milwaukee at the end of the week. The least he could do is bring a little more excitement to Brewers games which have been quite boring in the last couple of weeks. Bring it on Manny!!!!

Nick's Prediction: Manny will have at least one funny act during the three game series with the Dodgers this weekend. The Brewers will take two of the three games to go into the all-star break in good shape.

July Streak For Cash Progress: (16-13-1 .552) W4

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage
3.)60 Wins

Today, I went 4-0 to make up for the last two terrible days. Research was very good to me today, sometimes I think it's better to wait for days like today, some days the picks just seem obvious. Rory keeps it going and reached 14, tomorrow he goes for his silver star and fifteen correct picks. Here were my picks today:

1) Which Team Will Win Stage 4 Of The Tour De France Team Trial: Astana vs. Any Other Team - Astana
2) St. Patricks @ Cork City - 2 goals or fewer
Kansas City Royals hits off Verlander vs. Justin Verlander strikeouts - Verlander strikeouts
Chicago Sky @ Sacramento Monarchs - Sacramento

Lessons Learned:
- I know nothing about cycling, thanks for the discussion boards, please be right tomorrow also
- That Irish soccer doesn't score too many goals, of course its under three goals
- Verlander didn't have a great day, but he did get some strikeouts and the win (11 strikeouts)
- The Sacramento Monarchs were 7 point favorites, are you kidding me, you can't pick against that

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hate To Say It But Braun Should Be Quiet!

Not a very mature move by the Brewers' young outfielder yesterday. After losing the fourth game and dropping three in the Cubs/Brewers series in Chicago, Braun called out the starting pitching by saying they need to do a better job and that the GM Doug Melvin should go out and acquire someone soon. I give him props for being a leader and saying something, but he went about it the wrong way. First of all, it's not his place to call out the pitching on the team, now if there were some teammates not hitting the ball (I'm not going to say any names, there's a lot of them), I think that would be a little more appropriate. Second of all, don't go public about something that's very obvious to everyone in the baseball world, it's embarrasing. Third, Ryan must not follow the rest of the MLB, not many teams out there giving up good pitching at the moment, since almost every team is still in the race. Fourth and foremost, let Doug Melvin do his job, when has he not gone out and got what we needed, heck, the acquisition of C.C. last year was the only reason we made the playoffs. So, I say shut up Ryan Braun, don't worry, your still my favorite baseball player!!!!

Nick's Prediction: Brewers are getting some media coverage, even though it's sort of negative, I think it will be enough for the Brewers to realize what they need to change and start playing better. I really don't know what Braun's problem is, Suppan/Gallardo/Looper are coming off decent performances and the bullpen is overworked. As you can tell, I'm a little heated when it comes to this topic. Alright, where was I, oh yeah, the Brewers will respond by winning the series against the Cardinals and Dodgers.

July Streak For Cash Progress: (12-13-1 .480)W0

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage
3.)60 Wins

Don't want to talk about my picks today, 0-3, why is baseball so harsh to me, it's way better to go with your instinct than to do any research. Another big congrats to Rory Linton for snatching up the new record for the longest streak in the Madison Streakers Streak For Cash Group, W13 and still going, good luck, I hope you keep going! Here were my dismal picks:

1) How Many Home Runs Will Be Hit (Blue Jays @ Yankees): 3 or fewer vs. 4 or more - 4 or more
Atlanta Braves @ Chicago Cubs - Atlanta
3) Baltimore Orioles @ Seattle Mariners - Baltimore

Lessons Learned:
- Pettite didn't give up as many homeruns as I thought he would (only two)
- The Cubs are hot, I really hate saying that
- The Orioles are very bad on the road, i'll never do that again, doesn't matter who is pitching

Number 15!

Don't know if you guys watched it this morning, but you probably should have, Roger Federer outlasted Andy Roddick in the longest Wimbledon final ever to win his record setting 15th Grand Slam Championship. Federer took the fifth set 16 games to 14 to pass Pete Sampras for the most Grand Slam Championships ever. Don't worry, I didn't type that wrong, the last set had 30 games, which is just crazy. I'll tell the truth, I've never really liked tennis, but this year's Wimbledon has captivated me and made me a fan of the sport. I can't wait to watch the U.S. Open in August. More to come on the U.S. Open a little later in the post. I won't talk about Federer for long because I'm sure you will hear tons about him from the media for the next couple of months, I would like to say a little bit about Andy Roddick. Everyone thought he played the match of his life when he upset Murray in the semifinals, but he topped that and played an even better match against Federer. After watching his match with Federer, I really felt for Roddick, you could tell through the whole match that he was playing with all of his heart. After losing, he gave Federer a hug, waved to the crowd, and let the emotions take over as he sat down, obviously very tired from the four+ hour match he just played. Congrats to Andy for being a very classy athlete and representing the U.S.A. in a great way.

Nick's Prediction: Here's where I make a few predictions about the U.S. Open, keep in mind that I'm a new fan to tennis. The U.S. Open is another grand slam event on a grass court, so I will take Roddick, Murray and Federer to advance far into the tournament. My winner will be Andy Roddick, the American will feel comfortable at home and he will be determined to revenge the tough loss at Wimbledon. Regardless of what happens, it's always fun to watch Roddick's dominant serve. On the woman's side, I predict one of the Williams sisters to prevail as champion, this time Venus.

July Streak For Cash Progress: (12-10-1 .545)W0

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage
3.)60 Wins

What did I tell you, research is the key to success, as it helped me bring my picks back to a winning record of 3-2. Rory went with Tiger Woods to reach his 12th consecutive correct streak for cash pick to tie my group record, great job Rory!!!! I'll be watching for your next pick and now on to today's picks:

1) How Many Sets Will Be Played Between Roger Federer And Andy Roddick: 3 sets vs. 4 or 5 sets - 4 or 5 sets
BK Häcken @ Gefle IF - Gefle IF win
Drogheda United @ Sligo - Drogheda United win or draw
4) Connecticut Sun @ Detroit Shock - Connecticut
5) Phoenix Mercury @ Los Angeles Sparks - Los Angeles

Lessons Learned:
- Wimbledon was awesome, become a tennis fan
- Didn't really learn anything about soccer, just do your research
- The home teams don't always win in the WNBA, that helped me once today, not so much the second time around

Sunday, July 5, 2009

R.I.P. Air McNair

The Fourth of July was a sad day for the NFL, as it marked the passing of a quarterback great. Steve "Air" McNair was found in a condominium in Nashville, Tennessee dead from multiple gunshots. He was found with a girl who had also deceased from gun shots, the rest of the details are a little shady at the moment. McNair played for the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens. He was a three-time Pro Bowler and a NFL MVP award winner. Beyond the awards and his athletic ability on the field, he was a great person. He always took time to volunteer with the communnity and loved to interact with the fans. Air McNair was also a top notch teammate, he will be greatly missed, our prayers go out to his family and friends.

July Streak For Cash Progress: (9-8-1 .529)W1

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage
3.)60 Wins

Another horrible day for me, coming in at 1-2. But don't fret, tomorrow I'm back to my reseach. Trust me, there's a huge difference between doing a little research and just going with what I think off the top of my head. Don't get me wrong, sometimes going with your instinct works, just not most of the time. Congrats to Rory for obtaining a streak of 11 correct picks, he goes for 12 and the tie for the group record tomorrow, good luck! I think it's crazy that the Twins have won three games in the last few days to extend Rory's streak, the Brewers would never do that for me, haha. Here were today's not so good picks:

1) Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams - Venus Williams
2) Detroit Tigers @ Minnesota Twins - Detroit
3) New England Revolution @ Los Angeles Galaxy - Los Angeles win

Lesson's Learned:
- The younger sister was better, she took care of Venus fairly easily
- Never pick agaist Rory's Twins (Not when he has his streak brewing)
- It's usually a good idea to go with the straight favored team in MLS matches, draws don't happen too often in MLS streak for cash picks

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Out of Town, Congrats Rory and Happy 4th of July!!!!

July Streak For Cash Progress: (8-6-1 0.533)W0

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage
3.)60 Wins

Not a good day, as i went 1-2-1 but too defend myself a little bit, I was not able to do any research yesterday because I was on my fishing trip on the Wisconsin River (Lots of sun-burn). Today, on the 4th of July, I'm also not able to do any research, so probably will see a similar record. I would like to say congrats to Rory for getting to a double digit streak!!!! And to the picks:

1) How Many Sets Will Be Played Between Roger Federer And Tommy Haas: 3 sets vs. 4 or 5 sets - 4 or 5 sets
2) Milwaukee Brewers @ Chicago Cubs - Milwaukee
3) Washington Mystics @ Atlanta Dream - Atlanta
4) Los Angeles Dodgers (v. Padres) vs. Baltimore Orioles (v. Angels) - Orioles score more runs (PUSH)

Lessons Learned:
- Federer plays a solid tennis game, don't know if he will lose a set in the final
- Never pick your favorite teams on streak for cash (I won't again)
- Always the home team in the WNBA works!!!!
- Always pick against the very obvious pick like the Dodgers vs Orioles on the most runs prop!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Two Men with Last Names Beginning With A!

Skip the Pistons free agent pickups, the Lakers pick up Ron Artest and Trevor Ariza commits to the Houston Rockets. This is crazy, if the Lakers couldn't get any better, they just made a huge upgrade, Ariza may be up and coming, but Artest has the skills right now. Artest has a better ability to score and is one of the best defenders in the league. Assuming there will be no injuries next year, there is no way the Lakers don't run the table and win the championship next year. The only team that stands in their way is the San Antonio Spurs if and only they pick up another key player. Seems like Phil Jackson will be back next year and Kobe Bryant has to be feeling good with all the talent around him. Who leaves LA next year, none of the key players are free agents (except maybe derek fisher), this may be the start to another NBA dynasty! Trevor Ariza to the Rockets is a nice pickup for them, they are getting a classy kid who will be great in Houston. Unfourtunatly the Rockets have many problems at the moment such as the unknown status of Tracy McGrady and filling a missing 7' 6'' chinese giant. Everyone who follows the NBA is getting a treat this free agent season and if you think this is good, just wait until next year when things get ever crazier! (2010 notable free agents: Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Steve Nash, just to name a few)

Nick's Prediction:
You've heard me say it before, but I'll say it again, Lakers will repeat and be champions once again during the 2009-2010 season. They will also finish with the best record in the NBA to secure homecourt in the NBA Finals where they will face the Cleveland Cavs. Ron Artest will be very happy to play with Kobe and Pau Gasol, while winning his first ring, the number one reason he's in LA. The Houston Rockets will also make the playoffs, but as one of the lowere seeds in the West, Trevor Ariza will have a breakout year and prove to be a great free agent pickup.

July Streak For Cash Progress: (7-4-0 0.636)W2

1.)Double Digit Win Streak

2.)0.600 Winning Percentage

3.)60 Wins

Back to my winning ways today, almost a perfect day coming in at 5-1, here's how the picks went:

1) How Many Games Will Be Played Between Serena Williams And Elena Dementieva: 18 or fewer vs. 19 or more - 19 or more

2) Dinara Safina vs. Venus Williams - Venus Williams wins 2-0

3) Tiger Woods' Front 9 Score: 34 or lower vs. 35 or higher - 34 or lower

4) How Many Runs, Hits, and Errors Will There Be (Astros @ Padres): 26 or fewer vs. 27 or more -26 or fewer

5) Detroit Shock @ New York Liberty - New York

6) Baltimore Orioles @ Los Angeles Angels - Los Angeles

Here are the lessons learned from today's picks, use them if you would like:

- Venus Williams is going nuts right now, can't see Serena beating here in the finals

- Tiger Woods getting under par in the front nine, couldn't be more sure of a pick

- Don't pick weird props like I did with the Astros Padres Game

- Always pick the home team in WNBA

- Gunthrie is terrible for the O's, easy pick to take the Angels who are 1st place in the AL West